Stenbeck's always welcome!

This was the last week of May Sweeps and it seems things in Oakdale are taking off - moving in the right direction.

This is a great story for a number of reasons - mainly because James Stenbeck is involved. James Stenbeck is one of my all-time favorite characters ever to hit Oakdale. I know that whenever he is around there is going to be mystery and action. The other thing is that he can get involved almost any story in Oakdale and cause problems because of his history. James has orchestrated this whole Cabot baby thing so Rosanna can marry Jordan but why? Who is Jordan to James? James, like Barbara, never does anything without it having to do with his offspring.
On the subject of Jordan, there is an air of mystery about him. Is he is on this plan of James' and is fooling everyone in Oakdale? Is he a true StenbecK? I do like the Jennifer and Jordan as a couple. This relationship has brought out the fire in this character. I love the way she is remorseful for her mistakes with Bryant by apologizing to Lucy.
What is going with Rosanna and Paul? After this is all over, will these two find love together? However, with James involved this will not be smooth sailing for any of these people.

Chris and Allison
Finally, after lying for weeks, she finally tells the truth and moves out of the Hughes house - that's fantastic. I did not like the idea of her living with Chris in his parents' house and not being married. Quite frankly, I think Chris is old enough to show more respect to his parents and grandmother. Anyway, I am glad she left and gone off to be with Aaron.
I noticed something this week when Aaron brought over the second plate for her - he really likes her now. Wow, how things change. Allison spent all that time chasing Aaron and now that she loves someone else he wants her. I am anxious to see how this plays out. Maybe Chris can grow up and be a man as he fights for the woman he loves.

Barbara/ Walker
This is another duo that I find interesting. It's about time that Barbara is with a man other than Hal Munson. Walker Daniels is honest and direct in his approach to her. He does not let her overpower him with her sometimes over the top behavior. This relationship could truly change Barbara into the Barbara we have cared about before she went bonkers.
On a negative note, she had brain surgery without losing any hair and a quick recovery. I have a friend who had a brain tumor about six years ago and is still feeling the effects of this including the scar.

Pilar continually gets on my nerves every time I see her on the screen. I have a few emails who believe that Pilar was hired by Simon to get Mike away from Katie - I believe this because as soon as Simon was revealed to be in town, Pilar came up with money in order to get Russ out of the way. Hopefully, Russ will take Pilar with him out of town. I am thankful Mike finally got a clue that Pilar is not all she claims to be.

Margo and Doc
I like that she is involved in a story but this guy is too much. Is this the guy that Margo would cheat on Tom for? For now, I am holding my opinion until I see where this will go.
Finally, congratulations to Emmy winners: Cady McClain and the Outstanding Writing team and the Lifetime Achievement Recipients - Helen Wagner, Don Hastings and Eileen Fulton. I have watched and loved this show for many years and these were great moments.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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