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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, March 24, 1997
by Sage

Holden visits Lily in Jail and tells her that he's not giving up. All he has to do is prove a reasonable doubt. Lily just want's him to be careful and to be out. Holden says he can take her out of there, right now, if she wants. Holden has Lily imagine herself away from there. He has her close her eyes and go somewhere, wherever she wants. She says she wants to be somewhere with Luke. He says she can't, she'll have to settle with him since he is the one here. She starts to imagine.....They have a pleasant time, then the guard interupts their fantasy, just before they kiss in her fantasy. Holden says he better leave before the guard throws him out. Lily tells him that she thinks she knows a way he can find out who attacked him. Everyone who comes into WOAK has to sign in. It's worth a shot they decide. He apologizes for loosing the tape. Holden leaves. Lily is is happy with her new found fantasy world. Holden goes to WOAK and Sally brings him the sign in books. Holden spys a name. This is exactly what I've been looking for he says.

Kirk is slamming down the drinks at the bar at the Mona Lisa when Lisa tells the bartender to keep track and jerks Kirk's key when he's had too much. Mark and Fonnor, (Oops! Connor) walk in. Lisa and Kirk walk over to them. Lisa says, hello, then goes to check on Mark and Connor's table. Connor tells Kirk that she and Mark are engaged. Kirk is happy to finally hear some good news...Connor tells him that she has some bad news too. Mark excuses himself to go check his messages. Connor tells Kirk that EAS is folding. Kirk is baffled. He really gets miffed when he finds out that Lucinda is the one who pulled the plug. He complains about Lucinda ruining everything he touches. Connor suggests that he leave town. Kirk won't... Sam might come back, he says. Kirk tells Connor that Margo's gun is missing and Lucinda thinks Emily found it and shot Diego. He tells her how Lucinda wants to nail Emily for the crime, and how he wants her to help him get her. Connor tells him that Lucinda is filling his mind with a bunch of empty promises, and at Emily's expense. Connor thinks that Kirk should cut his losses and move away, far away. Kirk won't have it. He goes back to the bar. Mark returns from his calls. Connor and Mark talk about wedding plans. Mark says he has to meet her mother some day. She tells him that if the Gods are good, he'll never have to meet Edwina. Cal walks in. Connor tells Mark that Cal should hear about their engagement from her first. Mark agrees and tells her to do that. He wants to see if Sarah has called back and see if she knows about EAS getting shut down by Lucinda. Connor tells Cal about her engagement to Mark. He thinks she just couldn't wait to rub it in his face. She tells him that he can count on her to be his friend. Cal tells Connor that she can count on him to tell her the truth, then he wishes her well. Connor goes back to her table to wait for Mark. David Allen walks in. Kirk greets him at the bar. Kirk asks if he knows about Emily Stewart. David tells him that he is not at liberty to talk about the case, but if Kirk thinks he has any pertainant information that he should take it to Hal. Lisa walks up and tells David it's good to see him out and about. David asks if Lisa if her offer to intruduce him around is still open. When she says yes, he asks to be introduced to Connor. Mark walks up and David is taken aback. He thinks he recogizes Mark and excuses himself fast. Mark finds it odd, but doesn't appear to recognize David. Lisa tells them that David was probably embarrassed to find out that she's engaged. Lisa goes back to the bar and asks the bartender if David stopped off to pay his tab. The bartender tell her he didn't and didn't even look back. Lisa tells him that it's O.K. and to put it on the house. What was that all about she wonders out loud. Kirk listens amused by it all. Outside the Mona Lisa, David stops to catch his breath. "It's him", he says. "The hair is different, but it's definitely him." Inside...Mark and Connor discuss Cal's reaction to the news. Lisa checks on Cal then goes back to the bar and asks if David really left. The bartender says that he tore out of the parking lot when he left. That is so odd, Lisa muses. Kirk listens intently. Later, at his apartment, David frets around mad. "No, no, no!" He repeats over and over, staring out of his window. Later, Kirk uses the bar phone to call Emily. He apologizes to her and asks if they can mend fences. While he talks to her he fiddles back and forth with a cuff link that has the initials "D.S." on it. Emily agrees to meet him and talk later about EAS and other business things. Kirk hangs up and grins as he stares at the cuff link. One of Lisa's people, Tara, has dug up some dirt on David Allen. She tells Lisa that David had a girlfriend who died under mysterious conditions while he was in law school. Later, David is asleep in his apartment when some mystery person breaks in through his window shining a flash light.

Hal is at Margo's house finishing up the search. He tells Margo she's clean and they laugh. Margo goes to get his coat from the closet for him and finds a gun in a baggie, on the coat hanger with Hal's coat. Margo hides the gun. Hal senses something is wrong, but he thinks it's the fact that he just searched her house. She decides to let him think that and he buys it. Hal leaves. Margo grabs the gun and goes outside to the trash can in the back yard and hides it down in the trash. She goes back in the house and pops a couple of her pills. Later, she goes back out to the trash can and digs out the gun. She holds it like she's ready to fire.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997
by Nicolas Stroman

Margo breaks into David apartment, wearing dark clothes and a hat. When David wakes up from the noise, Margo shines a flashlight in his face so he couldn't recognize her. She told him not to move and then pulled a gun from her holster and pointed it at him. She made him face the wall and told him that he was off-track in the Santana murder investigation. She said to leave Lily alone and that someone else could have done it. When David wanted more information from her, she fled. He ran to the window to try to make out who it was, but with no luck.

Hal tells Tom about the second shot theory that Holden had come up with. Tom discounted it and said that Holden could easily be lying in order to protect Lily. Hal reminded Tom that Margo's gun was missing so this could be possible. Hal wanted to pursue the theory by going over the entire case again. He would interview all those at the wedding again and go over the crime scene once more. In order to do this though, the trial would have to be postponed a bit. Tom wasn't sure about this as it was only a theory, but Hal thought it proved a HUGE reasonable doubt. Tom finally agreed that it would be better to push back the trial. Hal promised he would do nothing in his police work that would jeopardize Margo's emotional state. Shortly after Hal had left, David showed up to tell Tom about the break-in at his place. David thought it might have been someone from Lucinda's camp. Before he could continue, Tom interrrupted to berate him for not telling him about Holden's theory. David apologized, thinking that as he was in charge of the case, he didn't always have to report. Tom told him from then on to always tell him everything. (yeah right!) They continued their discussion in the kitchen and immediately after they walked out of the living room, Margo came in the house. Methodically, she put up her coat and took her purse and flashlight upstairs with her. Margo came down later when they had once again came back into the living room. She was now wearing her nightgown and said she had just woke up from the strangest dream. She overheard about David having a prowler and wanted to know more about it, but Tom stopped her, reminding her that she was suspended from the police force. She went to the kitchen to get some tea and David reminded Tom that Margo would be right in the line of fire when the investigation got deeper. Later, Tom and Margo relaxed on the couch in each other's arms. Margo told Tom about the toy gun (toy? what the heck?) that she had found in the closet while Hal was there. She figured it was one of Adam's toys, but she admitted that it still freaked her out. She told Tom that she had thrown it away though. Tom tried to reassure Margo that she was definitely getting better and that she should feel good about her progress. (LOL! Royce, Sybil, are you there?) She felt comfortable and they kissed. While they were embracing, Tom noticed a cut on Margo's hand. He asked her what it was from and she said she had no idea. (cue spooky music)

Emily met with Kirk at the Mona Lisa. He wanted to talk about the two of them making amends. She said OK, but then discovered Kirk's hand going through her purse. She pulled it out and found him holding a cufflink with the initials "D.S." on it. She accused him of trying to frame her. Kirk told her that he had bought it at the mall to put blame on her. Kirk told Emily that he promised Lucinda that he would get her to confess and that in return, Lucinda would get Samantha back for him. Lisa, eavesdropping on their conversation, told Kirk off. She said that he looked pathetic coming into the Mona Lisa every night drowning his sorrows. She said he better get his act together or he might as well leave town. She concluded by saying that Sam would never come back to such a pathetic mess. Now with Lisa out of the conversation, Kirk turned it back to Emily. He wanted to know if Emily had a plan. She told him that with her plan, she would get everything she wanted. Kirk told her of his own deal with Lucinda and that it was exactly the same. Emily was shocked, but she had something that he didn't. The City Times was her insurance on her confession. Kirk doubted the validity of this agreement and told Emily that he knew she was planning to double cross Lucinda. Finally, Kirk wanted to know the low-down. Did Emily do it or not? She wouldn't answer, only saying that if she did, she would never tell him. Plus, Hal was in the room.

Lisa's reporter, Tamara, found out that no one would release any more information on the woman in David Allen's life, Anne Neilson, that had mysteriously died. All of the people she had contacted, including the parents, had said nothing. Lisa tried to butter Hal up when he came in for dinner. She wanted to know how one would get ahold of a person's death records, the newspapers in the town, etc. Hal told her that she could contact the funeral home or the papers because the death was public record. Lisa was pleased and let him have dinner on the house. (Lisa, so sly lately!!) David then came in to talk to Hal and told him about the intruder. David was convinced that the person was connected to the Diego case and, a woman. Later, David called up the Argus anonymously to tell them about his break-in. He told the paper that the person was after him personally, and probably connected to Lucinda.

Holden (Junior P.I.) went to the Hughes house to see Ryder. He forced himself into Ryder's room and told him he wanted answers about the murder. Ryder denied doing anything. Holden called him a liar saying that he knew he was at WOAK the day that Holden was knocked out. He had seen his name on the list of people who had come in and out. Ryder said that he was just on an errand for Kim. Holden heard a noise in the closet and when he opened it, Nikki came out. Nikki nervously stood by Ryder as Holden questioned him. Holden knew Ryder was at the wedding because he saw his bootprint in the evidence room. Nikki explained that was old news since Hal, her father, had cleared Ryder of any wrongdoing. Holden was kind of stunned at her connection to Hal. Bob came up and Nikki hid while he talked to Holden and Ryder. He wanted them to keep the noise down, as Kim was taking a nap. (I'm sure she is awake already, they were all yelling!!) Bob left and Ryder thanked Holden for covering for him. Holden then decided to leave but shows him a list of the people invited to the wedding. He asks Ryder if he saw any of them at WOAK that day? Ryder said no and Holden asked him to call him at Emma's if anything came up. With Holden gone, Nikki and Ryder discussed their current dating situation. Nikki had decided that she didn't care if her dad found out about them and wanted to stop sneaking around. Ryder didn't agree, telling her that he would rather wait until the case is solved and Hal was a little bit calmer. Ryder told her that when the moment was right, he wanted all of her. They kissed and Nikki left. Bob came up and wanted to know what Ryder has been hiding. After some pressuring, Ryder decided to come clean. He told Bob that Holden had come over to talk to him about Diego. So then Ryder had to go into the explanation about that and the scheme that Diego had involved him in. Bob also wanted to know why Nikki wasn't around much anymore. Ryder told him about Hal's forbiddance of them seeing each other. Bob agreed that that was harsh, but encouraged Ryder to try to make an image for himself to impress Hal. He wanted him to enroll at Oakdale University. Ryder said that might work, but he wondered how Nikki would feel. Later, after everyone was gone, Ryder ransacked his room and found the micro-cassette tape under his bed. (just like the one Holden had....Hmmm...) Across town, Hal came home to an upset Nikki. She refused to talk to him and went upstairs. After this blow-up, Hal called the police station and ordered a tail to be put on Margo.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997
by Nicolas Stroman

Margo woke up in a great mood and fixed breakfast for her and Tom. While they were discussing her progress, Holden knocked at the door. He needed Tom's help. Margo left the room as she knew they would be talking about the investigation. Holden wanted to talk about the tape that he had found that proved the second shot theory. Tom told Holden that it was all speculation and accusations unless someone else had heard the tape. Tom reminded him that what he did was against the law. But Holden made the point that Lily wasn't the only one with a gun at the wedding. This was a known fact. Tom immediately said that Mark had one there, but he had been cleared. Holden told Tom that he was referring to Margo. Tom warned Holden not to accuse Margo of anything as long as he was in his house. Holden apologized for sounding that way, but he knew about Margo's PTS and the fact that she had episodes. Tom wanted to know if this meant Holden thought that Margo had been the one who had knocked him out and broke into David's apartment also. Holden told Tom that he was just trying to free Lily, but Tom said that he had no proof to do so. Tom also threatened to press charges against Holden too if he kept up the amateur detective work. Tom apologized to Holden for being so argumentative, but the case was just stressing him out. Holden pleaded with Tom to keep him out of jail so he could continue to help Lily. Tom wouldn't agree as Holden had broken the law. Frustrated, Holden left. When he arrived back at the farm, a processor was there to present him with a summons for Holden to appear in court that afternoon for charges of obstructing justince and grand larceny.

Margo came back in the living room wondering what they had just talked about. Tom said that if he told her, it would be interfering with the doctor's orders for Margo to relax. Margo tried to convince Tom that she felt better, but was only worried about Lily. She wanted Tom to get everything out in the open before they decided to drop the conversation. Margo was afraid that Tom wasn't telling her when he felt stressed. Margo knew he was tired and having to play both mother and father to the kids. Tom said that he was fine, but Margo knew that her PTS was putting a strain on their marriage. Tom said that they could take on anything together, just as they have done before. Tom knew that they shouldn't give up and they should always communicate. Margo went into the kitchen to make some new coffee for them and as Tom stood there, a shadow appeared in the window. Tom saw the shadow and went to investigate. He went outside, pulled back the bushes, and screamed "Who the hell are you?!." (LOL, alot funnier when you see it!!)

Lily tried to avoid Kit, who wouldn't leave her alone. When she made an excuse of writing a letter to Luke, she walked over to talk with Molly. She wanted to know why she had left her the note about Kit. Molly told Lily that Kit was a serial killer and that if she didn't watch her back, Lily would end up like the rest. Lily wanted to know all about Kit's history. Molly told her that Kit always had a secret agenda and she was probably setting her up. Molly also told her that Kit didn't really have a son. The picture she had shown Lily was of her cellmate's son. Kit had made up the story about how she got in jail too. The scenario about the convenience store was what actually happened to Molly. Lily told Molly that she wanted to go to Kit and get answers, but Molly warned her that she was dangerous. Lily appreciated Molly's help, but Molly told Lily that she didn't want to be her new best friend. When Molly got up, she dropped some papers. Lily picked some up and noticed that Molly was writing a romance novel. Molly told her it was none of her business and walked away. Molly talked to a prison guard about meeting with her attorney, but apparently he hadn't shown up. Lily overheard and wanted to help her, but Molly refused. Lily thanked her for the information about Kit because she had confirmed it with the cellmate. Later, Molly overheard Kit on the phone. She was talking to someone about Lily. Kit assured the person on the phone that she would get information on Lily soon.

Molly phoned her attorney's office because he still hadn't shown up. Kit overheard and taunted Molly after she got off the phone. When they went back into the day room, Molly noticed her papers were gone. Kit picked up the trash can and showed her that the papers were torn up. Molly started to cry about her destroyed book. Kit grabbed Molly by the collar and told her to stay away from Lily. Molly fell to the floor trying to piece the papers back together. Lily came in the room and asked what was wrong, but Molly screamed at her to get away. Lily refused and instead got some scotch tape to try to put the papers back together. Lily read a portion of it and told Molly that what she had wrote was beautiful. Lily explained that her grandmother, Emma, was a romance novelist once and had a best-seller. Molly was visibily impressed and thanked Lily for her help. Then Molly told Lily about what she had heard Kit say on the phone. Lily wanted answers, but Molly had better than that. She had the phone number which she had lifted from Kit's back pocket. (Cool! Like this girl!) Lily called and was shocked to find that it was David Allen's office.

Ryder stopped by the boathouse to see Nikki. When he walked in, he noticed that Nikki had decorated the walls and had flowers around. When Ryder asked her what was going on, she explained that she was going to paint the walls, move in a couch and a bed, and live there. She wanted Ryder to live there with her. Ryder tried to tell Nikki that there was no way that they could move in together now. Her dad would have a fit and everyone would come looking for them. He just wanted her to have patience. Nikki didn't care since she loved Ryder and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. (Hel-lo?! Cue "Puppy Love."..) Ryder told Nikki that neither one of them was ready to make a commitment like that. While he admitted that he loved her too, she needed a reality check. Nikki was shocked that Ryder had such little faith in her and their relationship. Ryder wanted her to calm down and realize that Hal would eventually accept him and they could be together. Nikki wanted to know if he would meet her at the boathouse later that night if she snuck out. He agreed to do that.

Emily came to WorldWide for Lucinda to sign the contract to give Emily the City Times. Lucinda first wanted Emily to confess, but Emily would only do so if Lily was about to be found guilty. Lucinda first wanted a reason why she should trust her. Emily offered the proof by pulling a gun from her jacket and pointing it at Lucinda. She claimed that this was the murder weapon. Lucy tried to call security, but Emily made her back away from the desk. If she tried to interfere, Emily would make sure that Lucy never saw the gun again. Emily then told her that if she didn't sign the contract now, she would shoot her like she shot Diego. Kirk walked in the middle of their exchange and Emily turned around to point the gun at him also. Kirk wanted Emily to give up the gun and calm down. Emily said she would as soon as Lucy signed the contract and gave it to her. Lucy agreed finally and signed. Emily grabbed the signed contract and told her that not one word better be changed. Lucy then stressed to Emily to confess everything to the police. Emily refused. With that, Kirk jumped for the gun and wrestled it away from her. Emily fled with the contract and Kirk went running after her. Lucy said to just forget her because they had the murder weapon. Kirk wouldn't give it to her though unless she could get him some stuff. Most importantly, he wanted Sam back in Oakdale. With that to weigh on her mind, Kirk left. Lucinda called security. Later, she called Sam and left a message for her to return to Oakdale immediately for Lily's sake. Across town, Emily gleefully went over her contract in a restaurant. Kirk showed up and laid the gun on the table. He congratulated her on her performance with Lucy. Emily thanked him for providing the gun, which was a starter pistol that he had gotten from someone at the gym. They laughed at pulling one on Lucy and shook hands. (But when she finds out kiddoes, hell to pay!!)

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