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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, January 20, 1997
  Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday (Observed)

Mark, after meeting with Margo and Agent Templeton at the police station talks with Connor about what they have told him. Mark thinks that Jones's accident may not have been an accident after all. He figures that if Umberto realized that Jones was following him, perhaps he murdered her. Mark can't accept that if it was true. Connor assures him that the police will capture him. Mark only wants to make Umberto's life a pure hell every minute of every day just like Mark's has been since Jones died. Connor wants Mark to let the police handle it and let justice prevail. Mark thinks it was all his fault and walks out.

Mike grills in her hospital room about Umberto. Mike wants to know why Pilar thinks that Umberto will not kill again. She admits that she knows him but then claims to be tired. Mike wants a further explaination. She says she never met him. Mike doesn't understand. There are alot of people in danger and he needs her help. Pilar just says he won't kill again because Diego won't let him. Mike thinks alot of people will be grateful if Diego can stop him. Mike wants to know how? Pilar says that Diego will find a way. Mike asks if Diego knows Umberto. Pilar cannot say. Mike is confused. Mike asks if Diego ever worked for Umberto. Pilar doesn't know, didn't want to interfere with her brother's business. She says that when Diego truly learned about Umberto, he stopped dealing with him. Mike doesn't buy it. She says that Diego has made mistakes but only wants to have a quiet life with Lily and Luke now. Mike wants Pilar to convince Diego to go to the police and tell them what he knows. Pilar thinks that there will be dire consequences if Umberto learns about that. Pilar asks Mike to leave him alone so he can concentrate on Lily. Pilar is worried that if Mike stirs up enough trouble, Umberto will kill him and she couldn't stand that. Later, Diego visits her. He tells her that he and Lily will be getting married on Valentine's Day. He also apologizes for getting mad at her. He says he told Lily the truth and she forgave him. Diego says that Mike can't do anything now. It's all falling into place, he can feel it. Lily is what makes everything work. He wants her to be in the wedding, so she better get well quick. Pilar asks him if he really thinks they will really be happy together, asks if he told her EVERYTHING? Diego says that Lily will forgive him when he tells her. Pilar congratulates him but doesn't why he's staying now. She points out that earlier in the morning he was worried about staying in town. She asks if he'll be safe until the wedding.

Lily talks with Diego outside his loft. She begs him to stay in Oakdale. She wants him to marry her. Diego smiles. Lily proclaims her love to Diego, wants to be his wife. Diego can't believe it. Lily asks if he's ok. Diego is estatic, he didn't think he could ever be this lucky. Diego wants to elope that evening. Holden, hiding nearby, overhears the entire conversation and can't believe what he's just heard. Lily doesn't want to run away to elope, but be married in front of the whole town. She thinks they could live in the new house, away from anyone. Diego doesn't want to put down roots in Oakdale, too many people don't like him. Lily says that if he's sure about leaving, she will need some time to make the arrangements... how about a spring wedding? Diego doesn't like the idea, it's too far away. Lily points out that it would allow Pilar to finish her recovery and participate in the wedding. Diego suggests the wedding on Valentine's Day. Lily agrees. Holden hangs his head down, gets up and leaves without being seen. Lily tells Diego she can't wait to be his wife, but has one condition... she wants Diego to tell her what he is keeping from her. Diego says he explained about those. Lily understands, but she is unwilling to marry a man who doesn't trust her. Diego says he does trust her. Lily explains that the secrets are why Lucinda and Mike don't trust him and keep after him... a lie is uncovered and they feel betrayed. Lily tells him that he can tell her anything and it won't change the way she feels about him. You can see Diego is torn about telling her the truth. Lily wants to know everything about the man she loves and she feels it from him. Before she walks down the isle, she says he must tell her everything. Diego can't do it right now. Lily wants to know now... it can't wait. Diego is worried about Mike and Lucinda changing her mind. Lily says that it won't happen, takes his hand and leads him away.

Barbara and John are enjoying dinner in an exotic food restaurant. John appears to not be enjoying his order. Barbara thinks it's because he's ordered the "Lava Lava Fish." John doesn't think it's cook enough and quotes to Barbara about how many people die each year from undercooked food. Barbara thanks him for sharing. Barbara offers to switch plates reminding him that it was his idea to sample the Polynesian cuisine. John makes another smart remark about bad food and that seems to ruin Barbara's appetite. John asks what's wrong. She thought they were going to enjoy the food they never got to try in the South Pacific. He apologies, thinking it was a bum idea. Barbara thinks it was and wants to have a good time. John comments that the party is over. Barbara says she thinks she knows why. John is curious about that. Barbara explains that he's not having a good time because his 15 minutes of fame are up and nobody is paying attention to him anymore. John doesn't think that's true. Barbara thinks that he needs to join the fire department so he can save damsels in distress all the time. It turns into a cliche fight between the two of them. Barbara asks John what wants from her. John wonders why women always ask that question. Barbara only says "ah-ha." The waiter brings the bill to the table. John asks if they actually have the nerve to charge for that meal? The waiter says yes and walk away. Barbara thinks that John was having more fun when he thought he was going to die than right now. John thinks she's right, and misses the applause. John can't outgrow the attention. Barbara thinks that's sweet. Barbara thinks that everyone makes mistakes. They get up from the table without paying the bill. The waiting grabs the bill from the table and stops them, reminding them that they forgot to pay. John says that it's his civic duty not to pay the bill. Barbara protests. John asks if she enjoyed the dinner. She says she didn't. The waiter asks if they are going to pay it? John says no, they aren't. The waiter introduces them to his cousin, who gets up from a table nearby. He removes his napkin which reveals his Oakdale Police uniform. Later, Barbara and John are sitting in the police station, handcuffed together. Hal can't believe his eyes. He blames John for being a bad influence and getting her in this mess. Barbara tells him she can get into her own messes without John and is not a child. Hal tells her she is a "middle-aged woman and it's time you grew up." Barbara can't believe he called her that. She says that John was standing up for his principles and will not accept the treatment he has been receiving, that he was bold and couragous and did what was necessary. Barbara also hits Hal below the belt by adding that "John is twice the man that you ever thought about becoming." It's obvious to see that Hal didn't like that comment very much. Barbara thinks there is more to life than playing by the rules. Hal thinks that if they are so bend on making a statement, they have to pay the price. Barbara asks what he means by that but he only walks away. John asks her that if he pays the bill, will she have dinner with him to make it up? Barbara asks if he's out of his mind.

Mike talks with Lucinda about Diego at her home. Mike tells Lucinda that Pilar doesn't know much but thinks there is alot she isn't telling. Lucinda and Mike decide how to keep Lily away from Diego when Lily enters with Diego. Lily announces that they are getting married. Mike and Lucinda just stand there. Lucinda doesn't know what to say and thinks it's a joke. Lily says it isn't a joke and that she better get used to the idea. Lucinda thinks that she and Lily need to have a little talk. Mike asks Lily why she is doing this? Lily says that she is in love with Diego. Lily says she wants to have a big party so everyone can see them. Lucinda pulls Lily aside, asks what day the wedding is planned for? Lily tells her Valentine's day. Lucinda says there isn't time to plan anything. Lily tells her that she is wasting her breath, and realizes that Lucinda didn't even congratulate her. Mike points out that Diego has been lying to her, didn't even tell you that Pilar was his sister. Lily tells him that Diego did and didn't say anything at first because Mike and Pilar were getting close and Diego didn't want to spoil it for Pilar if Mike hurt her after learning the truth. Lily wants Mike to stop attacking him. Mike says never. Lily doesn't want him in her life if he can't accept Diego. Diego says he's got to go. Lily stays to talk to them. Lucinda doesn't know how she can hold and kiss him and wants to know what's going on. Lily says nothing is going on and that she loves him. They all fight about what kind of evidence they really have on Diego. Lily points out that there isn't one real piece of evidence that ties Diego to anything. Mike wants to know what is really going on here. Lucinda tells Mike that Lily really has a master plan and isn't going to tell them. Lily says she feels bad about the way they have all treated him and they don't have shred of proof to link Diego to Umberto. Mike says that they do have proof. Lily looks surprised.

Holden runs from Cal's. He falls and certainly looks in despair. He throws some snow and looks up to the sky, screaming out Lily's name. (He obviously still has feelings for Lily he's not admitting, huh?). Back at the farm, Emma is working in the kitchen. Holden enters. Emma asked if he saw Lily. Holden just sits there. He finally says that he saw Lily but he didn't talk to her. He tells Emma that Lily asked Diego to marry her. Emma thinks he misunderstood. Holden says he didn't. He asks about Diego. Emma thinks he's a nice guy, but not as nice as him. Emma thinks that he and Lily still needs to talk. Holden doesn't want to mess things up for her. Emma didn't think she'd ever see him like this again, almost like someone you thought had died never did. Emma thinks that Lily has a right to know that the man Lily loved is back. Holden refuses to tell her. Emma thinks that Holden will regret it if he doesn't. Holden is glad he came back to see how things really are... but, where Lily is concerned, coming back was a big mistake. He goes upstairs.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997

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Wednesday, January 22, 1997

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Thursday, January 23, 1997
by Sage

Alot happens in a few paragraphs!! Be sure to keep straight on the issues. Everything was kept in chronological order as much as possible. Let's take a deep breath and away we go...

Almost ready to leave for Lily and Diego's engagement party, Tom confronts Margo about her appointment with Dr. Michaels that she made but then later cancelled and asks her why she didn't tell him about it. Margo tells Tom that she wanted to see Dr. Michaels about her nightmares. She tells him that he needs to quit treating her like a nut case. Tom gets a call and has to bail on the party. He tells her to get in and out of that party quick because he has plans for her later on that night.

Holden calls Emma at the Falcon Club and tells her that he is selling his motorcycle and leaving tonight. Emma asks him if he'll do something for her before he goes.

Ouside the Falcon Club, Mike runs into a very distressed Lucinda. She says she will strangle Diego before she lets Lily marry him, maybe even tonight. Mike tells her to calm down and that they need to play along with Lily's farce. He thinks that Lucinda shouldn't go inside but maybe they need to talk a little more before she goes in. Inside the Falcon Club, Lily soothes all of Diego's fears about their party possibly ending up a bust. Diego worries about Lucinda. Lily tells him that her mother never thought anyone was good enough for her. She tells Diego all she expects from him is to be totally honest with her. Later, Cal and Susan are talking with Diego. Cal gives Diego his blessing and runs off to the bar. Susan quizes Diego on why he didn't tell her that Pilar was his sister when the hospital needed consent on Pilar's operation. Diego tells her that Pilar wanted it that way when she came to town and when he came to her office the day Jessica came in with the court order, he was about to tell her then but didn't end up having to. Susan buys the explaination. Mark and Connor then enter the room. Connor sees that Cal and Susan are there. Mark sees Diego and says out loud to himself: "Umberto, just the man I wanted to see." as he pats the gun in he cumberbun. He asks Connor if she would like to get a Scotch? She's surprised that he's drinking. Mark tells her that it's a special occasion. Mark heads to the bar. Connor runs into Lily. Connor gives Lily her congratulations and was surprised to be invited and surprised to hear that Lily was getting married to Diego. Lily is just as surprised to see her here with Mark. Connor quips that there are surprises all around. Lily excuses herself. Cal and Connor greet each other. Cal then walks off to talk to Lily. Diego talks to Mark at the bar. He thanks him for making it and then tells him how sorry he was to hear about Jones. Mark tells him how they never got to finish their honeymoon. Mark starts to go for the gun in his cumberbun but stops when Connor walks up and congratulates Diego on his engagement. Diego goes to find Lily. Connor asks Mark what's wrong. Margo enters and is greeted by Lily and Diego. Margo says that she needs to go to the ladies room and fix a hook on her dress. Lily understands the meaning and nods. Lily and Diego watch Mike and Lucinda enter together. Lily remarks about how they must not be as disapproving as they seem. Lily excuses herself to the ladies room. Lucinda glares at Diego. In the ladies room, Margo tells Lily that everything is ready. They make sure each other is handling the situation ok. Margo leaves and Lily goes into a bathroom stall to put the wire on. Outside, Diego greets Lucinda and Mike. Diego gets a gold reception from Lucinda, who runs after the champagne. Mike confronts Diego about the reason he hired "some goon" to keep him out of Pilar's room. Diego says that Pilar is still recovering from major surgery. Mike tells him that he think Diego doesn't want him talking to Pilar because some secret might get out. Lucinda comes back over and Diego excuses himself to go visit with other guests.

Holden enters the Falcon Club and asks a waiter where Emma Snyder is. He tells him that if she's a guest at this party then she is out there somewhere. Lily walks by but doesn't see him... he was just a little bit out of her sight. Holden steps behind the decorated trees and watches. Lily and Lucinda chat. Lucinda tells Lily that she didn't come to give her blessing. Lily tells her that maybe she shouldn't have come. Lucinda wnats to know if she really plans on marrying this criminal? Lily says that Diego isn't a criminal. Lucinda tells her: "If he's not a criminal, he's at the least a liar." Lily continues to defend Diego. Mike finds Mark and asks what he's doing here. Mark fumes about Diego to Mike. Mike tries to calm him down. Lucinda continues to badger Lily until Lily runs off to Margo. Lily tells Margo that she's not sure how much longer she can lie to her mother and that she doesn't know if she can do this anymore. Just then Diego walks up and asks what they are talking about. "Wedding plans" they both chime. Margo says that Lily has asked her to be part of the bridal party and she has said yes. Diego is thrilled. He asks if he can borrow his fiance for the first dance. When Mark sees Diego and Lily dancing, he asks Connor if she'd like to dance. Mike runs into Kirk, who happens to be toting a big, beautiful, blue wrapped gift. Mike asks Kirk if he was invited. Kirk laughs and tells him that he isn't invited anywhere anymore. Kirk also tells Mike that he has nothing and it's because of Umberto Malzone and his playmate Diego Santana. Mike grabs Kirk by the arm and tells him that they need to talk. Mike drags Kirk with him to the entryway. Diego thanks everyone for coming and makes a toast to Lily. He then gives her a huge, expensive engagement ring. Lily toasts him as Holden watches from the shadows. Kirk tells Mike he has a present for Diego and gives it to Mike to give to Diego. Kirk stresses that it's for Diego ONLY... not Lily. He says that he'll get even with Diego later and leaves. Mike goes back to the bar and tries to calm Mark. Connor walks up and Mike tells her to keep an eye on his brother. Holden slips out but not before Emma catches a glimpse of him and follows him out. She tells him that she has been waiting for him all night. Holden tells her that he's been there and watched the whole thing. Emma follows Holden outside. They argue about him telling Lily that he's there. Inside, Diego opens Kirk's gift. It's a dead fish. Diego gets spooked and tells Lily he thinks they should get going. Lucinda yells at Lily in front of everyone. It looks as though she's gonna spill the beans about Diego being Umberto... when Mike comes up and heads her off at the pass. Lucinda stomps off. A wired Lily and an unsuspecting Diego make plans to share the evening together at his place and then leave. Margo makes a call to Tom and tells him that she has to go check into some files and that she may be late. Connor asks Mark if he's eaten? Mark says he hasn't and Connor goes to get him a sandwich. Mark asks Mike where Diego is going. Mike tells him that Diego and Lily are headed back to Diego's place. "Can you believe that?" Mike says in frustration and walks off. Mark takes the gun out of his cumberbun and puts it in his pocket. Connor comes back with the sandwich and Mike is sitting there... no Mark. Connor and Mike are worried. Later, Holden and Emma are saying goodbye. He promises to write and Emma walks away. Lucinda walks outside and sees Holden. Lucinda hollers at Holden and runs over to him. "I have never been so glad to see anybody in my life" Lucinda says. Holden looks at her in total surprise.

At Diego's loft, Lily tries to get Diego to open up to her. He tells her they'll talk about his secrets on their wedding day. Diego then pulls out a present. It's a negligee. He tells her he wnats her to go put it on... now. Lily's wire is pressing her in the back.

Friday, January 24, 1997

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