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Just as I was about to give thanks for such a great week on ATWT, Katie's back (yeah!), Craig got a story (yeah!) and Jack got his memory back (double yeah!), the news dropped that Larry Bryggman is out the door.

Honestly, Scoopers, I don't think I've been this bummed since Simon hit the rough-and-tumble-asphalt jungle. Send meds, please.

In my last column, I was over-the-moon happy that John Dixon actually had five days of screen time, more than he'd had for the entire year. Regular readers know I've complained week after week about his lack of storyline. So, I guess I can't blame Bryggman for exiting. A few days dialogue a year is certainly not sufficient for an actor of this caliber. The man is so talented that he makes the most mundane scenes seem natural.

The fact that "ATWT" lost one of its biggest assets is disappointing. If daytime's number-one-rated show, "The Young and the Restless," can create compelling plots for its vets Katherine, John and Victor, why can't "ATWT" do the same for John, Lucinda and the gang? If it's a salary issue, the show should have cut other places. John Dixon is Oakdale. Losing him is a harsh blow for viewers and for "ATWT." It's an even sadder one for daytime.

In other observations:
--Katie made it home, and I couldn't be happier. Well, actually, I could be happier, if she would have had a scene with Henry, but I digress. She's back, and it looks like she may be causing some problems for budding duo Jen and Mike. I'm hoping she and Henry reconnect, too, and the show explores his crush on her. At some point she has to realize that a man wouldn't dress in drag or fly to a deserted island to search for a needle in a haystack, unless he's smitten.

--I love it when the show remembers history. When Margo mentioned how great Katie looked, she credited her butt-busting video for the results.

--File this under things I never thought I'd hear: Lucinda saying the word "dungarees."

--By now you've probably heard that Chris Beetem was let go. I can't say I'm surprised, since his character has had little to do since he hit the sheets with Rosanna. Regular readers know Jordan was never one of my favorites. I felt like the character was taking time from an already crowded canvas. Let's hope they give what was once his screen time to Henry or Holden.

--Jack Snyder has changed in more ways than one. Now when faced with a difficult decision, he bellies up to the bar to knock back some stiff drinks. From the e-mail I've been receiving, it seems Jack Snyder is slipping from beloved Oakdale citizen to enemy number one. Ever since he crashed his car and morphed into Jack Jackson, readers have been upset about his personality change. Now that he has remembered his past, there is no excuse for this waffling between his old life and his new, viewers say. I couldn't agree more. What's it going to take for him to regain his senses? I have a feeling seeing Carly with Mike or Craig might move things along.

--Note to Jack: It's officially tacky to buy your girlfriend an engagement ring using your wife's credit card.

--Speaking of Julia, how is it she feels no guilt in this impossible situation? It baffles me. If viewers are supposed to like her, it seems that she should at least take some responsibility for this mess. She did marry Jack and get her young son attached to him, while knowing Jack had no memory of his past. I know Carly is no saint, but Julia's hypocrisy is irksome.

--Chris Hughes stealing hospital records. Wow. I'm certain Daddy won't approve. Perhaps this could be what prompts Chris' storyline exit?

--I'm usually not a fan of the unoriginal paralysis plot. It's up there with the overused amnesia trick, if you ask me. But I'm enjoying Aaron's turn in the chair. Two thumbs up. Well, maybe that should be one thumb up, considering he's paralyzed in his right arm. But you get my point. This plot lassos in Ali, Holden, Ben, Bob, Jessica, John, Lily and Curtis. Brilliant.

--The understatement of the week goes to Margo for this beauty: "You know Lily, she tends to overreact."

--How many of you think Sierra is the one who has Craig holed up in that monastery? Getting Craig to reflect on his life and seek penance for his past mistakes seems like something she'd do. Watching Craig come to terms with his indiscretions should be riveting. Do you think he'll get a visit from The Ghost of Christmas past?

--So much for Ben taking a trip down bad-boy lane. He returned to form this week and told the truth. Perhaps he and Jessica may reconnect, if the Snyder clan sues him for malpractice.

--Where does Barbara get her drugs? Seriously, did she stock up before she broke out of the psych hospital? You'd think she would have had her fill of drugging her enemies, after that mess at the spa. But I guess old habits die hard. As for Hal, please tell me he's not that clueless.

--Why does Lisa hate Carly so much? I thought they had buried the hatchet years ago. Did I miss something? Help, Scoopers, fill me in if you understand what's happening there.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig threatens one of the clergy at the monastery where he's being held captive.)
Craig: "I don‘t know when, but they will find me. And tax exempt or no, you're going to be doing some serious time, brother."

(Lily tries to convince a doubting Sierra that Craig has been kidnapped.)
Lily: "I found his watch."
Sierra: "So obviously, he didn't want to waste any time." (Pauses when Lily doesn't laugh.) "That was a joke."

That's all for now. See ya next time Scoopers!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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