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Friday, September 17, 2010
by Kathy Gire

Dr. Bob Hughes narrated the finale with a voiceover, beginning with how quiet life was in Memorial Hospital in the wee hours of the morning. Bob walked into his office, picked up his nameplate, and looked at it. He began talking about the people of Oakdale in a time period of 30 days hence, and he began with Lily and Holden. Holden arrived at Lily's with his fishing tackle, ready for a day at the pond with their son, Ethan. The boy was very excited, and Holden promised that he would have the lad back in time for dinner, as Lily smiled at how excited both of them were.

Bob continued his narration of how he had gotten to know many of the residents of Oakdale. Dusty held his one-month-old son and then handed him over to Janet, who was still in bed. They were living in the big brick house that Dusty had bought them, and Janet began discussing the baby's christening. Then Bob explained that sometimes people married and then divorced each other, and then married them again!

Jack and Carly snuggled in bed until Sage interrupted with a request for help finding her purple shirt. Carly got up and poured cereal for her daughter, as Jack asked how the morning sickness was. Carly said she was ready for it to stop, and she promised that as soon as she completed her first trimester, Sage could tell the whole world about the new baby. Jack kissed her, and they began doing routine things around the house, such as picking up papers and other trash. Carly also mentioned to Jack that her car had made a funny noise the day before, and she asked him to check it out. Suddenly Carly said loudly, "Jack! Do you realize what's happened to us? We're normal!"

Carly worried that they might turn "boring," but just then the doorbell rang. The callers were Janet, Dusty, and baby Lorenzo. Janet said that it was almost time for the baby's christening, and she and Dusty asked if Jack would consider being godfather to Lorenzo Dustin Donovan. Jack said he would be honored, and then he declared that he and Carly had news of their own. Carly blurted out that she was pregnant, and everyone rejoiced. Janet said things had turned out exactly as they were supposed to.

In the Lakeview, Henry pulled the covers off his bed, expecting to find Barbara still asleep, but she was gone. She greeted him shortly and beckoned him back to bed. Later that day, Barbara got dressed and was attempting to put on earrings, but Henry kept kissing her neck and distracting her. They finally got serious and talked about their dinner that evening with Paul and Emily. Henry asked if Barbara thought they should share some of their recent decisions with them, and Barbara said that Paul would be upset by one of hers, no matter when they told him.

A sleepy Paul dozed on the couch as Eliza played at his feet. Emily joined them and razzed her husband about "keeping a close eye" on their daughter. Towards evening, Paul prepared champagne for their dinner with Henry and Barbara, and Emily asked if he was really going to tell his mother that he was walking away from BRO, their business together. Paul said yes, and he told her that he had already had legal papers drawn up dissolving their partnership. He vowed he was "cutting all strings," and from then on doing only things that made him happy.

Henry and Barbara arrived, and Barbara said to Paul that she had to talk with him about something important. She handed him legal papers that dissolved their BRO partnership, and Paul smiled and said he understood more than she knew, and he immediately signed the documents. They toasted the future, and after Barbara and Henry had gone, Paul and Emily kissed on the couch and marveled at how well the evening had gone. When Henry and Barbara returned to the Lakeview, Henry called Dusty, who agreed to sell Metro back to him. Barbara was delighted to be able to dance in their own club, so to celebrate, Henry turned down the lights and started the music, and the two of them cavorted to "Last Dance."

Bob Hughes next talked about love, as Dr. John Dixon walked into the lobby of the Lakeview and made a reservation for him and his "lady friend." He said they were just back from Amsterdam, and he especially ordered fresh roses on the lady's breakfast tray every morning. He also asked for a room with a large and bubbly Jacuzzi tub. Lisa walked by and teased him about adopting a "Dutch treat" while in Holland, and just then Lucinda joined John. The two went off to their room, leaving Lisa alone.

Later that evening, John and Lucinda showed up unexpectedly at Lily's, and she was surprised that they had returned from Amsterdam. Holden had taken back Ethan, so he joined Lily at the door. John explained that Lucinda wanted Lily to see that she could live a happy life without trying to run Lily's, and she said she was going to make a life with John. She explained that the two of them were back together, and she said that Lily could do what she wanted with Worldwide because Lucinda was going to spend her time with John. After she and John left, Lily smiled and said, "Who knew John Dixon would be the answer to my prayers?"

Lily was still worried that her mother and John wouldn't work out, but Holden reminded her that they were both older and wiser, and it appeared that they really loved one another. Lily asked if loving each other was enough, and Holden said he thought so. He walked to the door and promised to call her in the morning.

John and Lucinda returned to the hotel and passed Lisa in the lobby. John reminded her that he was expecting to see those fresh roses on Lucinda's tray every morning. Lisa advised them to "Gather those rosebuds while you may," and John suggested to Lucinda that they make a pact to have "a hell of a good time" with whatever future they had left. They went into an elevator and kissed.

Bob talked about family, as in the kitchen, Margo was making coffee, and Alison arrived to wake up Casey. Tom joined them, and then Alison went up to Casey's room to get him started packing for their move to Carbondale. Margo was unhappy, and Tom comforted her as she cried because Casey was leaving home. Alison got Casey organized, and they carried down all his belongings.

Emily and Susan Stewart arrived to see them off, and Tom had some words with Casey about how much the boy had blessed his life. Margo kissed Casey goodbye, and then she sat at the table and cried. She said it felt as if she had been "punched in the gut," so Tom tried to console her. He reminded her that the two of them had made promises years before that they never had time to keep, and when Margo continued to weep, he took her hand and led her outside.

Bob mentioned "endings that came much too soon," as Luke sat on the couch at Lily's and looked at the memorial booklet honoring Reid Oliver and the new neurological unit at the hospital. Natalie sat with her big brother, and then Luke took off. Meanwhile, at Katie's house, Chris was recovering nicely as Katie played nurse and made sure he took all his medications. Chris self-prescribed some "exercise for his heart," and he waggled his eyebrows at Katie, but she squashed that idea, and they just kissed.

Katie was making a sandwich when Chris called her over to the couch again. He said he remembered that before his surgery, he had promised to marry her, but Katie stopped him right there and told him she did not hold him to anything he had said. Chris swore he had meant every word, and he got down on one knee and promised to love and care for her and Jacob if she would marry him. Katie yelled a loud, "Yes!" and Chris asked her to help him up so he could "kiss the hell" out of her. Katie sat with him on the couch, and they discussed getting a bigger place to live.

Someone rang the doorbell, and the callers were Tom and Margo. Tom wanted to see his brother, and he pointed to Margo and told Katie that her sister needed "a distraction." Margo broke into tears as she explained that Casey and Alison had left for Carbondale, but Katie said she had a heck of a distraction and told Margo that Chris had asked her to marry him. Margo got very excited, and then Katie said they had been discussing getting a bigger house. Margo laughed and said she and Tom had been talking about downsizing, and suddenly the two sisters honed in on the perfect solution.

After Tom and Margo departed, Luke appeared and was eager to tell Chris that he had dinner with a hospital board member, and Luke had strongly suggested that, when Chris recovered fully, the board should name him chief of staff. Chris was flattered, but he was not sure that was the path he wanted to go down any longer. He promised to give it serious thought, and as Luke turned to go, Katie stopped him and ran to her dresser. She pulled out Reid's stethoscope and handed it to Luke. Luke was pleased, and he suddenly asked Chris if it would be all right if he listened to Reid's heart with it. Chris did not mind, and it was obvious that hearing the heart in Chris's chest made Luke feel better.

Bob narrated that more time had passed, as he sat in his office and stared at the lighted globe of the world on his desk. Kim ran in and asked why he had not packed his things, but Bob said he had been thinking of all the patients he had taken care of over the years. He said it seemed important that he remember them, since he was retiring that day. He began putting things in a box and remembering the good times.

Susan Stewart called on Bob and told him things would not be the same around the hospital without him, especially since she was working with John Dixon again as temporary chief of staff. Kim joined them, and Susan bade them both farewell. Bob carried out the box of his belongings, and Kim waited for him to return.

A fast-forward showed Chris and Katie moved into Tom and Margo's house, and they hoped they would be happy and raise their children there. At Katie's old place, Margo had Tom hanging pictures on the wall, and they decided that not having kids around meant that they could make love any time they wanted.

Carly crawled into bed with Jack and kissed her "G-man" happily. She yelled to Sage that the girl could tell everybody about the new baby the next day.

Bob returned to Kim in his office, and he said he hadn't known how hard it would be to say goodbye. Kim said she thought there should not be goodbyes, only a "Goodnight." She went out and told Bob to take as long as he needed. In time, Bob picked up his nameplate and walked to the door. He turned out the light and looked back at the globe and said, "Goodnight," as the glowing globe turned on its axis.

. . .

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