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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Mike comes over to help Carly and Parker, and finds that Parker is determined to go find Jack. Mike convinces Carly that they should humor Parker, and they watch as Parker composes a note to Jack on the back of a family picture. Parker tells them that he intends to put the note into a bottle and to throw it off the bridge where Jack's car went into the river.

In the hospital, Jack awakens and insists to Nurse Julia that he urgently feels that he must go home, but he can't remember his home. The doctor still unwisely insists that Nurse Julia play along with Jack's feeling that he knows her, and Jack overhears Julia talking to her son, J. J., in the hallway outside his room. When Jack hears the name, "J. J.," he is overwhelmed by feelings of familiarity, and he becomes convinced that he is married to Nurse Julia, and that J. J. is his son. A social worker comes in and tells him that he was found north of town beside the river, and he feels strongly that he must go to the spot where he was found.

Today's Keys to the Kingdom clue further complicates the Stewart/Hughes love triangle. The clue reads, "Where fowl reigns supreme and lambs do not roam, and pigs in a blanket say, 'Take me home,' tuck in but don't let sleeping dogs lie. Jump up to claim your prize. " Alison and Aaron mistakenly head for Mabel's Diner and join the hot-dog-eating contest, while Emily and Chris are first to arrive at Frankfurter's Mattress Store (whose overhead sign shows a pig sleeping in a bed). They "tuck in" to a bed and see the sign overhead, but only after casting longing looks at each other. Reaching up to the light fixture for the key, Emily falls on top of Chris on the bed, they kiss and begin tearing each other's clothes off. Nancy Hughes comes to Mabel's and tells Aaron and Alison that they should be at the mattress store instead of Mabel's.

Hal comes to Barbara's apartment and demands to know if she helped Stenbeck. Barbara denies it, but is holding the audiotape when Jennifer comes to tell her that Rosanna and Cabot have been kidnapped by Stenbeck. When Jennifer questions her, Barbara admits that she helped James because he threatened to hurt Will. Jennifer gives the tape to Hal, and Hal promises to see that Barbara is punished if he can find evidence that she helped James escape from the prison guards.

At the carnival, James holds Rosanna and Cabot underground at knifepoint, until a hysterical Rosanna promises James that she and Jordan will do anything James wants for the rest of their lives if he will let them keep Cabot. James gleefully agrees, but only if Paul helps. At the carnival, Paul attacks the clown balloon vendor, thinking that he is Stenbeck. Embarrassed, he and the police find that he is mistaken. However, just moments later, Stenbeck appears behind Paul dressed as the balloon clown, and tells Paul that he, Rosanna, and Cabot will be waiting for Paul at the old family cabin. Paul slips off from the carnival, opens the cabin door, and is stunned by what he sees.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Emily and Chris hide as they hear Alison and Aaron approaching. From the other room, they are speaking with the person who is managing the store. As they get closer, Emily and Chris try to find a place to hide. They crawl under the model bed hoping not to be discovered. The salesperson brings Alison and Aaron into the room where Chris and Emily are. They are also trying to find the key. The salesperson tells them that another couple was there, but probably left. Alison starts to describe the couple to the salesperson. Alison is confused, because she thinks it is the two fellows that hold five keys all ready. She doesn't recognize the description given. The salesperson will give them a few minutes alone but when he is done with his bookwork, they will have to leave. He leaves them alone. All of a sudden, Emily sneezes. Alison and Aaron start to look for whoever is there. First, Chris comes out and then Emily. Alison wants to know why they are there. Aaron tells them to explain themselves. Emily and Chris are forced to tell Alison the truth. They say that they are partners in the contest. They were trying to win so that they could give Alison the keys they won. They have three keys. Alison is elated that they both would do this for her and she loves them both very much. Upon hearing this, Emily runs off trying to keep from crying. Alison doesn't know when the last time was, she saw Emily so emotional. Alison runs off after her, leaving Chris and Aaron alone. Aaron tells him that he got away with it again. Chris tells Aaron that he knows, he doesn't think he is right for Alison, but he wants to be. He asks Aaron for that chance, and they both shake hands.

Carly talks to Jack out loud. She tells him that Parker put a note and family picture in a bottle for him. He wants him to know that they are watching for him and he doesn't have to be lonely. Carly asks that even though, she knows he is not coming home, could he find a way to help Parker understand. After talking with Mike, Carly decides to take Parker out himself to the place where the accident happened. Out at the accident site, Parker throws the bottle into the water, saying that Jack will find it. He will know that they sent it. At home again, the doorbell rings and it is Holden. He has come to ask Carly if she is ready to have a service for Jack. She says she needs more time and so do the children. She is not ready to say goodbye. Holden tells her that her children need to be told that she will be there for them from now on, since Jack can't be. Carly agrees to the tribute service, but says that she doesn't want to say anything. She and the children will be waiting for Jack to come through the door and bring them home. Later, Parker comes downstairs and talks with Carly as she holds Sage in her arms. They put a light in the window for Jack, so that he will be able to find his way home. Parker, Sage and Carly are together downstairs. Carly picks up the compass, from off the floor, that belonged to Jack. She places it back, into Parker's little hand as he lies sleeping, and sits down beside him, holding her children close.

Julia comes out of Jack's room and tells the Doctor that Jack thinks she is his wife and JJ is his son. She can't mislead him because it isn't fair to him. The Doctor tells her that because of her, Jack is remembering things on a much faster level and she is helping him to get well. Jack asks Julia to help him. He wants to be someone she can count on. She leaves the room and tells the Doctor once again that she cannot continue on with this. He tells her to go on home and he will find a replacement nurse for Jack. Later, Julia receives a call from the Doctor, asking her if she has heard from Jack. It seems he signed himself out of the hospital and is off the grounds. Julia sits on the front porch in the rain and watches. Her son, JJ, comes out and asks if she is okay. She replies that she is and they both go inside. In the meantime, Jack runs into a phone booth and picks up the phone book that is there. He stares down at it, looking to decide who he is going to call.

Jordan and Jennifer arrive at the police station. Jennifer tries to tell Jordan that she didn't know how to tell him something. He looks at her, while Hal is bringing Barbara in for questioning. Jordan asks if she is being questioned about Cabot and Rosanna's disappearance. She tells them all that she did not help to kidnap Cabot. Jennifer tells Jordan that she had her suspicions but was not sure . Inside Hal's interrogation room, they all listen to the tape from James. Barbara tells them she had to help him or he threatened to kill to kill Will. Surely Jordan understands that. She says that Will is still not safe, because James can get to him. Jordan asks what the charges are, that they are bringing Barbara up on and is told that it is aiding and abetting. After trying to figure out why this is happening, Jennifer says that no one has heard from Paul either. She tells Barbara, that if anything happens to her brother, she will hold her responsible. Hal realizes that this is not about Cabot and Rosanna, but about Paul. When he thinks about it, he calls in everybody and puts an APB out on Paul Ryan. Barbara tells Hal that maybe she has an idea of where they might be. She tells him that it could be Luther's Corners. Hal says that Paul needs her now. She has always been there for him and she needs to be now.

Paul talks to James. He tells James that he is there at his request. Paul even asks what he can do to get Rosanna and Cabot back. James tells him that he needs to hurry and make a decision. James shows Paul, that Rosanna is behind one of the doors. James tells Paul, that what he wants, is what he always wanted, for Paul to be a man. First he wants Paul to call him Dad. Then he tells him that he is responsible for destroying all of James' hard work. He destroyed years of hard work to build and put into execution this well orchestrated plan.

Paul and James are talking. Paul tells James that Rosanna doesn't love Jordan. She loves him. He also tells him that he and Rosanna are going to get married. James wants to know what was wrong with Jordan and Rosanna being together and raising their son in a family unit. Paul says it just didn't happen that way. He tells him to pick a door but to choose carefully because he has a bomb planted to go off. Paul wants to know where the keys are for the door. He begs James to let him get Cabot and Rosanna out of there safely. James tells him to pick a door because there is only time to save one life. Which one is it going to be? The love of his life or the love of her life. He asks again, who's it going to be, because one of them is going to be a goner. James gives the keys to Paul and shows him where the bomb is planted. He fumbles through the keys trying to find the right one to save Rosanna. James tells him to hurry because time is running short, then runs out of the cabin himself. Paul finds the key and opens the door of the room that Rosanna is in. He unties and frees her while she is yelling for him to save Cabot. He has to physically haul her out of the cabin. He finally lets go and tells her that he is going back in for Cabot. On the way in, the bomb explodes and Paul is thrown backwards by the force of the explosion.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Holden enters the place where Jack's service is to be held. Molly is there and the two of them talk. Holden breaks down and tries to explain how he is feeling. Molly is sympathetic and comforts him. He has to finish making arrangements and leaves.

Lily comes in and looks for Holden. He is not there but she sees Molly. Molly tells Lily that she knows and understands that she has other problems that she has to contend with right now, but she also has a husband, whose heart is breaking because he has lost his cousin, his best friend. She tells Lily that Holden needs her now also. Lily tells her that she can handle her own problems and to stay out of them. Later that day, Holden comes in again and Molly is still there, but this time she has written some things about Jack that might help Holden get through the day better. After she reads them to him, he thanks her for her kindness. She then tells him that so many things have happened to her, that she thinks it is time to leave. She has lost family and friends and believes that she needs to go somewhere else, that no one needs her to be there. She says that after the service, she is leaving. Holden tells her, that the one person that needs her to stay in town is him. He needs her. He reaches for her and kisses him.

Julia finds Jack outside her door. She asks him if he has been there on the porch all night. Jack wants to know why she won't tell him that he is her husband. Julia tells Jack that she left because she couldn't do what the Doctor asked of her. The Doctor had said that as long as he was assuming things, it seemed like he was remembering more and that was helping him. She didn't feel that was fair to him. Julia tells Jack that she was never married to him and that she did not know him until he was brought into the hospital. She tells him that she was sorry that she had to do what she did. She tells him that she won't run out on him again. She tells him that maybe she wants to get to know him.

Dusty arrives at Sierra's place. She tells Dusty that she gave Craig $2,000,000.00 right before the kidnapping. She would hate to think that she somehow was involved with her own daughters kidnapping. Dusty tells Sierra that he can't put Lucy through all of this again, and he won't. He has caused her enough pain. Sierra tells Dusty that she knows he cares about Lucy, but, how could either one of them stand and do nothing, if Craig is guilty. She doesn't think that either one of them can. He tells Sierra that there was a suitcase in the room with a lot of money in it. He was forced to leave it there because he was injured and could not carry that and try to save Lucy also. Lucy and Craig arrive. Lucy has some news that she wants everyone to hear. She tells them all that she has decided not to leave for school. She wants to stay in Oakdale. She asks Dusty his opinion and he tells her that that is something she needs to discuss with her folks. Sierra asks for a few minutes alone with her daughter. When they are alone, Sierra suggests that instead of completely dismissing Williams College, that she call them and tell them that she needs to delay her enrollment, and therefore she is leaving the door open in case she changes her mind. She agrees to do that. Downstairs, she speaks with her Dad, Craig, Craig tells Lucy that the only reason she wants to stay in Oakdale, is because of Dusty. Dusty is back at Metro. He is making a phone call. Craig comes in and thanks Dusty, for saying what he did to Lucy about her decision. He then leaves the club. Lucy comes into Metro to speak with Dusty. He tells her that he has business to attend to in Chicago but he will be back in a few days. Lily goes to Sierra to say good-bye. She is still hurt by what Lily has said and done. Sierra tells Lily that she has to go, but she will always be her sister. Sierra tells her that she is going to find out everything that she can about Alan and prove to her and everyone that Alan was innocent. Then, maybe they can be close again.

In the hospital, Carly and Paul wait for Rosanna to wake up. When she does, the first thing she asks about, is Cabot. Where is he, who has him, is he safe and where is he? Paul tries to explain to her about the explosion, but Rosanna wants to go to where the site is to see for herself. Carly agrees that Rosanna needs to be there. Hal, Nikki, Jordan and Jennifer are looking over the remains at the site of the explosion. Hal tells them that part of a car-seat was found and that boys clothing was also found at the site. Rosanna and Carly arrive at the scene. Rosanna and Carly are told that forensics thinks that Cabot was killed in the explosion. Everyone has broken down at this point, when, Nikki brings up something that was found in the mailbox. It was addressed to Rosanna, and it is from James. Rosanna reads the letter, and, finds out that James had given Paul the opportunity to save either Cabot or her. He chose Cabot. Rosanna turns to Paul and asks why he let Cabot die. Paul tells her that he was on the way in to get Cabot when the explosion happened. There wasn't enough time. Both Rosanna and Jordan turn away from Paul. Jennifer says that she understands and Hal tells him that he could not make another choice. Paul tells Hal, that he is going to hunt James down and kill him. Hal tells him that he knows he can't stop him.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

While Lily feels conflicted about her failure to be there for Holden, Molly and Holden continue to kiss. They stop themselves, horrified, and rush off. Later, Molly tells Carly that all the things she said about her were right, but Carly surprises Molly by forgiving her cousin, knowing that Jack would want her to. Meanwhile, Lily apologizes to a guilty Holden who tells her he kissed Molly. Lily is rocked but, desperate to make the whole thing go away, quickly insists everything will be fine between them. However, both Lily and Holden privately fear that may not be the case.

Doc tells Margo that Jessica has had a miscarriage. Margo then goes to comfort Jessica and the two women take the first steps toward regaining their friendship. Later, Tom urges Casey to return home and in this gesture, Margo senses a chance for reconciliation only to be surprised and devastated when Tom gives her separation papers. Meanwhile, Ben realizes that Doc has sent Jessica flowers and then gets a call from Walker that the test results are back. Doc comes over later to comfort Jessica just as Ben realizes that Jessica's child was not his.

Jordan finds Rosanna and she is unable to talk about Cabot's death with him. Later, in the church, they blame themselves for making the choices they did. Rosanna tries to rebuff Jordan, but later, overwhelmed by grief, Rosanna allows Jordan to take her into his arms and comfort her.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Jessica and Doc talk. She says that it's all wrong. She wants to know how she could have loved someone she hadn't even met. Doc tells her that he knows she is in pain, but he is also. At the hospital, Ben figures out that he is not the baby's Father. When Walker Daniels asks him if he wants him to check further, Ben says it isn't necessary, he knows what happened and he has it all figured out.

At home, Lucy is knocking on Craig's door. She is glad that he is there. She tells him that she just received a call from Nikki Munson. She told her that there had been an explosion. Craig wants to know what happened, and, Lucy tells him that Cabot is dead.

Jordan tells Rosanna that she was a good Mother, and whenever he needed to know how to do something, he only had to look to her for guidance. Rosanna tells Jordan that every time she looks at him, she sees Cabot. Jennifer walks in after spotting the car outside, and she tells Rosanna how sorry she is. She asks Jennifer if they have found James yet. Jennifer says no, and Rosanna comments that he needs to be found.

Barbara is surprised by a visit from James. She wants to know how he got in. He tells her that he just escaped from a maximum security prison and he can do anything.

Julia tells Jack, that with the way he handles JJ, that he probably has a child or children of his own.

At Jack and Carly's home, Parker tells his Mom that he won't go to the funeral with her, because he's staying home and waiting for him to come back.

In the police department office, Hal tells Nikki that he can't believe that in all the times Jack came to his rescue, the one time Jack needed him, he wasn't there. Nikki tells him that it wasn't his fault. Hal says that under the circumstances, with the death of Jack, they have an empty spot that needs to be filled, on the force. Would she be interested in taking the position? She says yes.

Jennifer tells Jordan that she is so ashamed. She wanted to tell Rosanna that Barbara was implicated in Cabot's death, but couldn't. Jordan says he will spend the rest of his life seeing to it that James rots in hell. Jordan says that Barbara has to pay for her part in it also.

James tells Barbara that she enabled him to do the things that he did. She says she is not like him in any way. She would never kill a baby, especially her own grandson. James tells Barbara that he is leaving town now and she is on her own.

She asks how to get in touch with him if she needs help and he replies that she will always need his help but this time, and from now on, she is on her own.

Craig is on the phone. When he gets off he tells Lucy that there was an explosion and that Cabot was the only casualty. Craig tells Lucy that Cabot was going to bring them together as a family. Lucy tells him that maybe they can help each other. Neither will be lonely then.

Rosanna is at the service for Jack. Barbara walks up to her when she sees her. Jordan and Jennifer are walking out to where Barbara and Rosanna are. They hear Barbara telling her that she had nothing to do with Cabot's death. Rosanna asks, what is she talking about? Jordan says that she helped James to escape. She helped him to murder his little boy. Hal and the police come in to arrest Barbara for aiding and abetting.

Ben comes in to find Doc with Jessica. He was going to thank him for helping Jessica to the hospital. She is surprised by some of the questions that he is asking Doc. Doc leaves and Ben confronts Jessica. He says that Doc supplied her with more than just friendship. Ben tells her that she used to hate Doc. Now, he is generous to a fault -- sending flowers, coming to see her when her husband isn't home.

Jack plays a tune on the piano at Julia's.

Mike tells Carly that he will stay with Parker if he does not want to go. Mike says that Parker doesn't need to say goodbye today. He can wait awhile. Carly starts to leave for the door, when Parker begins to play a tune on the keyboard. Carly says that it is a song from her and Jack's wedding. She turns to Mike to tell him that nobody taught that song to Parker. Jack never taught him that song.

Rosanna attacks Barbara in the church. Jordan finally rescues them. Everyone attending the funeral service hears Barbara say that she didn't do anything. But nobody believes her.

Jessica tells Ben that she can't deal with anything else right now. She is mourning the death of her child. Ben yells at her. He says that it is too bad she didn't feel that way with Doc Reese. Ben tells her to admit she betrayed him again. He had autopsy done. The baby was a boy, but he wasn't the baby's father.

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