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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 18, 1996 on ATWT
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Monday, November 18, 1996

Barbara, with John at Fashions, thinks that they need to do something to get Lisa away from Martin because they found out he's dangerous. John suggests they go down to Tahiti and find them. Barbara doesn't think John should go because he just got reinstated at the hospital and what would they think if they knew he was plane hopping to save Lisa? John doesn't care what the board thinks, they just have to help Lisa. Barbara agrees and makes a call to her travel agent to get plane tickets. She finds a flight that leaves within 3 hours from Chicago. Barbara sends John to pack and has to make arrangement for Hal to keep the kids while she is gone. As John is walking out, she stops him to ask if he thinks they are really doing the right thing. John thinks so. Barbara thinks that maybe Chen and Martin don't connect the way that they think they do. John points out all of Martin's flaws to date: The lie to Lisa about not being able to fly, meeting up with people he claims he doesn't know, the fact that Martin was in the emergency room around the time that Chen changes his story from the hit-and-run to it being his own fault. Barbara concedes and tells him not to be late. Later, John is waiting for Barbara at the airport. He checks with the desk attendant if the flight is scheduled to leave on time. She replies that it is. John paces and Barbara finally arrives. John comments that it took her long enough to get there. Barbara points out that she had to make arrangement for kids/shop and that he only had to pack. She just came from dropping the kids of with Hal. John asks if she told Hal what they were doing. She says she only told him that she was scouting out locations for a magazine photo shoot. Their flight gets called and get ready to board. John asks for the tickets and Barbara has a look of shock on her face. John asks if she remembered to pick them up. She says she did, but can't remember what she has done with them, and begins to search her bags. Just as they get ready to close the doors, Barbara finds them in her jacket pocket and they run to board the plane.

Martin, with Lisa on the yacht, takes a bottle from one of the cartel crewmen. The crewman tells her that one of the men retrieved it while fishing. She takes the bottle to find a ring hanging from a ribbon inside it. She is shocked and speechless as Martin proposes to her and tells her that he would be lost without her. Lisa tells him that she can't say yes because she isn't ready. Martin looks betrayed and asks if it's because John and Barbara have turned her against him? She says it isn't that. He says if she feels the same way he feels about her, then why won't you marry me? He is haunted every night, since that night in the park, that he would die before he could tell her how much he loves her. He doesn't want to die an unhappy man and time is so precious a commodity. She looks down and is reminded about Eduardo. Martin wants to protect her and do anything it takes to make her happy. He survived the park because he felt that God needed him there to watch over her. Martin tries to slip the ring on her finger, but Lisa panics, apologizing to him. Martin forces a kiss on her. He sees the chance for a new love when he looks at her, a love he never thought he'd find again after his wife died. He is finally happy to have found someone who feels the same way, likes the same things as they do. He doesn't want to lose her. Lisa tells him that she needs to be alone to think because her head is swimming. She tells him that when she returns, she will have an answer for him. While she is gone, the cartel crewman returns to remind Martin that time is running out. (How many times to we have to hear this?! ) Martin points out that if Chen hadn't been so greedy, Get Real production would never have stopped. The man tells Martin that they are counting on him to get control of and get production back on schedule. They have billions of dollars in bonds to get out before the Communists take over Hong Kong. Martin hears Lisa coming and sends them away. She is surprised to find him still on deck. He tells her he has been hasn't moved, waiting for her answer. He suggests that if she doesn't want him, perhaps the sharks would. Lisa tells him not to joke like that. Martin says that they are destined to be together. Lisa doesn't know how to figure him out, like they are stuck in a Greek tragedy somehow. He asks if she will give him an answer and make him the happiest man on the sea. She agrees to marry him. He comments that she has finally made his life complete.

A man, talking to Domingo who has back to camera, are at Yo's. He tells Domingo that he made a few adjustments to the car, but Domingo isn't listening. Suddenly, Domingo turns around, takes a baseball cap off and is revealed as... PILAR! (Boy, she plays a lot of parts, doesn't she?! ) Mike enters, with Ryder not far behind him. They stop to look at her. Ryder asks if he knows her. Mike says not really, he helped her out when he found her stranded by the side of the road. Ryder offers to wait for him if he wants to talk to her. Mike doesn't and they sit down at a table. Ryder tells him that he has an idea how to save some Mike some time on the track. All Mike wants to know is who this Domingo guy is. Hal comes in and stops to talk to Ryder who freaks out. Ryder asks how Hal knew he was here. Hal saw his car parked outside. He wants to know what going on between him and Nikki because she's been bummed out. Ryder asks if he talked to her? Hal says that she would only say that Bob and Kim think they she is spending too much time with Ryder. Ryder asks if Hal knew he was working at Sparky's? Yes, Hal did, and asks if that's where he met Mike? Ryder tells him that he's been helping Mike with his race car. Ryder then comes "clean" with Hal, telling about Nikki's involvement in his probation "problem" a couple of days ago. Hal says that he understands now, but that Ryder should have listened to Nikki when she tried to persuade him not to do it. Ryder asks if Hal is going to turn him in. Hal says he won't since he can see he feels bad about getting Nikki involved. Ryder says that Hal doesn't understand what the house arrest has done to him. Hal tells him that just because he got a bum rap from the judge doesn't mean that Ryder cuts corners on his probation, just like he's doing right now. Ryder says that he only wanted to be part of racing, but admits that it isn't an excuse. Hal cuts him some slack for being upfront with him but wants him to quickly finish up with Mike and get home. Hal adds that he doesn't want to regret this. Ryder promises to "toe-the-line" and asks Hal to tell Nikki he misses her. Hal tells him he will and will also try to get Bob to lighten up on them. Later, Mike comments to Ryder that if he can find a good sponsor he could pay him alot more money than he is. Ryder says he loves racing so much that he'd work for free. Mike laughs, telling Ryder that he shouldn't have said that. Mike gets up to make a call and Ryder leaves for home. Mike calls to Lily and tells her that they need to finish their talk. Lily tells him it isn't a good time. Mike asks if Diego is still there, she says yes but can't talk right now. Mike says that she sounds funny and is something wrong? She says no but will see him later. He hangs up and sits down at the bar. He looks deep in thought and the bartender asks him what wrong. He explains that he has a friend who will get hurt if he can't get through to her. Later, Mike scribbles HELP on a napkin. Pilar stops and offers to help if she can. Mike says it's complicated. He doesn't need help but he's worried about a friend of his who is in troble and really doesn't want to talk about it. He asks if he can buy her a beer? She doesn't want one but will sit with him while he finishes his. Mike wants to know what his chances are to getting to know her better. She tells him she doesn't give her number out to guys who come in second. (She is referring to a recent car race where Mike finished second) Mike asks if he can get her number if he wins. She says he can if he thinks he can come in first. She'll be there, watching him. He tells her he was close to winning last time and hasn't seen him determined before. (Gee, wonder what THAT looks like!)

Lily, talking with Diego at Lucinda's, asks if there are any other lies he has told her. He says there is nothing else. He feels she doesn't believe him anymore and should never have told her. He asks if she wondered why he told her in the first place. He explains that he really loves her and if they have a chance together, he doesn't want any secrets between them and isn't the man she deserves. She asks if he feels that way because of what he did so many years ago or if he is tempted to take advantage of her. She tells him that money isn't important to her. Diego says that she's always had it so she doesn't know what it feels like to not have it. She nods, but says that what is important to her is what is deep inside and feels that he is still a good man, even though he isn't perfect. He says he tries to be, trying to make up for all the men who betrayed her in the past. Lily thinks she has high expectations that should have realized it when relationship and relationship failed. Diego tells her that he will never lie to her again. They kiss. He says he wants her so much and wants her to come back to his place and stay the night. Lily says she can't, it's too soon. He wants to know what she is feeling. She doesn't want to make another mistake and has to think of Luke first. Phone rings and Lily talks to Mike for a minute. When she hangs up, Diego asks if it was Mike. Lily says she doesn't want to talk about him, but about tonight and if he understands what she was saying? He says he does and that Luke comes first. Lily tells him that their time will come when it is right. Diego says he will wait forever. (You'll be waiting longer than that, pal)

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Tuesday, November 19, 1996

Ryder plays basketball with Chris in the backyard. While going for a lay-up, Ryder trips over Chris and falls to the ground clutching his arm. Dani comes out of the house just as it happens and goes to help. Chris apologizes but Ryder tells him he's fine, suggests that he should leave for school. As Chris leaves, Dani asks if Ryder can move it. He can't. Dani looks at it and realizes it's the same arm he hurt when he was stuck in the well. Dani helps him up and insists that they go to the hospital to have Bob look at it. When they get there, Ryder resists. Dani asks for Bob but a nurse tells her that Bob is at a conference across town. Dani asks for Susan, but she is at the conference too. Dani asks for a 2nd year medical student, since 1st year are always tired and 3rd year are "spaced out." A resident comes and looks Ryder over. Dani interferes, adds important information for the doctor to know. The resident tells Ryder he's lucky to have such a caring "girlfriend" (HA! Dream on Dani...) The residen tells Ryder she wants a few x-rays done. Ryder doesn't want to be there at all. Dani talks Ryder down and gets him to cooperate, letting him know that if he doesn't have it taken care of it could be alot worse later. She promises she'll take care of him. Ryder relaxes a little. Later, they return to the Hughes home. Ryder is glad it's just a sprain and that it only needs to be wrapped for a few days. He goes to call his probation officer but Dani tells him she already did, while he was in x-ray. She even called to Sparky to let him know Ryder wasn't coming in. Dani asks what he'll be doing all day. Ryder says he'd like to be on a long drive, but knows he'll be stuck with nothing to do. Talk turns to Dani talking about her father. She tells Ryder that her dad is in a Greek prison for drug trafficking. Ryder laughs, thinking Dani is kidding, but Dani isn't laughing. Ryder feels like a complete jerk. She goes on to say that her dad was an undercover agent but when his cover was blown, the government didn't buy his story. She never really knew where her dad was. She only found the complete truth when she was 10 years old and hasn't told anyone before. Ryder tells her he is glad she told him. Ryder challenges her to a game of one-on-one, one handed. She accepts, but the phone rings. Ryder answers it to find Nikki on the other end. Dani isn't happy about it. Connor and Kirk go over finally preparations for their presentation meeting for Paul's associate. Kirk thinks it's good that she's been working like gangbusters. Connor admits it is nice to have something else to keep her focused. Kirk shows her the building blueprints. Thing look like their on schedule. Kirk's ready for the meeting. He want to change the tables on Lucinda, ruin a few meals for her. Connor shows Kirk the numbers she work on. Kirk is impressed with them and exclaims that they will be rolling in the money. They leave for their meeting with Paul. Later, after the leave meeting with Paul, Connor tells Kirk she doesn't want to see or work with Sarah. When they started this project, she thought she would be doing something new, not being reminded of Mark. Kirk says that EAS is new and she can get through this because he had to do the same thing when he went back to work at Worldwide. He was reminded of Sam, but tells her it will soon pass. After working with Sarah for a while, she'll begin to see her as Paul's associate, not just Mark's sister. Kirk is doing this for her, to help her move on. He says that Oakdale is small and she is bound to run into people who remind her of Mark from time to time. If she tries to isolate herself in her suite, it'll only bring more thoughts of Mark, not less.

Mark and Jones are being playful at home. Her cell phone rings. She knows it has to be Templeton because Mark is the only other one who has the number. She ignore it for a moment, but it won't stop. She finally answers, telling him it better be an emergency. He evidently tells her he has an assignment for her and to meet him in an hour. She hangs up the phone and tells Mark the honeymoon is over. He counters by saying it's not over till he says it is and wants her to quit. He hates it when she straps a gun to her waist when she leaves. She tells him it's really not dangerous and is mostly routine things but offers that she will stop working once the house is finished and they have little "Kasnoff's" running around. Later, she says she'll stop by the store to get something to fix for dinner but he wants to take her out to dinner. She thinks he's avoiding the subject. He admits he's afraid when she puts her gun in the holster and goes out. She says nothing bad will happen to her and that she loves him. They kiss. He muses he could do this all day. (Let's not and say we did) He promises to call her later and wants her to catch some bad guys. She leaves.

Emily is in Lucinda's office wanting to get her opinion on a proposal. Lucinda tells her it's her best work ever, trying to be sarcastic. Emily says she hates having to work for Lucinda's praise. The phone rings. It's Antony Tilton. Emily goes to leave but stops when she hears Lucinda talk about Paul. She tries to evesdrop, but Lucinda catches her and tells Antony she will talk to him later. Emily makes up an excuse for staying behind but Lucinda sees through the lie. Emily fights it but finally admits she was interested. Lucinda tells her that she has her eye on Paul, since he's coming into the Oakdale business scene. She wants to keep her enemies in check. Lucinda goes on to say that Paul is going to be working with Kirk. Emily can't believe Paul would do something like that. Lucinda leaves as Emily tries to pump for more information. Later, while Emily is dropping papers off on Lucinda's desk, she stops to look on top of it. The phone rings. Emily answers. Antony thinks that Emily is Lucinda and keeps talking. He tells her that he has sent papers by express courier so she can see how Paul is spending her money, since she is his largest shareholder. Emily tries to sound like Lucinda, thanking him and saying that she will talk to him later. Emily hangs up, just sitting there surprised.

Sarah plays with a karaoke machine sent by a product supplier for EAS. As she dances and sings, she sees Paul's reflection in a mirror. She realizes she isn't alone anymore and stops, embarrassed. She asks what happened to his meeting? He says it got cancelled. He tells her to go on, but will only do so if he helps. She puts on a slow song. He sings a little (not really good, but it isn't all that bad) and starts to dance with her but then stops. He wants the song she originally was playing. She tells him it's a "twist" type. There's a knock at the door. They stop, making sure they are presentable. Sarah opens the door and finds Connor and Kirk standing there. Connor frowns. Introductions are made. Paul tells Sarah that he used to work with them when they were at Walsh/Mongtomery. Kirk and Paul begin to talk business but are interrupted by the phone. Paul excuses himself for a moment. Kirk goes to Connor who says she can't do this. Scene changes to Paul and Sarah talking. Sarah tells Paul about Mark and Connor having an affair together and seems to be a reminder of the fact to Connor. Paul can't see why as this is business and Connor has always separated personal from business. The go back to Connor and Kirk. Connor says Kirk that she is uncomfortable and wants to call the deal off. She tells Paul that they must withdraw their offer. Paul is confused and can't believe what he is hearing. Kirk tells Paul that nothing has changed and will talk to him later and goes after Connor who bolted out the door. Sarah asks if he has ever done anything for love? He comments that he hasn't done anything lately. She asks what they are going to do now? He asks Sarah to put the music back on and they dance around. The door is open and Lucinda, walking by stops to watch and laughs, asking if she may come in. Paul wants to know what she wants. She says that she hears he is going to be doing business with Kirk and wants to stop him to save his day. She tells Paul all about Kirk's embezzelment from Kingsley Malta/Worldwide. Paul says he already knows this and checked out Kirk himself. Besides, he knows how to make his own decisions. Lucinda laughs, she says he reminds her of James. Paul gets upset, tells her it's time for her to leave. Lucinda goes on to say that Kirk isn't the right man to work with and doesn't want him to thrive in Oakdale. Paul asks her to settle her own scores on her own turf and asks her to leave again. He doesn't want to be bullied into helping her. She says she is sorry that he feels that way but not as sorry after all is said and done and she leaves.

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Wednesday, November 20, 1996
Courtesy of Sam O'Connor, ATWT Online Correspondent

Emily calls Paul from her office at Worldwide. She says she has to see him and that it's really important, but Lucinda hangs the phone up on her before she can tell him. Lucinda confronts Emily about her pretending to be Lucinda when Antony Tilton called. Emily lies through her teeth, rather badly. Lucinda chastises Emily and calls her a clumsy liar (Which Emily is). Emily questions Lucinda's involvement in EAS. Lucinda confides to her that she is the principal shareholder of EAS, masked under Antony's name. Emily questions her motives but Lucinda is quick to tell Emily to keep her mouth shut. Lucinda says that if Paul finds out she will do five things: 1. Pull financing out of EAS; 2. EAS will crumble; 3. It will be Emily's fault; 4. Emily will lose her job at Worldwide and 5. She's covered it all. They bicker some more about it. Lucinda tells Emily she expects her investment to pay off. Paul will find out about Lucinda's investment on her own time table, not sooner. Emily tries to sweet talk/kiss up to Lucinda. Lucinda tells her that if Paul finds out, both of them will lose. Lucinda leaves Emily's office. Emily picks up the phone to call Paul, but thinks better of it. (You better, girl).

Sarah talks on the phone with someone (Zoe's agent?) and says that she will hang up on Corey if he calls. Later, Mike calls Lily and asks if she is alone. He says he has to talk to her but not over the phone. They plan to meet at the Kasnoff construction office. Mike warns her not to bring Diego and for her to come alone. After hanging up with Lily, Sarah notices that Mike is concerned and wants to help him. Mike opens up about his concern about Diego. Sarah warns Mike that Lily may resent Mike's interference. He sees her point, but wants to warn Lily about Diego anyway. Just as Mike is leaving to meet Lily, he gets a call from a foreman. The foreman tells Mike that he must come to Lily's construction site ASAP and that a building inspector has questions. Mike leaves, but wants to catch Lily at the farm before she goes to the construction office. A little later, Sarah opens the door at the Kasnoff house and finds Ben standing there. He has Chicago Bulls tickets for Mike and Mark. Zoe come out from the kitchen carrying home baked cookies. Ben practically breaks a tooth taste testing them. (He should have known Zoe can't cook...) Sarah leaves for EAS. Ben and Zoe begin to argue about her decorating, Jessica and lunch. The doorbell rings. When the door is opened, Corey is standing there. (Oh boy!) Corey sees Ben there, but asks for an introduction. Corey then asks Zoe to do his video. Zoe says no and is evident she doesn't want him there. Ben tells Corey that Zoe asked him to leave but Zoe tells Ben that she will handle it. Ben leaves. Corey mocks Zoe's life at the Kasnoff house. He reminds her that she always says no first but will eventually give in. They kiss but Zoe pulls away and slaps him. Zoe later turns up at hospital with an ugly (bad makeup job) bruise. Zoe tells the nurse (Mark's friend Clare) that she walked into a door. Zoe wants to know how to make the bruise go away. Ben walks in, sees Zoe's bruise and wants to know what happened. As Ben checks out the bruise, she repeats her "transparent door" story. He questions Corey's involvement, suspecting more to the story but Zoe says he had nothing to do with it. Ben issues a prescription for Zoe of an anti-inflammatory to keep the swelling down.

Sarah arrives at EAS for work. She tells Paul about Zoe's history. He in turn tells Sarah about the history involving Barbara, Lucinda and the Simply Barbara takeover. He also tells her how he sided with Kirk and Connor to help them gain control of Walsh Industries. He warns her that they need to keep their eyes open, shred papers before throwing them away and check the phones for bugs. Sarah can't believe that Lucinda would go through such efforts. Paul and Sarah wonder why Lucinda thinks she can influence Paul.

Lily talking on the phone to Mike about Diego, sees that Diego has arrived and has overheard part of the conversation with Mike. They kiss. Diego wants to take her out to lunch and admits that he overheard. Lily asks Diego what is going on between him and Mike. Diego tells her that Mike must have a problem with him but they will work it out because Mike is her friend. Lily asks Diego to wait for her at the farm while she goes to see Mike. He agrees. Mike soon arrives there at the farm. Diego tells him that she already left for the construction office and then confront him. He wants to know what Mike's problem is with him. Mike doesn't have anything to say to him. When Diego presses, Mike says that he is bothered by Diego's woman at the Stratford Arms. He tells Diego that he followed her there to room 313. Diego warns him that he and Lily are none of his business and has it out with Mike. Diego accuses Mike of being jealous because Lily is happy with Diego and that they love each other. (Ewwww) Mike leaves. Diego has a flashback of Lily and Mike after Mike rescue Lily at the lime pit the night of the car crash. He comes back to reality and stabs Emma's stable in anger. Lily arrives at Kasnoff construction office to hear the foreman looking for Mike. The foreman tells Lily that Mike is on his way to her house site to meet with the building inspector. Lily catches up to Mike there. He tells her that she won't like what he has to say. He says he is her friend and wants her to be happy. He sees how happy Diego makes her but says he would be a lousy friend he didn't tell her that Diego... but Mike doesn't get the opportunity to finish. He sees Diego standing there. Lily asks Diego what he is doing here. Diego tells Lily about his confrontation with Mike and says he was concerned about her. Lily tells Mike to say whatever it is he has to say about Diego. Diego stands behind her, smirking at Mike.

Thursday, November 21, 1996

Connor and Kirk are sitting in the Lakeview Terrace. He criticizes her for not wanting to work with EAS only because Sarah is there. She should be working for money not for personal reasons. He tells her Mark has certainly moved on and now she needs to and it is starting to make him mad. She deals with people everyday who knows Mark and everyday is a new day. Connor doesn't comment. Changing the subject, Kirk tells her he thinks about calling the new venture "Stargazers." She picks it up and runs with it. Kirk smiles and says he knew she was still interested and wants her to admit it. She smiles and says ok, she'll work with him. She asks what's next. Kirk will be working on the financing, getting together with the product advertisers, and to meet with the designers in the hanger. Kirk makes a call to Paul, tells him Connor will still be on board. Kirk tells him the name of their venture. Paul likes it. Kirk asks who he needs to talk to for changes to the studio. They will have a comparable look and feel like Paul's. He asks Paul to come down and talk with them and hangs up. Kirk tells Connor that Paul is on his way down. Paul doesn't want cost overruns on their project. Connor says she will make adjustments to designs before they start to minimize costs. She will also deal directly with the construction company since she knows their language and they will be putty in her hands. She feels glad to be back in business with him and thinks it'll be fun, as long as he isn't stabbing her in the back (Mental note: remember to get the protective vest!) A waiter walks around, calling Kirk's name. He waves the waiter over. The waiter hands him a note from a gentleman elsewhere in the room. It's an offer to play golf and Kirk tells the man that he accepts. He asks Connor to take the meeting with Paul as he hopes to secure a little financing for the venture playing golf with a banker. She'll take it and he leaves. Just as soon as he's gone, Mark shows up and they look at each other.

Templeton gives Jones her new assignment. She is to meet with an informer and it may be dangerous. She wants to know what he means. He just says it's nothing she can't handle. Her cell phone rings. It's Mark wanting to know if she can meet him. He has a surprise for her. She wants a clue. Mark gives her one, but she doesn't get it. (Don't worry about, I didn't get it either. I think someone messed up somwhere with it) She tells him that she will call him back after her meeting and hangs up. Templeton tells her that marriage and the FBI don't mix. She says that she will be married forever. Templeton asks how, when she's on assignment all the time. Jones wants a reassignment to a desk job. Templeton won't give her up, she's his best agent. She says that she and Mark want to start a family. Templeton asks if she is in or out? If she's not in the field working, she can't be housekeeping a desk. There is no promotion in a desk job. End of discussion.

Mark, meeting with a Real Estate agent, chooses the lot on which to build the house on. He comments that Jones will love it. He calls her to ask if she can meet him. He has a surprise for her. Later, Jones arrives at the lot. She wants to know what her surprise is. He asks if she loves the view. She does. Mark lets her know that an agent is holding the property for them. They agree it's a perfect spot, with a wildlife preserve below them to keep the beauty of the area. She tells him she thought her life was over when her parents died. But know she's happy and wants the house to smile, full with life for the kids to feel comfortable in. He wants to show her a fireplace he wants to duplicate for the house, but she can't go, she still working. She tells him that Templeton thinks that Jones is his best agent. She will be thinking of him until she comes home. She thinks her boss is wrong and homelife is the hardest job there is. She considers quitting. She thinks the afternoon light is great and won't ever want to leave the house once it is built. Mark doesn't want her to give up FBI because she loves it. Mark says it's time to get back to work. He'll be at the EAS site. She says she has to meet with an informer and doesn't know how long it will take. Mark promises to have a fire going when she gets home. She kisses him and goes to leave tell him not to wait up if it's too late. He wants to know how late is late, but she doesn't reply.

Diego, with Lily and Mike at Lily's new home site, tells Lily that Mike came by his house earlier, edgy. He's worried about her and will be there if she needs him. Lily, upset, goes back to Mike. She wants him to tell her what he has to about Diego. Diego gives Mike a "I won" look. Mike asks Diego if he's protecting her? Mike just wants to speak his peace. Lily asks Diego to leave, she'll call him later. Waiting until Diego is gone, he tells her that he wants to leave Diego his problem, not hers. He doesn't want her to give up on the Umberto search because Diego says so. He says that Diego is a fraud, catching him snooping around the crash site. Lily says she knows why he was there. Mike asks if he told her if he wasn't alone. She asks why? He asks if Diego said he was with a woman. Lily tells him that Diego told her everything. Diego drops back and eavesdrop. Lily knows Mike is only trying to help. Mike wants her to face up that Diego lied to her and she is too involved to be objective. Lily says the case is closed and thinks that Mike has gone too far with Umberto and Diego. Lily says she knows the truth and explains that Diego was only repaying a debt with a woman that he stayed with long ago. Diego walks away, convinced that he has defused the situation with Mike. Mike asks if that's the end of story? Lily says yes, why? Mike only believes story only up to the point when he saw Diego kiss the woman. Lily looks surprised and Mike points it out. As Diego is walking away, his cell phone rings. It's the mystery woman. Diego is upset that she is still in town, but will meet her. Mike says Diego didn't mention the kiss, did he? Lily said he was just a meeting her to pay her back. Mike quips Diego must be meeting her to pay in installments because she also met him at his loft. Lily offers that perhaps Diego had the money there. Mike says WRONG! Different night. Lily displays another look of surprise. She asks why he is so suspicious. What did they say? Mike couldn't hear conversation, wasn't close enough. Lily says that nothing Mike has said contradicted anything Diego told her. Many different kisses have different reasons. Mike thinks it must have been a pretty good reason because it was a pretty good kiss. She says they are old friends. Mike points out that the woman isn't old and they still look pretty close. She wants to know what he is offering her? Diego has given her something to look forward to. Mike thinks she's on the rebound and Diego shouldn't be the one. She says that she feels like she finally has two feet on the ground because of Diego and thinks that maybe Mike is the one who has a void to fill after his bad breakup with Rosanna and the loss of his son after Carly miscarried. (Why didn't you just sucker punch him Lily, it would have been easier!!) She says it was easier for him to focus on her than his own problems. She thanks him but wants to hear about his life, but he needs to get one first. (Damn girl, why don't you just shoot the poor thing!) Mike asks why she wants Diego's lies and makes him say goodbye? Lily just wants him to drop the whole thing. Mike asks who's going to watch Diego? Something is going down with him. Lily thinks that they should have some distance between them if he can't drop it. Mike walks away. Lily looks regretful.

Diego meets the mystery woman in a parking garage. You have to leave town and they can't be seen together. He tells her the past is over and can't give her what she wants. She must leave town without him and she knows why. Jones comes up to the area where Diego and the mystery woman are. She hears the trailing part of the conversation and stops to eavesdrop for a minute. She really gets interested when she hears the woman call out Umberto's name.

Ryder sits board at home, watching TV. He takes a few pain pills for the hand he hurt playing basketball with Chris. Dani enters, trying to cheer him up. She asks where everyone is. Bob is working late and Kim is with Chris at soccer practice. Dani perks up when she realizes they will be alone for awhile. Dani will try to make the most of it. Dani asks if he wants a beer. Ryder contemplates for a moment, then says yes, what a great idea. She opens up a few beers for them and they watch a little more TV. Later, after what looks like quite a few cans ago, Dani comments that this isn't so bad. She wonders what Bob and Kim would think if they caught them drinking in the house. Ryder says nobody will be home for hours. He asks where she found the beer. In the basement she says, nobody will be missing it. Dani says what Bob did the other night was wrong. That nobody understands him, but Dani will be on his side. Ryder then tries to open a bag of chips, but cant. She opens them up and teases him with a few of them. A little more later, they are drunk, still watching TV. Ryder is beginning to fall asleep. Dani cleans up the cans and tries to get Ryder upstairs. He's spilling beer and wants to party a little more. Dani tells him the party is moving upstairs. She gets him into her room and closes the door. He tries to take off his shirt, but needs Dani's help. He falls on top of the bed and passes out. Dani gets excited and says she's 100% happy. She puts his shirt on and climbs into bed with him.

Friday, November 22, 1996

John and Barbara arrive in Tahiti and check into their room. They won't be able to find Lisa until the morning when the Harbor Master's office opens and John suggests they go to sleep. Barbara wants to know how John can sleep with Lisa out there needing our help. Later, John talks with an inspector who has been helping them search for the yacht. He tells John they haven't been able to find them yet, and may have dropped anchor in a cove somewhere but they will continue to search. John thanks him and hangs up. As he tells Barbara the news, he tells Barbara she can have the bed and he will sleep on a cot provided, though it doesn't look very comfortable. Barbara is visably upset about it and says that she won't be able to sleep. She puts a suitcase on the bed and opens it up. John asks what she has in there. Barbara says she brought a few necessities and sits down. John asks if she has a better mattress in there, but Barbara doesn't laugh, instead she begins to cry. John tries to comfort as best he can, telling her it could be worse. Barbara claims it isn't like her to cry, but she's also tired and hungry on top of being worried about Lisa. John takes some packages of nuts he brought off the plane and hands them to her. She hopes they find her in time because she doesn't know what she'd do without her. Lisa has always been there for her. John comments that rescue missions take lots of hard work and determination and they need their sleep. As Barbara goes in the bathroom to get ready for bed, John asks if she snores. She says she does sometimes. When she comes out, she hopes John doesn't want to take a shower because there is no water at all. They just try to get some sleep. After the lights are out, Barbara can see the moon from the bed and says how beautiful it is. She asks if he ever thought they would be sharing a motel room together? He never did but that's life. She says she has never run off to the South Pacific on a moments notice before. He says that her best friend is in trouble and doesn't know it yet. Barbara tells him not to let it go to his head, but he's ok. But when it's worded like that, he won't, so don't worry. She goes on to say that when we find Lisa, she's sure Lisa will forgive him. John says it's not forgiveness he's after but because he thinks it's the right thing to do. They finally say goodnight.

Martin and Lisa make small talk on the deck. She talks about the magical day it has been and that they should get their rest because the sun will come up faster than they know. Martin tells her he has another surprise for her. He calls out and Mr. Lee and the Captain come out on deck. Martin says that Mr. Lee will be the witness and the Captain will perform the ceremony. Lisa wants to know what ceremony he is talking about. Martin wants to be married tonight. She is taken by surprise but says that she is still getting used to being engaged. She says it's late to be doing so at this hour and read somewhere that the Captain isn't authorized to perform the ceremony unless he's... Martin interrupts to say unless he's a Justice of the Peace. The Captain informs her that he is. Martin tells her not to worry because all of the legal papers have already been prepared. He says it was probably presumptious, but he bought wedding bands before they left Oakdale too. She doesn't think it was too presumptious of him. Mr. Lee hands Lisa some flowers and the Captain begins the ceremony. Lisa soon stops him. Martin asks for privacy. She tells him that she can't do this here and isn't what she wanted for them. She wanted on with their family and friends present. Martin thought it would be romantic to do it at sea (get your mind out the gutters people!). She agress, but says it would hurt so many people if she did it now. Martin asks why can't they be married now and have another ceremony when the return to Oakdale. She's almost swept away with the idea. Martin says then let's go ahead and do it. Lisa tells him no, but promises that when they take their vows, they will be in bliss and think they have died and gone to heaven. Martin asks if there is any way to sway her? She says no, but says that they can be married before the end of the year. Her head starts swimming with ideas and she leaves to write them down. Mr. Lee returns on deck and asks where Lisa is. Martin tells him that there will be no wedding tonight. Mr. Lee tells him if there is no wedding before the end of their trip, Martin and Lisa will not be returning to Oakdale alive. Lisa returns on deck not seen by them. She overhears Mr. Lee and Martin talk about them having to be married before the end of the trip or they may not live long enough if Martin can't put Get Real shipments back on schedule.

Connor waits for her scheduled meeting with Sarah and the designer for EAS in the Lakeview Terrace. Mark enters and they say hello. She asks what he is doing here. He tells her he has a meeting with Kirk. She replies she has the same, but with Sarah. They figure out that they are working on the same project. She tells him that Kirk is out raising capital and will be handling the meeting. Mark wonders where Sarah is and apologizes for her. Connor says that everything is ok, nothing to be worried about. She compliments him on being hired for Paul's project, knowing that Paul only hires the best people. Mark thanks her for pushing him and Mike to get the company off the ground. Connor suggests starting without Sarah, if that was ok with him. Mark pulls out the design plans for the EAS building and shows her where their space will be. Connor is impressed with the layout. She tells him that they need to use all the space available and want a different look than Paul's operation. It needs to be clean, high tech and not feel restrictive. Mark sketches some changes for a tiered stage, which she likes. She needs a display unit for the merchandise but he will get back to her with those changes. She tells him it feels good to be working with him again. He admits that he misses her around the construction office. She says she misses him to, but things change and it just happened to be a coincidence that they are working on the same project. They just need to keep their eyes focused on EAS and can't see why they won't be able to work together. She wants to work a little further on the designs but Mark has to go, has to meet Jones and leaves. Kirk soon returns to the table, without the financing he was hoping to secure in the golf game but brought Connor back a golf ball. He asks how it went with Sarah. She tells him that she never showed up. Kirk feels really bad now. Connor tells him that she did meet with the designer and hands Kirk the notes from the meeting. She says that everything they want to do can be worked into the set. Kirk asks who the designer is. She tells him that it's Mark. Kirk stops, surprised. She says that she's glad they saw each other and knows that they can at least work together, but it was uncomfortable at first. She feels really positive about the whole thing.

Jones hears a conversation in the parking garage where she is supposed to meet with an informer. As she moves closer, she hears a woman call out "Umberto." A car door is heard closing and Diego looks for the sound. Not seeing anyone, he goes back to talking with the woman. He tells her that she can't stay here. He has a new life and he never wants to hear the name Umberto again. He says that if she stays, he could lose everything he has worked for and that being there can only cause him trouble. The woman begins to cry and as Diego tries to get her to stop, Jones hits something that makes a large noise. She hides and Diego looks around and tells the woman to stay put. Diego calls out for to whoever may be there, but doesn't get a response. Jones is croutched down behind a car with her gun drawn ready. Diego doesn't find her and goes back to the woman and they leave. Jones leaves out another exit and stops to call Templeton. She tells him they got their man and has Diego speeds by, she tells him she has to go and follows Diego. In the car following Diego, she talks to Templeton again telling him where she is and needs backup. She tries to tell him what this was all about but loses the cell phone signal. Up in Diego's car, he tells the woman that there is nothing else to talk about. He is taking her back to the Stratford Arms, pack her bags and she will be leaving Oakdale tonight. When it returns to Jones, she is trying to get Templeton back on the phone again. She isn't really paying attention to her driving and screams as she has a head-on accident with another vehicle. After the accident, she is slumped behind the wheel, horn blaring, off the road. She is bleeding from her face and it doesn't look good.

At the cottage, Mark gets ready for a special night with Jones. There is a knock at the door and he thinks that she is early. When he opens the door, he finds Sarah standing there. She came by to apologize for not warning him that their meeting was with Connor. He says it was ok, and turned out to be a very productive meeting. Sarah looks around and asks what he is doing. Mark tells her that he is cooking up a surprise. She asks if it's someone's birthday. Mark says no, and forgot how nosy she used to be. He says that he is just cooking up a romantic dinner and is that ok with her? It's fine with her. She interrupted his preparations, now all he needs is the girl. She asks who the lucky lady is. Mark gets all upset and asks who do you think, Sarah, it's for my WIFE and accuses her of not having any faith in him. She insists it was just a joke and she's sorry if she set him off. He apologizes, he's just a little edgy because he spent all his savings on the five-acre property bid today but he hasn't told Jones yet. She is the best thing that ever happened to him. Sarah sees a box with a bow on top. She asks what's inside. Mark opens it up and shows her the replica of the house he is building for her. Later, after Sarah helps him get ready, he tells her he hates to send her back out in this weather. She says she likes it and leaves. Mark lights candles around the room anticipating Jones coming home soon. While he's stoking the fire, Jones walks in the door, surprised by all the work that Mark did waiting for her. She finds the box and they open it together. She loves the house and he tells her that he put a bid on the property. She wants to know what she did to deserve all this. He wants to make her happier than she has ever been. They kiss, but soon we find out that it is all a fantasy in his mind.


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