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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, January 13, 2003

Holden and Lily have their first two hours alone with no children since Natalie's birth. They discuss romantic ideas, but end up falling asleep together on the couch. Before they fall asleep, Lily tells Holden that she is the luckiest person in the world, but that she misses Rose.

Marshall Travers, from his hospital bed, accuses Ben Harris of trying to kill him. Bob and Jessica walk in on the angry confrontation, just in time to hear Ben say, "If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead!" Bob orders a sedative for Marshall, and Jessica looks uneasy. Ben tells Bob, in Jessica's hearing, that Marshall is trying to get Ben out of the picture so Marshall can have Jessica to himself. Marshall's father then tells Jessica that he is suspicious of Ben. In the hall, Ben tells Jessica that there is no way he could harm a patient, even subconsciously. Jessica assures Ben that she still loves him, "no matter what." Jessica advises Ben to document everything to protect himself. She also advises him to take some time off, but Ben insists on doing his best for his patients. Ben tenderly thanks Jessica for her support.

Craig meets Lucinda in Lucy's hospital room just after putting Sierra on a plane to Montega. the two banter about Craig's relationship with Rosanna. Craig leaves Lucy's room and goes straight to the pay phone, looking for a "sympathetic ear."

Molly confides to Mike that she suspects that Carly is pregnant, but is concerned that Carly has not told Molly, who is her best friend as well as her cousin. Mike reassures Molly that Carly and Jack needed time to be alone. Molly and Mike share a passionate kiss, then Molly comes in with two glasses of champagne. The champagne brings back memories to Mike of his night with Carly.

At their home, Carly tells Jack that she has quit her job with Monte Carlo to concentrate on their family, but Jack encourages her to go back to work. Their phone rings, and Carly picks up the phone and tells Craig that her mind is made up, she is quitting Monte Carlo. Carly assures Jack that what she wants is "right here" with him. Jack leaves to go see Holden and Lily, and Carly again asks him to keep her pregnancy secret.

Jack wakes Holden and Lily up to deliver the Snyder christening gown for Natalie. Jack tells Holden and Lily the news about losing J. J. As Jack leaves to go to the station, Holden guesses that Jack is keeping a happy secret. Jack, at the station, calls to check on J. J.'s (now Alex) welfare. Then he opens a new book, "A Dad's Guide to a Pregnant Wife."

Craig rings Carly's doorbell. He tells Carly that Rosanna wants to marry him, and Carly immediately breaks into hysterical laughter. Then Craig tells Carly that Rosanna won't insist on a prenuptial agreement, but he doesn't want to use Rosanna. An astonished Carly blurts, "You love her, don't you?" Carly tells Craig that he has finally found something genuine, and she sends Craig to Rosanna, advising "Marry her!"

Lily's phone rings. Rose is calling from Italy. Rose promises to come home soon, although she dodges questions about Paul. Lily hugs Holden and tells him, "Rose is coming home!"

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Carly asks Emily's advice about what she should do about Mike now that she has told Jack that she is pregnant. Emily suggests that Carly worry about Rosanna as opposed to Mike because she is the real threat. Emily suggests that Carly makes nice with Rosanna and tell Rosanna about her pregnancy. Carly disagrees with Emily's suggestion and then gets a call from Mike demanding to see her. Later when Carly goes to see Mike he informs her Jack told him about the pregnancy. Carly denies the baby is Mike's. Mike also brings up Rosanna being a threat so Carly decides to ask Rosanna to be godmother to her unborn child. Craig offers to buy Fairwinds from Barbara. She becomes disturbed when she finds out that Craig might be marrying Rosanna and threatens to warn Rosanna about Craig. Craig suggests that Barbara concentrate on Paul and what he will think about Barbara wanting to hold on to James Stenbeck's house. Later, Barbara offers Fairwinds to Paul and Rose but Paul declines. Emily and Hal have a conversation about Barbara's incompetence as a mother. Emily is hurt when she feels that Hal is taking Barbara's side. Later, Hal apologizes to Emily, claiming to only be concerned about Will's future happiness. Aaron shows up at the hospital and spots Lucy, but Alison's interference prevents Aaron from talking to her. Later, Alison informs Aaron that Lucy is going to be released from the hospital and suggests that she and Aaron spend time together since they both miss Lucy. Aaron agrees. Craig brings up the topic of his marrying Rosanna to Lucy and she is all for it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Bob tells Marshall that a different doctor has been assigned to him. Marshall begins making accusations against Ben but Bob stands up for Ben. Jessica comes to see Marshall and tells him that she is trying to locate his daughter. He tells her that there is so much red tape and the only way to find her is to actually go to Brazil. Then Ben accuses Jessica of using his daughter as an excuse, that she is only there to stand up for Ben. Jessica tells Marshall that they had a type of excitement between them and admits that she did have feelings for him at one time. However, she doesn't love him and she doesn't see their relationship lasting. Marshall says she'll regret her decision.

Ben talks to Isaac and tells him he is upset about Marshall trying to ruin his career and for also trying to steal Jessica from him. Ben says he still hasn't forgiven Jessica and he can't forget the videotape he saw, but he still has feelings for her.

Jack goes over to Mike and Molly's place. He asks for their help in surprising Carly. Molly gets so excited to hear that Jack is planning a honeymoon for Carly.

Carly goes to see Rosanna and says that she told Jack that she quit her job. Rosanna says that Jack will figure it out because he knew about the non-fraternization clause. Carly says he won't because he has other news on his mind. She tells Rosanna that they just found out that Carly is going to have a baby. Rosanna gets very upset with the news and tells Carly that she hurt her. Then, Carly asks Rosanna to be the baby's "full time aunt". Rosanna is surprised but finally agrees to be "Aunt Ro". Carly tells her not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until the first trimester is over. Rosanna is again surprised that Carly trusts her. Before Carly leaves, she tells her that Craig really does love her. When she gets home, she calls Emily and tells her that the plan worked. She opens the door to discover Jack, Mike and Molly dressed in "Mexican" wear and she finds out that Jack has planned a trip for the two of them to go to Cancun.

Craig asks Katie and Margo to come over because he wants to ask them for advice. He tells them, "If you don't stop me, I'm going to marry Rosanna Cabot." They say she's cold, ruthless and calculated and they tell him not to do it. Craig says she is passionate and vulnerable. He thinks he may be in love but he's not sure if he even wants to get married. He goes to visits Rosanna in the hospital and says they have to talk about her proposal. She tells him that she is withdrawing her proposal.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Paul comes over to Lily's house and sees that she is sorting clothes. Paul asks if they are her clothes and Lily tells him that they are Rose's clothes and she is coming home. Paul asks when is she coming back and Lily asks if tomorrow is soon enough. Lily tells him that she thought they could all go to the airport to meet her. Paul says that he will pass. Lily tells him that if he doesn't go to the airport, she will think that he doesn't care. Paul says that he is not the one that doesn't care. He tells Lily that during the trial with James he kept saying that he was glad that Rose wasn't there, but deep down inside, he needed her to be there. He adds that he was there for her. Lily says that he is upset and hurt and she doesn't blame him for feeling that way, but she knows that Rose loves him and if he doesn't go to the airport it will be like saying that he doesn't care. He says that Rose had called off their relationship, not him. Paul tells Lily that he has to go see Will at the hospital. Lily stops him and asks what is she supposed to tell Rose when he is not at the airport. He says that she can tell her whatever she wants. She asks if she should tell her the truth that he is so afraid of getting hurt that he is pretending not to care. Paul just looks at her. Lily tells him to think about it and don't let his pride get in the way. Paul says that he won't and he walks out the door. When he gets outside, he says, "Sorry Rose. It's just better this way."

Carly and Jack are discussing their trip to Cancun when the phone rings and it is Mike. He tells Carly that Molly is suspicious and she needs to tell Molly about her pregnancy. Carly tells him to go ahead and tell her. Mike says that he can't because she will want to know why he knows before she does. Carly says that she will take care of it. When she hangs up the phone, Jack asks what will she take care of. Carly tells him that Mike was on the phone and he thinks that she should tell Molly about her pregnancy. Jack says that she should tell Molly and he is surprised that she was not the second person that she told. Then, he adds, that maybe there is a reason why she didn't want to tell her. Carly says that the reason she hasn't told Molly is that she will want to know the due date and have a shower and redecorate the nursery. She tells Jack that they need some down time. Jack says that he knows that and that is why they are going on a honeymoon. He asks Carly if Molly was pregnant, wouldn't she want to know. She says that she understands that but she just wanted to keep this simple and private.

Craig tells Rosanna that he has an answer to her proposal. Rosanna stops him and tells him that she is withdrawing her proposal. Craig asks if she doesn't want to marry him now. She tells him that she doesn't want to get married in foreseeable future. She explains that in the last few weeks she has been off balance and she thought getting married would even everything out. She goes on to say that being with him is like riding on a wonderful roller coaster and she just wants to keep getting back in line for it. She also tells him that she feels that their relationship is on a whole new level. Craig asks if the new level has a name and Rosanna says, "Honesty." She explains that he was honest about his night with Carly and that caused him to lose a lot. She says that she got ahead of herself and she feels like she put him on the spot with the marriage proposal. He says that it did force him to take a good hard look at their relationship. She says that explains the "deer in the headlights" look. He says that he came to see her expecting to have another conversation. She tells him maybe next time and they have something else to discuss and that is Monte Carlo. Craig tells her that Monte Carlo is a thing of the past. Rosanna explains that when she found out about his night with Carly she had to have her tantrum and her five minutes of revenge, but she is giving Monte Carlo back to him. Craig asks if she is putting any stipulations on this return. She tells him that the only thing that she wants is to work more closely with him. He asks her if she wants to work as partners. She says in every sense of the word. He says that he has never known forgiveness like this. She tells him that no one has loved him as much as she does. They kiss and then he asks what is going through her beautiful mind. She says that she was thinking of asking him to marry her again. Craig gets nervous and pours himself a glass of water. Rosanna tells him to relax. She is not going to propose to him again. She asks if he will please return to Monte Carlo. He tells her that he doesn't want to just take Monte Carlo. He tells her that he wants to give her, her hearts desire. She asks what would that be. He tells her that she is more to him than any woman he has known and she knocks him out of his orbit. He says that he came there with a specific purpose and then she takes back her proposal and gives him Monte Carlo without any conditions. He says that he wants to get back to her marriage proposal. She says that they have beaten that subject to death. He says it has an after life. He asks her if she is curious about his answer. He tells her that he said no to her proposal because he is a traditional guy. She looks at him like she doesn't know where he is going with this. He says that in his tradition the man asks the woman to marry him. Craig gets down on one knee and says, "Rosanna Cabot, will you do me the indescribable honor of becoming by wife?" Rosanna says yes and then falls to her knees and into his arms and they start to kiss.

Tom and Margo meet Katie and Simon at the Lakeview. Tom tells Simon that he has looked into his problem in Australia but he can't represent him because he is not a U.S. citizen. Tom suggests that Simon go back to school and get his citizenship and then he can help him with his case. Margo and Tom give Simon a packet of information and forms to fill out. They tell him to think about it and give Tom a call tomorrow. Margo tells Katie that this is Simon's call. Katie says that she will let him make the decision. After Tom and Margo leave, Katie starts making all kinds of plans about getting books for Simon and making him lunch to take to school. Simon tells her to slow down. She says that this is the opportunity they have been waiting for and the faster they get started the quicker he can become an American citizen.

Molly and Mike are sitting all cozy by the fire at their house and talking about taking a trip of their own. Carly knocks on the door and when Molly opens the door, Carly apologizes and says that it looks like she interrupted a pajama party. Molly tells her not to be silly. Carly asks if they can talk and Mike says that he will leave and call Jack to meet him for a beer. After Mike is gone, Carly tells Molly that there is something that she should know. Molly says that she knew something was going on. Carly turns to her cousin and says, "Jack and I are having a baby." Molly eyes widen and she says, "You're pregnant? Are you sure?" Carly says that she is positive. Carly goes on to say that Jack was so upset when he lost J.J., but since she has told him that she is having a baby, he has been bouncing off the walls. Carly looks at her cousin and asks if she is going to say anything. Molly asks what should she say. Carly says that she should say, "congratulations, Carly", "I'm happy for you, Carly". Molly pipes in and says, "Are you crazy, Carly? What if this baby is not Jack's? What if this baby is Craig's?" At first, Carly tries to argue with Molly about who the father of her baby is. But Molly has too many arguments. Carly explains to Molly that her life is always a mess. She says that she gets something good and then she messes it up. She tells her cousin that she took the coward's way out and told Jack the baby is his. Molly asks if it is possible that Jack is the father. Carly says that she has been spending her day praying that her birth control failed. Carly looks at Molly and says that no has to know. Molly tells her that she (Carly) will know. Molly asks about what happens if the baby gets sick and has to go to the doctor. She reminds Carly that is what happened with J.J. Then Molly brings up Rosanna. She says that if Rosanna finds out she will instantly bring up the Craig factor. Carly tells Molly that she had done some damage control on that aspect. She tells her cousin about visiting Rosanna and telling her that she was "barely" pregnant and she painted the picture of Auntie Rosanna being there for birthdays and Christmas mornings. Molly tells her to stop before she gets sick. Molly reminds Carly that all is good except when she delivers a preemie that outweighs all the babies in the nursery. Carly says that there is nothing she can do about that. She says that if Rosanna is in full "Auntie" mode and Craig marries her. Molly tells her to back it up. Molly asks if Craig and Rosanna are getting married. Carly says that she is not sure but she did tell him to "buy the cow". Carly starts on a rampage and says that she doesn't need Rosanna on her back wondering if the baby is Jack's or if it is Mike's! Molly stops her and says, "Carly! You just said this baby could be Mike's!" Carly makes an excuse that her brain has gone to mush. She explains that with everything that has gone on the past few months she just isn't thinking straight. Carly picks up the TV remote control and says that she needs this for her life. She tells Molly that she could just change the channels of her life. Carly tells Molly that she thinks that Craig is really in love. She goes on to say that if Craig and Rosanna do get married, maybe they will be busy with each other and stay out of her business. She says that with a little luck and the help from her friends she can pull this off.

Mike walks into Java Underground and sits at the bar to wait for Jack. Henry walks in with a loud woman on his arm. Mike looks up and sees Henry standing there. Henry orders two martinis and then sees Mike sitting at the bar. Mike is scowling at Henry. Henry tries to get his date to leave the bar. When they get their drinks, Henry looks over and Mike is still scowling at him. Henry raises his glass to Mike and says, "Here is to short memories and long lives." Mike gets up and starts toward Henry. Henry asks his date if she is still taking the Tae-Kwondo classes. Mike grabs Henry and says that he should rearrange Henry's face. Mike says that he messed with his life for a few lousy bucks. Henry's date makes a fast getaway. Mike tells Henry to never mess with Molly again. Henry says, "Molly who? Or is it whom?" Just as Mike swings at Henry, Jack walks in and breaks the two apart. Jack asks Mike why is he wasting his life with this want-to-be.

Friday, January 17, 2003
by Andy

Alison is visiting Will at the hospital, when Barbara walks in and demands to know, "What kind of secret instructions are you giving my son?!" Babs grabs Alison's arm, and Alison threatens to get Barbar confined to one of the "empty beds in the grown up section of the psyche ward." Hal and Dr. Michaels walk in and tell Barbara to back off, or else they'll restrict her visits.

Alison runs out of the room and catches up with Aaron in the hallway. She's excited about their lunch date, but Aaron cancels the plans because has to run to a job interview. Alison tells him Lucy was released earlier in the day. He asks for her advice because he gave a nurse at the desk a letter to pass along to Lucy. She tells him he's beginning to act like a stalker.

Craig and Lucy get back to their suite at the Lakeview and meet the new live-in therapist, Gloria. Lucy is depressed and tired from the trip home from the hospital. They agree to begin therapy once she's all settled. Craig takes off to finish some work. Once the therapist is out of the room, Lucy opens her bag and pulls out Aaron's letter. In the letter, Aaron tells her it's OK if she doesn't remember him, just as long as she doesn't forget herself. Lucy is re-energized after reading Aaron's words, and when the therapist returns, she is eager to start her rehabilitation.

Mike zips into his home looking for some missing floor plans. He finds the documents, and leaves Molly in the dust. Molly calls Jack and fishes for info into Mike's recent behavior because he came home agitated the night before. Jack tells her that he broke up a fight between Mike and Henry at Java. Carly sneaks downstairs as Jack is hanging up the phone. Jack tells Carly everything he just told Molly, then he runs off to finish some errands. Carly calls Mike's cell phone, but gets his voice-mail and doesn't leave a message. The doorbell rings, and Craig is at the door. He tells Carly that Monte Carlo is back on track, and that he proposed to Rosanna. He tells Carly Rosanna said yes, and that she better roll out the welcome wagon " ‘cause we're gonna be in-laws." Carly has little interest in rejoining Monte Carlo. Craig presses further, but Carly blurts out that she won't come back because she's pregnant. It takes Craig exactly two seconds before he asks Carly if her baby is Jack's or Mike's.

Back at the psyche ward, Barbara apologizes for losing control...again. Hal puts her in her place, and they move on. Will returns and says he'll be busy for the next hour or so with a group therapy session. Hal and Barbar happily agree to wait for him. Dr. Michaels asks Hal for information about the formal investigation into the fire. She wants details of the event because she thinks Will is hiding something. Hal nods his head. Later, Barbara beats it into Hal's head that Will needs his father, not a cop, at times like this. Hal just wants to get to the truth.

Rose gets off the airplane and looks around for her welcoming committee. Surprisingly, she finds Paul. They gingerly dance around their feelings about where she has been for the past few months, but ultimately give each other a hug. Paul tells her he "wasn't going to come at all...but I had to see you." Rose doesn't like hearing that. He wants to know why she's "still wearing my ring." Rose looks at the engagement ring, and says, "Well, because you put it there. You said you would always be mine. I hope that's still true." She doesn't want to have this conversation right now, but Paul presses her for answers. She tells him her life was going so fast that she needed time to sort things out. She never stopped thinking about him. This isn't good enough for Paul, and he starts to walk away, Rose tells him she thought he didn't love her anymore because he never called her when he was on trial for murder. Paul stops in his tracks. They both say the love they have for each other is still alive, but there is a lot of work to do to rebuild the chemistry that was lost. Rose pulls off the engagement ring and asks, "What do we do with this?"

Alison waits in the wings as Aaron is interviewed at the car garage. The manager likes what he sees, but wants to have a certified mechanic on staff. He offers Aaron an apprenticeship, but Aaron is hesitant. Alison chimes in and offers to help out around the place for free if she hires Aaron. Bert gives them both the job. Aaron isn't happy that Alison helped him. He tells Alison to take another letter to Lucy. Alison can't believe he wrote another letter to Lucy without knowing how she would react to his first letter. Her efforts to dissuade him fall on Forrest Gump ears. She relents and promises to deliver his letter.

Jack arrives at Molly's, and they start to figure out that Carly's story and Mike's recent attitude don't add up. They both decide to ignore their feelings and support their loved ones. Jack steps outside and calls Mike. He asks Mike to meet him at the cop shop. Mike agrees. Later, Mike walks into the station and finds Henry waiting as well. Henry swears to Mike he hasn't told Jack anything, then Jack pops out and asks to speak with both of them in the interrogation room.

Back in Craig's suite, the therapist tries to moderate Lucy's enthusiasm about her recovery when there's a knock at the door. Alison arrives for a visit. Lucy tells her she is excited that Aaron wrote her a letter. Lucy asks Alison to tell Aaron to come by for a visit sometime. Alison doesn't mention anything about the second letter that Aaron wrote. Lucy also asks Alison to give Aaron a letter for her. Alison agrees, but says she probably won't be able to give him the letter for a few days since he's starting a new job. Outside the suite, Alison holds both letters in her hand and vows to not deliver either one.

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