Julia's great escape

I'm 99 percent sure I saw Henry's naked ass when he streaked to the Snyder pond. I'm not complaining, mind you. As your Two Scoops gal, it was my job of course to study the film several times by rewinding, pausing and replaying. No, there's nothing I won't do for you, Scoopers.

As much as I enjoyed Henry's over-the-top humor this week - first with the olive-choking incident, then his drunken night - I can't help but hope he'll someday be more than just comic relief.

He's marvelous at comedy, but he could be so much more. His friendship with Mike has real possibilities. As does his relationship with "Bubbles," a.k.a. Katie. I'm hoping when she returns to town, Henry will finally get some respect and a job. And perhaps someday, a requited love interest. Then maybe, we'll get to see his naked bum in an actual love scene.

--I felt no sympathy for Nikki when Mike cancelled their date. Her atrocious treatment of Henry was appalling, and if you ask me, her getting the brush-off was karma.

--Jennifer Munson's "street jeans" had me howling. This new concept isn't new at all. I was cutting holes in my jeans back in 1985 when big hair and Madonna were all the rage. Of course, if Mike and his shirtless six pack were in my clothing shop, I'd probably be cutting his pants off, too. As for those snapshots, I fear they may find their way to a girlie magazine or Web site. I've said it before, Mike could definitely trade in his tool belt for the runway. Maybe Jennifer will make that happen.

--Just once I'd like soaps to do the unpredictable. Why couldn't Julia just tell Jack about his past instead of running away at record speed? We all were expecting her to do exactly what she did, but imagine if she'd just come clean? Then, the real story could have been Jack having to choose between his old life, of which he has no memory, and his new one. Now that would have been unpredictable. I'm expecting this story arc to last just long enough for Carly to get close to Mike and for Jack to witness it on his return.

--Mike and Jennifer are an interesting match. But he has off-the-charts chemistry with Carly, too. And don't forget Katie will soon be on her way back to Oakdale. It's nice when a soap character has so many possibilities instead of being pigeonholed into one do-or-die coupling.

--It's a good move making Jordon Lucinda's new right hand. He could give her some much-needed screen time and bring her into the James Stenbeck story arc. However, I'm still not convinced Jordan needs to be on the canvas at all. With James gone, Rosanna transitioned into the Paul/Craig stories and Jennifer moving toward Mike, Jordan's character may soon go the way of Walker Daniels.

--I'm withholding judgment on this boxing storyline, but I will say this: If Dusty wants to hold onto Lucy, he'd better have more of a long-term career goal than fixing boxing matches. And can the guy please have a scene with John Dixon soon? Dusty obviously needs some fatherly advice and guidance

--Kudos to the casting department for perfectly casting the character of Dominic. Now this is one newcomer I'm excited about. He's cute, intriguing, a little smarmy and can act. I hope he sticks around to be a thorn in Craig's side.

--Lily masquerading as Rose is dangerous territory. Nevertheless, I enjoyed her scenes as Rose this week. It seems that when Rose was created, Lily lost her fun side in order to make the two characters diverse and recognizable. We then were left with either straight-laced, uptight Lily or zany, let-your-hair-down Rose. If only Lily could tap into her fun side again, without pretending to be Rose, her character would be more likeable and interesting.

--I'm loving the Craig/Lily friendship. I know it's probably only temporary since it's based on a lie about the whole Lucy kidnapping mess, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Craig loosens her up faster than a martini.

--Did ATWT forget about Craig's involvement in Alan's death, Lucy's kidnapping and the alleged murder? His only repercussion so far has been losing Lucy. I'm waiting for Sierra and Lily to ostracize him from Oakdale. With Mary Beth Evans on her way back to ATWT permanently, I hope this storyline isn't forgotten.

--Did anyone else get the feeling that when Paul was talking about how great Rosanna's "apples" were, that he really didn't mean apples? Yeah. Me neither. I'm pretty sure that "apples" was a clever euphemism for um, well, something else.

--Dr. Rick Decker and Barbara Ryan are a - pardon the pun - crazy duo. I can't wait to see what these two cook up. But how many times can Barbara play the role of crazy woman and not commit character assassination? I think the show honchos are pushing the envelope, if they ever want Barbara to be accepted back in the fold of Oakdale society and the fashion world.

--I'm sorry but that scene with Jack as a needy house husband, bugging his wife to come home was just weird. If he doesn't get his memory back, let's hope he gets something to do to occupy his time.

--Lucy blowing off college to be in Dusty's corner is just nuts. I'm with Craig on this one. She needs to get her priorities straight. I'm looking forward to the day when Sierra stops taking Dusty's side, comes back to town and talks some sense into her lovesick daughter.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Rosanna defends Will's release from the psychiatric ward to Craig.)
Rosanna: "He didn't plan on murdering Rose
Craig: "He put poison in her mouthwash. What was he planning - fresh breath?"

(Craig is uncomfortable that Will, the murderer, was released from the psychiatric hospital.)
Craig: "Do you think a few months of basket weaving and tranquilizers is going to turn that around?"

(Lily and Craig have dinner and spot alleged mobster Dominic having dinner with a voluptuous woman. Then, Dominic flirts with Lily.)
Craig: "I think he's about to leave Silicon Valley and invite you to a social club function."
(Later, Lily tells Craig she's uncomfortable with Dominic flirting.)
Craig: "So what. Enjoy it. You'll get your trash hauled for free."

(Lily warns Dominic that his voluptuous date, who obviously has breast implants, may be in trouble.)
Lily: "You better be careful. If she sits too close to that candle, those things are going to melt."

Reader Spotlight:
From Two Scoops reader Shirley:

"So disappointed about the recasting of Hal. Never will understand why the networks don't work things out with actors who have been an integral part of a soap for so many years. Guess it's easier to recast than put in the work needed to keep these terrific actors.Also, cannot understand why Henry has not been given the status he deserves on this show. He is a gem of an actor."

From Two Scoops reader Linda:
"I agree with you (and so does my 15-year-old daughter) about they need more Henry! But I don't wanna see him with Nikki Munson. He could do so much better. Maybe Jennifer?!? And I never thought I'd say this but all week long I have been saying GO ALISON! I have cheering her on all week."

That's all for now. See ya next time Scooopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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