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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on ATWT
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Monday, December 9, 1996

Lisa, who has ventured into the marketplace, sees John but Martin and Mr. Lee have caught up to her. Martin tells her not to make it any harder than necessary. When they go to take her away, she yells out to John, who turns around in time to see them carry Lisa off. When they get back to the yacht, they tie Lisa to a chair in her stateroom. Martin asks when is she going to get it through her head that this is not an adventure game. Lisa thinks they are just upset because she got off the yacht. Martin tells her that the Cartel is made up of dangerous men who get their way. Lisa says they are in for a disappointment because she is going to be rescued. Martin says he thinks she is smart enough to know that escape is futile and that no one is coming to save her. Mr. Lee says that the boat will be ready by noon and they will set sail then. Martin tells Lisa to be smart and marry him, sign over the papers and this will all be over. Lisa says she would rather take her chances with the sharks in the ocean than with the ones on the yacht. Mr. Lee says that can be arranged. He says to Martin that they have calls to make. In light of Lisa's attitude, the cartel has changed the plan. They leave. Lisa says she hopes that was John she saw, but thinks why would he be there and why would he bother. Later, Lisa tries to get out of her restraints. Martin and Mr. Lee come back in. Martin says that Tom is on the phone to talk to her. Mr. Lee points a gun to Lisa's head and says she better not say anything other than she is fine. Lisa is noticably uneasy. She talks to Tom. Tom asks if she wants a good laugh. He tells her their theory. She thinks it would be a real picnic. When Margo offers to get the kids, Mr. Lee covers Lisa's mouth and Martin takes the phone away. Tom asks if she is still there. Martin comes on and tells him they are having interference and fakes some problems. He tells Tom that they have wonderful news but will have to wait until they return to announce it and hangs up. Martin comments that if she had said anything, he couldn't have protected her. Lisa doesn't think this is protection. Martin threatens that if she doesn't cooperate, she will never see her family again. Lisa asks how long until she's shark bait.

Tom and Margo are unpacking boxes of Christmas decorations at their home. The doorbell rings. It's Hal. He asks if they have heard from Lisa recently. Tom says they haven't for a few days, why? Hal says that he's lost Barbara, meaning he can't find her and hopes that she has been in contact with Lisa. Barbara said she'd call, but hasn't. Tom asks if she left a number. Hal said she didn't know as she was going to scout photo shoot locations. Margo asks if he checked with the magazine but Hal doesn't know which one. Margo thinks she just got busy. Hal asks her when has she ever been so busy that she didn't check up on her own kids. Margo says she gets his point. Tom wonders why Hal thinks Barbara would get in touch with Lisa? Hal is just trying all options. He said he even thought about calling John but Margo says that John is out of town too. Hal stops and Margo stops and they all stop laughing as they come to the conclusion that John could be with Barbara. Tom jokes they could be with Martin and Lisa. Margo says that a party ticket she'd like to buy. They all stop laughing and Hal says now he's really got a bad feeling about this. Hal can't figure out why Barbara would be hanging around John since they hate each other. Hal asks Tom if he remembers the day John and Barbara came in to talk to them about Lisa. Tom remembers that they ignored them. Margo officially calls it weird. Tom says he'll call the ship. He thinks Lisa will have as big a laugh as they did.

John returns to get Barbara. She thinks he's back awfully soon. He tells her that he didn't make the call because he found Lisa. Barbara asks how if the boat has left. John says the boat is back and is docked. He followed them and Lisa back to the boat and they had a gun on her. Barbara is scared and asked if Lisa was ok. John says she looked fine. Barbara says they have got to get on that boat. As they go to leave, they see the Harbor Master come toward them and they hide closeby. John and Barbara finally make it on board and hide in a storage room. John tells her that she needs to stay off that leg or else she will make it worse. Barbara says she is only concerned about Lisa and asks what's next. They know they have to get Lisa off the boat but don't know how. They figure they have to nose around, figure out what's going on and let her know they are there.

Mike, at home with Mark, asks how he's doing. Mark wishes everyone would stop asking that question and asks how Mike is doing. He says he worried about Lily and is in way over her head with Diego. Mark insists that Mike go with him to Ben's to finish his bookcase so they can take their minds off their problems. Later, Ben, at his loft, blows out the candles that Zoe had lit before she stormed out. The doorbell rings. It's Mike and Mark coming to finish the bookshelf. Mike sees the table all laid out and asks if he's alone. Ben says he is now. Mike asks if this had to do with Zoe. Ben says that she was waiting when he came home, got the key from the building super. Mike jokes that at least she didn't break in. Mike asks what Zoe was up to. Ben says she was fresh out of the kitchen and that the apron works. Mike says that Zoe has been testing receipes on them. Ben says he was surprised and thought it was cute. Mike asks what happened but Ben doesn' t know but that Corey showed up and they started going at it. Ben jumped in to back her up but it went to her head. He tried to explain that they are still getting to know each other and need a little time. Mark thinks that there are worse things in life than someone caring about you. Ben doesn't think it's the same and thinks the fight may have been for the best. Mark asks if Ben really believes that. Later, Mark says that they will have to come back later to add the supports for the shelves. Mike asks to leave if Mark doesn't need him anymore. Mark reminds him to stay away from Lily. Mike leaves. Ben asks what that was all about. Mark says Mike is butting in where he shouldn't and Ben is backing out where he shouldn't. Ben says that things will work out between him and Zoe, pointing out how she can be. Mark says that Zoe works off feelings, not logic and he better move before he loses his chance. Ben says he cares about her but isn't ready for what Zoe wanted. Ben says he'll wait for her to calm down and call him. Mark says this isn't high school, not calling someone until they call me, etc. Mark thinks he's wasting time since nobody knows how much time anyone really has together. He calls Zoe, but leaves a message. Mark says he will finish later on the shelves, has a lot of other things to do. Ben wants him to take it easy since it looks like he's wearing himself thin. He says he has things to deal with. Mark explodes, Ben asks if he knows he's this angry? Mark apologizes, but he doesn't know how he'll get through it. Ben says he'll get through it his own way and forget what anyone else thinks. Mark says he'll take Jones's ashes down to her aunt who lives in Galveston, who was a second mother to her. She is going to show Mark all of Jones's favorite spots when she was a kid. Ben tells to do what he has to do, people will understand. Mark says he wishes he could.

Zoe comes home to the Kasnoff house. Sarah is getting ready to leave when Zoe says that the man should rot and die. Sarah asks if they are talking about Ben. Zoe says she should have trusted her instincts when she thought that Ben was so self-centered that he couldn't care about anyone but himself. Sarah asks what he did. Zoe says she poured her heart out to him and all he could do was look at her. Sarah tells her she doesn't have time for this. Zoe says she told Ben she loved him. Sarah looks surprised. Zoe says she spilled her guts and Ben turned her down. She told herself on the way home that Corey is there begging her to come back and all she could do is say no, hoping that Ben would want her. Zoe thinks all this is stupid and doesn't make sense. Sarah asks if Zoe is giving up on Ben and going back to Corey? Zoe says there is nothing to give up on, no Ben. Sarah thinks maybe Zoe scared off Ben, knowing how she can be. Zoe is tired of being something she isn't. Sarah says that he's a guy and doesn't know how to deal with his feelings. Zoe says Corey never had a problem showing he feelings. Sarah, practically under her breath, says that Corey had so many other problems, how could you tell. Zoe says that no matter what, Corey loves her. Sarah asks if she thinks Corey has really changed. Zoe says he's said it a million times. Sarah agrees but Zoe thinks it sounds different this time. Sarah asks if she is willing to risk it. Zoe says she knows life isn't easy with Corey, but she knows where she stands with him, never having to play find the feeling and Corey "gets" her. Sarah agrees, know how Corey "gets" her. (That's an abuse reference) Zoe asks if Sarah will help her back. Sarah can't believe what she heard. Zoe says she going to hit the road. Zoe and Sarah bring down her bags. Before Zoe leaves, she wants her to make sure not to say "I Do" until after she's talked to Sarah. Sarah says it won't be the same without her there. Zoe says she'll be fine and that they'll talk and fax each other and she is still her manager. Zoe wants her to keep working on Paul. Zoe and Sarah start to cry and they hug. Sarah reminds her that she still has a contract with EAS but will fix it with Paul. They hug again. Sarah and Zoe pick up the bags and leave. The phone rings. The answering machine answers. It's Ben. As he leaves a message for Zoe, the camera zooms in on a magazine cover with Zoe's face on it.

Diego, at his loft, paces and looks tense. He calls Lily, who tells him that she can't talk to him right now. He knows something is wrong and wants to fix it. She says she can't right now and hangs up on him. Lily, at the farm, is standing in front of Pilar. Pilar asks if Lily recognizes her. Lily says that she is Diego's friend. Pilar says that's right. Lily asks why she is here. Pilar says she wants to talk to her about Diego and there are things she ought to know about him. Lily thinks Diego can speak for himself. Pilar says she has made things very difficult for Diego and he never wanted her to come here. Pilar explains about having other business in Oakdale but that Diego doesn't want her there. Lily doesn't understand why Pilar would still want Diego after everything he has done to her. Pilar says that she understands Diego because while they grew up together, she saw his pain and everything he had to go through to get where he is today. He deserves far more than what life has dealt him. Lily looks confused, asking that Pilar knew Diego as a child? Lily thought she met him when he was a teenager. (Pilar has obviously made a mistake by the look of horror on her face) She realizes she made a mistake and fumbles through. She says that they were both children. She says that Diego loves Lily so much that he will spend every day for the rest of his life trying to make her happy and won't leave until Lily understands that she is no threat to them. Pilar asks her to give him the chance. Pilar leaves. After she walks out, Diego comes up to Pilar and asks what she is doing there and takes her away. Inside, Lily sits at the table holding on to Diego's passport, thinking. Later, back at Diego's, he asks her what she was thinking by going to Lily. Pilar explains that she told the truth and knows that Lily loves him. Diego asks why she says that. Pilar says she could see it in Lily's eyes. Diego says that's more than he could have asked for. Back at the farm, Mike shows up. Lily tells him what happened. As she is talking to Mike she is flipping through the passport. She notices numerous stamps between Malta and Italy. Mike doesn't think it's a coincidence. Lily knows he couldn't have worked for Kingsley/Malta but Mike comments that he didn't under these names at least. Mike thinks he could have worked for Umberto. Lily remembers something that Jones said after Umberto's death about there being an Oakdale connection. Mike thinks that could have been Kirk. Lily says it could have been the person who showed up after the plane crash... Diego. Lily freaks out, commenting that Diego had knowledge of every move they were making. Lily says she can feel it in her gut that Diego is involved with Umberto somehow. Mike asks how she wants to prove it. Back at Diego's, he thanks her. He wants to do something special for Lily but doesn't want to push her and will wait a few hours. Mike tells Lily to steer clear of Diego. She says that Diego has no idea they are on to him and loves her. Mike asks how she can be so sure. Lily says she heard him when she was in his apartment, having no reason to lie about it. She points out that it's his "Achilles heel" and that what she going to nail him to the wall.

Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Susan, at the hospital, is waiting with the kids from pediatrics for Santa's arrival. They are anxious, but Susan doesn't know when he will be there. Claire comes up and pulls Susan aside. She tells her that Santa won't be there because the guy has another "gig" and can't change it. Susan runs off. Later, Claire is telling the kids that Santa won't miss seeing them. Jimmy, a kid in a wheelchair, tells them there is no Santa and tells Claire that she is a jerk for telling them there is. Claire is disappointed with him and the kids call Jimmy a liar and a fight between the kids start. Cal comes in an comments to Claire that it looks like she has her hands full. He asks where Susan is. Claire tells him she is busy. Jimmy keeps trying to show the kids there is no Santa but they aren't buying into it. Claire tells Jimmy to stop and suggests they sing Jingle Bells. Jimmy won't have it and goes to leave. Cal stops him asking him to wait a few more minutes. Susan walks in protraying the role of Santa. The kids are all happy. Cal smiles at Susan. Susan distributes the toys out and looks happy. Cal asks about Jimmy. She explains that he was a little league all-star and was hit by a drunk driver one day coming home from a game. He is paralized in the spine just like Cal was. His mom is single and is a waitress and their insurance doesn't even begin to cover the costs that Jimmy has to go through. Jimmy sees himself as the man of the house and probably worries more about his mom and about himself and won't let anyone help. Susan says that he has surgery planned in a couple of days but wants to improve his attitude prior to it. Susan picked out his present personally hoping it will be a moral booster, but now she isn't sure. Cal suggests she give it to him, see what happens. Jimmy opens it, but isn't impressed saying that it's a stupid present and Susan is stupid for giving it to him. Cal tries to tell him it's a special gift from Santa, but Jimmy knows that it's Susan playing the part. Susan asks him not to ruin it for the other kids. Cal and Susan look at each other, not knowing what to do next. Cal explains that he was in the same predicament as Jimmy is now and was scared. Jimmy says he isn't but Cal knows it isn't true and tells him it's perfectly natural. Cal says that the doctors here at the hospital helped him get better and Susan will do the same thing for you. Susan explains that Cal worked hard for his recovery, even when it got really bad. Jimmy says he goes in for surgery in two days. Cal says he had surgery too and that Susan was there. Susan says she was there assisting and thinks that Jimmy's surgery will make it better and will be there if he wants her. Jimmy says she might as well be. Susan tells him she will be there. Jimmy thanks her for the baseball but says he still won't believe in Santa anymore and won't tell the other kids. Cal says that Santa comes in all different shapes and sizes. They tell each other Merry Christmas. Claire takes Jimmy back to his room. Susan thanks him for helping get through to Jimmy. Susan asks why he stopped by. Cal says he stopped by to ask her for lunch. She accepts, but stops to adjust some decorations on the wall. She uses a chair to stand on but loses her footing and falls backward, but Cal catches her, they laugh. Cal asks her what she wants for Christmas.

Mike, at the track, is telling Ryder and Sparky that this is the day they beat Domingo. Pilar comes up and asks if this will be the day she congratulates him. Mike says he will see her in the winner's circle. Pilar tells him she is looking forward to it. Mike is all pumped up for the race. Ryder and Sparky keep giving him encouragement and advice. Nikki comes up to Ryder with Nancy. Ryder is surprised to see them both but doesn't think she should be there. Nancy says that she will take care of Bob and for him not to worry. Nikki says that Nancy hasn't seen a race before and wanted to come. Nancy thought it would be exciting and gave up her morning Rumba lesson to see it. Mike comes back up and asks if this is a family reunion going on here. Nancy and Nikki look small. Nancy thinks that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Mike says that it's ok and he is just a little preoccupied with the race but wants her to stay and support him. Ryder gives them a spot to stay out of the way and goes to check on Mike's starting position. Mike calls out for Sparky for a tool, but Nancy ends up handing it to him. Mike's impressed but Nancy says she only read some of Ryder's car magazines so she could share his interest. Ryder returns and tells Mike that he's starting behind P. Domingo. During the race, Mike appears to be leading the race and considers Nancy and Nikki to be his "lucky charms." Later, after the race, it's apparrent Mike lost AGAIN! (three times a charm!). Mike is upset over a reckless move that Domingo evidently made that endangered the lives of the other drivers. Mike goes after Domingo. He finds Domingo in the stands and says it's time they met face to face. When Domingo turns around, he finds it's Pilar. She says surprise, but Mike is in a state of shock.

Paul is guiding Sarah, who is blindfolded, into a room. He takes the blindfold off her to reveal the new EAS offices and her desk. The offices aren't complete, but can be worked in. Sarah comments that this would be the perfect place to host the benefit for the kids. Paul never thought of that and thinks it would be a great tie-in. Emily enters, amazed at how nice the new offices look. She hands him a bottle of champagne. Paul thinks it's too early to celebrate, they aren't even on the air yet. Mark enters behind that and says that everything will be ready by the deadline. Paul and Emily walk off to his new office leaving Sarah and Mark together. Sarah thinks he's working too hard on the project but Mark doesn't think so and is fine and doesn't think anything else will get to him. At this point, Connor enters. The phone rings. Sarah answers and talks to the toy distributor for their benefit. He tells her that they won't be able to deliver the toys as promised because of a scheduling error. As Sarah talks to the guy telling him that he has to deliver them, Emily comes back in the room and listens to the conversation, smiling. When Sarah hangs up, Emily asks if she is having problems. Sarah tells her that she isn't having any and walks off. Emily returns to Paul's office. Connor talks to Mark about their area, tells him that he doesn't have to worry about it right away. Connor looks around the offices, giving her approval to Mark. Sarah walks up to them and agrees with Connor, but comments that still have to decorate, etc., but that Connor and Mark will be the first to use the conference table. Connor doesn't think it's a good idea but Mark reminds her that they have a contract to fulfill. Mark asks Sarah to sit in on the meeting but she has other work to do and walks into Paul's office. Connor tries to let Mark know he doesn't need to work on the Stargazers area yet, but Mark is determined to show her his plans for approval. He explains that some of the changes will take time to make but she doesn't want to cause problems for him. Emily comes up to them, asks how things are going. Connor asks what she wants. Emily says she can't understand how Connor got Paul to allow her and Kirk to work with him on EAS. Mark tells Emily that Kirk and Connor are the best in this town and he is lucky to have gotten them. Emily thinks that this is the second worst decision Paul has ever made. Connor asks what the first one was. Emily says it was hiring a small time contractor like Kasnoff to make the the renovations. Connor tells Emily she would know a good business decision if it walked up and bit her and suggest that Emily go back to screaming on the phone since she and Mark have "business" to do. Emily walks away. Connor asks Mark where they were before they were so rudely interrupted. Mark says she was trying to cut him a lot of slack and wants her to stop it. Connor agrees to look at the plans, but they are the house plans Mark had made up for Jones. He goes to crumple it up but Connor stops him, telling him he may need them someday. She knows that he and Jones didn't have enough time together but they did more than most do in a lifetime. Mark apologizes for wasting her time and will get the other plans. He thanks her and leaves.

Sarah walks in on Emily and Paul. Sarah tries to convey to Emily that she and Paul are busy with launching EAS and perhaps she should leave. Emily says she has some ideas on that, but Paul and Sarah already have one. Paul tells her that EAS will be going with a charity event even though he knows it's not up to Worldwide's glitz and glamour. Emily thinks the idea is boring. Sarah says it may be, but people are looking for companies demonstrating responsibility these days. Phone rings for Paul but his phone isn't working and goes out to Sarah's desk. After he leaves, Emily says that the opening will be a disaster and it will be Sarah's fault. Sarah doesn't think Emily has best interests in mind. Emily says that she is in a position as President of Worldwide to help Paul. Sarah thinks about it a moment, then does a complete turnaround (Looks like Sarah is up to something). Sarah admits that she made a mistake and it will be a big PR problem for Paul. Emily asks her to explain the problem. Sarah tells her it's Paul's dream and help the community and she blew it. She explains that the trucks bringing in the toys won't be there in time for Christmas and doesn't know what went wrong. Emily tells her not to beat herself up if she's a little green when it comes to business and that Paul will forgive her someday. Sarah wishes she could find a way to get the toys from Chicago to Oakdale, but knows it would be hopeless because she doesn't have the resources that Worldwide has. Emily says she can take care of it, goes back to Sarah's desk and forces Paul off the phone and starts making her calls. Sarah tells Paul they have a small problem with the shipment of toys and they are leaving to take care of it. Emily encounters problems finding available trucks to get the toys too and begins to get frustrated. One man hangs up on her. She stops to interfere with Mark and Connor a moment, but goes back to making arrangements. Another man asks if she has cleared this with Lucinda. Emily says that she's is his boss and she is authorizing this and will have his hide if she doesn't get what she wants. Emily says that if the toys aren't in Oakdale by tomorrow, she will make it her personal mission in life to make sure the man doesn't work in Oakdale ever again. Connor comes up and adds why stop there... bulldoze his house and torture his children. Emily comments whatever works and asks the man if she should start ruining his life now. The man obviously agrees and as Emily hangs up, she wishes him a Merry Christmas. (At least she wasn't a total pig!). Connor leaves. Emily is happy and looks for Paul, but doesn't find anyone.

Sarah takes Paul skating out on a pond. Paul thinks they should be taking care of the toy problem but Sarah contents it's being all worked out as they speak so forget about it. She takes Paul out on the ice but the both fall. Things look a little intimate between them and they both laugh as they get back up and get off the ice.. Sarah thinks the area is beautiful. Paul agrees, adding that he and Andy used to come here all the time to play hockey when they were younger. Sarah remembers seeing two boys playing, one with a red jacket and asks if Paul has one. Paul says he does, but doesn't think it was him. Paul thinks they should get back and solve the toy problem, but Sarah says she has faith that it will be resolved. They go back across the ice, but Sarah leaves him out there, but comes back for him. On the way back to EAS, Sarah explained to Paul that she conned Emily into helping get the toys to Oakdale. Paul asks what the Worldwide shipping department is going to want in return. Sarah thinks that they will do it for free, as part of the "Christmas spirit" Emily returns, lets them know the problem has been solved and the toys are being picked up as they speak. Paul gets all excited, picks Sarah up and tells her he can't believe she got Worldwide to help. Emily figures she's been "conned" and looks upset. (Awww....)

Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Special Note: Only about the first 20-25 minutes were recorded before I lost cable. I am awaiting a summary from someone else and will merge the two a little later. I did type the summary from what I had to give you an idea what happen today...

At the police station, the department is having a special christmas party for the kids. Margo walks away and looks for Hal. She wonders why he is being a big scrooge and asks him what is wrong. He says that something wrong with Nikki and doesn't know what it is. Margo points out that she is a teenager. Hal thinks it has to do with the arrangement with Bob on "visiting rights" for Nikki and Ryder. Margo mentions Nikki talking with Jessica about Ryder's appeal. Hal said he was spooked about Nikki revelations about Richard that he never knew about. He feels she has closed up on him after opening up when they started to get to know each other. Hal sees Nikki come in. Nikki says the place looks great. Margo excuses herself. Hal asks Nikki if she had car trouble. Nikki says no, why. Hal points out that she has axle grease on her face. Nikki says that she and Nancy went to Cedarville to watch Mike's race. Hal wants her to admit that the real reason they went was so that Nikki could see Ryder and asks if she skipped school to do that. Nikki says not exactly. Hal also found out that Nikki was close the pits. He starts to get worked up thinking Nikki isn't telling him everything when Margo interrupts, letting him know a "tree" is there to see him. Hal goes out to see a man dressed as a tree whom Hal calls "Bruce the Spruce." Margo asks if that is the same tree he arrested last year. He says yep, but was let go and is here to repay the favor. Tom shows up with Casey and they and Margo walk off. Hal turns back to Nikki who has walked over to Jessica and is talking with her. Hal asks himself what else is going on.

Mike goes up to confront Domingo about the stunt he pulled on the track but when Domingo turns around, he finds it's been Pilar all this time and is shocked. Pilar says hello and asks if he has a kiss for the "winner" but judges by the look on his face that it's out of the questions. Mike agrees but thinks she must of had a real laugh when he fixed her car the night he met her. She points out that he assumed Domingo was a guy and doesn't know why he is taking this so hard. Mike isn't charmed by her driving and calls her crazy and thinks she needs a good kick in the pants. Pilar thinks he can't stand losing but he says it isn't about that but sportsmanship and safe driving. He accuses her of putting every driver in danger, including the spectators. She says she was in control the whole time but Mike doesn't agree. She asks if all the anger is because he can't stand being beaten by a woman. He says he just can't stand drivers like her and now that he knows her, it makes sense and she can't be trusted on or off the track. She asks what is so wrong about his driving. He says doesn't like the chances she takes but she says she plays to win. He thinks it isn't about winning but proving something because she is a woman who is braver, faster, tougher. He calls her a menace to the track, but she wonders why no one else is complaining. He says he had respect for her those couple of races but not anymore. She wants to talk about the real reason he is upset, is it because she "played" with him? She says it was only a matter of time before he found out who Domingo was and was just having a little fun. Mike didn't think it was funny and goes back to talk about the race. Pilar doesn't want to talk about the race anymore, only about her and him.

Diego is at the Pergola in the special spot where he and Lily shared a special night. He takes his cellular phone and calls Lily and asks if he can talk to her. Lily, at the farm, apologizes for not talking with him last night. Diego doesn't want to talk about it over the phone and wants to meet her in person as soon as she can get there. Lucinda enters, overhearing Lily make plans to meet Diego. Lucinda, whispering, voices her objections, but Lily waves her to stop. He asks if she can come. She tells him to hold on while she asks Emma if she can watch Luke. After she cups the phone, Lucinda says it isn't wise to be alone with Diego. Lily thought they had an understanding. Lily goes back to Diego and tells him she will be there in a few minutes and hangs up. Lucinda starts up again, but Lily says that she needs to see him but Diego won't get very far since she has everything he has said or done etched in memory. Lucinda asks about the Pergola. Lily only says that the Pergola holds special significance to Diego. Lily tells Lucinda about Pilar's visit. Lucinda asks what she wanted but Lily didn't know only to say that she cared about Diego and wanted him to be happy. Lily thought she did a good job pleading his case and told Lily that Diego loved her and is convinced he can't live without her, which Lily says will be his downfall.

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