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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, August 11, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

Kirk was talking to someone on the phone, saying that he wanted all of Lucinda's personal items out of her office by noon. He said that he was the CEO, president, and majority shareholder of WorldWide. Samantha entered and told him that she knew David Allen was really the one who owned the shares. He tried to call David and left a message. Just then, David walked in. Kirk said that he'd thought they had an agreement to not tell anyone about the shares. David said that had been when there was a conflict of interest.

David said that he was going to take the shares back. Kirk said David couldn't do that. David said the arrangement had been temporary. Kirk said that he'd understood that David was going to get all the charges against him dropped. David said he was working on it. Kirk replied that he was going to hang on to all the shares until that happened.

Emily walked in and asks Kirk who he thought he was talking to. "You can't bargain with the D.A. like that," she said. As they were arguing, Sam called Lucinda and asked to meet her in the office at the club. "There's something here you don't want to miss," Sam said. They watched the argument on the monitor. Kirk said there was no paperwork showing that David had bought the shares. He threatened to go the Argus and expose David. Emily told David that they would find a way to get the shares back.

Lucinda walked in and talked to Kirk. She told him that he would be very busy at WorldWide and wouldn't have time to be at the club and help Sam. Lucinda said that Sam might have changed her mind about the divorce. He said he had an idea about the shares that should make the whole family happy. Sam entered, and he held a family meeting. He wanted to make Lucinda his chief operating officer. Her answer -- "When do I start?" He told her that at WorldWide, she needed to call him Mr. Anderson.

Lily picked up the phone and talked to someone about Molly, who hadn't shown up for work. Lily said Molly had most likely overslept. As she was going to check, the doorbell rang. It was Damian. He was there to say goodbye. Lily called for Molly but decided she was not there.

Damian asked Lily to tell Holden that he regretted what he had done. When he had seen Holden with her and Luke on the videotape, he had been very angry. He said he had since realized that Holden was very good for Luke. It made it easier for Damian to leave his son, knowing that Holden was there with them. Lily got Luke and told him that his Daddy was leaving.

Damian gave Luke a medallion to wear and said that he wanted Luke to listen to his mama and Holden. Damian gave Lily the address and phone number where he could be reached. Lily gave Damian a drawing Luke had made. Lily said she had something to tell him. She admitted that she still had feelings for him. She said she cared about him and always would, but she belonged with Holden. Damian left with Father Julian. At the monastery, he told Father Julian that it felt right being there again.

Jack saw the note Holden had written to him, saying that Holden and Molly were headed to Chicago to find their daughter. Cal arrived to pick up toys for Luke, since Luke would be staying with him while Lily and Holden were on their honeymoon. Jack told Cal that Lily had remarried Damian the night before. Holden had seen them at the church in front of a priest. Cal insisted that it didn't make any sense.

Lily and Luke walked in and asked why no one had answered the phone the night before. She had finally changed out of her black dress. She was amazed that they thought she had remarried Damian. She admitted that they had been at the church and that Damian had wanted them to be remarried, but "I love Holden, and I told Damian that." Jack told her where Holden was. She insisted that she was going to Chicago; Jack went with her.

Molly woke up in a hotel and looked at her baby's picture while daydreaming that Holden was telling her he loved her. Holden was in another room, daydreaming that Damian and Lily were kissing. He picked up the phone and dialed Molly's room. He went to pick her up, and they talked about their daughter. He reminded her that they were not going to let her know who they were. Molly said, "I wouldn't."

Later, Molly and Holden arrived at the address Jack had given to them. Molly was going to pretend that she was from the board of education and was there to interview Abigail for a survey. Molly had a different hairdo. Molly stated that they might be making a big mistake. She was afraid she'd break down and cry -- and tell the truth. When a woman answered the door and her husband followed, it was obvious to Molly and Holden that they were not the kind of people Holden and Molly would want raising their daughter.

The woman said she was not Mrs. Williams. Her name was Alice Clark, and her husband's name was Harry. They had an 18-year-old daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Williams owned the house before they had gotten it, but that had been two years prior. Alice remembered the Williamses had a daughter named Abigail. Holden asked her to call him at the hotel if she remembered anything about the Williamses. Later, at the hotel, Alice called and told Holden that she remembered the name of the moving company and told him the date the Williamses had moved.

Tuesday, August 12th 1997, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

David and Emily were discussing the Kirk-shares situation. She told him that what Kirk wanted was his freedom. She said that David's job should be justice, and Diego had gotten justice. He said he hated that case. He wished that no one had been arrested. There was too much evidence against Kirk for him to drop the case. Emily didn't think it was a strong case. She thought all they had was Hal's word, but he reminded her that they had the murder weapon.

Kirk entered Lucinda's office and started dumping family pictures in the wastebasket. She walked in, and they discussed the "WorldWide family." Lucinda told Kirk that he would never win Sam back, even that way. He told her that the office needed to be run more efficiently. He assigned her to the fifth floor, computer support services. She suggested that she might be more of helpful closer to his office. He had a cubicle with no window down the hall, but that didn't sound good to her. She did a measly job for him, and they each had a daydream about what the other might be doing for him/her.

Camille got a phone call from Lew. He said there were things he had never told her and never known until she was gone. He admitted that he had made mistakes. She said that when he talked, she did things she didn't want to do. She told him not to call again. She then called the clinic and told Ben that she was not feeling well and wouldn't be in. Later, he showed up at her door with chicken soup. He gave her a prescription for "TLC," and admired her apartment.

Tom walked up to Margo's desk, and she treated him coolly because of the lawsuit. She thought Ben was overreacting because the officer was not a racist.

Barbara called Hal to remind him that he had the kids for the night. John walked in, Tom went to his meeting, and John told Margo that he was going to be a father again. Margo said, "That's five children," then realized that it was Barbara. She asked him if he was going to marry Barbara, but he didn't really answer her. He was not exactly sure what was going to happen. They went to the diner for some coffee.

Barbara took the kids to see Hal; he had an officer take them to the file room. Barbara told him that she was pregnant -- with John Dixon's child. He asked if it was planned and if she was going to have the baby. She said that she wanted the child. "It feels right," she said. She told him that she was going to be raising the child alone. He said she was a great mother. He reminded her that he was her friend and wanted to help her with anything he could. John saw them embrace and left.

Hal handed Nikki a packet of evidence to take to the property room. She overheard a conversation between the cop who had taken Ben in and his partner who had been assigned to the evidence room. The cop was obviously very racist from what he said. She went to Margo and Hal and told them what she had heard. Hal told her not to mention it to anyone else and to go to the ice cream parlor where Barbara and the kids were.

Hal called Joe and said that Joe was under suspension until the investigation was over. He demanded Joe's shield and his "piece." He told one of the officers to go down to the property room and send the officer to him. They called Ben to go down and tell the officer that the department would probably want to settle out of court. He didn't seem happy.

Emily went to the evidence room and asked if she could talk to the officer about how the police department worked. He told her that it was against the rules for any civilian to go into the evidence without a sergeant's approval. Just then, Hal replaced him with another officer so he could talk to him about the racist cop. The new man talked freely with her about the evidence room and showed her the boxes where evidence was kept. It seemed perhaps he was unaware of the rules. He lifted the lid of the Santana box, and she spotted the gun on top. She wanted to know what the weirdest thing they had was. He went to get it, and she moved the gun to a different box.

Lew was on the phone, making a plane reservation for Oakdale.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

Ben was in the clinic, thinking about the park incident; Camille asked if he was okay. Tom walked in and said the city wanted to settle with a very high amount. Ben said if he took the money, the cop would stay on the force. Tom said none of the case could be discussed in public if they settled out of court. Bob said it sounded like hush money.

Tom said that since there were no witnesses to the incident, it was Ben's word against the cop's. It was the most difficult kind of case to take to court. Later Ben asked for Camille's opinion on the matter. She said he needed to do what he thought was right. "What good is taking a stand on anything if no one is going to hear about it?" he asked.

Lily and Jack arrived at the Chicago address where they thought Abigail was. They waned to find out if Holden and Molly had been there. No one was home. Lily talked about how many times she and Holden had hurt each other. She talked about her feelings for Damian.

As Lily and Jack discussed Holden and Molly, Lily picked up on the fact that Jack was enamored with Molly. A neighbor spoke to them and told them that the family had left that morning on a two-week camping trip. Jack and Lily said they were trying to find a couple who might have been there the day before. The neighbor had seen them but didn't know anything else. Jack said he had a contact there who might be able to help them.

Holden and Molly were in a small town where they thought the Williamses had moved. The town was getting ready for a fair. They asked a man where the town hall was so they could look up records. He said it was closed for the fair; all the money from the fair went to their schools. Molly saw a handmade sweater for sale that she wanted to get for Abigail. Holden reminded her of their agreement and that they needed to do what was best for Abigail. They saw a '65 Buick Skylark just like Holden had once owned. The owner suggested that they might want to get in the car, which they did. They took a trip down memory lane.

At the station, Nikki walked in wearing a brief outfit that bared her midriff. Hal noticed her immediately. He told her to go home and change. She said she was not a kid anymore, turned around, and left. Hal told Margo the city was going to settle out of court, but the commissioner wouldn't suspend Teague. Later, Margo talked with Nikki about how hard it had been for her to earn the other cops' respect when she first started at the station. She worked it into a discussion about being taken seriously in relation to work clothing. Nikki understood and accepted Margo's advice. Margo mentioned that Jack was older and she didn't want to see Nikki get hurt.

Thursday, August 14, 1997
by Bubblz

Jack and Lily tried to decide what to do next. Jack told Lily that he was going to go see one of his shady contacts that he'd met while he had been undercover. Lily told him that she wanted to go. Jack told her no, because it would be too dangerous. Lily didn't care and demanded to go because Holden was in pain and needed her to clear everything up. Jack told Lily to go back to the hotel and wait for his call.

Jack hailed a cab and took off, leaving Lily just standing there. Lily fussed and said to herself that she'd go whether he wanted her to or not. Jack ended up at a dive bar and was talking with the bartender. The bartender called Jack by the name "Jimmy Harrison." That was the name he had used when he had been undercover there. The bartender told "Jimmy" that he'd heard Jimmy had gotten sent up the river, to jail. "Jimmy" said that he hadn't gotten caught; he'd gone out and found other action to keep him busy on the coast.

Jack asked if the bartender had seen "Petey." The bartender commented that "Petey" was bad news, and he'd give up people for pocket change. Jack said he knew that. Just then, Lily walked in hollering for "Jack." "Jack?" the bartender asked apprehensively. Jack made up a story that he didn't want the "rich" girl to know about his past, and he'd told her a fake name. He explained that she was crazy about him, and she'd believe anything. He asked the bartender not to mess it up for him.

The bartender agreed and smiled. Jack and Lily went to a table, and Jack whispered under his breath for her to pretend that she loved him and informed her that she had almost blown it. He told her to go back to the hotel, but it was too late. A guy from Jack's past walked in. He told "Under Fed Jack Snyder" that he was going to trial because Jack had set him up. Jack told Lily to run. The thug grabbed her and said that neither one of them was going anywhere.

Barbara walked into the Falcon Club. She was there to meet John for breakfast. Kirk stopped her on her way in and tried to get her to play along to make Samantha jealous. Barbara told him that she was meeting John for breakfast, and she didn't want to play his teenage games anymore to help him woo Sam back. John arrived and saw Kirk pawing at Barbara just before she walked away. John and Barbara sat down. Sam walked past Kirk. "That woman is crazy about me." Kirk said. "Then that woman has a serious problem." Sam retorted.

Barbara wanted to know why John had invited her for breakfast. He told her that it was because he had figured that was the only invitation from him she'd accept. He tried to tell her what to order for breakfast. He wanted to know what she had just been doing with Kirk, and he asked her out for dinner so they could have fun like they had before. Barbara got mad and told him, "I'm having your child, and you want us to date?" She started to leave.

John got her to stay. She asked him who he'd told about the baby. He told her Margo. She didn't think that was good enough. John got upset and asked her if she was dating around with Kirk and Hal just so she could pin the fatherhood thing on one of them. That topped it. Barbara left, fuming. John realized that he had just messed up, big time.

Emily joined David at the Falcon Club and told him that he didn't have to worry about the gun evidence anymore. She told him about her little scheme at the police department evidence room. David was amazed, but wanted to know why she had done it. Emily told him that she didn't want to see anyone go to jail for killing that murderer, rapist, Diego -- not even Kirk Anderson. He asked her why else she would take that risk. She told him it was because she cared for him.

David reached over and held her hand. She didn't pull away. Just then her mother, Susan, walked in. Emily told him that they had gotten off to a bad start and she had invited her mother over to join them so Susan could get to know the real David. David thought that was fine. Susan joined them, and they talked. David had to go talk to Kirk for a minute and excused himself. Susan told Emily that she still didn't trust David.

Kirk and Samantha continued to argue. Kirk told Sam that she had to care for him if she was going to keep up arguing with him like she did. Kirk started talking about a clambake they'd had a long time before and asked if she remembered. Sam did and admitted that she did still care, but he was never going to change, and it was not a good relationship to be in, if he couldn't change. Sam left crying.

David Allen approached Kirk and stopped him from following Sam. David said that he could drop the charges against Kirk if Kirk agreed to return the stock. Kirk didn't want to lose control of WorldWide. David said that he knew that Kirk did a great job of running the company and wanted Kirk to stay as CEO. Kirk agreed to the deal, and they shook on it. Kirk gave the shares back to David, in return for David dropping the charges and Kirk keeping his position as CEO and official Lucy tormentor.

Kirk wrapped up business with David and headed back off after Sam. He found her in the office with all the security cameras. He told her he was sorry. She told him that he obviously hadn't been so sorry that he could pass on talking to David. Kirk explained that he'd had to talk to David, so he could stay out of prison. Kirk told her that he wanted to be honest with her from that point on, and he had just done something that she was not going to like. He had given David back the WorldWide stock in exchange for his case being dropped, but he was going to get to keep the position as CEO.

Sam told him that he was just as self-centered as ever, and she tried to leave. Kirk told her that he was desperate, and he was too lonely without her. Sam melted a bit, and he continued to tell her how good they were together. Sam finally agreed a bit. Kirk kissed her. Sam responded. Sam started to resist because of Lucy, but Kirk told her not to think about anyone but them. Things started to get steamy in the office, button by button.

Holden and Molly helped around the fair. Molly asked Holden where he would go after they saw Abby. Holden told her definitely not back to Oakdale. Molly told him that she had nothing to go back to Oakdale for, either, and wondered if she could go with him. Holden told her that he didn't think that would be a good idea and changed the subject. They set up the dunking booth and played around in it for a while.

Molly and Holden went to dry off. Molly walked up to Holden's reflection on the blanket strung up between them and stroked it. Holden saw her do it and looked puzzled. Later, they went back to the fair, and every time they saw a little girl, Molly wondered if it was Abby. Just then a crowd of little girls arrived, and one of the little girls yelled for another little girl, "Abby." The girl responded, and she had straight black hair, bobbed off at the neck, and ice blue eyes. Molly was thrilled; Holden held her back.

Friday, August 15, 1997
by Sage

Tom and Margo met Ben and Camille for lunch and discussed the racism case. Tom asked Ben and Camille if they were willing to go the extra mile, or if they would agree to the settlement. Ben said that he didn't want to settle out of court; he wanted to fight so it didn't happen to someone else. Tom let Ben know that it would be Ben that appeared to be on trial when the defense got hold of him. Ben said that he could handle it, that there was nothing in his past that he was ashamed of.

Tom then asked Camille, since she was the only witness, if she was willing to be put on trial by the defense. Camille said she was, that she was not "in this thing 50 percent or even 99 percent," she was in it 100 percent. Ben was happy. Ben received a page from the hospital, and he asked Camille if she'd like a ride. Camille accepted, and they took off for the clinic and hospital. Margo commented to Tom that she thought it was really bad timing for the trial to happening at the beginning of Ben and Camille's relationship. She believed it might cause the relationship to fail. Tom said it might, but it could make it stronger, like adversity sometimes did.

Margo smiled when she realized that he was talking about them and their relationship. He asked how she thought their relationship was going. She commented that it was going just fine, snuggled in, and kissed him. When Ben and Camille arrived at the clinic, Ben told Camille how much he appreciated her being there for him 100 percent and kissed her. He went off to check on the page.

Camille started to walk off and ran into her old flame, Lou. She asked what he was doing there in Oakdale. He told her that he hadn't been able to stay away. She reminded him that he had promised that he'd leave her alone. He said he had tried and just couldn't. She asked when he was leaving. He informed her that he might not be. He had just talked to Bob Hughes, and they had an opening in reconstructive surgery. Lou had applied for the job. Camille stood there with her mouth hanging open, and Lou walked away.

Jack handled the bully/bad guy, and Lily was impressed. They went back to their seats and waited for "Petey" to arrive -- hopefully. They waited and talked. Lily asked Jack why he had gotten out of the undercover Fed business. He explained that it had been addictive work, a rush, always living life on the edge. When he had seen Holden, Luke, and Lily together, though, he had realized that was what he wanted. All he needed was just the right woman to build that life with.

Lily told him that she thought he and Molly made a cute couple. Jack said that he thought so, too, but Molly still looked at him as being the little kid tagging along after her and Holden at the family reunion. Lily told him that if Molly had seen the way that he had handled that guy, then she definitely wouldn't think of him as some kid. Jack said that wasn't so, that Molly was too wrapped up in the past. Jack all of a sudden realized that he might have said too much and clammed up. Lily told him that he didn't have to stop talking, that she had eyes, too, and realized that Molly was still hung up on that special someone from her past. Jack got a bit squirmy.

"Her child," Lily said. Lily continued to say that as soon as Molly got to see the child she had been forced to give up, then she'd be free to love. Jack was relieved. Petey walked in, and Jack talked to him. The only information that Petey had was that the Williams family was in Smithville. "That's it? That's all you have for me?" Jack demanded. Jack then said that it wasn't worth $100, and only gave Petey $50 for it. Petey took the money and split. Lily told Jack that at least it was a start, and they headed out for Smithville.

Barbara ran into John at the hospital while on her way to her OB/GYN visit to check on the baby's condition. John talked to her and agreed to leave her alone, but wanted to know as a concerned friend if, when she found out about the baby, she would tell him. Barbara told him that she had to go. She ran into Kim, who was supposed to go with her. Kim apologized for running late. Barbara said that everything was okay when Kim looked John's way.

Kim and Barbara headed off to the appointment. Dr. Samuels looked at the sonogram and said that there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that Barbara couldn't use the baby for an excuse to fluff off anymore. Barbara and Kim smiled when they realized what the doctor was saying. The good news was the placenta had healed up wonderfully, but just in case, Barbara should take it a little easy. The doctor asked if Barbara wanted a copy of the sonogram to keep. Barbara said yes. The doctor said she'd take care of that while Barbara got dressed.

Kim suggested that Barbara let John know how the baby was. While Barbara was off getting dressed, John sneaked into the room and peeked at her chart that was on the examining table. John read it and then went over to the sonogram machine, sat down, and turned it on. He looked at the image and softly reached out and touched it, with tears in his eyes, in awe of it all. Barbara walked in, unseen, and quietly watched, amazed at his reaction to the sonogram.

Molly and Holden found out that the little dark-haired girl wasn't Abby. Molly was upset, but Holden said that they'd find her, and she had to be there somewhere. Molly and Holden sat down and discussed what they thought a normal twelve-year-old would be doing, or where she'd go at the fair. Molly suggested that she'd probably be doing something that wouldn't mess up her hair, because that was the age when girls were just starting to worry about what the boys thought. Holden reminded Molly that Abby might be a tomboy like Molly had been.

Molly and Holden rehashed the time when Molly had tried to join the boys' baseball team. She hadn't gotten picked because she was a girl, even though her batting average had been better than all boys'. Holden reminded her that she'd had a pretty wicked throwing arm too. They decided to go to the ball-throwing game, where the aim was to knock down the padded characters with fringed sides.

Molly and Holden had a competition, and Molly won big. She picked out a big purple elephant, and named it "Max II," after the stuffed teddy bear Holden had won for her years before, that her dad had pitched. Just then a little girl accidentally ran into the elephant and knocked it out of Molly's hands. The little girl picked it up, handed it back to Molly, and apologized. Molly told Holden, "Remember when I told you that when I see Abby, I'd know. Well, that's her, I know it is."

Holden contrived a plan. Molly was to watch the little girl's reaction when Holden moved to an area behind her and called out her name. Just then, an announcer told the crowd that it was time to tell who had won the "how many jelly beans are in the jar" contest. The winner was announced as "Abigail Williams," and the little girl who had accidentally knocked the stuffed elephant out of Molly's hands went up on the stage. Molly and Holden embraced in delight at the sight of their daughter.

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