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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, August 23, 2004

Ben challenges Jessica about the parentage of their lost baby. He knows Doc Reese was the father and lashes out in anger, bringing up her rape by Marshall Travers. Jess tells him that she was only with Doc once, but Ben tells her she is pathetic, and he will never forgive her. He packs a bag and leaves her completely broken down.

Parker stuns Carly and Mike by playing a familiar tune on the keyboard. It is the music from Carly's wedding to Jack. Mike offers to stay with Sage and Parker while Carly attends the memorial service for Jack. When she has left, Mike and Parker have a chat about Jack. Mike gives Parker his cell phone number so when Parker wants to talk about Jack, he can call Mike and not upset his mother.

At Julia's house, Jack is playing the same music on her piano. They add piano playing to the list of Jack's accomplishments. J.J. and Jack have fun playing games, and Jack tells Julia he feels natural around the boy. Jack also fixes some of Julia's furniture, and he takes off his wedding ring to read the inscription. It says, "To Jack, forever." J.J. comes down to say goodnight and gives Jack a hug.

Dusty tracks down Naomi, who, until she found the two million dollars pay-off money in Wade's motel room, was the maid in that motel. She is now living high, and Dusty tells her she can keep the money if she will give him whatever else she found in that room. She produces a duffel bag, and in it Dusty finds a piece of paper.

At the memorial service, Hal arrests Barbara, and Nikki takes her down to the station so Hal can remain at the church. When Tom arrives, Hal tells him that Barbara has been arrested and that it was she who hired the helicopter pilot who rescued James Stenbeck. At the station, Barbara insists on her one phone call and makes it to Jen.

Jen shows up at the jail and Barbara mistakenly thinks she is there to help her. Barbara starts talking strategy to Jen, and they argue. Barbara pleads with Jennifer not to testify, but Jen tell her that she is going to tell the police and court everything.

Carly arrives at the church and the service begins. Holden speaks first and uses some of the words Molly has written for him. Margo speaks loving words about Jack, and then Hal tells some wonderful Jack stories. Carly thanks everyone for their love and support, and then Craig makes some unexpected remarks.

While Craig is speaking, Dusty comes quietly into the church and takes Lucy out into the foyer. He tells her he finally has proof that it was her dad who ordered her kidnapping, and he pushes the paper from Wade's bag into her hand.

After the service, Hal goes to the police station leaving Emily on her own. Holden finally tells Molly that he confessed their kiss to Lily. Rosanna and Jordan talk, and Jordan offers to take her home to Fairwinds. Margo and Tom discuss their separation, and Margo tells him she refuses to sign the papers.

Molly's car won't start so Holden insists on giving her a ride.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Margo goes to see Jessica. When Jessica opens the door to let Margo in, she tells her that she alone, Ben had to go to the hospital. They start to talk and Jessica offers Margo a glass of wine with the conversation. She then tells her that Ben left her. She turns to Margo and says, everyone else has had their say so, so now it's your turn, say what you have to say and leave. Margo tells her that she will not walk out on her best friend that she loves and who needs her. Margo asks Jessica how Ben found out about the baby and Doc. Jessica tells her. Margo tells Jessica that Tom brought her separation papers to sign and she told him "when pigs fly!" Now, Ben's gone also. They need to be there for each other. Jessica says that when you make a mistake you should be able to tell the other person you love about it. "Yeah," replies Margo, "in a perfect world." Jessica tells Margo that she has to stick to her guns now, and keep telling Tom that you are not going to give up on the marriage. Jessica plans to do the same thing, but, if it is over, she needs to know.

Ben goes to the gym and finds Doc there, sparring with a partner. The partner leaves and Ben tells Doc to stick around for round 2 with him. Doc has no idea what he is talking about. Ben tells him that he has gotten back the lab results. He knows that Doc was the Father of a baby boy. Ben starts to spar in the ring with Doc. When they both have thrown a few punches, Doc says all right, now we're even. "Even," says Ben, and continues to go after Doc, until Doc falls to the ground. Margo and Jessica rush in, and Jessica rushes up to Ben, who has hurt his hand. She offers to take him to the hospital, but he tells her to get away from him.

Jordan asks Rosanna "how are we supposed to pack up our son's belongings"?

"We're not," she says. They both are planning to leave for a couple of days to get out of the place they knew with Cabot. Jennifer enters with news. She tells both Jordan and then Rosanna that her Mother is in a holding cell down in the jail. Rosanna wants Barbara behind bars for the rest of her life. Jordan tells Rosanna not to put Jennifer on the spot. It is not her fault. As soon as Jennifer found out about Barbara, she went to the police. Jennifer tells Rosanna, that she will not retract the statement that she gave to the police. She loved Cabot also. She tells Jordan that she has left messages for Paul about Barbara. There has been no word from him yet. Rosanna blames Paul for what has happened. She says that if he didn't convince everyone, that James could be stopped, none of this would have happened. Jennifer says that no one would believe that even James was capable of murdering his own grandson. Jennifer says that after talking with Barbara, she can't believe that Barbara honestly thinks that she is the only victim in all of this.

At the jail, Hal comes in with a telephone to see Barbara. He tells her it is her lawyer. Barbara asks for a little privacy. Hal leaves. Barbara thinks she is talking to a lawyer, and goes on and on about what she needs him to do, and then discovers, that it is not a lawyer, but James. She tells James that she is in jail and needs his help. James wants to know if anyone has heard from Paul. Barbara tells him that she doesn't think so. James then tells her that it has been lovely chatting with her, but he has to go, and she should make the best that she can of having to be in jail. He hangs up and she throws the phone. In walks Tom Hughes. He tells her that he has some information that she might be interested in. He's figured out how long she will be behind bars. He has her on conspiracy and aiding and abetting. She tells him that it has been a big misunderstanding and her daughter will clear things up. Tom says that her daughter feels otherwise. He says he wishes he could charge her with murder. Hal comes back in, and tells her, "You might as well face it, you're life as you knew it is over." Hal later asks Barbara, "Why did you do it? Why did you help James?" She says that he knows why. No one could stop him, not even Hal. How many times did he try to how many times did James get away. She tells him that James threatened to kill Will, with just a phone call if she didn't help him. Hal tells her that she let James win. They had him where he would never be able to get to anyone again. She tells him that she is devastated by Cabot's untimely death. Hal tells her that he is going to make sure that she doesn't hurt anyone else. It stops right here.

James, in the airplane with Cabot, tells him that now he has him all to himself, and the rest of the people in Oakdale, can fend for themselves.

Jennifer asks Jordan if they are still planning on leaving. He says yes, but does not know about Rosanna. Jennifer tells him that they can't call Carly, because of Jack, and she hates Craig and she wouldn't see Paul, even if he was there. Jordan then suggests that he stay there. Jennifer says that she understands, and that Rosanna needs him to be there for her also tonight. Jennifer is going back to the police station to see about the charges filed against her Mother, and to talk with her Dad. She is concerned about Will, and how he will react when he hears the news. As much as Will loves, Paul and her, he has a special bond with Barbara, and she is afraid that it will cause a setback in his life. Jennifer leaves. Jordan goes to see where Rosanna is. He finds her holding some of Cabot's things. She is sobbing uncontrollably.

Carly is sitting in one of the pew's at the Church, after the service for Jack. Craig comes in to sit with her. Carly tells him that her wishes should be taken into consideration today, of all days, and she wants to be alone. Craig gets up and moves back two pews and sits himself down again. Carly turns around to him, and says, "Sometimes, you really tick me off." Craig says, "I know, it's a gift." Carly turns back around, but smiles. He tells her that she must hold on to what she has. After all, she still has Sage and Parker, and they need her. Craig tells Carly about seeing Lucy in the box, and is so lucky to have her back. Carly tells him that he doesn't need to make jokes all the time. He says, that, sometimes he does, because reality seems a little too much. He offers Carly a ride home, but, she says no that she has her car. She asks him to call her if he needs anything. She says, "and what if I'm not home?" He tells her that he will just turn up on her doorstep then. Carly leaves. Craig is standing in front of the Church when Lucy comes in to face her Father. She asks him, "How could you?"

Dusty shows Lucy proof that her Father was responsible for her kidnapping. He tells her to look at the name and amount on the paper. It is a wire transfer for $2 million dollars to Wade Larson. He shows her where the money was deposited into Wade's account. He asks her to look at the date, it was when she was safe; therefore it wasn't to pay off a ransom. He tells her that he was giving up on this whole thing when her Mother, called him. She asked him to find out what really happened. She was suspicious. Alan was innocent and Sierra deserves to know that about her husband. Dusty tells Lucy that two hours the kidnapping, Sierra gave Craig $2 million dollars. She can call Sierra or the bank to verify it. Her Mother deserves to know her husband was innocent. He was a good man and she should know the truth and so should Lucy. Dusty says that he would not bring this to her if he had any doubts. Lucy runs outside. She drops her purse and Dusty comes out after her. Lucy says that her Dad loved her so much he had people kidnap her. Lucy tells Dusty about Cabot. That she lost her little brother today also. Lucy wants to know why Craig did this. Lucy asks Dusty, if he gave this information to anyone yet? He says, no. She is the only one, and it is for her to decide what to do with it. He is placing it in her hands to do what she thinks is best. It's up to her. She asks Dusty if she can call him later, and he tells her that he will wait there for her. She says no, this is something she needs to do for herself.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ben tells Jessica once again that he doesn't need anything from her. Doc tells Ben to at least let Jessica take him to the hospital, and, then she will leave. Margo looks at Doc Reese and leaves also. Jessica is waiting at the hospital, in the reception room, to hear the news about Ben. Bob Hughes comes out and says that he does not have a broken hand. Bob tells her to go on in to see Ben. Ben wants to know one thing. Why did she do this to him again? Jessica tells Ben that it is not his fault. He was a wonderful husband and did nothing wrong. Ben tells her that from the very beginning she kept trying to put something between the two of them. First, there... was Bonnie, then Marshall, then came Sara, and finally Doc. Whatever the reason, he feels that he will never be enough for her. She'll always be looking for someone else. Jessica comes out of the room and sees Doc. He starts to apologize to her and he tells her that it is not necessary. It is all over, and she wants him to leave her alone from now on. Doc leaves and Jessica tells Margo that it is over with Ben also.

Nikki tells Jennifer at the police station that Tom Hughes threw the book at Barbara. Jennifer tells Nikki, that she is so lucky to have found someone like Jordan. He loves her and she loves him. Jennifer tells Nikki, that through all of this, she can't believe that she let her Mother suck her in again.

Jordan helps Rosanna into bed. She is exhausted from the day and the news about Cabot. Jordan tells her to try to rest and he will be right there beside her. Jordan and Rosanna talk. She tells him that she can't go back into the nursery again. He tells her that she doesn't have to, that he will take care of it. She falls off to sleep and Jordan leaves for the nursery. Rosanna is restless though, and dreams about Cabot. She wakes up thinking about Cabot. Jordan is in the nursery trying to put things away. He breaks down over Cabot's crib. Rosanna sees him from outside the room and enters. She comforts Jordan. They talk some more about Cabot. Jordan tells Rosanna that he will not break down again. If he gives in to the pain he is feeling, then James will win again. He pleads with Rosanna to not let Cabot die within her heart. They share a kiss, and in their grief, make love.

Lily and Emma talk. Emma asks her about the service. Lily wants to know where Holden is, and is told that he took Molly home because her car didn't work. Lily asks Emma if she would watch the children for a little while. She agrees to, but questions Lily as to why she has to go out. Lily tells her that she is just taking a little drive. Holden has driven Molly home. She tells him that she doesn't want anymore favors from her, since he decided to tell Lily about a private moment that was shared between the two of them. Holden tells her that he told Lily to keep himself from letting it go any further. He didn't want to lose Lily and his family, but he wanted her. Holden says goodbye but not before Lily sees them giving a hug to each other, as they say goodbye. After Holden leaves, Lily arrives at Molly's. She tells Molly that if she is going after her husband, she is in for the fight of her life. She has always used men and she will not use Holden. First there was Jake, then Mike and now Holden. There is no way. Holden arrives at home and asks Emma where everybody is. Emma tells him that Lily went for a drive. Emma does not want to interfere, but asks Holden, if their marriage is in trouble, then, you better do something about it quickly.

Dusty tells Lucinda that he will not break things off with Lucy to please her. If Lucy decides she wants to leave for Williams College, then she will. He asks when everybody is going to let Lucy decide things for herself. Lucinda reminds him that a long time ago, he was also in love with Lily and now it's I don't know. He tells Lucinda that she just has a problem with how it looks. She says, "If you care for Lucy, you can, at least, do what's best for her. Dusty looks at Lucinda and pours himself a drink. He tells Lucinda that he cares about Lucy. Lucinda says, "How dare you turn her life upside down and you can't even say you love her?"

Lucy faces her Father, and tells him that she knows the truth. She knows that he planned her kidnapping. Lucy and her Father start to talk. He begins by making up excuses and Lucy tells him to shut up and tell her the truth. That's all she wants from him. Craig says, "It was all Dusty's idea to prove that he was guilty." She tells him that, it was not so, and that she could call the bank to prove that what he told her was the truth. Craig starts to make excuses again, and Lucy says to swear on Bryant's death, that he wasn't involved. He can't, and she realizes what happened. He explains how things got out of control and it all happened because Dusty interfered. She leaves and Craig calls her to come back. She says she is going to see that he pays for what he did. Craig leaves the memorial and searches for Lucy. He can't find her anywhere.

Lucy turns up at the police station. She talks to Nikki, and tells her that she has new evidence about her case. Nikki says that she would like her Father to be in on this, and would Lucy wait in the office until her father gets there. While waiting in the office, Dusty arrives. She tells him that she talked with her father, and knows everything, but she still feels sorry for him. He says that he understands. Lucy says that she knows her father still loves her. Dusty responds with, "of course he does." Lucy tells Dusty that if she does this, it will send her father to prison. Dusty tells Lucy that whatever she decides, should she tell the cops everything or walk out, he will be there with her.

Dusty and Lucy talk. She has decided not to say anything. Dusty says that he will take her home, and she tells him, that she does not want to go home. She wants to go with him to his place. Together, Dusty and Lucy leave the office. They walk straight past Craig and out the door of the police station.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Dusty and Lucy admit their love for each other as Craig worries the bank receipt could send him to jail. Dusty and Lucy are about to make love when the fire alarm goes off, a stunt set by Craig, so he can search Dusty's room for the receipt, which he finds. Dusty and Lucy return and finally make love, but Dusty realizes Craig took the bank receipt. Later, Craig burns the receipt as Dusty makes a cryptic call.

Rosanna and Jordan wake up to a very awkward morning after. Jennifer arrives and goes into denial about what she thinks happened between them, but Jordan is compelled to tell her the truth and Jennifer walks out on him. Meanwhile, Rosanna decides she needs to go somewhere without any memories. Later, Hal, more determined than ever to put Barbara away, calls upon Jennifer to make sure Barbara doesn't make bail. But Jennifer arrives too upset off her break up with Jordan, to speak at the arraignment, until Jordan arrives.

It's the day of Alison's bridal shower but Chris and Emily are still fighting their attraction. No one comes to the shower, because Alison forgot to send out the invitations and another fight erupts between Kim and Susan. Alison proclaims the whole wedding a disaster and rushes out. Later, a tense Chris asks Bob if he had doubts about getting married.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Mike arrives at Carly's, but she doesn't know why, until Parker comes down the stairs and asks him if he is ready to go and find Jack.

Jack is looking in the local paper, but tells Julia, that he doesn't see anything new. JJ comes in and he and Julia are preparing to go to the water park. Jack says that he will stay behind and do something in the house. They persuade him to go with them.

At Susan's house, Aaron arrives with a gift for Alison. Things are in an uproar and he gets out of there as soon as he can. It seems as though Alison has forgotten to mail the invitations and so nobody turned up. Susan is blaming Alison for her immaturity. Susan tells Kim that she expects Alison to behave like a responsible adult, but she is still a kid at heart. Kim thinks that if Alison were as committed to getting married as she is, say to the contest for the keys, there would be no problem. Later, Chris arrives looking for Alison. He is surprised not to find anyone there, and asks if the shower is over. Susan says that it never began because Alison forgot to mail the invitations. She wants to talk to Chris about something. She asks him if he thinks Alison is immature. She asks him if he ever wishes that Alison were more mature, like Emily. Chris tells her that he loves Alison's spirit. She asks him again, if, he thinks that Alison is the right woman for him? She sends him to Emily's with food, and says that Alison will probably be there.

Bob and Chris are still having their discussion in the apartment that Bob has told Chris about. Bob tells Chris that he would be worried about Chris, if he didn't have cold feet. Bob, on the other hand wonders, if it is cold feet, or true misgivings. Is he afraid of getting married in general, or marrying Alison? Chris tells his Dad that everything is all right and he appreciates all that he has done including the talk.

Alison sits on a bench crying, wondering how she will ever get herself out of this. She's ruined everything, once again. She goes to Emily's house. She tells Emily that she has done it again. She will never be able to hold a party or act like she belongs. She asks Emily what she thinks about the "Stewart curse?" No one has had a really happy relationship until just recently between her and Hal. She says that since her Father left, Chris is the only person that ever made her feel special.

Emily says that she should not worry. Chris loves her and nothing will ever come between her and Chris. Alison gets a phone call from Aaron, saying that he needs to see her. After Alison leaves for Aaron's, Emily leaves to go and see Hal. She tries to tell him that they need to be with each other. Hal is busy right now and tells her that he will call her as soon as he possibly can. Alison arrives at Aaron's. She knocks on the door and no one answers. She turns the knob and walks on in. Everyone yells surprise. Aaron has thrown her a surprise shower, put together in a very short amount of time. Curtis, Casey, and some of Alison's girlfriends are there. She is having the best time. She opens her gifts, which include a pair of toothbrushes, etc. The final gift is from Aaron. It is a "recycled" blender. Alison hugs Aaron. When everyone is gone, Alison asks Aaron if he thinks she can make it work. He says that she can do and make anything happen that she wants. Aaron tells Alison that she was born to be a bride. She grabs Aaron and tells him that she loves him and he holds onto her, knowing that he indeed does love her.

Jennifer is at the courthouse. She tells her Dad that she is too upset and can't testify. Tom arrives and asks if Jennifer is ready. They tell him that she has decided not to testify. He says that he understands but he wants her to know something. Barbara made a phone call earlier to Will. Hal says, that Barbara once again, played the victim for Will, and said that everyone is against her. Since that call, Will's Doctor has said that Will hasn't spoken since. Hal says that they have to stop her. Jordan interrupts the conversation by telling Jennifer that he loves her. She wants no part of him. Barbara notices what is going on and comes up to Jennifer. She tells her that she was right to not want her with Jordan and right to protect Will from James. Jennifer tells Barbara that her Father has been the only one she could ever trust, the only one that ever cared about her. Hal tells the guards to get her out of there, and they take Barbara into the courtroom. Jordan speaks to her again. He says that she can hate him but don't let Barbara get away with Cabot's murder. She says she will testify. Jordan thanks her, but, she says she is not doing it for him. She tells Jordan to go to hell and take Rosanna with him.

In the courtroom Barbara pleads not guilty. After listening to her "law student" attorney, she stands up and asks if she can represent herself, as it is her day in court. The Judge rules that indeed, she can be her own defense. Barbara stands up and turns to those who are there to condemn her, that her only crime is in loving her children including the daughter who wants to put her away. She says her youngest son was threatened by James Stenbeck, and he is the real culprit, not her. He is the guilty party. She looks at Jennifer, Hal, Nikki, and Tom. She says, "how superior you all must feel." She asks the Judge to set bail at a reasonable amount and release her immediately, if not sooner. She then asks the Judge to remove her handcuffs. The bailiff does. Hal moves a guard to the back door. She knows they are all jeering. She hasn't swayed any of them as they all ready made up their mind, and so, she is given no other choice, because they will kick her while she is down. She says, so long you miserable hypocrites. It's been real fun." She crashes herself through a glass side door and runs out and away.

Julia, JJ and Jack go to the amusement water park.

Carly, Mike and Parker also go to the amusement water park.

They all arrive at different times and are doing different things. However, at one point, Jack comes out of the cafe carrying drinks, and looks up. He sees a blonde woman carrying a baby girl and a boy standing by her side.

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