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Amanda convinced Scott to take her instead of kidnapping Rachel's twins. Matt and Sophia declared their love but agreed to take some time to sort things out. Marley worked to convince Vicky that Donna was unstable. Scott threatened to harm Alli if Amanda didn't help him.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on AW
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Monday, August 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Marley continues to be furious with Donna for running her down. Donna wants to tell Vicky the truth, despite the fact the Vicky will hate her and she will probably go to jail. She also wants Marley to tell Vicky that she was in the car with Cindy, but Marley refuses. Donna notices how bitter and angry Marley has become. Marley tries to get Donna to keep what they've done a secret between the two of them, but Donna insists Vicky has to be told tonight. Marley convinces Donna to let her be the one to tell Vicky.

Marley went to Vicky's and admits that she has feelings for Jake, but says that Donna kept pushing her to go after him and that she was still doing it. She says there's something wrong with Donna. Marley told Vicky that she thinks Donna was trying to play the two of them against each other. She convinces Vicky that Donna was emotionally unstable and to keep it just between the two of them. She also warns Vicky that if Donna comes over and says strange things to not take it to heart.

Marley went home and told Donna that she couldn't tell Vicky because Vicky was so happy now. She says if they just give her a little time, she'll forgive them and they'll be a family again. Donna agrees to sleep on it and they can talk about it again in the morning.

Cameron told Amanda that he killed his father in cold blood; it wasn't an accident, self-defense, or the result of being drunk. But Amanda insists there must have been a reason for him to kill his own father. She won't let the matter drop, and in anger Cameron punches the glass door, cutting his hand. Cameron and Amanda continue to argue. He insists he's a bad guy and that she should go away from him and never look back. She declares that it's too late, she loves him. Cameron tells her she can't love a man she doesn't even know. He says he killed his father for the money he kept under the bed. He took the money and his dad's car and got as far away as he could and drank until the money ran out. Then Gary found him and turned him in. When Amanda still won't give up on him, he told her he only wanted her for her body, but he's tired of the game and was leaving. He says now she can hate him just like Gary does. However, as soon as he's out of the room, he says to himself, "I'm sorry Amanda".

Gary told Josie that Cameron killed their father. He says he thought he had put his past behind him, and that seeing Cameron brought it all back. Josie reminds him that his father was abusive, maybe that's why Cameron did it, but Gary says no, he did it for the money. Cameron told him so himself. Josie told Gary that he has to get past his anger or he will never heal and will never be free of his emotional pain.

Josie understands why Gary was so angry at Cameron, but not why Cameron hates Gary so much. Gary says it's because Cameron blames him, that he can't face up to his own guilt. She thinks there's more, but he told her to let it go. Josie told Gary there's something she has to tell him.

Scott, posing as Carl, tries without success to get the Cory funds reallocated. The bank won't allow it without Rachel or the twins being present, a safeguard that Carl ordered. So Scott plans to take the twins in order to get at the funds.

Amanda went through news clippings about Cameron in disbelief. Then she hears a noise upstairs and walks in as Scott was preparing to take the twins. Amanda sees the nanny unconscious on the floor. He forces her to help him with the kidnapping. Amanda tries to convince him to take her instead to pose as Rachel so they can leave the babies behind. Scott agrees to Amanda's plan to take her instead of the twins.

On the plane with Scott, Amanda was clearly afraid, yet Scott keeps demanding that she show him how much she wants to be with him. They kiss, then he told her, "you're mine, all mine."

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Matt showed up at Sofia's door, but she slammed it in his face. (She was busy having a vision of him taunting her!) Matt called for her to let him in. She opened it up and he said he loved her, and that he wasn't married to Lila. He told her how Cass had saved the day. Sofia insisted he'd really hurt her. Matt asked if she could trust him one last time, and took her to the Cory chapel. He showed her what had happened and gave all the details. He told her he loves her, and again asked her to marry him.

Gary prepared to leave, and Josie declared if he came back drunk, they were through. Gary was furious at her ultimatum, and said she shouldn't have tried to patch things up over dinner. Josie stated he might have found out why Cameron killed their father. She remarked Gary shut her out, just like Cameron. Gary reiterated Cameron killed his father. Josie remarked that he'd killed their father before Gary could, apparently. She said, "Maybe Cameron snapped." Gary turned to leave, but Cameron was standing at the door. Gary blustered, but Cameron said he wanted to talk to Josie. He told her Scott was up to something, and he was concerned for Amanda's safety. Gary made a sarcastic remark about Cameron caring for the women who bailed him out, and Cameron got in Gary's face. Josie came between them, and promised Cameron she'd look into everything. The phone rang, and Josie went to get it, as Gary confronted Cameron and told him to stay away from Amanda. The call Josie took was from Joe, who said Amanda was missing. She repeated it for Cameron and Gary. Joe told Josie he was putting an APB out on Cameron. When she hung up, Cameron was truly upset, and Gary noted this. Josie explained that Joe thought Cameron was responsible and there was an APB out on him. Gary couldn't believe Josie hadn't said Cameron was with them. Josie observed it wouldn't be the first time they'd harbored a fugitive. Gary repeated that Cameron had killed their father. Josie said she didn't think he had -- their father wasn't dead because they kept talking about him. Cameron insisted she couldn't know what they went through, and Josie admitted she doesn't, but Gary does, and they don't talk. She stormed out. Suddenly, the police showed up. Cameron begged Gary to help him.

Rachel came home and wondered where Amanda was. She saw the broken glass on the door and a bloody tatter from Amanda's dress. Rachel went up to see the twins and found the nanny out cold. The twins were fine. She called the police and woke up the nanny, who couldn't remember who hit her, but did remember that Amanda and Cameron had fought. Joe showed up and asked if all was well; Rachel told him what she knew. She said she saw Cameron wandering on the terrace. Meanwhile, Scott left Amanda on the private plane and headed back to the mansion. At the mansion, Rachel told Joe she was sure whatever happened to Amanda had to do with Scott. Suddenly, Scott was there. He asked what was wrong, and feigned shock. He said he and Amanda were supposed to meet. At the plane, Amanda tried to leave, but the pilot wouldn't let her. She tried to make a cellular call, but the pilot took her phone. Scott returned and the pilot informed him what had happened, then handed Amanda her phone. Scott informed her from here on out he'd take care of everything. He told her he'd dropped by Rachel's and Cameron would take the fall for Amanda's being missing. He told Amanda he had lots in store for them once they landed and got to their hotel. Amanda wanted to call Alli, but Scott maintained she'd just left that all behind. Meanwhile, at the Cory mansion, Joe asked where Matt was. Rachel told him the wedding hadn't gone off; he was probably with Sofia. Rachel left to check on the twins, and Josie showed up. Joe told her Scott had been there, pretended to know nothing. Now he wanted to talk to Cameron.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Matt told Sofia that he loves her more than anything and he wants to marry her. She wondered what about Lila. Matt tried to convince Sofia that he doesn't want to be with Lila. The two pledged their love for each other and agreed that they both needed some time to sort things out. As they shared a kiss, Lila entered the room. Lila informed Matt and Sofia that Amanda was missing. At first Matt thought she was joking. She told him that she heard from Joe Carlino. Once he realized she was telling the truth, he left, leaving Lila and Sofia alone together. Lila did everything in her power to make Sofia feel like a horrible person for breaking up her baby's family. It didn't work.

Later at the Cory Mansion, Lila and Matt fought about the baby. Matt told Lila that she was not to stay in the house anymore. He said would still take care of Lila but from a distance. Matt told Lila to move out of the house tonight. A tearful Lila vowed, "I'll be back."

Chris wrote a cute article in the Herald about Toni and her love for cookies.

Cass and Tyrone argued about Lila and Matt. As usual, Cass was defending Lila. Tyrone quickly reminded him that they are defending Matt and that siding with Lila would be a conflict of interest. Felicia tried to convince Cass that he did the right thing. Cass knows in his heart he did the right thing, but he felt bad for humiliating Lila.

Toni and her partner went to see if Gary knew where Cameron was since there was an APB out on him. Cameron, who was standing in Gary's apartment with him, hoped Gary wouldn't say anything. Gary made Cameron hide in the other room and let the cops in. Once inside, Toni let Gary know that Amanda was missing. Gary played dumb as to Cameron's whereabouts. Gary managed to convince them not to search the apartment. When he finally told them to search the apartment so they could do their jobs, Toni said they would take his word for it.

When the coast was clear, Gary and Cameron resumed arguing. After a while, Josie returned home. She heard them arguing from outside the apartment. Josie vowed to Cameron that they would find Amanda. She and Cameron hugged. Later, when Cameron asked Gary to help find Amanda, Gary hesitated then said he would help.

While all of Bay City was worried about a missing Amanda, Scott made a pass at Amanda on the island. Luckily for Amanda, they were interrupted by Isabelle, a special friend of Scott. Isabelle offered her assistance if needed and headed for the door. Amanda begged her to stay. Amanda continued to create diversions to avoid being alone with Scott. Amanda was successful when she requested a seven course meal. As the two of them sat in the veranda drinking their champagne over the smell of the delicious food, they shared a kiss while Amanda's hand reached for the knife beside her plate.

When dinner was over, Scott relieved Isabelle of her duties. Amanda told Scott to stay outside while she gets ready for the night. She went inside still hiding the knife in her hand. As she opened the bedroom door, she ran into Isabelle. Amanda begged Isabelle to help her leave. Isabelle refused. "You don't know what he'll do if you try to leave," she replied. When Scott entered the room and wondered what was going on, Isabelle covered for Amanda. After Scott left, Isabelle told Amanda that she knew about the knife. She made Amanda give her the knife and told her that she will get used to living on the island eventually. Amanda continued to beg Isabelle for help. Scott entered the room as Isabelle left. He told Amanda how beautiful she was and started to kiss her. He carried her onto the bed. Then he took his shirt off and said, "I've waited so long for this." He joined her on the bed and kissed her.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Cass brought Lila flowers. Matt hired Lila a nurse to take care of her. Lila doesn't like the nurse at all.

Remy and Nick ran into Felicia, who wants her previous chapters and has two more for Remy to type up.

Marley was doing her best to convince Vicki that Donna was losing her mind. It seems to be working. Vicki was beginning to agree with Marley.

Cameron and Gary, working together, have a lead on Amanda and Scott's whereabouts. Gary gets Josie to promise that she will be waiting for him when he gets home.

Amanda tries to drug Scott but he wakes up and grabs her as the episode ends.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Donna and Marley continue to disagree about whether or not to tell Vicky the truth about the "accidents". Vicky tries to get Marley to explain why Donna was acting so strangely. Marley told Vicky that Donna said Vicky didn't deserve a man like Jake, because she still blames her for Michael's death. Marley told Vicky to keep what she said about Donna completely confidential, and to especially not tell Jake. But Jake and Vicky don't keep secrets from each other anymore, so she begins to tell him, but Donna walks in the room.

Nick and Remy continue to grow closer as Nick introduces her to his family. Remy also continues to display psychic abilities. When Remy reads Marley's palm, she says she sees a very good person at a crossroad. Marley yanks her hand away.

Marley and Steven talk and Steven told her how he and Kirkland were talking about how good it was to have Jake back and to be a family again. But then Kirkland started crying because he said that when things are good something bad always happens. Marley told Steven that everything changes, but sometimes changes that appear to be bad are actually good.

Jake tries to convince Marley to let him help Donna, but Marley says she doesn't think there's anything anybody can do.

After the family dinner, Marley agrees to spend the night at Jake and Vicky's house. Jake and Marley meet in the middle of the night as they are going for water. She was wearing a revealing nightgown, but Jake says a prompt goodnight and went back up to Vicky. Marley was angry that she couldn't keep his attention.

Joe went to the airport to try to stop Cameron and Gary. He finds Gary and asks where Cameron is. Cameron hits Joe from behind and knocks him out. This makes Gary angry at his brother, after all, Joe was a friend and his wife's boss. But they manage to get away.

Josie and Paulina find Joe at the airport. He tries to go after Gary and Cameron as Josie and Paulina wait and argue with each other because of the danger their husbands are in. Later, Joe was angry at Josie because she didn't do things by the book and covered up for her husband and for Cameron. Meanwhile, the brothers land and start looking for the Hutchins house.

Scott wakes up and stops Amanda as she tries to leave. He confronts her about the fact that she drugged his drink. He pressures her to sleep with him, but she says she can't trust him because he may only be using her to get the money, then he'll ditch her. Scott told her that he loves her, but that she was a liar, and accuses her of setting him up from the beginning. When Amanda rejects Scott's advances, he told her she's been playing games with him. As they argue, he reveals that Carl told him what she was like. She demands to know the real relationship between Scott and Carl. He told her that Carl was his brother. He says Mac Cory drove his father to kill himself, and therefore the Cory fortune rightfully belongs to him and Carl. Amanda told him that there is no way she will help him.

Scott reveals to Amanda that he and Carl planned to take the money, and Carl would go away with Rachel and the twins. But now, Scott insists that he was going to have to money that's due him, and that he will have Amanda, too. She told him that without her help, he will never be able to get that money.

When it looks like Amanda and Scott have reached a standoff, the phone rings. It was Rupert calling from Switzerland. He has Ali. Amanda was allowed to speak to her daughter briefly. Amanda now realizes that Scott has the upper hand. Scott threatens to harm Ali if Amanda doesn't co-operate. She agrees to help him get the money.


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