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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, April 7, 1997
by Sage

Lily and Holden talk about their future and trying to take off while Susan runs keeps Lily's guard busy in the hospital. Lily tells Holden that she can't do it, it's not fare to him, that she'd couldn't stand it if she ended up hurting him again. Holden want to know why she thinks she would hurt him. Susan and the guard walk back in and Radiology is ready to see Lily. Susan asks "Dr. Collin" (Holden) if he'll wait to look at the films when they come back. Holden agrees to do so. He's still confused by Lily's words. Lily's x-rays come back showing no broken bones, just a sprain. Holden (a.k.a "Dr. Collin") wraps the wrist for her. She tells Holden that she hopes she'll see him soon. The guard takes her away. Jack, dressed as an orderly, watches Lily get lead away with her hands cuffed behind her back. (If she sprained her wrist..why would the guard cuff her hands behind her back?)

In another part of the hospital Emily comes to check on Margo. Margo asks Emily to help her remember if there was anything she said that would help her figure out what she was doing with the perfume. Emily thinks to herself. Emily flashes back and recalls Margo saying that if she could find the fragrance she could find the killer. Emily tells Margo that she didn't say anything when she was having her PTS spell. Margo then pulls out Emily's Paper, The City Times and asks her she didn't have her, Margo, on the front page with the list of suspects when she had some really ridiculous ones on there. Emily tells Margo that she's not on there because she knows that Margo didn't do it. Margo asks Emily how she know that. Emily dances around the issue, telling her that she just knows the kind of person she is and she knows that she could never do such a thing. How do you know, Margo asks. Did you see what I did, were you watching me? Margo wants to know. Margo starts raving about all of her recent strange behavior. Emily tells Margo that she has to do what she has done and forget about Diego. Margo tells Emily that she keeps Diego alive everyday on her front page of the paper. Emily tells her that she dances on his bones everyday on that front page. He boosts her sales and that's the least Diego owes her. Emily tries to tell Margo that she need to go on a vacation with her family away from all of this. Emily leaves. Margo gets on the phone and asks for Alderman's Department Store. Susan catches her daughter, Emily, in the hallway in front of Margo's room at the hospital and confronts her about her personal hit list on the front of the City Times. Susan is especially upset about Cal being on there. Emily tells Susan that she just put that stuff in there to light a fire under the cops and to boost circulation. Emily tells Susan that she loves the paper. Susan asks her if she's going to still be happy when putting that stuff in the paper doesn't make her anger go away. It's all gonna come crashing down on you, Susan says, and you are gonna have to face what happened to you. Do you know what you'll do then? Emily stomps off. Margo, dressed in street clothes, slips out unnoticed. Emily gets back to her office to find David waiting for her. David asks her if she's trying to make him look bad in her paper. Emily tells him that she offered to interview him and he turned her down. He tells Emily that's why he is there, to give her the interview. Emily tells him that she thinks he's scared...that he must have doubts about who he is procecuting or he wouldn't be there. David tells her that he can't comment on the case or the evidence. He asks her why she wasn't on the list. David tells her that there is a guy at the hospital that thinks she should have been brought in for the shooting. That this "guy" also claims that Emily is probably the one who bumped him on the head. KIRK!! Emily shouts. How'd you know that, David wants to know. Because he's a slime ball and would love to pin this on me, she tells him. David asks her about some of the other people on her list and then he asks her about Mark Kasnoff. Diego killed his wife, Emily says. David asks her to tell him more about that, and she does. She then tells David that they were only married for about two weeks when it happened. Your kidding, that soon...he says. Emily has to step out of the office for a second, but tells David that she will be right back. David tells her that he'll wait right there. He picks up the paper and stares at Mark Kasnoffs picture. "What a busy man you are," he says. "That's two women who have fallen in love with you and never had the chance to enjoy it." "It's either really bad luck....or something alot worse." David says out loud to himself.

Mark and Connor are on a rooftop talking about what will happen in their life. Mark tells her the answers are in the stars and that he can tell her what their relationship has in store for them the same way he could chart the weather while he was out to sea, by the stars. Connor is worried that the stars won't be in their favor and does't want to know. Mark says he has to know and tells her that she was right, they are going to live happily ever after. Mark has a picnic basket full of candles and wine, Connor is delighted. They enjoy a romantic evening on the roof.

Holden and Emma talk about his visit with Lily in the hospital. Holden says that Lily is fine, just has a sprain. He tells his mother that he got to spend sometime alone with Lily for the first time since he's been home. But she's made it clear that she doesn't want him and he shouldn't have came back home. Holden thinks that Lily is just trying to let him down easy. Emma trys to convince him differently. She tells him that she knows what is in Lily's heart and that she is overwhelmed at the moment and once she has a chance to breathe she'll be back to normal. Emma then tells Holden about the photos hid under Lily's mattress upstair in the house. They are all of her and Holden. Holden feels a bit better. Holden goes upstairs to Lily's room to look at the pictures and finds an intruder. The intruder bails out the window. Holden strains to see who it was.

Molly and Lily talk about what Lily did to help Molly. They talk about the main guys in their lives, past and present. They talk for quite a while. Molly tells Lily about a guy who was a few years older than her, that was her first love that she has never been able to get out of her head. The only reason they parted was because her family moved away. Molly tells Lily that is why she came back to Oakdale... so she could look him up. Lily thinks that it is wonderful that she came back to look up the old love and finds it interesting that she was originally from Oakdale. Molly asks Lily more about her guy that she is obviously crazy about that comes to visit her. She tells her that Holden has always been there for her. "Who????", "Holden!?!?!."... Did you say "Holden"? Molly asks.

Margo gets a flat tire and is dragging the stuff out of the trunk to fix it and comes across a gun. "It's the gun that killed Diego", she says.

Tuesday, April 8, 1997
by Nicolas Stroman

Molly asked Lily to repeat the name of her guy and Lily said Holden again. When Molly asked her what his last name was, Lily said Snyder. Molly was shocked and her eyes started to fill with tears. Molly tried to push Lily to say that she was in love with Holden, but Lily was uneasy about her feelings. Lily didn't know what to think about love or romance with her being in jail. Molly didn't buy it. She told Lily that she would be out of that jail fast because of her connections building up a reasonable doubt case for her. Plus, Holden came to see her every day. It was obvious that he cared for her. Lily finally admitted that although she had strong feelings for Holden, she had no idea what the future held for them. Molly wanted to know if they were going to reunite after she got out and Lily wouldn't answer. She wanted to know why Molly would be so interested in a guy that she didn't know. Molly only said that "old love dies hard." (Hmmm...) Later, Lily wanted to know what Molly was writing, but Molly hid it from her. Lily tried to convince her that she could be published, but Molly dismissed her comments. Molly told Lily that she would forget about her when she got out of jail. She wouldn't remember some "jailbird", but would rather go back to her rich friends and her "loverboy" Holden. Lily was confused and wanted to know what she did to deserve her harsh treatment. She thought that she had been a good friend to Molly. Molly told her that she had, but she couldn't talk about her problem. Lily wanted to see what she was writing. Molly told her that she was writing a letter to the public defender to get herself a new lawyer and that she wanted to do it alone. Lily agreed to leave her alone and let her finish. After Lily walked away, Molly pulled out the paper and she had scribbled Holden't name all over the pad. A prison guard came to tell Lily ("her majesty") that Holden was there to see her. Molly watched as she walked out of the day room and wasn't pleased.

In Lily's bedroom at the farm, Holden caught Jack going through Lily's things. Holden ran after Jack (not knowing it was Jack though) and called out "Who are you?!" as he jumped through the window and ran away. Holden darted downstairs to try to catch him. Emma came upstairs after Holden told her what had happened. He told her that the intruder was long gone now because he had seen him pull out of the dirt road behind the smoke house. But Emma wondered how someone would know about that secret road. Holden guessed the guy was a pro and knew about the road and that Luke wouldn't be home. He told Emma to go over Lily's room to check and see if anything was missing. Sometime later, Hal arrived at the farm to see what the intruder had done to Lily's room, but didn't find anything that was suspicious. Holden told him that he didn't see the guy's face, but he saw a scar on his right wrist. Hal asked about license plates, but Holden said that the lights were smashed out above the plates so he couldn't see them. Hal said it must be a pro. Emma also told Hal that it didn't seem like anything was missing from the room. Holden believed that the guy might have been the same one who had knocked him out at WOAK and stole the tape or possibly even the killer. Hal told him that was far-fetched, but with the way the case was going, anything was possible. At this point, Hal got an urgent phone call and left. Holden went to the jail to see Lily and told her about the break-in at the farm. Lily was confused because she didn't understand how or why someone would want something from her room. She was concerned though because Emma and Luke were in danger. Lily asked Holden what he thought the reason for the intruder was and Holden told her he was convinced that it had to do with the murder. While they were talking, Molly mopped up around the visiting room in order to sneak a peek at the two of them. Holden told Lily that he knew the intruder was after something specific because of the way he acted. Lily asked if he had a good look at him and Holden told her that the only thing he noticed was a scar above his right wrist. Lily was upset because of the extent that her situation wsa reaching, but Holden convinced her that all the crazy things that had happened were good for Lily's case because she had been in prison at the time of the events. The time came when Holden and Lily had to say goodbye again. She told him to take care of Luke and he promised that she would get out soon to see him. When Holden came out, Molly studied him intently wanting to say something, but never did.

Margo once again looked at the gun in her trunk. She picked it up and said that it had to be the gun that shot Diego. She shook loose the chamber and noticed that one cartridge was missing. " I've found the murder weapon," she exclaimed. Margo put the gun in plastic and threw it in her glove compartment. She talked to herself wondering where the gun had come from. She tried to convince herself that she wasn't crazy. As she cried out for an answer, she rested her head on the steering wheel. Suddenly, she popped back up with eyes glazed. She took the gun back out of the compartment and set it in the passenger seat. She started the car up and took off, obviously in a fugue state. Margo went to her house and tried the door. When she realized that it was locked, she took the key from the plant. With the gun in her hands, she let herself into the house. After she went inside, Jack appeared and spied her through the window. Later, as Margo was driving somewhere, the lights and sirens of a police car appeared behind her. She woke up from her fugue and didn't even know what she was doing. She didn't remember driving and had no idea why the police were behind her.

Kirk had dinner at the Mona Lisa with Stanley from the RoseCo Company. Stanley was interested in giving Kirk the CEO position for their branch in Oakdale. Kirk was very excited at the prospect of a new job. Stanley said that he was very impressed with Kirk's resume and would be talking to his former employers. Kirk told him to beware of Lucinda Walsh since she had it in for him because of his breakup with Samantha. Stanley understood and told Kirk that it didn't matter. His credentials spoke for themselves and he felt that Kirk was perfect RoseCo material. They toasted to the company. Just at that moment, Emily came in screaming at Kirk. She was hurling insults left and right about how Kirk had betrayed her by talking to David and Hal. Kirk took her aside and warned her to keep her voice down. Kirk felt like she had got what she deserved and that she should consider what she is printing in her paper before worrying about enemies. Emily swore that she had nothing to do with Kirk getting knocked out or shooting Diego and that Kirk wouldn't blame them on her. Kirk told her he didn't care and dismissed her as he was right in the middle of a job interview. As far as he was concerned, they were even. "Like hell we are!," Emily whispered to herself as Kirk walked away. Kirk told Stanley that Emily and him used to be involved and that she was bitter over their breakup. She would always pull crazy stunts like this. Stanley believed Kirk's lie and told him that success at RoseCo would be the best revenge. He gave Kirk a ballpark figure at what his salary would be at RoseCo and Kirk was very happy. Emily interrupted them again, but this time armed with the City Times with Kirk's picture on the front with the rest of the murder suspects. Stanley was disturbed at this information. Kirk tried to tell him that Emily was just vindictive. Stanley didn't care for his explanations though and told the begging Kirk that he would be in touch. As Stanley stormed out, Emily told Kirk that now they were finally even. Kirk told her that she didn't scare him and that with his leverage with Lucinda, the paper would be out of her hands soon. Kirk told her that was his mission if it was the last thing he ever did. Emily warned him that if he even tried, it WOULD be the last thing he did. Moments later, Kirk came out of the Mona Lisa onto the parking deck and was almost run over by Emily in her car. "Really Kirk, you should be more careful!!" Emily gleefully shouted as Kirk watched in horror.

Tom stopped by to see Margo only to find her gone. The nurse told him that it was common for Margo to get restless and go for walks around the hospital. She told him to try the solarium. Tom was visibly upset and ran out of the room. He later returned with John and had a fit when he opened up Margo's hospital closet and found that her clothes were gone. John wanted him to calm down, telling him that Margo was probably fine. Tom didn't want to be reasonable though. He blamed the nurses for not watching her and said that they both had no idea what she could be doing or where she was at. It reminded him of the time when the plane crashed. Tom came back from the parking lot and told John that the car was gone. Margo could be anywhere. John was concerned and felt guilty because he hadn't administered enough care to Margo. Tom told John it was nothing compared to having to watch Margo walk around possessed and slipping away from him every minute. Tom wanted to know what the rest of his life was going to be like. "I want my wife back." Tom realized that he needs to call Hal to find Margo. Tom came back into the room worried that Margo was lost somewhere. At that moment, Margo walked in with two police officers. They had recognized her car and noticed she was going 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. She had also run some red lights. Tom wanted to know where she had been and Margo explained that she was headed to Alderman's to talk to the owner about the incident with the perfume. She went on with her story and told them about the flat tire and finding the gun in the trunk. Tom asked her if she was sure since she could be hallucinating because of the drugs. Margo told him that it was real, but the gun wasn't hers. It was a .38 though and she believed it was the one that shot Diego. Tom asked her what she had done with it and she told him that she was headed to the police station to take it in, but now it's gone. She can't remember. Hal soon arrived and questioned Margo about what she remembered. Margo told him that she looked at the gun, held it, bagged it, and put in the passenger's seat. The next thing she remembered was the patrolmen coming and the gun was gone. John told her that she must have been in a blackout during the lost time. Hal said that when they stopped her, she was headed south which would have been away from the police station. Tom thought that rest would possibly help clear her head so Margo laid down. While she was sleeping, John, Hal and Tom talked about the possibilities of what Margo may have done. John thought that the gun was planted in order to frame her. Tom still thought that she imagined it all and John said that easily could've happened with the medicine she was on. But Hal thought that the gun was real, it was hers, she put it there, and she was blocking out the fact that she killed Diego. Later after Hal left, John told Tom there was no way that Margo could've committed murder. Tom said that he didn't want to believe it, but Margo wasn't herself while in fugues. Across town, Jack uses a credit card to break into Margo and Tom's house.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997
by Nicolas Stroman

Connor was surprised to find David in the treehouse. She wondered why in the world he would there, but he explained that it was just work for the city. He wondered about how long the treehouse had been there and Connor told him that Mark had built it for them a year ago. She asked David if what he was doing there had to do with Mark and he told her no. He was assigned by the planning commission to look over the lot to possibly build a storage faciltity there to hold court records and official documents. Therefore, the treehouse would have to be torn down. Connor was devastated and wanted to know if this was David's idea. He denied any involvement. After all, he had no idea that the place was theirs. (uh-huh) David then questioned her about how her and Mark had gotten involved. She had said that it was built for them a year ago, but they she was married to Cal at the time and Mark went on to marry Jones. Connor said that this was a long story which she didn't want to explain. Connor started to leave to go tell Mark about the city's plans, but David stopped her. Maybe he could try to make a recommendation to the commission. He then took out his phone and faked a call to his own answering machine. He acted like he was talking to one of the head guys and told them to stop the destruction plans. He got off the phone and Connor (dumbly, what's new?) thanked him for his efforts. She also thanked him for his efforts to keep Mike from being extradited. David said that he knew Mike was a good guy, but he did wonder if Mark had heard from him lately. He also asked about how Pilar was doing. Connor was clueless on both counts. She questioned him about why he was suddenly acting so human. He told her that it was the case and the realization that Mark and Connor had a special relationship. He was envious. Connor told him that he was finally beginning to act better and agreed to give him a second chance. David placed another fake call to the mysterious "higher-ups" and gave Connor the news that the "project" had been put on hold. She was thrilled and shook his hand. She told him that from then on, the two of them would have a fresh start. She would set the rest of Oakdale straight too. Connor decided to go back down to the ground then. As her and David stepped down through the door in the treehouse, the infamous bells rang. David grabbed them on his way down so they would stop.

Nikki went to the boathouse and listened to Ryder's tape again. Ryder showed up soon after and asked Nikki what was wrong. She told him that she was afraid he wouldn't show and they kissed. Ryder still wanted to know why she was so upset and she told him that it was her dad. Hal had been coming home in the wee hours of the morning and all he ever talked about was the murder investigation. Ryder told her that she needed to hang in there. Soon she would be graduating and turning 18. Nikki didn't care and wanted to run away to South Beach, FL. Ryder tried to tell Nikki that Hal would never approve and they should just lay low for awhile. He reminded her that Adam was her brother and she went through alot for him to just abandon him. Nikki said that Adam had plenty of family with him. Ryder explained that while he did love her very much, runnning away was not the answer. She started crying. She didn't feel that anyone understood her. She hated school and had no close friends besides Dani, who had moved. Her father would never understand the love between her and Ryder. It was the only thing that mattered to her anymore. Nikki had big dreams for them in Florida like jobs and living on the beach. (Shades of Mike and Ro?) Nikki felt that this was their opportunity to realize their dreams together. After all, Ryder had originally wanted to go to South Beach when he came to Oakdale. Ryder asked Nikki if she was absolutely sure of everything. She said yes and he told her that they would go to South Beach.

Lisa came by to see Bob and Kim. She wanted to welcome them home from their trip. She absolutely loved the idea that they had such a romantic weekend. Kim seemed uncomfortable with that remark and walked away. Bob said it was time for him to go to work and said goodbye to the two of them. As soon as he was gone, Lisa asked Kim what was really wrong wtih her. Kim said it was nothing, but Lisa wouldn't back down. Kim admitted that not every trip can be perfect and magical. Lisa disagreed and was still concerned. Kim got upset and leaned over the table and started to cry. Kim was hoping for a special trip, but was afraid to make love to Bob. She thought her heart would stop and she would die. She knew this sounded crazy, but she just felt like her body wasn't hers anymore. Plus, she had a scar from the surgery that she was ashamed of. Lisa told her that none of that mattered to Bob. He knew what kind of special woman she was. Kim knew that Bob had been very patient, but she was terrified of his touch. She thought that she was hurting Bob with her anxiety and that this would eventually hurt her marriage. Kim thanked Lisa for her advice, but her life was just so different now. Lisa assured her that all of her problems would only make the marriage stronger.

Tom had a nightmare about Margo pulling her gun at the wedding and shooting Diego. Margo woke up from Tom's scream and wanted to know if she had got up during the night and done something. He assured her that she had been fine and that the medication seemed to be working. Margo still worried, feeling that she had done enough damage to the people of Oakdale. Tom said there was no reason to be concerned. It all could have been a coincidence. Hal interrupted them to talk with Tom. He told him that there was no luck in the search for the gun. Hal thought that maybe Margo had hid it somewhere, but Tom (or as I call him lately, DUH!) didn't understand why she would have. Hal said that anything was possible with Margo's irrational behavior. What really concerned Hal was the fact that Margo could easily go back into the blackout, find the loaded .38 and go crazy. Tom thought that it was possible that Margo could've shot Diego, but she certainly wasn't a danger to anyone else. Hal still wanted to search Margo's room for the gun. Margo came out of her room and asked if the gun had found. When she found out it hadn't, she insisted for Hal to search her room. And if he didn't find it, she thought she should be locked up. While Hal went into the room, Tom tried to convince Margo that the gun could've been her imagination. Margo insisted it was real and that she hid it. But she knew it wasn't her gun. She urged Tom to get her help before she hurt anyone else in her blackouts. Couldn't go home and subject the boys to her behavior. "What if I go into a blackout and don't come out!?" She wanted to commit herself and Tom reluctanly agreed to call Dr. Michaels and arrange it. Hal came out of the room and told the two of them that he didn't find anything. In the meantime, Tom set up a locked room in the psychiatric ward for Margo. She told Hal to find the murderer, even if it was her. They hugged goodbye. Later, Margo got to her room. She told Tom to take care of himself and the boys and pleaded with Tom to not tell the boys the truth. He told her he'd be back later on. They kissed and she proceeded to go into the room. The nurse informed her that people would be in regularly for meals and medication. She then shut the door and locked it. Margo looked at the door and at all the walls. She got scared and got on the bed and crawled into a ball as she looked at her new surroundings.

Susan joined Bob for coffee at the hospital and asked him about Kim. Susan was amazed at how well she had been looking. Was everything back to normal again. Bob, with obvious hesistation, told Susan that Kim was practically her old self again. Bob then questioned Susan about Cal. She told him that she hadn't seen much of him since Lily's ordeal. She was also busy with Emily and Alison so it was no big deal. She was worried about Emily though. Feared she would crash soon. Bob asked her if she was happy with Cal and she told him that although Cal was great, she felt her last true chance at love was with Larry. With him, she felt lucky and now he was gone so her luck had run out.

Thursday, April 10, 1997
by Sage

Emily and her Jimmy (Olsen) of the City Times are discussing ways to boost the circulation of the paper with the aid of more sensational-ism, when Holden busts into her office with the gripe that she left a major suspect off of her hit list... Emily herself. Holden tells Emily that he trusted her, and she put his mother, Emma on the list of suspects. How could that possibly help Lily, he demands. It didn't, Emily says and adds that she'll take his name off the list immediately. Emily has Jimmy take Emma's name and Picture out of the story, for good. Emily then tells Holden that Kirk tried to slip some "DS" cuff links into her purse. Emily tells Holden that Kirk is probably the best one for a suspect. Holden doesn't buy it. Kirk a killer. The person who did this was more than likely a cop. The other missing person on your list of suspects, Margo. Emily tells Holden there is no way Margo could have done it. It would boost circulation almost double to have an Oakdale Police officer on the list of suspects. Emily tells him that she has a heart and won't put Margo through more because of Diego. That she's paid enough. Why are you protecting Margo? Holden demands. Margo is in the Psych ward now, Emily states. When did that happen Holden asks? It doesn't matter, just leave her alone. Holden tells Emily that he'll follow the clues where ever they lead him and he won't give up. Holden leaves and Emily looks worried.

Tom is going through some of Margo things. A knock at the door, he answers and it's his mother, Lisa. Tom tells his mother that he and a lot of his buddies went through this when they were in Nam. I was even able to help some of them through it. Why can't I help Margo. Lisa tries to comfort him. She tells him that he is helping her to heal. "Is she gonna heal?" Tom asks. He wonders if Margo will ever be able to come home again, where she belongs. Lisa asks him if he needs anything. He says he needs to be alone for a while. Lisa tells him to give Margo her love when he sees her next, and Lisa leaves. Tom tries to straighten things up around the house. He finds Margo's baseball cap, puts it on, plays their favorite song and remembers the good times with Margo. Tom hangs his head.

Lily finds Molly in the breakroom and Molly gives her the cold shoulder. Lily asks Molly what has she done to upset her. Molly tells her to leave her alone. Lily thinks it's just because she has no one to help her get out. "Conlan, You got a visitor." The guard yells. "Me?" Molly says. "Yeah, get a move on", the guard responds. Jessica is waiting on Molly in the visitors room. "I don't know her." Molly states. Jessica then explains that she is taking over her case because her public defender was less than enthusicatic about her case. Molly wants to know what the angle is. Jessica tells her some stuff about her case and some other personal information. Molly realizes that there is no way Jessica found out that from a file. Molly puts two and two together and figures out that Jessica is Lily's lawyer and Lily sent her. I'm here to help you, if you'll let me. Lily is trying to help you and so am I, Jessica tells Molly. Molly won't hear it. Lily and I will never be friends, Molly states. Molly yells for the guard, and leaves. Back at the breakroom Lily is writing Luke a letter in response to a letter from him and Emma. Molly barges in and tells Lily to leave her alone, and stay out of her life. Molly tells her that she wouldn't even be talking to her if she weren't stuck in prison with her. The guard tells Lily that her boyfriend is her. Molly tells Lily her boyfriend is waiting and turns her back on Lily. Lily reluctantly leaves to see Holden. Lily tells Holden about the card she made for Luke and Holden tells her that he'll deliver it for her. Holden then tells Lily that Margo is in the Psych ward. Lily is stunned. Back at the breakroom Molly is writing in her diary about how she wishes she'd never came back to Oakdale to look up Holden. Because now it feels like that someday with Holden is gone. Lily and Holden, in the visitors room discuss the possibility of Margo being the shooter. Lily tells Holden that Margo is a good person and that there is no way that Margo would let her rot in jail. Holden tells her that, maybe, Margo doesn't know she did it, but with the special therapy...maybe she'll find out.

John comes to visit Margo in her padded room, but she's been given a light sedative and is sleeping, so he leaves. John goes to his new appartment and sneaks up on Barbara, who is unaware of his presence. She jumps. He asks her what she's doing here in his new place and she tells him she thought she'd be gone before he got back, that she brought food and filled the refrigerator for him. You should have called me first, he says. Barbara apologizes. John tells her that he's sorry and please don't go. John ate everything in site. Thank you for the food, thank you for staying here. I didn't want to be alone. What's the matter, Barbara asks. I've got a lot on my mind. Margo was admitted to the "Psych" ward at the hospital today. Barbara comforts John as he tries to blame himself for not being able help. Barbra tells John that he just needs to let Margo know that he loves her and is there for her, and let her deal with things in her own way in her own time. John tells Barbara that she has helped him more than she'll ever know. Barbra tells John to go be with Margo and she'll unpack for him. John finally agrees to do so, thanks her and leaves.

Margo thinks she hears Tom and "wakes up" to find another one of her standing in her room. Margo asks the Other Margo if she's her other self. "It's still my case damn it", says the Other Margo. This is just a result of the medication Margo keeps telling herself. The Other Margo is going through the motions of "the wedding." You were there Margo says. "Someone has to stop this maddness", the Other Margo says and pulls a gun out of her holster. "NO" Margo yells. "You couldn't kill anyone in cold blood." The Other Margo lower the gun on her. The gun disappears. "Where is it?" The Other Margo yells. The Other Margo goes through a list of suspects...Was it you Emily, or you Kirk....or was it YOU!, she says and points directly at Margo. I dont' remember if I took the gun, Margo tells the Other Margo. The gun misteriously appears in the Other Margo's hand. Where did that come from Margo asks. "It doesn't matter, I have to hide it, for Lily's sake." The Other Margo says. "No, you can't. You have to give it to me," Margo says. The Margo's wrestle with the gun and it goes off hitting Margo. Margo lies alone on the cold floor in an empty room. Margo awakens and thanks God that it's over. "It's not over", the Other Margo states. "What do you mean" Margo wants to know. "It's not over 'til you find the gun." Says the Other Margo. "You know who fired that gun", the Other Margo says. "Where did you hide the gun?" Margo asks. "Follow me and find out", says the Other Margo as she disappears into the door. Margo snaps out of her vision. "I know what I have to do", Margo says.

Friday, April 11, 1997

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