Wedding woes

Let's hope those gifts for the Stewart/Hughes wedding are refundable. Chris Hughes looked like he was being tortured instead of married Friday.

There's a good chance he'll muster up some courage, do the right thing, and back out. Of course, he should have done that weeks ago when he was macking on his fiancée's sister, instead of possibly humiliating Ali in front of a church full of people. But I digress.

The Stewart/Hughes nuptials are a powder keg and a heck of a lot of fun. As the camera brilliantly panned over the congregation, I was waiting for one of the disapproving guests to speak up, from fickle Chris, to guilt-ridden Emily, to lovesick Aaron to disappointed Kim and Bob. It'll be an absolute miracle if this wedding goes off.

If Chris goes through with it, I hope Ali got a pre-nup worthy of J.Lo. That man deserves no mercy.

--I thought it was strange that so few guests were at Ali and Chris' wedding. Where were their hospital co-workers, John, Lucinda, Ben? For future events, if the ATWT producers need extras, I'm available. I'll even work for free, if they let me sit beside Henry and his martini shaker!

--Is Susan off her meds? I swear she just gets wackier and wackier. After Ali told her Chris may be cheating, she didn't bat an eyelash. What mother wouldn't at least tell her daughter to think about postponing? And her threat to Kim about the identical dress was, well, just eerie: "I will take my scalpel and I will carve it off of you before I let you walk down the aisle in my dress." Um, okay.

--Has Jack Snyder heard of dating? His speedy urge to nest has now turned him into a bigamist. And inched him closer to earning a spot as one of daytime's dimmest characters. I love Jack, so it pains me to say that. But c'mon, this storyline is silly. Jack Jackson? You've got to be kidding. He should have just gone with John Smith. (My apologies to any Jack Jacksons or John Smiths out there. J )

--Oh how I've missed the Snyder pond. Now, if we could just get Holden out there in a speedo with Aaron, it would all be good.

--I love Paul's new ‘do. It's a keeper. Short hair suits him.

--Did Jack throw his wedding ring in the Snyder pond? It sure looked like it. Is it possible he's that close to home? Parker, I-see-dead-people, Munson did go looking for him there originally. But if Jack were at the pond, wouldn't it stir some memories?

--I like new Will. The question is, has he become a manipulative brat or is he really OK? His coming home understandably put Hal and Emily at odds. They both have good points about the situation. It would be a tough decision on how to handle it. I just hope Lily isn't right about Will. She doesn't need a reason to get anymore sanctimonious.

--That's it. I've had enough of Holden babysitting to last a lifetime. Give this gorgeous, talented man something, or someone, to do.

--Thumbs up to both Paul and Holden this week. They both called Lily on her "I'm always right" attitude. It's difficult to like Lily when she gets like this.

--I'm officially on board with an Aaron/Ali romance. Aaron's confession was sweet. And they are better suited than Ali and Chris. Just imagine Ali and Aaron spending nights at the Snyder pond. They could really heat up the fall.

--I love Nancy. She never seems like she's acting. I couldn't help but chuckle when she used the term "to die for." She's one hip granny.

Best Lines of the Week:
It was a slow week for humor, i.e. no Craig and little Henry.

(Henry tries to be politically correct when he finds out Will has been released.)
Henry: "So, he's out of the special hospital?"

Reader Spotlight:
Two Scoops reader Sandra noticed a slight wardrobe problem this week. Thanks Sandra!

"They seemed to forget that Kim almost died a few years ago with open-heart surgery! She must have had a fabulous doctor. Having had the same surgery 8 ½ years ago, I still can't wear anything as revealing as the Mother of the Groom dress she was wearing. The surgery leaves a very obvious scar. Wouldn't she wear high necklines all the time? I certainly do. Let's get those technicalities right. After all, we expect some semblance of reality."

That's all for now. See ya next time Scooopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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