Reunited, and it feels so good

Carly and Jack lovers, you got your Christmas wish. Just call it a Christmas miracle. The dynamic duo got back together this week, just in time for the holidays. Jack finally came to his senses, for the most part. However, this idea to move Julia into his Aunt Emma's house, proves that perhaps he hit his head harder than we thought. It's wacky, right? I fear it may be Carly's breaking point. And who can blame her? She's tolerated this situation long enough, in my opinion.

As for Julia, call me a pushover, but I felt sorry for her. Yes, I know she brought this on herself by marrying a man she knew nothing about, but I can't help but feel for her. Maybe it's that Sarah Brown portrays Julia as sympathetic. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for crocodile tears.

That said, if Julia goes after Holden next, however, I will feel no pity. And it seems that all signs are pointing that way. Sure, it isn't the Star of Bethlehem kind of sign, but it doesn't take a genius to see that lonely Holden plus needy Julia add up to a potential affair. He's way to chummy with her, especially since he and Lily aren't connecting anymore. I fear he will be the next Snyder to succumb to Julia's charms.

In other observations:
--Sitting on a bar stool, acting like a darn fool, that's what my Henry has been up to while Katie's been gone. Or so he says. We wouldn't know, since we haven't seen him in weeks, since his run-in with the police. While Katie was gone, he was relegated to that off-screen barstool, but now I hope he'll be front and center again. I can't get the grin off my face watching my favorite daytime friends up to their old antics again. If there is best friend award in the world, Henry should get it.

--Dominic Ramsey must have gone to the Sonny Corinthos school for mobsters. You know, the one where you don't actually kill people, just threaten them with attempted murder. So far, Dominic failed to knock off Lucy and Dusty. Dominic could use a lesson from Tony Soprano.

--Where can I score some of that mind-control drug Barbara is feeding Emily? That's impressive stuff. Of course, I would use it only for the greater good. (Henry Coleman mixing me martinis and rubbing my feet kind of greater good.) But, seriously, Barbara needs to give up fashion design and go into pharmaceutical development. With that spa-aging potion scheme she was part of before, and now this wonder drug, she is on the cutting edge of revolutionary pharmaceuticals.

--Poor Will Munson. He's getting blamed for all of Barbara's crazy antics. I love this kid and hate to see him in this situation. It's no wonder he's such a mess, with a mother like Barbara. Setting him up to take the fall for this Cabot scheme is just cruel.

--Just when I thought Barbara could be redeemed, she resorts to tormenting Rosanna about her dead baby. I like Barbara as a snarky villain, but in the fashion world and the boardroom. Let's hope she gets back there soon and leaves the psychotic manipulations to James.

--How is it that no one has noticed that Emily is a walking zombie? Seriously, I think Hal must be under the influence of something. Even he isn't this stupid.

--If Ben isn't guilty of negligence while operating on Aaron, why did he resign? If he truly believes he did nothing wrong, he should have stayed and defended himself.

--Leave it to Ali to know a character named Squatsy Tubbs. That was just too funny.

--Kudos to Henry for finally mentioning Nikki Munson. She disappeared weeks ago, and no one has said a word about it.

--Lucy Montgomery must have nine lives. She's survived a plane crash, been kidnapped several times and been hit by a car during the last couple years. She is one lucky gal.

Reader Spotlight:
From Two Scoops Reader Sandy:
"When I saw Julia crying again yesterday, this time while talking to Holden, I realized that while Julia seems like a very strong woman, she has latched on to the only two men who have so far shown her some compassion. Seems pretty needy if you ask me. I agree that Sarah Brown is doing a good job as an actress because Julia is one of those characters that you hate because of what she's done to Jack and Carly, but you still want her to find some happiness of her own, but not at the expense of someone else, like say Lily!!"

From Two Scoops reader Nicole:
"Love the scoop column! And I love ATWT too. As you have said, several stories have kept me glued to the TV. As much as I loved the Jack-Carly-Julia story, I'm glad it's pretty much over. I think it was done really well except one part. I found it hard to feel too bad for Julia because she came across so smug and snotty sometimes. If we were to feel sympathy for her, she should have just been more nice in general. Alison and Aaron are just fabulous together. Alison has managed to keep her spunky impulsiveness while losing the selfishness. I adore Aaron, and these two together are great. I do hope the Barbara drug thing doesn't go on too long. Barbara is a fascinating character, and CZP is a fabulous actress, but I love Emily and don't want to see her wandering around in her jammies for too long."

That's all for now Scoopers! Happy holidays! Go easy on the eggnog.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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