As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on ATWT
Chris suspected Katie was behind the photos of him and Molly. Katie moved into Molly's apartment and encountered a real stalker. Julia comforted Jack when he got a package from Carly. Chris went after Katie's stalker, but Holden thought he was the stalker and tackled him.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, March 20, 2000

Holden caught Simon going through Cal's things and asked him why he was there. Lily entered, tried to calm Holden down, and told him that she had invited Simon to stay at Cal's. Holden asked her why she hadn't informed him of the situation. She told him that she had planned to, but he had been a little busy lately. Holden went back to Simon and demanded that he reveal why he had been going through the things at Cal's house. Holden said, sarcastically, that he was sure that Simon had a logical explanation.

Simon looked down at the stack of old photo albums that he had found. Simon tried to explain the he had only been looking at the architecture of the house. Holden told him that they were going to call everything off. Lily said that they had already paid the contractors. Holden said that they would eat the cost. He grabbed Lily, and they headed out the door.

After they were gone, Simon got out the old photo and looked at it. He started thumbing through the photo albums and said that he was not leaving without that pendant. He searched and searched the photos and couldn't find any of the women wearing the pendant. He got frustrated and tossed the album aside. He said that he knew that the pendant was there somewhere -- diamonds didn't just disappear. He started searching again. He said, "I have to find that pendant. Time is running out."

Margo walked into Lucinda's den and was there to see Bryant. Lucinda sent Matthew, the butler, to get Bryant for Margo. While he was gone, Lucinda filled Margo in on finding Bryant in New York. She said when they had found him, he had been with Abigail -- Holden's Abigail. Lucinda told Margo that it was going to take all of them to get Bryant into shape. Matthew returned and informed Lucinda that Master Bryant was not in his room.

When Lily and Holden got home, they continued to argue over Simon. Lily tried to convince Holden that Simon was a good guy. Holden wouldn't listen to her. He did not trust Simon. Lily was tired of fighting, and she told Holden that they wouldn't solve anything that night. She told him that she had missed him and just wanted to spend time with him. She suggested that they go upstairs, take showers, and go to bed. Holden said that he needed to check on Abigail.

As Holden and Lily were scooting off to retire upstairs, the door opened, and Abigail and Bryant walked in. Abigail and Bryant had been out front talking. Abigail had told Bryant about the night that Molly fell and how she had felt like she had been to blame. Bryant had told her not to blame herself. As they walked in the front door, Holden and Lily turned, and Holden said, "Abigail!"

Abigail turned abruptly and saw Holden and Lily. She tried to explain that she had gone to see Molly and had left them a note. Holden said that they had not seen her note, and he had thought that they were going to go to see Molly together the next day after she had had some rest. Abigail got upset and said that no amount of rest was going to make Molly better. She ran out of the room.

Bryant said hello to Lily and Holden, and Lily said that she had thought that he was supposed to be at her mother's house. He explained that he had been worried about Abigail and had stopped over to see how she was doing. He told them about Chris always showing up where Abigail was, and Lily said that they had had trouble out of Chris before.

The doorbell rang, and Lily answered the door. Lucinda marched in. She wagged her finger at Bryant and told him that he was a very a predictable kid. She hoped that he had performed his last disappearing act. She grabbed him by his coat and dragged him out of Lily's house. As she dragged him away, Bryant said, "Bye, see ya later," to Holden and Lily.

Katie and Henry were at Java Underground, and Katie told Henry that she wanted him to stop the stalker stuff. She was comfortable where she was, and she didn't want to get caught doing any pranks. Henry told her that she was not the one doing the pranks, and she had nothing to worry about. She said that if they got caught, it could make Molly look like Mother Theresa.

Katie looked past Henry and saw Chris and Jake talking. She told Henry to look and then said, "What is wrong with that picture?" Henry told her that she was being paranoid. She said that Chris was talking to the editor of the City Times. She kept watching them, and Henry told her to stop staring at them. She wondered what they were talking about.

Katie decided to go over and see if she could find out anything. Jake was telling Chris that whoever had the pictures of him and Molly had been working at WOAK that night. Katie approached and interrupted the two. She told Chris that she was sorry for siccing Holden on him when he had been in New York. Chris told her that both father and daughter were back in Oakdale. Katie said that if she knew of anybody that could talk Abigail into returning to Oakdale, it would be Holden.

Chris looked at Katie and said that the conversation between him and Jake was private. She chuckled a little and asked if they were talking about anything that she would be interested in. Jake butted in and said that it really wouldn't interest her. She said that she was not sure; she was interested in a lot of things. Jake said that he was sure she was.

Chris, Jake, and Katie looked at each other for a second, and then Katie excused herself. She went over to Henry. Jake told Chris that he had blown that one. If he was going to find out who had put the pictures on the monitor at WOAK, he was going to have to take notes. Jake told him that he thought that Katie could be a lead in finding the culprit. Chris told him that he wanted to find who had done it, but not for revenge. Jake told him that it was time for them to get sneaky.

Katie arrived home to Margo and Tom's house. Margo and Tom were both upset because they hadn't known where she was. She told them that she was okay. She had been at Java Underground with a friend from work. Tom questioned if it was smart to be out in public like that where her stalker could see her. She told them both to stop worrying about her and said she thought that the stalker had stopped. He hadn't done anything in a couple of days.

Katie told Margo and Tom that she needed to talk to them. She informed them that she was going to move out. They both tried to fight her on it, but she was dead set on moving out. Finally, Tom gave in and said that they had an apartment and decorating ideas to look for. Margo teased him about decorating, and they went to bed.

Katie turned on some music and said that Henry's stalker game was over. She went to the refrigerator to get something to eat. Outside the house, someone was looking in the window at Katie in the kitchen.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Jake walked into Java Underground to see Isaac. He asked Isaac if the business was going to be legitimate or if it was a cover for some operation. Isaac said that Jake was way too nosy. A deliveryman walked by and asked who was going to sign for the blackjack tables and craps boards. Jake snickered.

Isaac told the guy that he was the one that they would deal with, and the man could put everything in the back room. He asked them not to scratch anything. When the delivery guy was gone, Jake asked what Isaac was up to. He asked if Isaac was going to be Donald Trump Jr. and turn Oakdale into another Atlantic City.

Isaac explained that all the gambling would be done in the back room and by invitation only. He said that Jake would have a standing invitation, of course. Jake warned Isaac about what kind of people gambling could draw in. He asked why Isaac would want to get involved in that. Isaac spouted off that not everyone could be a neurosurgeon, and it was who he was. Jake made a comment about Isaac buying a business, suggesting Isaac seemed like he was starting to settle down. Isaac said that as soon as he got comfortable, he would be out of there.

Jake gave Isaac a little lecture, saying that when the right thing happened along, one should grab it and hold on to it. He told Isaac that when Vicky had died, Isaac had slapped him back into reality. Jake confided in Isaac that he felt like a big brother to Isaac. Isaac said that was funny because he already had a big brother -- and he was right there in Oakdale. Jake was surprised, and he asked who Isaac's brother was.

Isaac said that the illustrious Ben Harris was his brother. Jake said that was great, and he could reserve him and Ben a spot at the table. Isaac said that Ben was one person who would never be invited to his place. About that time, Emily waltzed into the club and said, "Well, if it isn't the Hardy Boys. Remember me? We haven't been together since the hospital." Jake looks at Isaac and said that his luck had just gone from bad to worse.

Isaac asked if stalking wasn't against the law in Oakdale, and Jake agreed with him. Jake asked which one of them was her hapless victim. Emily said that she was there on a lead for a story. Isaac said that his life was off-limits to reporters. Emily pointed at Jake and said, "Except him." Jake told her that he was Isaac's friend, but she wouldn't know about that because she didn't have any. She took off her coat and threw it on Jake.

Emily walked over to Isaac and said that there was a rumor that he was going to have gambling in Oakdale. Isaac said that there was no law against gossiping. Emily kept hounding Isaac, and Jake told her to drop it, but she kept on. Isaac said that it would be the perfect time to get his stitches out. Jake said that he would go with Isaac and get a procedure that would be less painful than listening to Emily -- like having open-heart surgery. Isaac said that Jake had to stay there and make sure Emily found her way out.

Jake begged Isaac not to do that to him, but Isaac walked out the door, anyway. After he was gone, Emily told Jake that she was glad that he got so much enjoyment out of mocking her. Jake asked her why she had it in for Isaac, and wanted to know what Isaac had ever done to her. She said that he just bugged her. He had breezed into town, and everything had been going his way. And, she added, he dressed like a gangster.

Jake told Emily that some people judged the man, not the clothes. She asked him why he always took Isaac's side. Jake told her that Isaac had saved him from taking a tumble when Vicky had died, and he would lay his life down for Isaac. Emily got mad, looked Jake straight in the face, and said that she was going to be back on top -- and when her meteor rose, everyone was going to be blinded. She stomped out, and Jake said, "I love fireworks."

Denise sat in her hospital bed with a bouquet of flowers laying across her lap. She stared into space. Kim stuck her head inside the door and said hello to Denise. Kim entered the room and told Denise that she was looking much better. Denise said that she was feeling better and that the people that she worked with had sent her the flowers.

Denise told Kim that she had just been thinking what Andy's family had done for her while she had been in the hospital. Kim said that they were not only Andy's family. Denise said that she had meant Hope's family, too. Kim said that she was their family as well. Denise looked at her and said that she had a problem with that. Kim was surprised. Denise explained that her marriage to Andy was in name only, and she felt like she was scamming the family.

Denise talked about her feelings for Andy and that she felt trapped in her marriage. Kim said that she knew just how Denise felt. Kim told Denise about her marriage to John and how he had blackmailed her to marry him, but she had been in love with Bob. Denise questioned why she hadn't married Bob. Kim said that Bob had been married to her sister. Kim told Denise that she had a big idea about how perfect their family was, but they'd had their share of difficulties. Denise told Kim that she hadn't realized that.

Ben walked into the room, and he had Denise's chart in his hand. He saw Kim in the room and then talked to Denise about her vitals. He said he was going to make out a prescription for her to take home in case of another infection. Kim asked why Denise would need a neurosurgeon when she had the flu. Ben explained that she'd had such a high fever that he had taken her case to keep a watch on her, just for the sake of safety. Ben told Denise that he would get her release papers ready, and he would leave her to be with her mother-in-law. Ben left.

Kim gave Denise a big lecture about putting Hope first and making her the focus. She said that nothing could go wrong if she kept her thoughts on Hope. Denise turned to her and thanked her for being so honest. Kim said that they should make a pact to always be honest with each other. Denise agreed. Kim left, and Ben returned. He was acting very cold toward Denise and treated her like a stranger. He told her what she should do the next few days, and he had a prescription ready for her.

Denise said that she remembered that he'd had his arms around her and had been holding her the night she arrived in the ER. He told her that a patient with a high fever had to be kept warm. She asked if he did that for all his patients. "Do you sit by their bed and hold them and smooth their hair?" she asked. He told her that he had to check her lungs to see if they were clear. He moved his stethoscope close to her, and she grabbed it. She told him that she wished she could put that stethoscope to her heart, and it would tell him everything that was in it.

Andy walked in the door, and Ben said that he would go and get her release papers so her husband could take her home. Ben left, and Denise started to cry. Andy looked at her and said that he would take care of everything. He caught up with Ben in the hall. He told Ben that he had told Denise that he wouldn't mind if Ben and Denise saw each other on the side, but he was having second thoughts.

Andy explained that Denise had been under a lot of stress, and he didn't feel it was good for her. Ben said that he would lay off because she was Andy's wife. Andy thanked Ben, and he started to go back into Denise's room. Ben stopped him and told him that he had better take care of her. Andy said that Ben could bet on it. Andy went back into Denise's room, and she was sobbing. He sat beside her on the bed, hugged her, and told her not to be sad because everything was going to be all right.

Andy and Denise packed up her things, she got dressed, and they went home. When they got there, Kim was sitting with Hope. Denise took her and hugged her. Denise saw a mobile laying on the table that Andy had made with pictures of Andy, Denise, and Hope on it. She commented on how wonderful it looked.

Andy asked if he could get Denise some tea. She looked at the pictures on the mobile and then looked at a picture on a table of her and Ben. She told Andy and Kim that she didn't know how she would ever repay everything that they were doing for her.

Back at the hospital, Ben sat, feeling really low. Isaac walked by, but then returned and said, "Ben, I...." Ben looked up and saw Isaac. He jumped to his feet and said, "Man, you have been picking at me ever since you came to Oakdale. Do you want a piece of me? Come on!"

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

Bryant arrived to coax Abigail out of the house. Nancy volunteered to do some legwork at WOAK for her grandson Chris. As Camille looked on, Isaac offered Ben advice about moving on from Denise, but Ben wasn't willing to hear it.

Camille explained to Ben that Isaac had been trying to reach out to him. John admitted to Susan that he was worried about Camille's breast cancer checkup. Bryant bullied Abigail until she agreed to go to Java Underground with him. Chris agreed to let Nancy help him narrow down the list of suspects.

Jennifer reunited with Abigail at the club and was embarrassed when she was caught badmouthing Bryant. Nancy walked in as Katie was denying Henry's suggestion that her "stalker" strike again. Katie agreed to take Nancy on a tour of the studio, including the control room.

Camille sensed something was afoot when John refused to do any work. Nancy learned from Katie that detailed files were kept at the reception desk. Bryant advised Abigail to ignore Chris when she was distressed to see him show up at the club.

Chris asked Isaac if he had seen Jake and walked away when he saw Abigail laughing with Bryant. Jennifer told Abigail that she was lucky to have found Bryant. John revealed he had a night of pasta and listening to an opera CD planned to take Camille's mind off her checkup.

Katie was disappointed when she learned Holden would no longer be driving her to work and loved Henry's suggestion that she take over Molly's apartment. Nancy gave Chris the assignment list for the WOAK control room for the day the photos had been put on the monitors. John shared the fears he'd had at his own cancer checkups with Camille, who was touched.

Ben walked up to a bartending Isaac at the club, and the brothers shared an awkward conversation. Holden learned from Henry that Katie was moving into Molly's apartment and rushed off to try to stop her.

Nancy told Chris she had her suspicions about Henry and urged him to not necessarily believe the photos had been motivated by any grudges. Chris was surprised to see Katie at Oakdale Court, and Katie told him she was subletting Molly's apartment. Chris looked down and saw her name was on the list of people who'd had access to the control room.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Denise apologized to Andy for sleeping the day away. She asked him if he was hungry and suggested that she start making dinner. Andy told her that he and Hope had just been discussing them all going out for dinner to a restaurant. Denise did not think that would be a good idea.

Simon went over to Lily's house to inquire what his status was with the family room project. Lily apologized for not calling and gave excuses for Holden's behavior the other day. Lily told him that after she discussed it with Holden, he should be able to resume the project the next day. Simon inquired next about the portrait sitting, but before Lily could answer, Abigail returned from Java Underground. Lily introduced Simon as the architect that was working on the house. Abby mentioned that she was a bit surprised that Simon was around so much, considering the architect that had worked on the Williamses' home had only stopped by once to drop off the blueprints for the project to the contractors.

Chris looked at the list of people who'd had access to the WOAK control room on the day the pictures had been exposed, and saw Katie's name listed. He asked what Katie was doing at Oakdale Courts, and Katie explained to him the circumstances behind her subletting Molly's apartment. Chris voiced aloud how amazing it was that every time something bad happened to Molly, Katie seemed to benefit from it. Katie expressed some surprise and told Chris that she had earned everything she had gotten at WOAK. Chris threw back at her all the things that had happened, from Molly's food poisoning to her falling down the stairs, that Katie's career had received a push from.

Katie wanted to know what Chris was accusing her of and demanded to see what was in the letter that he was holding in his hand. Chris tried to keep her away from it. Holden entered and saw the two of them tangling. He pushed Chris off of Katie and told him that he'd better lay off, or he would have Holden to deal with. Katie was impressed at Holden standing up for her.

Denise told Andy that she didn't feel like flaunting her relationship with Andy in front of people. Andy told her that they could not live like hermits during the whole time they were married. He asked her if she was afraid of running into Ben. Denise told him that everyone in the community knew that she had been engaged to Ben, and she didn't want to hurt his feelings more by having her new "family" be seen in public.

Andy reminded Denise that she had known what she would be getting into when she agreed to marry him and that the social workers would never believe their union was real unless they acted like a real couple around other people. Andy made a few jokes, and Denise loosened up. She agreed to go out as long as it was strictly casual.

Simon explained to Abigail that since Lily and Holden had such busy lives, he had to communicate plans for the family room with them after hours. Abigail questioned why an "Aussie" like him would waste time in a boring place like Oakdale, and Lily and Simon explained to her how he had happened on that particular task. Simon mentioned to Abby that he had been in Chicago, inspecting the architecture, and Abby questioned him on a few buildings there that she knew about. It was clear that Simon had no idea about the buildings she mentioned, but he played along. Abby told him that she would love to discuss what a real architect thought about the buildings. Simon was dumbfounded.

Katie told Holden that Chris was not doing anything to hurt her, and they were just having a misunderstanding. Holden told Katie to go up to Molly's apartment because he wanted to speak to Chris alone. Katie tried to talk him out of it -- especially because she knew that Chris was hiding some kind of document from her -- but Holden insisted.

Katie left, and Holden told Chris to lay off Katie. Holden thought that they had been discussing the fact that Katie had told him where Abigail had been and had betrayed Chris's confidence. Chris said that they had not been discussing that issue in the first place, and what they had been discussing was between him and Katie. Holden said that it was his business also. Katie spied on them from the top of the stairs.

Abigail continued to quiz Simon on some architecture-related topics and even caught him in a slip or two. Simon brushed it off, saying he had seen so many buildings lately that he couldn't keep them all straight. He quickly excused himself and reminded Lily that they needed to schedule something soon. After he left, Abigail asked Lily if she could move some things around in her room. Lily approved and asked if Abby could watch the kids while Lily ran a few late-night errands. Abby agreed and thanked Lily for trusting her after everything she had done.

After changing her clothes, Denise emerged to get acceptance from Andy on her choice of outfits. Andy told her that she looked great and reminded her to wear a warm jacket and scarf. Denise laughed at him and told him that since he was a parent, he would find that he "parented" everyone without even knowing it. As they left the apartment, Denise saw Holden talking to Chris. They made a quick exit, and Katie cowered into a corner to avoid being seen by anyone.

Holden reminded Chris over and over again to stay away from both Katie and Abigail. He even went as far as to accuse Chris of possibly being Katie's stalker. Chris said that Holden had the right to enforce rules where Abigail was concerned, but not about Katie. He denied being the stalker and told Holden that if he wanted Chris to stay away from Katie, Holden should talk her out of moving to Oakdale Courts.

Holden again repeated his warnings and tried to leave. Chris said that if Katie were being stalked, it was strange that she would suddenly decide to move out on her own when she had been living with a cop. Holden told him to mind his own business. Chris looked at his list again and knew he was right about Katie.

Andy and Denise were at Mabel's Red Hots, having dinner. Andy left with Hope to refill Denise's drink, when Chris tracked them down. Denise, knowing the tension between Chris and Andy, tried to get him to leave before Andy noticed that he was there, but Chris wanted to ask her some questions about WOAK. Andy returned and told Chris to stay away from his wife.

Simon was on the phone with a woman named "Sheila," telling her to make sure that she backed up his story if Lily called her for a reference. After he hung up with her, he began comparing the sketch he was making of Lily with the photos he had that looked so much like her. Lily knocked on the door and explained to Simon that she didn't have much time. Simon gave her his sheet of references, and Lily told him that she would call on them in the morning.

Simon asked Lily if she had told Abigail where she was going, and Lily admitted that she had lied to her. Lily told Simon that she felt bad, considering they were trying to teach Abby how to be trustworthy. They began looking at Lily's old photo albums, and Simon continued sketching her. Lily told him that every time they were together, all they did was discuss her life. Lily wanted Simon to tell her more about him.

Holden told Katie that he was not too thrilled about her living in the same apartment complex at Chris Hughes. Katie told him that she and Chris went way back and that he had nothing to worry about. Holden tried to leave, but Katie told him that since he had bothered to go all that way, the least she could do was hear him out. Holden agreed to stay and have dinner with her but needed to call Lily first.

Holden was surprised to hear from Abigail that Lily was out running errands at that time of night. He contacted her on her cell phone and told her that he was going to get in late that night. Lily didn't reveal her whereabouts either. Holden agreed to stay and have dinner with Katie in hopes he could talk her into moving back into Margo's. When Katie took his coat, she conveniently turned off his cell phone. Meanwhile, Katie's "stalker," complete in black outfit and ski mask, entered the Oakdale Court area.

Andy asked Chris "what the hell" he wanted. Chris apologized to Andy about the whole Molly incident, but Andy began to get angry and told Chris that he didn't want to discuss it. Denise butted in and told them all that for Hope's sake, they should just let bygones be bygones and not discuss the subject at that time. Andy agreed. Denise asked Chris what he wanted to know about WOAK, but Chris was crestfallen that Andy did not want to have anything to do with him. He told Denise and Andy that he wished them a long, happy marriage that was blessed with more beautiful babies like his niece.

Denise looked uncomfortable but thanked Chris anyway. Chris left disappointed. Denise recommended they leave. As they were putting on their coats, the waitress recognized Andy from high school. He introduced Denise and Hope as his wife and child. Denise continued to be uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Katie explained to Holden about the comment that Chris had made earlier about her benefiting from all of Molly's tragedies. She told him that she felt that by taking over Molly's rent, she was ensuring that Molly would have a place to call home once she woke up. Holden was still uncomfortable about Katie living alone, but their conversation told him that she was tired of being the "fifth wheel" at Margo and Tom's. Holden told her that she was too nice for her own good. They toasted to her future.

Simon was still sketching Lily, who grew uncomfortable about being gone so long. She told Simon that she wanted to get home before Holden did. She told Simon, however, that she was sorry she hadn't gotten the chance to learn more about him. Just then, her cell phone rang. It was a frantic Abigail, telling Lily that Luke was gone. She had checked everywhere, but Luke was not in his bed. Lily told Abby she would be right home and tried to contact Holden. The operator informed her that his cell phone was not in service. Lily raced out of the house, with Simon, who told her that he was going with her.

Andy and Denise were at home, playing gin. Andy asked Denise if she'd had a good time, and Denise told him that she had until his brother had shown up. Andy told her that he was glad that she hadn't allowed things to get out of hand and that he really had no reason to be mad at Chris anymore. Andy told her how happy he was, and Denise reminded him that their marriage was just a make-believe one. Denise asked him if he was happy living in the apartment, and he told her that it was okay, but it was a little cramped. Denise mentioned the fact that she had always envisioned Hope growing up in a house, and she and Andy shared the type of home they would like to have.

Abigail was frantically looking for Luke when Lily and Simon returned to the house. Abby told them that Luke had only been missing for less than half an hour, and Lily told Abby to check the stables. She tried Holden again on his cell phone but got the same operator. Lily told Simon that Luke was prone to sleepwalking and that she hadn't told Abigail about that. Lily berated herself for not being there. Simon tried to tell her that everything was going to be okay, and they split up to find the boy.

Holden thanked Katie for the dinner but told her that he had to go. He wanted to call and check up on Abigail and the kids, but Katie managed to talk him out of it. Katie thanked Holden for being so supportive. After he left, someone called the apartment. It was still Molly's voice on the answering machine, but the whispering male voice said, "Katie, I know you are there, and I am coming to get you!"

Katie picked up the phone, laughing, and told the person she thought was Henry that he had a flair for the dramatic. She told the man on the phone that at first she had really hated the whole "stalker" idea, but it seemed to be working. The man on the other end just hung up. Outside, the masked man headed up to Katie's apartment, when he stumbled on some plants. They made a loud enough noise that the stalker scrambled for the bushes. Chris emerged from his apartment to see what all the commotion was about. He found nothing and returned to his apartment.

Denise told Andy how nice the evening had been and headed for bed. Andy kicked back on the couch and smiled.

Holden returned home and found Lily frantically looking for Luke. Holden tried to calm her down, but Lily had checked everywhere and was afraid someone might have taken him "this time." She told Holden that Simon was looking for Luke, too, and when Holden questioned Simon's involvement, Lily got upset and said that she had tried to call Holden, but he hadn't picked up his calls. Holden checked his phone and discovered it had been turned off.

Just then, Simon emerged from a back room with a sleeping Luke. Luke had apparently fallen asleep in the family room behind some sheet rock that he used for a fort during the day. Holden thanked Simon and took Luke off to bed. Lily, crying, kissed Simon on the cheek and thanked him wholeheartedly for finding her son. Simon realized how upset Lily was and made a quick exit.

Katie was dressed for bed and was snooping around Molly's place. She found some letters in a drawer and sat down on the couch to read them. Meanwhile, the stalker peered in on her through her living room window. As the scene ended, he removed his mask.

Friday, March 24, 2000

When Julia showed up at the police station to cover a story, Hal assigned her to work with Jack. Simon volunteered to help Lily look through the family photos. Katie was disappointed to see Henry at her door and not Holden, but Henry warned her that Chris had been investigating the source of the photos. Chris accused Katie to an incredulous Jake.

Chris explained his case against Katie. Katie expressed regret at getting involved with Henry and his schemes. When she opened her housewarming gift from him, she was not amused to see it was a fake Emmy. Jake lectured Chris about the need to gather more facts against Katie if they were to catch her.

Simon grilled Lucy about what had been passed down to her by her family, perking up when she mentioned jewelry. Jack and Julia decided to tell Hal the truth, but he didn't believe them when they insisted they were not together. Jack got a package from Carly, containing a leather jacket. Katie got a series of threatening phone calls and believed it was Henry. Meanwhile, at the station, Henry suggested to Holden that Katie do a special on stalkers, insisting it was all Katie's idea.

Chris looked through Katie's garbage and discarded the fake Emmy. Jack read the note Carly had written, which revealed that the jacket was to have been a present waiting for him when he returned to work from their honeymoon. An Australian woman left a message on Lily's answering machine, calling Simon a liar and a thief.

When Henry called to alert Katie about the stalker special, Katie berated him for making the threatening calls. Katie then saw a man in a ski mask and panicked, but Henry didn't believe her and hung up. Katie then called Holden, who advised her to lock herself in and wait for him. Henry ignored Holden's order to call 9-1-1, believing Katie deserved a few minutes alone with Holden first.

Jack stopped Julia from leaving when she decided she was going to tell Lisa the truth about them. Simon castigated himself when he got too close for comfort and scared Lily away. Jake told Henry he wanted to do an article on Katie. Henry let it drop that Katie had a stalker and insinuated that she had many enemies, including Chris. Chris heard Katie's screams and managed to rip off the ski mask on the fleeing stalker, but he still escaped. Holden then collared Chris and prevented him from running after the man.

Lily played her phone message, and Simon froze when he heard the woman's voice. "You lied to me," Lily accused him. Jack admitted to Julia that he was glad she had been there when he had received Carly's package. Henry called Jack and reported that Katie had seen her stalker. Holden told Chris he was stopping Chris from stalking Katie further.

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