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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, December 8, 1997

BARBARA is asking JOHN why she had to have the C-section so early. He explains about all the risks to her and the baby as long as she continued to carry him. He tells her if she had died, the child would have died. He says he thinks what he did was best but she questions him. He reminds her about Will and Jennifer and that they need their mother. She asks him to leave her alone for a while. Andy finds John in the hall and John starts second- guessing his decision. Andy tells him, "Don't do this to yourself." Lisa comes in and wants to see Barbara but John tells her to wait. He tells her Barbara blames him for the death of their son.

HAL places HOLDEN under arrest as Molly is bawling and saying "I'm sorry, Holden." Carly tells her that by the end of this trial Molly won't ever have to lay eyes on him again. "That's the last thing I want."

LILY is showing LUCINDA and SAM the bug that was in the bird David brought to her house long ago. She thinks he wanted to know everything that she found out about his parents. She gets a call from Jack telling her Holden has been arrested.

EMILY is talking to DAVID about building a house of their own. She doesn't have his full attention because he is wondering why Lucinda hasn't been there to see him yet. Then the telephone rings, Emily answers it and it is James saying he needs to speak to his son. He tells David he is concerned about his health and is he going to need a kidney transplant. James demands that Emily leave the room so they can talk in private. David refuses and hangs up. The guard won't let James call again until tomorrow. Lucinda brings in a plant from her house (in which she has planted the bug Lily found in the ceramic bird). She tells them about Holden's arrest. Later David and Emily are talking about Lucinda and that maybe she has accepted the fact that they are together and Lucinda is at home listening to their conversation.

TOM tells Hal that he doesn't have a good enough case against Holden, then Hal tells about the skirmish in Molly's room. When Lily comes in Tom says their best hope is that Molly remembers who attacked her and then decides to tell them.

As Jack receives the file on Holden, Carly tells him she is sorry; she knows this is lousy for him.

BEN and CAMILLE are talking at the hospital. SARA RUTH is trying to bolster Lew's spirits and encourages him to believe he will walk again. She tells him that Ronnie is spending time with Camille. They will take care of him until Lew gets back on his feet. She leaves as Camille comes in. He suggests that Ben probably wouldn't like the idea of her visiting him but Ben comes in just then and says he doesn't mind. Ben tells Camille that if she thinks she can help Lew improve his mental attitude, she should go ahead and do it. Camille tells Lew that he should not send Ronnie back to school until he is better. She and her mother will take care of him and see that he visits Lew every day.

Lily goes to Molly's room and tells her that Holden will never love her. Everything Molly is doing now is just making Holden's and Lily's bond stronger. She goes back to the station and Jack tells her that she can post bail. Hal quietly tells Tom that Margo has been reinstated (secretly) and is working on the church fire case. We see her go into a bar and order a drink just as Teague comes in and tells her she'd better leave. He tells her that he knows the police would like to pin the fire on him and he thinks she is there to keep an eye on him. She tells him to check out the cable company truck that goes by his place every hour on the hour.

As Holden and Lily are preparing to leave the station, Hal tells Holden not to leave town and not to go see Molly. Tom tells Holden, "Molly can either save you or destroy you."

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

BOB is playing music and talking to KIM about how they first got together and about their wedding day and the song "Friends in Love." LISA comes in and Bob tells her they are running out of time--the longer she stays in the coma, the less chance she has of coming out of it. Then he plays Christmas music for her and Lisa tells her she needs her help for Christmas shopping. JOHN comes in and offers any help he might be able to give. He tells them that he thinks Barbara blames him for the loss of the baby. Bob says he is going to call in another neurologist for Kim.

CAMILLE visits LEW and reassures him about Ronnie. She tells him that she is not worried about telling Ben she is caring for Ronnie as long as Lew understands that her looking after Ronnie doesn't mean that she wants to be involved with his dad. He says he got her message loud and clear. When she leaves the room, she sees Ben and he asks her to have lunch at an inn where they serve French food. She tries to interrupt him to tell him that she has to take care of something first but just then Ronnie comes up and is there to see his dad, then wants to go places with Camille. Ben is surprised that Camille is helping Ronnie. He offers to take Ronnie and Camille to the mall for a tree-lighting ceremony (which they do). Sara Ruth tells Lew where Ronnie and the others went. Lew tells her that he still loves Camille but in his condition he can't hope for anything to come of it. He feels like half a man and gets depressed. Sara Ruth calls Camille at the mall and tells her that she thinks Lew is on the verge of giving up and asks her to bring Ronnie back. Ben says it is OK because if Ronnie spends the afternoon with his dad, he and Camille can spend time together. Just as Ronnie is ready to go in and see his dad, Ben gets paged to ICU so Ronnie takes Camille in to see Lew.

MOLLY is telling CARLY that she is closer than ever to having Holden right where she wants him. "If Holden doesn't want to go to jail, he has to do exactly what I want." Carly asks Molly what she really wants--love or revenge. Molly replies that there's nothing wrong with having a little of both. At the station Carly talks to Hal about Holden's guilt. He is sending Detective Sherwood to talk to Molly because he thinks a female might get more out of her. Carly tells Jack that she is trying to get justice for her cousin. He says that is what he is working for too. Hal asks Nikki to look at a catalog and help him pick out something for Carly for Christmas. Nikki says she doesn't trust Carly. Then she tells the same thing to Jack and he agrees with her. She asks for any ideas for getting Hal uninterested in Carly.

HOLDEN and LILY are talking to Ben. They tell him that the case against Holden depends on what Molly says. They want to know if there is anything they can do to speed up Molly's regaining her memory. Ben says she doesn't need anxiety or pressure. When he leaves, Holden says he needs to talk to Molly. Lily tries to prevent that but gives in and says she will help him by standing guard. She asks a nurse if Molly has any tests or doctor's exams scheduled. The nurse says not until after lunch. Holden tells Lily to knock twice on the door if anybody comes. He goes in and tells Molly they need to talk. He talks gently to her and tells her that he doesn't want the person who beat her to get away with it. He wants to talk through the incident in hopes that she will remember. She says the last thing she remembers is Holden threatening to kill her. While he is talking to her, she has a flashback of that night and pictures Teague coming towards her and hitting her. Holden thinks that she has remembered something but she tells him that she didn't. She says he is pretending to care about her. In the hallway Bob finds Lily standing outside Molly's room and he tells her that a detective is coming to talk to Molly and that he is to monitor her. As the detective arrives, Lily knocks twice on the door. Molly tells the detective that she hasn't remembered anything more. When the cop and Bob leave the room, Holden comes out from his hiding place and tells Molly they need to find the person who attacked her but then gives up and leaves. He tells Lily that he thinks Molly remembered something but wouldn't admit it. He says that for Molly facing facts (about Holden not loving her) has made her more angry than ever and that she has the power to ruin his life.

Hal gives the catalog to Carly and tells her he doesn't know what to get her. If you want something special, please tell me." She daydreams about having his baby and getting the 50 million dollars, but then Jack takes Hal's place in her dream. She tells Hal anything he gives her will be special because it will come from him.

The neurologist gives Bob the same prognosis as the other doctors--wait and see. Lisa says she is going to go help Nancy with the boys. Bob goes back in to see Kim and turns on the music. Hark the Herald Angels Sing is playing and he says, "Maybe that's what we need--angels."

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

BARBARA is sitting outside the nursery looking sadly at the babies and crying. She says he (Johnny) needed time to grow and didn't get the chance. A young couple comes up and admires their newborn. Later Barbara wheels herself into Kim's room and talks to her about her feelings about the choice John made. She says she doesn't want to blame him but "God help me, I do."

BOB is telling KIM that he told Chris that he was absolutely certain that she will come through this. He says they looked at photographs of things they had all done together. He opens the album and tells her about the pictures in it. He talks to her about her sister (Jennifer). Andy comes in and tells Bob that he needs to go home and take a break. Bob puts the open album at the foot of her bed and leaves with Andy. Later Andy takes Bob to his bedroom to "tuck him in bed." Bob finds a wrapped gift that he got for Kim -- for once he had shopped early.

HOLDEN and LILY tell JACK that Holden went in and talked to Molly. Jack says that could be considered tampering. Holden says that he knows Molly remembered something important--he could see it in her eyes. He wants to go see her again tonight. Jack won't let him and they have a big argument. Jack says the investigation is still ongoing. Lily says maybe she could go and appeal to Molly's sense of fairness but Holden says she isn't fair. Jack says he will go and talk to her. After he is gone, Holden finds Lily viewing the video tape that Molly made. They are looking for the place where Molly scratched Holden. Holden says she probably editted it out. Lily says editors usually save the outtakes. She will get a list of production houses that do that sort of thing. Jack returns and says they will have to sit and hope for the best.

LUCINDA is listening in on DAVID and EMILY talking. She tells SAM that she is ashamed for thinking that David knew she wasn't his mother. KIRK overhears her and finds out that David is not really her son. Lucinda tells him she cares about David--"Things are going to continue as they are." She wants to know how much Kirk wants for keeping this quiet. He wants to be vice- president over overseas operations at WordWide. Kirk says to Sam, "What if Lucinda found out that David knew all along that she was not his mother?" He thinks she deserves to know the whole truth ASAP. He leaves. Kirk visits David and says that there are rumors that he is not really Lucinda's son. But saving her life should quiet those rumors. Kirk tells David that from day one he was suspicious, etc. After Kirk leaves, David calls Emily and says he has to talk to her right away (Kirk is outside the door listening to this).

Just as Jack comes into Molly's room, she thinks about Teague hitting her. Jack reminds her of when she first got out of jail and was staying with Lily. He says he knows what it is like to love someone who doesn't love you in return. He can't believe that someone who loves Holden as much as she says she does wants him to go to jail. She attacks him verbally and says she knows he's just one more person who is there trying to save Holden's butt--"Forget it!!" She then calls Detective Sherwood and asks her about the evidence against Holden. The cop tells her about the altercation with the billfold thief the previous morning. She says if they go for felony murder, they will want a higher standard of proof. Molly will have to testify in either case. Molly says she doesn't want Holden put away--she loves him.

Later Lucinda tells Sam that there will be no more spying because she is convinced David thinks she is his real mother. Sam says the recording machine is still going (because it is voice activated) and they hear David telling Emily that Lucinda is still suspicious. "So if she actually knows that I'm not her son--or worse yet--that I've known it all along." Emily is trying to get David to eat as Lucinda comes in. She tells Emily she misjudged her. "Now I know the real you just as I know the real David." Then she asks why David risked his life to save hers. "You needed me." "You would have been a very rich man." Then she tells him he should have left her behind because of the conniving person he is and his father is. She tells him never to call her mother again. She pulls out the "bug" from the flowers. She tells him he has no job, no money, etc. She tells them if they stay in town, they will experience hell every day.

Molly talks to the detective and decides that battered wives don't have to testify against their husbands.

Kim and Jennifer (her sister) meet at death's door.

Thursday, December 11, 1997
by Tammy Freeman

KIM sees JENNIFER, her sister, in her hospital room. They are both joyful to be together again. KIM wants to know how JENNIFER survived the car crash, it's a miracle. JENNIFER tells her that she didn't survive. JENNIFER remembers that KIM spoke at her funeral. "It was lovely," she says with tears in her eyes, "But then, you always did say and do the right things." KIM asks where are they and is she dead? JEN tells her to see for herself. KIM sees herself breathing, but unconscious in the hospital bed. KIM wants to know how she got there. "Don't you remember the fire?" JEN asks. JEN reminds KIM of the details of the night at the church. KIM slowly remembers and then screams out for CHRISTOPHER, thinking that she didn't find him in time to save him. JEN tells her that he's alright physically. KIM wants to know what she means. JEN takes her, magically, to the Hughes kitchen. CHRISTOPHER is sitting trying to do his homework and NANCY is just pulling out some cookies. CHRISTOPHER won't eat. NANCY is very worried about him. CHRIS asks NANCY if BOB took the Christmas Angel he made to KIM. NANCY says yes and CHRIS says that he wants that to be the first thing she sees when she wakes up, if she wakes up. KIM is distraught and tries to tell him she's fine but he and NANCY don't hear her. JEN tells KIM that they can't see or hear her. Little JENNIFER and WILL come running in and KIM tells JENNIFER that they're BARBARA's kids. JEN is thrilled to see her grandchildren. KIM asks why they're there on a school night and JEN tells her that NANCY is taking care of them. KIM gets worried and asks about BARBARA and JOHN.......they were in the fire too. The scene flashes to LISA and BARBARA at the nursery window, looking sadly at the babies. KIM is happy that BARBARA is alive and deduces that she had the baby. JEN says yes she did, a boy and KIM starts looking around the nursery for him. JEN tells her that he died. KIM is distraught and flashes to BARBARA's side. She tries to comfort her "Boo", but can't. LISA takes BARBARA back to her room. KIM asks about JOHN and sees him standing at a distance. KIM asks why he and BARBARA aren't going through this together, "Why are they suffering alone?" JEN tells her that they aren't the only ones suffering alone. They flash to KIM and BOB's bedroom, where ANDY is there with BOB. KIM is overjoyed that ANDY is home. ANDY is trying to get BOB to lie down and get some much needed sleep. ANDY leaves and BOB lays down, holding his head and saying KIM's name. KIM tries to tell him that she's there, that she's okay. KIM looks at JENNIFER, frustrated that no one can hear or see her, so she can't comfort them. "Why are you doing this to me?" Kim asks her sister as exhaustion starts to take her over. "I'm so tired, it's too much," Kim says. "What is?" JEN asks. "The hope. I'm drained.", KIM answers. "Are you sure you want to rest?" JEN asks. She recites a poem that their Reverend taught them long ago and asks KIM if she remembers. KIM says she does. "You have a decision to make....I just came to help you make it." KIM starts to realize what JEN means. JEN tells KIM to remember the first time she and Bob saw each other 25 years ago, when he was JEN's fiancÚ. KIM apologizes to her for falling in love with BOB. JEN tells KIM that she didn't act on her love at that time, and only finally did when she thought the relationship between BOB and JEN was over. "Remember the blizzard.....the night he rescued you." JEN says. KIM's memory flashes to the time when she and BOB were trapped in a blizzard. KIM tells BOB that she found out what hotel he was staying at in Florida and arranged a "chance" meeting. She cries and says, "So much for our innocent encounter." (This is where KIM and BOB slept together, conceiving SABRINA) She tells him that the baby she lost was his, not JOHN's. That she didn't tell him because when she found out, BOB was staying with JEN because she was pregnant with FRANNIE. So, she married JOHN DIXON. Back in present time, JEN says, "Hell on Earth." KIM laughs and says, "Poor me...come to think of it, poor John!!" KIM tells her that JOHN has changed. The scene flashes back to her hospital room where JOHN is asking her to wake up and help him, help BARBARA. JENNIFER tells KIM that JOHN was always thinking of himself. KIM tells JEN that he's not asking for himself, he's asking for BARBARA. "Because he loves her," KIM says. JENNIFER sneers at this, "Always out of love? He manipulated you into marrying you...out of love?! He told you your child was stillborn...out of love?! He pretended that he was paralyzed so that you could never leave him...out of love?!" KIM shrugs and says, "What can I say? He's always been a very complicated man." JEN replies, "No, he's a con man!" KIM smiles, "He loved me in his own way. And after all these years, I love him too." Her memory flashes back to the time when JOHN signed their divorce papers. JOHN tells KIM how much he loves her and that he will never stop wanting her back. "And this is not what you want to hear. I'm sorry, it's too late to say these things," he says. KIM replies, "There was a time when I wanted that too." JOHN looks hurt, "But not anymore, right?" KIM looks concerned, "Why do you keep trying to get me to say things that are going to hurt you? It's over." JOHN is regretful, "I know. But if you ever need anything..." The scene changes back to the present. "He's changed so much since then," KIM comments, "And now he's a good friend." JEN replies, "Because you let him be. After all of the horrible stuff that he did..." JEN laughs, "Only you could believe that he would change." KIM tells JEN that she wishes that ANDY had had a chance to know her and that she wishes that JEN could have known him. "I wish I had, too. But that's life...and death," JEN says. KIM looks at her concerned. The scene goes back to the hospital room.....LISA is by KIM's side, begging her. "Please come back to us. We need you so much! Barbara needs you, your own precious Boo. She needs you. And John is beside himself. And poor Bob, he's just a shell of a man. We all need you. I need you!" JEN looks on, "Boy, in the old days she sure didn't need you. You two used to be like oil and water." LISA's telling KIM that she needs to come back, wake up and be with BOB, BARBARA and the rest. "The last place she used to ever want you was near Bob," JEN says. "That changed many years ago. Now she's our biggest champion," KIM smiles. BARBARA comes into the room to relieve LISA. JEN wants to touch BARBARA, but can't. BARBARA sits at KIM's bedside and pleads with her "Aunt Kim" to wake up. JEN says sadly, "She's thinking of me now. She's thinking 'I already lost one mother, I can't loose another mother'." KIM tells JEN that she wasn't trying to take JENNIFER's place in BARBARA's life, that she knew that JEN was irreplaceable, she just wanted to be there for BARBARA. JEN tells KIM that she knows that and thanks her for always being there for BARBARA and they hug tearfully. The memory appears of KIM comforting BARBARA, after BARBARA left TOM at the altar. KIM was telling BARBARA that she had to do what she had to do. BARBARA is crying because she humiliated TOM. KIM says that what she did was not with bad intentions and TOM will understand. BARBARA cries, "No. He doesn't, well maybe part but not all." KIM says, "But he loves you." BARBARA replies, "I know. But I couldn't go through with the wedding. I had to stop it." KIM tells her that she knows and embraces her. The scene fades back to KIM and JEN, still hugging. JEN says, "You've been there for both of my daughters. When you and Frannie were kidnapped by DOUGLAS CUMMINGS you risked your life to save her. You were there when I couldn't be." The scene changes to a memory of FRANNIE telling KIM, "The luckiest day of my life was when you married Dad. I finally learned what it was like to have a mother. That's why it's so strange when people call you my stepmother because that's not how I feel about you. I've been wanting to ask you...would you mind if I called you Mother?" KIM is weepy and says, "I would be honored." The scene changes back to the present, where KIM and JEN are still embracing. KIM breaks away, looking worried and whispers, "Bob." JEN and KIM switch to KIM's bedroom where BOB is getting up to sneak out of the house before anyone knows he's missing. JEN tells KIM that he has to be at the place where he can deal with his pain. The scene changes back to KIM's hospital room, where BOB is at her bedside. JEN tells KIM that BOB doesn't know any other way to deal with his pain, that KIM is his whole life. "He would do anything he could to save you..." JEN tells her. BOB tells KIM that she has to fight, that she has to come back to him, that he loves her. KIM's memory flashes back to the blizzard and the first time BOB told her that he loved her. KIM tearfully told him that she's always loved him. Back in the present, KIM says "That was the happiest moment of my life." JEN says, "I know." KIM laughs and says, "I'm almost afraid to ask what else you know." JEN laughs too and says, "PLENTY!!!" The scene flashes to the time BOB asked KIM to marry him. BOB says, "I just want to make you happy. I just want to show you how much I love you." He kisses her, then says, "Marry me." The scene then flashes to their wedding, where we see KIM and BOB exchange rings and their vows. It flashes again to their honeymoon suite where he's carrying her over his shoulder, juggling champagne glasses making their way toward the bed. Both are giggly and BOB is singing, "We're coming in on a wing and a prayer..." He dumps KIM on the bed, both of them laughing. The scene flashes back to the present in the hospital room where BOB says, "I'd give anything if could see your beautiful smile hear you laugh." KIM goes to stand behind him as he continues to tell the comatose KIM that he's angry with her. She broke her promise to him. KIM is upset, "NO!!" BOB says, "I'm angry because you lied to me." KIM protests, "No! I didn't lie to you!" After her heart surgery, she promised that they'd never sleep in separate beds again, BOB tells the comatose KIM. He goes on, "When I went home earlier to get some rest, our bed was empty. You weren't there. You broke your promise. I need you to come back....Don't leave me. I need you in my life," he says resting his head on her chest. KIM helplessly tries to touch him, to comfort him, but can't.

KIM cries, "Oh let me touch him. Let me comfort him somehow!" JEN asks, "Are you sure that's what you want? There was a time you doubted his love, are you doubting it now?" KIM is indignant, "I never doubted his love," she protests. JEN asks her if this is her way of punishing BOB, making him doubt her love. She reminds KIM of when ANDY was having his drinking problem and she and JOHN were helping him. KIM's memory turns to BOB confessing to his affair with SUSAN. BOB is saying, "I resented you going to John. It made me feel cut off, unneeded and lonely. So, as a result, I turned to someone else." The memory flashes forward a bit where KIM is crying, "You slept with Susan. Oh God, with Susan! And now you want me to forgive? Well you can forget it, Pal. You can just forget it." The scene flashes back to the present where KIM says, "That was tough stuff, but we got through it. We did." JEN tells her, "You got through it, the two of you together. But did you in your heart? Did you really?" KIM looks at her sister then puts her face in her hands, saying, "Oh Jen, thank you. Thank you. I think I finally have. I think you've helped me face the trouble and accept the truth about myself that I actually did the same thing to you. To my precious sister. And you forgave me. And that helps me forgive myself." She looks at BOB with his head on her bed, and continues, "And my dearest. Oh God, I had no idea I'd been holding on to all of that guilt that I felt at betraying you and losing the baby. I though I'd lost all of that when SABRINA came into our lives, miraculously came back into our lives." We hear bells chime and the scene changes to KIM finding SABRINA in the church, touching her face, then holding her. JEN says, "SABRINA coming back wasn't a miracle. It was meant to be. Don't you get it yet? Everything is meant to be. When you brought Sabrina back from Europe, do you remember how awful she was? The awful time she had adjusting to the family?" KIM laughs and says, "Yes!" JEN goes on, "That was meant to be. Every struggle that people have is's more than that, it's necessary. It's part of life. Because it makes all the sweetness of the joy when it comes even richer and fuller. Isn't that why you and BOB renewed your wedding vows with all of your children, with your entire family there? Because you wanted that sweetness of the full circle of love. Together." The scene changes to the day KIM and BOB renewed their vows. KIM is saying, "I really love sharing the challenges and the rewards of living with you. You are my lifemate, my love, my best, my ever friend. My dearest, dearest husband. I love you. And I promise to share the rest of my life always with you. For as long as we live..." Back in the present, KIM repeats apprehensively, "For as long as we live!?!?" She looks to BOB who's still by her bedside with his head down. The scene changes to the Hughes kitchen where CHRISTOPHER answers the telephone. "Who's he talking to?" KIM asks. "Frannie," JEN says with a smile. CHRIS calls out, "It's Frannie!!" KIM smiles, "No wonder he lit up right away." JEN asks, "Those two really have a bond, don't they?" KIM smiles, "Oh, believe me they do. And Andy too. Sometimes I think it's because they helped bring him into the world." The scene changes to the cabin where KIM is in bed holding a newborn CHRIS. ANDY is sitting by her side and KIM asks BOB if he's going to come over to see his new son. BOB does and they kiss. "Come and meet your son, Christopher Robert Hughes...Say hello to your dad," KIM says. BOB looks lovingly and says, "Hello, Chris." The scene changes back to the present, in the kitchen. KIM tries to get to CHRIS, "Chris? I love you. I love you so much." She turns to JEN and says, "I've got to tell him that!!" JEN tells KIM that there is something she doesn't know. CHRISTOPHER blames himself for her being hurt. The scene flashes back to CHRIS confessing to JACK at the police station. Back in the kitchen, KIM says, "NO. He thinks what happened to me is his fault?! Well, tell him. Somebody tell him!" She turns to TOM and NANCY, "Mom. Tommy. God! Somebody tell him!!" JEN calmly tells her, "They've tried. They have tried! The only one he will listen to is you. If you want him to believe it, you've got to wake up and tell him yourself. KIM looks to CHRIS, worried. TOM hugs NANCY and says, "It's gonna be okay, Gram. It's gonna be okay." Looking on, KIM says, "Oh, Mom. I'm holding you too. You can't feel it, but I am. And you too Tommy. And you, Chris. Andy. Where's Andy?" TOM asks NANCY, "Where's Andy?" NANCY answers that he must still be upstairs. KIM asks, "Upstairs?!" When JEN asks if there is a problem, KIM explains that when ANDY was drinking they moved the bar up there and had never moved it back down. Instantly, they flash to upstairs where Andy is opening the liquor cabinet. The scene flashes to years ago where ANDY angrily says, "Can I please go study now?" KIM is angry too and says, "No you may not! You are always trying to keep a distance from people. You never look anybody in the eye anymore. If anybody looks like they're going to come close to touching you, you practically jump out of your skin. Why does this happen? What's going on?" The memory changes to a bar where ANDY, KIM and JOHN are arguing. ANDY says, "I don't know what your problem is, Mom." KIM snaps, "My problem is that you have a drinking problem. Why don't you stop denying it. You were drinking the first time you called Paul and you've been drinking now." ANDY tries to look shocked, "Wait a minute!" The bartender says it was ginger ale but KIM say, "Oh, the hell is. You stay out of this!" to ANDY she says, "You reek of liquor!" The scene changes back to the present. ANDY opens a bottle of water and JEN says, "Did you doubt him? You shouldn't have. He's a strong man now. And you're the one who helped him find the strength." The scene flashes to KIM's hospital room when ANDY told KIM that he needs to tell her about his life. At her side, he pleads with his mother, "Please give me that look that means I'm in for a little tough love. Or just give me a smile." Back in the present, KIM says, "Son, I'm so proud of you." JEN tells her sister, "He may be all grown up, but he still needs you. It's time you made the decision." The scene flashes to the kitchen. ANDY and CHRIS are at the table and NANCY is at the counter. JEN says, "KIM?! Did you hear me?" KIM yells at her sister, "Give me a minute! Give me a few more minutes!" ANDY says to CHRIS, "Chris. Come on. Are you gonna finish your homework before the bus comes?" CHRIS answers glumly, "I don't want to." ANDY asks his brother what's wrong and CHRIS answers, "I miss Mom." ANDY hugs CHRIS and JEN says, "It's time, Kim." KIM turns and says, "You don't understand what this is like. You died instantly. You didn't have a choice, but I...I have a choice!" JEN tells her to make it. The scene changes to KIM's hospital room where BOB is still by her bedside. KIM looks over at him from the doorway and says, "I love you! Bob, I love you. It's too soon." JEN says she needs KIM's answer. KIM says, "It's too soon!" JEN says again, "Kim, I need it now!" KIM says, "Oh...I can feel Bob holding me. His breath on my cheek. Oh...does this mean...?" JEN points to her bedside and says, "Look for yourself." KIM looks over at herself and BOB. We see them and her JENNIFER reciting the poem the reverend had once taught the two young sisters. "Look to this day. For yesterday is but a dream. And tomorrow is only a vision. But today, well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision..." JEN recites. "Of...hope" KIM recites weakly from bed. She opens her eyes and BOB lifts his head, "I heard you. I heard your voice. Oh my God. Thank God. You've come back. You've come back to us!!" He hugs her and kisses her cheek. JEN looks on and finishes the poem, "Look well, therefore to this day." She raises her hand to wave goodbye and quietly fades away.

Friday, December 12, 1997

Today's recap was written by Katya

KIM wakes up, as JENNIFER'S ghost is reciting a poem. Kim finishes the last two words, and Bob wakes up at the sound of her voice. They embrace, and BOB fills her in as to what happened with the fire and her coma. She asks about Christopher, and Bob tells her that he's OK, but they were scared about her, since they didn't know when or if she would wake up. She tells him that she would never leave him, and that she's glad he was here when she woke up. He says that he didn't want her to be alone, so he was here as much as he could be, and she responds that she wasn't alone. Her children and LISA come in, and she hugs them all. Lisa tells her about CHRISTOPHER'S guilt, and Kim reassures him that she is all right now, and that it was not his fault. Andy comes up, and Kim is thrilled, but she remarks it is almost like she knew he was here. He says that he's seen her a lot the past few days, and he can't wait to tell her everything. They leave, and Bob tells Kim about Barbara and the baby. She wants to go see her right away, but she has to take some tests, and can go later.

JOHN goes into BARBARA'S hospital room and tells her that Kim woke up. Barbara is happy, but seems very distant, and tells John that she wants to rest. He asks her if she wants anything, but she shoos him out. He tells her that he loves her, and that things will get better, and they have each other, but she doesn't say anything, and she leaves.

HOLDEN and LILY are at Lily's calling different video editors to try and find the person who edited Molly's tape. They are down to only two people who haven't called them back yet, and have had no luck. The phone rings, and Lily gets it, expecting it to be one of the editors, but it is MOLLY, who wants to talk to Lily about something. Lily asks what it's about, but Molly refuses to talk over the phone. She says that she'd rather talk to Holden, but she can't, so if Lily knows what's good for him, she'll get to the hospital right now, and then hangs up on her. Holden doesn't want her to go, but Lily says she needs to see what she is up to now. The phone rings again, and it is the man who edited Molly's tape. He tells Lily that he didn't do the tape, but one of the guys who works for him might have, and that he'll ask him about it. He hangs up, then looking at the newspaper with a headline announcing Holden is the suspect in the fire case, remarks that he bets they want the tape. He starts the tape, and watches the scene where Molly scratched Holden, and then says that it won't be cheap.

At the station, CARLY tells HAL that she's gotten his present, and it's a good one. He jokes that now the pressure is really on, and he still doesn't know what to get her. JACK interrupts them, saying that he has to talk to Hal. He tells Hal that he went to talk to Molly, and he knows that she remembers something, but she's holding out because she has Holden where she wants him - she doesn't want to clear his name because she'd rather see him in jail than with Lily, if that's what it comes down to. He wants to be put on the case, but Hal tells him that he's too close to Holden to be put on the case. Jack gets upset and tells Hal that he thinks he's doing a lousy job on the case by blaming Holden and not doing better investigating. Hal just tells Jack again that he's not on the case, and leaves. MARGO comes up to Jack and tells him to be careful or he could blow it for Holden. When he asks what she is talking about, she asks if she can trust him, and then lets him know that she's been reinstated and that she's on the church fire case. She's investigating Teague, but he can't tell anybody, because they think he still has friends on the force, and they don't want any leaks. Holden's not really a suspect, and she's been talking to Teague at a bar he hangs out in. She tipped him off about some surveillance on his house to get him to believe her, and she's going to meet him now. Jack thanks her for letting him know this, and warns her to be careful.

CARLY starts to ask HAL about something, but he tells her that he is taking the kids to see Barbara, and leaves. JACK tells Carly that he thinks Molly knows something, and is not talking, and he wants Carly to go talk to her and see if she can get it out of her. Carly says that she has told everything she knows - that Holden beat her up, and even if she did tell her anything else, she wouldn't tell Jack, because he would just twist it to make it look like Holden was innocent. She storms off, and Jack mutters that it's time to bring out the heavy artillery.

LISA comes into MOLLY'S hospital room with a cart, explaining that she's a volunteer, and didn't know that this was her room. She has a gift of makeup for her - after all, she ought to look her best, maybe she can snag a cute doctor. Molly nastily tells Lisa that she doesn't want the makeup, and Lisa snaps that she knows why Molly doesn't want the makeup - she wants to be able to milk her bruises for all they're worth. She's sorry she got hurt, but it doesn't give her any right to hurt innocent people. Molly insists that she doesn't know who hurt her, and Lisa leaves. A minute later, there is a knock on the door and it is LILY. Molly tells her that she heard they set the date for their wedding. She doesn't want to see Holden go to jail for something he might not have done, but if she has to testify, she's going to have to tell them what he said, and her testimony could convict him. She's figured out that there's only one way to keep her from testifying, and that is if she's Holden's wife. She has to marry Holden.

Andy is in talking to BARBARA - he offers her anything she needs, but she is still distant. HAL brings WILL and JENNIFER in, and they jump on the bed, eager to see their mom. They have cards and pictures for her, and she is happy until she gets to the picture that Will drew of her and the "angel baby." The kids leave, and there is another knock at the door. Barbara calls out that she doesn't want any visitors, but the door opens, and it is KIM, being wheeled in by Bob. Barbara tells her that she doesn't want to talk about it - everybody says that they're sorry, but they don't understand how she feels. Kim says she realizes that, but she thinks that she knows how Barbara feels - for years she grieved for Sabrina, and felt like a part of herself was gone. But Barbara has a family, John is grieving too, and they should be helping each other through this. Kim quotes Jennifer's saying about "Look well to this day," and tells her that her mother said and lived that. Barbara wishes that she was there, and Kim says that if she was, she would tell her that she loves her and wants her to move on. Johnny Jr. is with her, and is at peace. Bob takes Kim back to her room, and tells her to rest. Kim closes her eyes, and then JENNIFER comes back to her, and thanks her for everything she did for Barbara. Kim says that she loves Barbara, and thanks Jennifer for showing everything good in her life that she has to live for.

MARGO is drinking in the bar, and TEAGUE comes up to her, remarking that she's drinking on the job. She responds, "What job?" He says that she was right about the surveillance and asks why she told him. "From one ex-cop to another," she tells him. Teague remarks that she's still working, and she says that it's just punching up traffic tickets at a desk. He asks about her allegiance to Ben, and she blames that on the fact that her husband was her lawyer, and she didn't have much of a choice. She also says that her public support was just some talk because she wanted her job back, but they won't give it to her because of her past mental problems. She laughs that she could show them what emotional unfitness really is. He asks about the fire, and she tells him that they've caught the guy who did it, that Molly identified him, and the fire was an accident. Teague sneers that Hal would have loved to pin that on him, but he has an alibi. He suddenly gets nervous that they are talking about the fire, and leaves. JACK in disguise comes up to Margo and starts hitting on her. Margo gets irritated, and tells him to buzz off, and when Jack calls her by her name and asks if she recognizes him, she gets him into an arm-lock, and asks "Who the hell are you?" He whispers that it's Jack, and she lets him go, looks into his face, and asks, "Jack?"

HAL gets back to the station, and CARLY, sensing he is a bit down, kisses him. He tells her that this isn't the place for that, and walks away. LISA, who has arrived in time to see the kiss, hurries over to Carly and asks her what she's up to with Hal.

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