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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, March 29, 1999

Tom is trying to get Margo to see his side of things with Emily and that she is telling the truth. Margo tells him that if he represents Emily that he will be off limits to her. She says that they have been off limits, so what would be different. Tom tells her that he will never be off limits to her and that he loves her. She says that if he represents Emily, it will be over for them and Tom tells her not to say that. He tells her that he knows how much he has hurt her and he wants a chance to make it up to her. Margo's cell phone rings and it is their therapist. Margo tells them that they are not able to make a new appointment at this time and she hangs up. Tom asks her what was she doing, he was right there and they could have scheduled a new appointment. She tells him that he has a lot of nerve asking her to go to counseling when he is defending his girlfriend who is going to trial for murder.

Eddie is talking to himself, saying that every time he has tried to talk to Georgia, someone or something has interrupted them. Katie overhears him and comes over to where he is sitting. She asks him if he would like to come over to her house for dinner. Eddie says that he doesn't think that is a very good idea and she tells him that Margo has been working a lot of hours and probably won't be there. She tells him she feels like she owes him, because she told him about Georgia and Chris. He says that she doesn't owe him, but he will come over for dinner. Katie leaves and Georgia comes in. She walks over to him and tells him how nice the club is looking. He is happy to see her and he has something that he wants to talk to her about. He asks her if she got his letter and she says that she did. He says that things seemed to have changed. Georgia has a flashback of finding Katie in his bed and an empty condom wrapper on the floor. She says, "Yes, things have changed." Eddie says that he wants to know about her and Chris, have they slept together yet? Georgia can't believe that Eddie is asking her this. She asks him if it bothers him and he says that he doesn't want her to get hurt. She says that she thinks that it is cool that he still cares. He says that he wants to know and she says, "Eddie!" They tiptoe around the issue of who they are seeing. Eddie tells her to take it slow. She says that she should go for it like he and Katie did and he wants to know what she is talking about. She says that he saw Katie, he wanted Katie, so.... And he says, " And so, it history." She jumps up and says that she should go and he stops her. He asks her to do him a favor, just be careful. She says everyone should be careful, just like him. She leaves and he turns around and sees Margo sitting at the bar. He asks her how she got in without him seeing her. She tells him that the place is looking great and they should celebrate. She orders champagne and Eddie tells her not in the middle of the day. He asks he if she wants to talk about it and she says, "No talking." Eddie tells her that he will take her home and they leave.

At Margo's house, Katie is setting the table and says how perfect everything is going to be. She goes upstairs to get ready. Margo and Eddie walk in and she tells him how thankful she is to have a friend like him. She is grateful to him for seeing her home and taking care of her. She puts her head on his chest.

Emily is introduced to Dr. Hamilton and he is surprised to see her. Susan tells Dr. Hamilton that this is her daughter and she tells him a little about what has been going on with her. Hal tells Dr. Hamilton that she is a suspect in a murder and that she is saying that it was an accident. Emily tells him that he has to make them see that she is telling the truth. They go into his office and he tells Hal and Susan that he will take it from here. Hal says that he will be waiting outside. Hal and Susan walk out and Reid closes the door and takes a big breath. He asks Emily if she is scared and she says that she is angry that no one will believe her. He tells her to start from the beginning, he wants to hear it all. She starts telling him how she met David and they became involved. She tells him the whole story of how she and David broke up and she became involved with a married man. Reid asks if David was jealous and she tells him how she used David to get attention from the father of her baby. She is going on and on and gets to the part where she shot the man thinking that it was David and she gets off on a tangent and Reid is losing his patience with her. He tells her to get past the cinder block walls and the single bed. She whips around and says that she didn't tells him about the walls. He convinces her that she did tell him, but she hadn't told him that, yet. She goes on telling him how she escaped but the man cornered her in the warehouse and she managed to get the gun. She shot a warning shot and ran out of the warehouse. When she and Tom returned and took the ski mask off the man, it wasn't David. Reid asks her if it had been David, would she have wanted to kill him. She tells him that she would have in a heartbeat. She tries to explain to him how horrible a person David is and she hates him. She stops for a moment, thinking, then all the sudden she comes to the realization that David has set her up. She says that David is the murderer and she is taking the blame.

Dr. Hamilton walks out into the waiting room where Tom has joined Hal and Susan. He tells them that he feels that Emily has all her faculties and knows what is going on and that he feels that Emily did make up the story to cover up that she killed a man.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Eddie has seen that Margo made it home safe and she is thankful for his friendship. Eddie gets her to talk about her troubles. She starts to cry as she tells him about Tom canceling their session with the therapist because of Emily. She tells him that she doesn't know if she should go ahead with the legal separation or not. She puts her head on Eddie's chest and he hugs her. From the top of the stairs, Katie is watching them. As Eddie is hugging and consoling Margo, he looks over at the table and it is set for dinner. He says under his breath that he screwed up. Margo wants to know what he means and he starts to tell her, but Katie starts back up the stairs and drops the vase of flowers that she was bringing down to the table. Margo and Eddie ask her if she is OK and she says that she can't believe what a klutz she is. She asks them if she interrupted anything important. She and Eddie start to clean up the mess with the flowers and she tells him that they could go out and get something to eat. Eddie says that he doesn't think that they should with the way Margo is feeling. She tells him that she would probably like some time alone. He tells her that they better not and besides, he has some things to do at the club and he leaves. Margo comes in and asks where Eddie went and Katie jumps on her and says that she took her father away, does she have to take her boyfriend, too? Margo is taken back a bit and Katie apologizes and says that she should not have said that. Margo tries to talk with Katie about relationships and Katie doesn't want to listen, she says that Margo is just being negative because of Tom. Margo says that she isn't, she just doesn't want Katie to get hurt. She tells her that she wants her to be careful because sometime you want something so bad and it just doesn't happen. Katie tells her that she doesn't have to worry about her, it's Eddie---and he is the man for her. Katie tells Margo that she is just like her big sister, tough on the inside. Margo goes off to bed and Katie goes over and picks up Eddie's picture and hugs it to her chest.

Carly is with Parker at the coffee shop and Julia comes in and orders a coffee to go. Carly tells her that she finds it interesting that she comes into her place to get her daily fix----of caffeine, of course. Julia tells Carly that her little ploy to once again drive her and Jack apart didn't work, again. She says that every time Carly tries something, it only makes her and Jack tighter. Julia gets her coffee and leaves. Carly tells Parker that his mommy has her work cut out for her.

Reid is telling Hal, Susan and Tom that he fully believes that Emily lied to cover up that she murdered a man. He tells them that she is capable of murder. She comes running out of his office and attacks him, yelling, "what are you doing?" Hal and Tom grab her and Reid says that this is the behavior that helped him come to his conclusion. Tom is between her and Reid and Tom says that she should not say another thing. Tom looks at Hal and says that he doesn't have enough evidence to charge Emily with murder. Hal asks Tom if a corpse isn't enough evidence? Tom and Susan take Emily back into Reid's office. Emily says that no one can help her and Tom tells her that he is going to represent her. She jumps up and gives him a big hug and says that he is going to save her. Outside the office, Guzman brings Hal a folder and says that he has found some more evidence that will nail Emily for the murder. Hal and Guzman go into the office and tell Emily that the man that she shot was an actor and hal accuses her of hiring him to help her pull off a scam. Emily blurts out that it was David, he is setting her up. Hal says that he has heard all the David stories that he wants to and he places Emily under arrest. He goes to put cuffs on her and Susan reminds him that Emily needs to be seen by an OBGYN. Hal agrees and they all start to leave Reid's office. When Emily gets to the door, she looks back at Reid and he says to her that he hopes everything comes out OK for her. She lunges at him and Hal steps in front of her and they drag her out of the office. When everyone is gone, Reid says that he could not have planned that any better.

They take Emily to an examination room and she and Susan go in. Emily is telling Susan that she can't be locked up again, she will lose her mind. Susan tells her that she needs to calm down and take care of herself. Emily grabs her stomach and is staring ahead. Susan ask her what is the matter and Emily says that the baby hasn't been moving. Susan tries to reassure her that it isn't anything to get upset over and the baby is probably all right. Susan says that they are going to have to go to another facility to have her examined properly. Susan goes out in the hall to talk to Guzman, who is watching the door for Hal. She tells him that they are going to have to move Emily and he says that they can't do anything until Hal gets back. While they are arguing, Emily sneaks out of the room and leaves. When Hal comes up, Susan tells him what they are going to have to do and Hal says that they can do that. They go into the room to tell Emily, but she is no where to be found. They all look at Susan, accusingly.

Jack walks into the coffee shop and sees Carly sitting with Parker. He orders some coffee and then goes over to talk with Carly. Carly asks him how things are going? He says, "Between me and Julia, you mean?" She acts all innocent and says that she talked Molly out of using the information about Julia and her therapist spending the night in the hotel. He says that he appreciated that. She asks about them being at the hotel was some sort of treatment? Jack looks at her funny and she tells him that Julia was just there and told her about it. Jack gets up to leave and she says that he didn't say anything to Parker yet. They are looking at the baby and Carly comments on what a year they have had. She says something about friends being there for each other. Jack says that before she breaks out into a chorus of Kum-bah-yah, he would say that their friendship is tenuous at best. He says see you later and leaves.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Camille walks in on a bare-chested Ben. Tom asks Holden and Lily about David, explaining Emily's claim of being held hostage. Tom questions how Holden can be so sure David isn't going to do to Tom's baby just what he did to Holden's. Holden tries to convince the anxious father that Emily must've made the story up, but Lily is more worried--David is a Stenbeck, after all.

Margo explains to Katie that it's the anniversary of the day she killed Eddie's mom Deena. Eddie returns to the playground, the site of the shooting, and is haunted by flashbacks of her being shot. Deena comes to him in a vision and tells her son she's proud of him. Katie comes upon Eddie crying.

Margo and Ben commiserate over all the advice they've gotten. Camille leaves work and finds Denise at Fashions trying on dresses. Eddie ends up comforting Katie when she envies him for knowing his mother enough to be able to mourn her. Camille apologizes and Denise assures her that nothing is going on between her and Ben, even as Lisa crows to Ms. Bennett that Denise is sure to get her man.

Tom learns that Emily's car was found at the airport. Lily wonders aloud if David hasn't come back from the dead--he's done it before, she reminds Holden. An inspired Tom has a hunch that Emily's fled to New York, and goes off by himself to find her. Denise admits to Ben that he has gotten under her skin.

A mystery man looks at a file of newspaper clippings about Eddie and the shooting. Lily has flashbacks of David kidnapping her and Julia. It's not over, she realizes.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Tom/ Emily New York
Emily called Tom who was in NY looking for her. He tried to persuade her to turn herself In and she hung up on him and started boo-hooing that he didn't believe her. Tom went to a TV crew and asked for a favor. The man put Tom on air begging Emily to come to the hotel and meet him. She saw it and started to go see him. Meanwhile, Margo called Tom and Tom wouldn't let her talk and told her (thinking she was Emily) to meet him at the hotel and everything would be okay. Emily walked up behind him and he started talking to her in person not thinking about who was on the phone. Margo heard that Emily and Margo were in NY and hung up the phone.

Margo/ Hal
At Margo's house she and Hal talk about relationships and that he and Bab's were going to marry again. He convinced her to talk to Tom and she called him. When he picked up the phone, he immediately said Emily and Margo didn't speak. She listened and ultimately found out that Emily and Tom were at the same hotel that they received the Endicot awards at.

Eddie/ Katie/ Georgia/ Chris at Yo's
Eddie kissed Katie right when Georgia and Chris walked in. Georgia seeing this leaned over and kissed Chris. Eddie saw this and asked Katie if she wanted to learn to shoot pool. Georgia walked over to the bar and Eddie made up a reason to go there too. They began talking and Katie interrupted. Chris came over and Georgia went to the pool table. Eddie wrapped his arms around her to show her what she was doing wrong and Georgia told him to let go of her. Eddie told her he didn't want to. Georgia left and went to the restroom trying to figure out what that comment meant. She decided to ask him. She left that bathroom and Katie saw her come out. She picked up the pay phone and acted like she was talking to Margo. She pretended to tell her that she was going to spend the night with Eddie and of course they would use protection. Georgia left and Chris came up to Katie and busted her with the fact that he knew she was up to no good.

Ben/ Denise at the Ballet
Another Doctor came up to Ben and Denise's box. He recognized Denise from a lap dance she had given him a while back. Ben got quiet and Denise thought he was ashamed when in fact he admitted that he was jealous. She ran out side and they argued until Ben told her that she was the only one that he wanted to be with.

Friday, April 2, 1999

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Trying to convince Carly to purchase the private jet, Brad takes her for a surprise flight. Denise and Ben kiss. Emily runs into Tom's arms as he hangs up on Margo. Ben and Denise's romantic interlude is interrupted when Louisa shows up on Ben's doorstep. Hal senses that Margo is withholding information. Emily refuses to turn herself in until the baby is born.

Brad presents Carly with a new dress and pockets a diamond ring. Denise gets upset listening to Louisa's tale of being cast out by her family. Hal, convinced that Tom helped Emily escape, orders Margo to tell him where Tom went. Emily asks Tom to help hide her until the baby comes. A woman recognizes Brad as he's escorting Carly into the restaurant in San Francisco. Margo asks Hal not to charge Tom in exchange for revealing his whereabouts.

Tom reminds Emily that as her lawyer, he can't aide her, but assures her that he does believe her. Ben escorts Louisa to a support meeting at the church. Emily takes Tom back to her hotel room to get her things and apologizes to him.

Brad stuns Carly when he presents her with the diamond ring. Hal won't make any promises, and a conflicted Margo finally tells him that Tom was calling from the ballroom of a hotel in New York. A cynical Carly accuses Brad of paying for the ring with her money.

The diner re-introduces herself to Brad as Claire Wentworth. Carly is irked when Brad deserts her in favor of Claire, walking out of the restaurant arm-in-arm.

Before Tom can complete his call to Hal, informing him of Emily's voluntary surrender, police storm Emily's hotel room and arrest her.

When Ben returns, he finds Denise in a deep funk. "I had a baby too," she cries before running off.

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