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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, October 11, 2004

At the B.R.O. headquarters, Jennifer begins discussing her ideas for the new line with Paul. Will asks them if he can work with them, but they refuse, saying that they need to keep distance between him and Barbara, and that it would not be safe for him to work with them until they are able to get control of the business from Barbara. This makes Will so angry that the goes into another room, grabs a large portrait of Barbara off the wall, and smashes it to pieces.

At the mental hospital, Barbara and Dr. Rick Decker plot to get the keys from guard Otis Griggs. They put laxative into his hamburger, then hide in a stall in the men's restroom with bars of soap. Griggs goes into a stall and leaves the keys on the counter. Barbara and Dr. Rick rush out and make impressions of the keys in the bars of soap, but they drop the keys on the floor when they hear Griggs opening the stall door. They get back into the stall where they are hiding, but Griggs is suspicious when he finds his keys on the floor.

Holden discovers Lily in Rose's cottage, dressed in Rose's clothes. Lily explains that she was helping Craig get information from Dusty's mobster friend, and that she was having lots of fun doing it. Holden is totally fed up with Lily and suggest that they spend time apart. Lily agrees to leave and take Natalie with her for a while.

Carly and Rosanna arrive at Julia's house to find that Julia, Jack, and J. J. have already left. Carly still thinks that Jack is with his insane ex-wife, Julia, because she doesn't realize that the girl from the water park is also named Julia. She also doesn't know that Jack is married to Julia, so none of the explanations make sense to her. Carly comes into the house and calls Hal, telling him that Jack and Julia are headed for Nashville. Carly and Rosanna search through a trash bag left behind and find the picture from Parker's bottle. Carly is aware that, if Julia would throw away that message, she is desperate enough to do anything. This realization makes Carly insist that she and Rosanna leave immediately to follow Jack and Julia. Hal and Nikki arrive at Julia's, and Julia's friend tells them that Julia is a wonderful person, and that Jack and Julia are married. Hal can tell that Jack must have had some kind of identification in order to get married, so he asks the local policeman who accompanied them to Julia's if he knows of a forger, and the policeman says yes.

Julia, Jack, and J. J. stop at a rest stop on the highway. Julia spots another "wanted" poster, tears it off the wall, and puts it into the trash can. Carly and Rosanna arrive and find the "wanted" picture in the trash can. They also meet a man who saw a family he describes as Julia, J. J., and "J. J.'s dad" leave in a silver sedan.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hal and Nikki have thoroughly searched Julia's house, but come up with no clue as to where Jack and Julia may have gone.

The St. Genevieve Police Chief arrives with Blackmoor, who initially refuses to cooperate at all, claiming he's never seen Jack before. But, he starts to sweat when Hal reveals that Jack is a cop. Later, fake documents are found in Blackmoor's apartment and Hal is able to threaten Blackmoor with prison unless he talks. Meanwhile, Carly and Rosanna are at the rest stop when Hal calls with the news that Jack has a fake Kentucky drivers license. Hal orders Carly to come back to St. Genevieve and let the police handle this, but Carly insists she can't. Carly hitches a ride in the cab of a semi-truck when she overhears the St. Genevieve Police Chief report to Hal that a woman matching Julia's description was seen at a convenience store near Louisville. Carly tells the driver to put the pedal to the metal to Louisville. Meanwhile, Jack, Julia and JJ arrive at the Triple Crown motel in Louisville. Convinced that they've left all of their past troubles behind, Jack and Julia make love, but later, when Jack searches Julia's bag for aspirin, he comes across his own badge!

Barbara and Rick are trapped hiding in the bathroom stall waiting for Griggs to leave and praying that they don't get caught. When the orderly finally goes they rejoice that they have the impressions of the keys needed to escape. An adrenaline pumped Rick grabs Barbara and kisses her! Barbara deflects his passion, arguing that if they were caught, they would be separated, saying that they have to concentrate on getting the keys made and getting out. Eager to please her, Rick says he's made friends with a janitor, Alfonso, who has done Rick some favors in the past for a fee. Barbara will pay anything for those keys, but when they approach Alfonso, he flat out refuses. Even Barbara's offer of thousands isn't enough to get him to risk his pension or time in jail. Just as they feel all is lost, Barbara sees a flyer for a ceramics class and gets an idea. She has some gold jewelry in her room that she can melt down in the kiln and use to make the keys. She sneaks off to the arts and crafts room, leaving Rick more enamored than ever. Barbara returns and reports she successfully made the keys and is just waiting for them to harden. Rick waxes on about them being together when they escape and suggests they get married. Barbara has no intention of doing anything of the sort, but leads him on. Later and alone, she takes out a picture of Will and smiles.

As Aaron works behind the bar, Dominic comes in to Dusty and demands that he sign up Aaron to fight. Dusty's not happy about it, but doesn't have another alternative. Dusty reluctantly offers Aaron the deal and, despite Dusty's attempts to dissuade him, Aaron accepts just as Lucy arrives to hear it. Dusty apologizes to Lucy for breaking his promise, but explains that he didn't have a choice. He needed a fighter, and Aaron wanted to do it. Lucy worries that Aaron isn't a professional fighter, and that she keeps hearing how good Dominic's guy is. Dusty promises her that Aaron will be ready to do what he has to do and Lucy accepts that Aaron is a big boy who can make his own decision. Later, as guest singer Ryan Cabrera takes the stage and begins his song, Dusty takes Lucy in his arms and they dance.

Alison approaches a customer only to discover, when the menu lowers, that its Emily. When Alison refuses to take her order, Emily becomes such a demanding customer that Alison has no choice and sits down to talk. Emily makes a heartfelt appeal for Alison's forgiveness, citing Alison's mistake of sleeping with Aaron and comparing that to Emily's kiss with Chris. She begs Alison not to cut her out of her life and just when it looks like Alison might forgive her, she gets up and walks away. Later, however, just when Emily thinks all is lost, she sees a warm note on the back of the check from her sister. Later, Aaron is pounding the bag at the gym when Alison arrives. She tells him about Emily's pleas and Aaron tells her about the boxing match. Alison thinks he's crazy, but he insists he's good.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Jack tells Julia that they are not going anywhere yet - at least not until she explains how she got the cop's badge. Julia lies and tells him that yesterday when she went to say her goodbyes, an orderly had brought it back and when they saw her, they gave it to her. Jack questions her as to when she was going to tell him. He says that he is Jack Snyder of the Oakdale, Illinois, police department. Julia, at this point, is almost afraid of anything and everything. Jack tells her that when the other Julia tried to kill him, it must have been humiliating for him, being a cop and all. Jack tells Julia that he can't go any further until he finds out about himself, now that he knows who he is. Julia is afraid that if he goes back to Oakdale, she will lose him. He tells her that she has to trust him and she says that she all ready does -- she trusted him with her life and her son.

Lucy and Alison talk at Al's place. It seems that Alison is very concerned about her friend Aaron getting involved in something that could end up hurting him. Lucy lets her know that it was Aaron who wanted a shot at this fight. Dusty said no at first, but Aaron wanted it so bad that he gave in to him. Aaron happens to walk in and sees the girls fighting. He wants to know why, and when Lucy tells him that his friend thinks that Dusty is getting him involved in some scam, he turns to Alison and tells her to butt out of his business. This is something that he wants; this is his chance. She backs off and says that she will bet her hard-earned paycheck on him then. She knows and believes that he is a good fighter and that he will surprise them all.

Carly is still riding with her new friend, Buck, in the rig. He tells her that this has to stop. He has to get his load delivered and can't waste anymore time. Carly talks Buck into one more hour, by telling him the story of Jack and her and his family who is waiting for his return.

Rosanna comes in to find Parker trying to draw a picture. She offers to help, but he says no, it is his picture and it will help Carly to find Jack. She is concerned, but when she tries Carly's cell phone, it is off, so she calls Hal. She tells him that Parker has a picture that he needs to tell Carly about. He tells Hal that Jack is with the White Horse. Hal realizes that there is no way to reach Carly, except one. Hal broadcasts over the CB radio a request asking anyone who has seen Carly to get in touch with him. Buck, now on the radio, announces that he has Carly in his cab right now. Hal says something about Parker and Carly grabs the mic for more information. She is told that Jack is with the White Horse, and Carly knows just what he is talking about. They passed a place not too far back with that name. She thanks them for the information and the truck driver is all ready in the process of turning around and heading back for the White Horse.

Holden walks into Metro and up to Craig. He tells him that Lily has gone away and it's his fault. He made her dress up like Rose and it set her back. Craig says that it isn't true. She enjoyed doing it, she was having fun and if it caused a problem in their marriage, it wasn't his fault. Holden warns him to stay away from Lily; he is a threat to his wife's peace of mind.

Dom walks in and Dusty warns him to keep away from Lucy. He tells Dusty that he needs to keep his girlfriend out of the fight game, and that her Father is causing problems. Later, when Craig and Dusty see each other, Dusty asks him what he is trying to do. Craig tells him that if Dom is going to be his new partner, he needs to get to know him. Dusty says, "no way." If you don't stop, he will go and tell the police about Craig arranging for the kidnapping of his own daughter.

Lucy later admits to Dusty why she finally gets it. Lucy tells Dusty she wants Alison banned from the fight. She then tells him she now gets why they have to leave.

Jack turns after leaving his room, to see Carly coming in. They stand there and stare at each other.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Carly finds Jack and though he doesn't remember her, he is drawn to her. Carly gently tries to push him to remember her and ends up telling him she's his wife. Julia walks into this and Carly lashes out at her. Cowered Julia tries to defend herself, but Jack is the one who springs to Julia's defense. When Jack tells Carly that he and Julia are married, Carly tells Jack that Julia has lied to him, and dares her to tell him the truth.

Rosanna has her hands full with Parker and Sage when Paul comes and relieves her. Rosanna sees, once again, how wonderful he is with children and how kind he can be.

Barbara and Rick continue to plot their escape but Otis, the orderly, and Alfonso are onto them. Barbara and Rick evade disaster when Otis calls for a room check but Rick, annoyed that Alfonso is a fly in the ointment, wants to take him out.

Alison and Will have a heart to heart at Al's. Alison is wonderfully supportive and Will is appreciative.

Jessica gets divorce papers from Ben and confronts him, interrupting a meeting between Ben and Bob. Bob leaves, and tells Ben though he can't operate yet, he's glad Ben's off painkillers. Jessica and Ben have it out, and Ben says he needs Jessica to stay out of his life. Jessica starts to leave, but then sees Ben popping a pill. She marches back to him and takes the pills out of his coat, confronting him.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Julia tells Jack that she had to do what she did because she was afraid and she loved him. Carly raises her voice at Julia. She tells her that she deceived him. Jack asks Carly to give her a few minutes to regain herself. She is his wife. Carly reminds him that she is his wife, and he has no other, nothing will ever change that. Carly steps outside the motel room and calls Parker. He is delighted that Jack has been found. He puts Rosanna on the phone and Carly tells her that Jack doesn't remember her. Rosanna is aware of that from Hal, and tells her to keep strong. She tells Rosanna that she has to go back inside, before anything else happens. She hangs up and returns to the room. Carly continues. She shows Jack the picture of his family -- Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage. She tells him where she found it again, after she and Parker had put into a bottle and through it into the water so that he would be able to find it and come home to them again. Julia thought only of herself and not what Jack would have wanted if he knew. JJ comes out of the bedroom and asks who Carly is. Carly recognizes JJ and tells Jack that Parker met him at the water park. Later, Jack tells Carly that he doesn't know why, but, he believes what she is saying. Jack announces that he will go back to Oakdale with her and hints that seeing familiar things might help him.

Jessica grabs the bottle of pills out of Ben's hand. She is trying to help him, and thinks that he is in trouble. Ben tells her to butt out, that nothing he does is of any concern of hers. He leaves her standing there. She does the one thing that she can do. She calls Bob Hughes. Bob and Jessica are together, when Ben returns. He tells her that she couldn't wait to call Bob and tell him what she thought. Bob says that it was he who suggested the meeting. He has to find out what Ben is doing.

Lucy and Lucinda sit and talk. Craig walks up to the table after a bouquet of flowers is delivered to her. They are from Dusty. Craig tells Lucy again how much he cares for her and she leaves. Craig sits down. He wants to collaborate with Lucinda so that the two of them can protect Lucy from unsavory characters that she is meeting through Dusty.

Lucy goes to the restaurant and talks with Alison. Alison questions what she is doing and how she is being treated. She makes Lucy face the facts. Lucy tells her that she is going back, and tell him, that she will not be treated like a second class citizen again.

Rosanna is saying goodbye to Paul. She thanks him for staying with her so that she could catch up with a nap and some rest. He goes to leave and turns to kiss her goodbye. She doesn't refuse him, but walks inside. He rushes after her, thinking that somehow, he has offended her.

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