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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Lily and Holden and the kids are having an indoor picnic. The doorbell rings and it is Rose. She has brought Luke and Faith some candy for Easter. She tells them that she was busy and didn't get over to see them for the holiday. Luke asks her to stay and join in the picnic with them. She says that she can't because she has an appointment to go to. She looks at Holden and Lily and adds that it is a business appointment. She tells them that Lucinda has offered to help her get started in business. She tells them goodbye and heads for the door. When she gets to the door she hears Holden tell the kids that they are going to play a game. Her chin starts to quiver and she walks out and slams the door. Later, Holden and Lily have put the kids to bed and are cleaning up. They discuss Rose and how she would react at a board of directors meeting for Worldwide. Lily says that maybe her mother will keep her just busy enough to leave them alone. Luke comes in and says that he can't sleep. He tells them that he is worried about Aunt Rose. He says that she wouldn't stay and have the picnic with them. He asks his mother if she is mad at Aunt Rose? Lily says no and she explains that just like he and his friends need some time away from each other, adults need time away also. Luke yawns and Lily says that she will take him back to bed. As they are leaving the room, Luke stops his mother and says that he hopes Aunt Rose isn't sad. Lily looks at Holden.

At Lucinda's house, Rose is waiting and looking around the room. She finds a picture of herself and of Lily. She puts her picture in front of Lily's. Lucinda comes in and tells Rose that she has had a big day and she is going to fix herself a drink. She asks Rose if she would like something. Rose says that she never mixes alcohol and business. She starts to sell herself to Lucinda telling her all her "business" qualities that she has. Lucinda stops her and says that she will have to take a test first. Rose questions this and asks if she hasn't been tested since the day she arrived in Oakdale? Lucinda says that if she is going to work for her, she has to take the test. Rose asks her what it is that she has to do? Lucinda says that they are going to have a party. Rose starts to go off about how she can give a great business party and she will be refined in front of her business affiliates. Lucinda stops her and says that this will be a family party. Rose goes off again saying that it would be so nice to have a "welcome to the family" party. Lucinda stops her again and says that she won't be the guest of honor; she will be co-hosting the party. Rose looks at her with a question on her face. Lucinda tells her that she wants her to throw a getting-back-together party for Holden and Lily. Rose looses the smile on her face. She asks why she should be giving a party for the girl who has everything. Lucinda says that it will be good for family morale. Rose says that she will give her RSVP right now. She tells Lucinda, "No way, Jose!" She walks out.

Simon and Craig bust into Gabriel Franks trailer. Gabe tries to make a fast get away and Simon catches him and smacks him around a little bit. Craig tells him that he wants to know what it is he is after? Gabe acts like he doesn't know what Craig is talking about. Craig asks him what it is that he wants with his son? Gabe asks who is his son? Simon shakes him up a bit and Craig says, "Bryant Montgomery??" Gabe acts like he doesn't know whom Bryant is. Craig tells him to stop acting like he doesn't know and Gabe gives in and says the he does know who Bryant is. Craig asks him what it is that he wants. Gabe says that they only took the pictures for Bryant. He explains that he felt like he owed Bryant something since they had gotten him into so much trouble. Craig says that a two-bit con artist like he and his daughter don't just help someone from the goodness of their hearts. He adds the he knows that Gabe has an agenda and he wants to know what he has in store for his kid. Gabe denies it again. Craig asks where his daughter may be? Gabe says that he doesn't know. He adds that she may be at the Walsh Estate digging her claws into Bryant's back. It hits Craig! He tells Gabe that he knows why he is hanging around; he is going to go after Bryant's grandmother. Gabe denies this also. Craig smacks Gabe in the face once more and tells him that if his son gets hurt from any of his doings, he will track him down and make him pay. Simon and Craig leave and go back to the Lakeview. As they are having a drink, Craig tells Simon that Lucinda is his and he tells Simon to do whatever he has to, to keep an eye on Ruby. Simon tells him that this is what he was made for and he leaves Craig sitting alone.

At the pool house, Jennifer comes over to visit Bryant. She sees the look on his face and asks what is wrong. He says nothing, but goes on to tell her about seeing his father and how he seemed so interested in how he was feeling. She says that she still wants to go on with their plan to show the pictures. Bryant kisses her and tells her that she is so beautiful and he says that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him too. They kiss some more and fall onto the couch. As they are making out, someone bangs on the door. Ruby is standing outside. Jennifer says that if it is Craig she doesn't want Bryant to let him in. Bryant opens the door and Ruby comes running in, in tears. She says that she can't do the things her father wants her to do anymore. She looks over and sees Jennifer standing there.

At Lien's welcome home party, Margo and Molly have her cornered and are asking about her health. She tries to reassure them that she is just run down. She tells Molly to go back to the party and have some fun. Molly walks away and over to Jake. She tells Jake that Lien has told them that she is just run down, but she doesn't believe her. Back over in the corner, Margo won't let Lien go. She tells her that she is the closest thing she has to a daughter and she is worried about her. Lien explains that she doesn't want Ben to know that she hasn't been feeling well. She tells Margo that before she left D.C. she went to the doctor and he had told her that her heartbeat is fast and that makes her feel run down. Margo makes Lien promise to make an appointment with John to have a checkup. Lien gives in and says that she will. Ben comes over and Lien apologizes for being so tired, but she would like to call it a night and go home. She then goes over to Tom and thanks him for a wonderful night and apologizes for leaving so early. She and Ben and Curtis leave and go to Ben's apartment. While Ben is tucking Curtis in, Lien has another spell, but recovers before Ben returns. When Ben walks into the room, he offers her something to drink. She tells him that she feels like she would just like to go home. He tells her that he sent Curtis on to bed so they could spend some time together. He says that he hopes he is not overstepping, but he had felt a connection with her. She tells him that he is not overstepping. She says that she has something to show him. She holds out the crystal heart that he had given her and he sees that it has a crack in it. He tells her that she has broken his heart. He takes her in his arms and says that there is a way to fix that and he kisses her.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Amused to find his rival at the door with orchids for Barbara, Hal sets Craig off when he relates that Barbara has some concerns now about marrying him. Meanwhile, at the Lakeview, Barbara confides in Kim about her troubled engagement. Interrupting, Sierra lets Barbara know that she has finally signed the divorce papers. Craig interrupts them and worries further to find his ex-wife chatting with his future one. He finally gets Barbara alone and listens as Barbara states that she needs time to re-think the idea of marrying him. Though Bryant is at first suspicious of her phony tears, Jennifer falls for Ruby's story that she's run away from her father's demanding schemes because she's afraid he might hurt her. Jennifer quickly suggests that she stay with her but Ruby points out that she's in the photos with Craig. Bryant offers her a place to stay tonight with him. Rose changes her mind and slips into the mansion which sets Lucinda complaining about Matthew's inability to follow her orders. Rose apologizes to Lucinda for her outburst earlier and agrees to help Lucinda plan the family party for Lily and Holden. A disguised Gabriel stops by the mansion and hands Rose a "telegram" for Matthew. The butler quickly packs his bags and leaves, leaving Lucinda a note to explain his departure.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Barbara's House:

Jennifer stared at the phone wishing it would ring. She picked up the phone but hesitated to dial. She didn't want Bryant to think she was checking up on him. Hal walked in the door and asked if Barbara was home. Jennifer told him that she left earlier. Hal saw that Jennifer was upset and wanted to know if she had another argument with Barbara. When she told him that she hadn't and that nothing was wrong, he insisted that she tell him what was really going on. Jennifer explained to Hal that she's worried about her competition with Ruby where Bryant is concerned. She asked for his advice. He told her to break up with him before he breaks her heart. She realized he was speaking about his situation with Barbara. He advised her to tell Bryant how she feels and about her concerns.

Lucinda's Pool House:

Ruby thanked Bryant for letting her stay at the pool house. Lucinda knocked at the door and Bryant told Ruby to hide. Lucinda came in and told him she came to wish him a Happy Birthday and that she had a present for him. Just then, Sierra arrived with a present also. Bryant told them he was late for a breakfast meeting with Jennifer, Adam and Abigail. Sierra insisted that he open her gift first. It was a picture of Bryant with Craig, taken when Bryant was a little boy. They had been on fishing trip and Bryant was holding the fish he caught. Sierra tried to show Bryant how much his father loved him and that nothing has changed since their happier days. Lucinda's gift was an IOU for his trust fund. She told him that if his Dad didn't repay the loan to his trust fund in 60 days, she would replace the money. Sierra accused Lucinda of trying to manipulate Bryant. Lucinda told her that she was trying to manipulate him with the picture she gave him. Lucinda and Sierra continued to argue. Bryant told them he had to leave. Sierra embraced him and repeated how much she and his father loved him. After Bryant left, she and Lucinda discussed their conflicting views about Craig. Lucinda asked Sierra if she had forgiven Craig for all the things he had done to her. Sierra smiled and gave Lucinda a hug, and told her she had to leave to catch her flight.

Simon walked into the pool house. When Ruby heard someone in the other room, she thought it was Bryant returning. She was surprised to see it was Simon. He asked Ruby what she was up to. Simon kissed Ruby and continued to ask questions about what she was doing in the pool house of the richest kid in town. Ruby asked Simon to leave and pushed him out the door, telling him she had work to do and she didn't have time for pleasure now.

Al's Diner:

Adam and Abigail were sitting at a booth discussing the prom as Jennifer joined them. Abigail asked what she was wearing to the prom. Jennifer admitted that she hadn't even thought about the prom. Bryant walked in and began kissing Jennifer as Adam and Abigail told Bryant Happy Birthday. They decided to leave Jennifer and Bryant alone and left. Gabe sat at a booth behind them. Jennifer wanted to know what had happened at the pool house. He told her that he had an early invasion by his Mom and Lucinda. He mentioned that he got two great birthday gifts and he'd tell her about them later.

Lucinda's House:

Lucinda called out for Matthew, forgetting that he was no longer there. The doorbell rings and she grumbles about having to answer the door now that Matthew was no longer her butler. It was Jake at her door. He told Lucinda how much he liked working at home and wanted to continue working there so he can be close to his twin daughters. Jake asked where Matthew was. He said that he expected him to answer the door. Lucinda told Jake she is so frustrated because Matthew left and she doesn't know where he is. Jake implied that Lucinda might have angered him one too many times. Lucinda told Jake she was upset because it was Rosa's day off and Matthew was gone. Jake suggested that she hire a new butler. He wanted to know what Matthew told her when he left. She gave him the note Matthew left for her. Lucinda said she is suspicious because he doesn't have any family, so why would he leave on a family emergency. Jake took the letter and left, saying he has to find Matthew.

Carly's Apartment:

Carly listened to her phone message form Craig. There was a knock at the door. She was surprised to see it was Barbara. Carly asked Barbara why she was there. Barbara told her she wasn't there to cause problems. They exchanged pleasantries and then Barbara asked how close Carly was to Craig. Carly told her there was nothing romantic going on between her and Craig. Barbara said she knew that, she wanted to know what her perspective of Craig was. She showed Carly the coroners report about the death of Winston Lowe. She asked Carly if she thought Craig is a murderer. Carly told her that anyone that lived in Winston Lowe's house could be accused of murdering him. She didn't think that Barbara had to worry about Craig slashing her throat. Barbara asked if she thought marrying Craig was a big mistake. Carly said she didn't know. She asked Barbara if she wanted to know if Craig loved her. Carly began telling her of Craig's virtues and told her if she doesn't grab Craig, someone else would. Barbara agreed that Craig is wonderful and exciting and that she shouldn't worry about marrying him. Carly told her that she only has one thing to do "go for it." She told Barbara she could have an exciting life with Craig or go back to her boring life with Hal. Barbara liked what she heard and as she left, she asked Carly not to mention to Craig that she had been there. After Barbara left, Carly smiled and talked to herself, saying that Craig owed her a lot for being his matchmaker.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Craig's surprised and encouraged when Carly reveals that Barbara came to her seeking advice about her love life. She advises him that Barbara's confused about what to do but she did urge her to marry Craig. When he complains that he's done everything he can to prove his love, she suggests that he win Barbara by doing the opposite and almost play hard to get.

Bryant explains to Ruby that she'll have to find another place to hide from her father since he has plans with Jennifer. Following Bryant, Gabe bursts in and plays up that he's angry with his daughter for running out on him. Bryant falls for the scheme and quickly jumps to defend Ruby. Lucinda interrupts which sends Gabe cowering in hopes that she doesn't recognize him. Lucinda recognizes Ruby from the photos of Craig and offers her a place to stay safe, unaware that this is exactly what she and Gabe want.

Barbara is touched when Jennifer announces that she will be her maid of honor as requested. However, she also states that she still doesn't support the marriage.

Lien reports to Ben that the judge has agreed to a delay in the custody hearing and he thanks her with a kiss. Ben then invites Lien out for a date tomorrow but his plans are spoiled when John insists that Lien come in for an examination. Unaware of what John requested, Ben guesses John was badmouthing him and when Lein tries to explain Ben becomes defensive.

Friday, April 27, 2001

Cass warned Jack that getting a divorce would be more difficult than he originally thought because of two things--Julia's living arrangements in the psych ward; and her mother, Charlotte. Charlotte had expressed concerns that the divorce could hurt her daughter and had threatened to hire a high-powered attorney to contest it. Cass said it would be wise to use discretion until the papers were signed and advised Jack and Carly to stay apart until that time. They reluctantly agreed not to see each other until the divorce papers were signed. After Cass left, Jack was shocked to see Julia arrive home from the hospital accompanied by an orderly on the pretense of picking up a few of her things to take back to the hospital. Jack was furious when Julia refused to sign the papers until after he escorted her to Barbara's wedding.

Craig instructed Simon to go to Lucinda's house and find out exactly what was on Ruby's agenda. Once there, he was stunned when Ruby admitted her ambition was to take Lucinda for everything she was worth. After giving Simon a tour of the house, they started kissing. Suddenly Lily walked in and spied the two of them making out!

John Dixon urged Lien take additional tests so that he could get to the bottom of her symptoms. She resisted but eventually agreed to cancel her appointments for the rest of the day to take the tests. Lien ran into Bob Hughes in the hospital corridor and lied about her reasons for being there.

Craig followed Carly's advice and went to see Barbara to "call off" their wedding. He told her that he had jeopardized her relationship with her family and that it was unfair to her. He said he'd rather say goodbye than force her to choose between him and her family. Instead of protesting as he would have liked, Craig was stunned when Barbara let him leave without saying a word. He vowed to himself that Carly was "dead meat."

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