As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on ATWT
While struggling with Lily, Julia hit her head and died. Carly and Luke decided to protect Lily. Mike and Katie decided to just be friends. Jennifer decided to return to Street Jeans after seeing Mike and Katie hug. Metro opened under new management. Celia and Casey bonded. Dusty received a letter from Lucy. Jack opened a murder investigation.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, February 28, 2005

At the Lakeview Lounge, Dusty and Sierra finalized the purchase of WorldWide's first spa. Craig joined them for a few minutes but soon received a phone call. A waiter arrived with a letter to Dusty from Lucy, which told him that she loved college and was dating boys there.

Mike told Jennifer that he loved her unconditionally and proposed to her. Jennifer was wary because she thought that Mike's sudden obsession with having children and getting married was a reaction to Katie's marriage. She turned Mike down, telling him that, although she loved him, she was not ready to give up her career and settle down. She thought that everything was perfect just as it was.

Katie apologized to Henry for not being able to make love to him. Henry laid it out in the open that Katie still loved Mike. Katie asked Margo to visit and confided in her, and Margo begged Katie to get her loveless marriage annulled. Henry went to the Lakeview to meet Craig, where Craig advised him that, if he really loved Katie, he would try to get Katie and Mike back together. Just then, Craig received a call from Aaron, which enabled Henry to put the plan into action.

A safety inspector went to Metro to tell Aaron that he would not be able to reopen the club that night unless he could find a contractor who would put up a wall between the kitchen and the storage room. At Henry's suggestion, Aaron called Mike, who agreed to do the job. Henry stopped by Metro and suggested to Alison that she ask Katie to help her decorate the tables. At the end of the program, Katie walked into Metro and met face-to-face with Mike.

Carly went to the police station to see Jack and saw Julia and Holden in the next room, getting a restraining order issued against Lily. Julia's brother Keith arrived, and the two had a heated argument, which ended with Julia threatening to keep J.J. from Keith. Jack walked in just in time to see Julia's ugly side. When Carly called Lily to warn her, Luke overheard the conversation and ran out of the house in a rage.

Luke went to Julia's apartment to confront her, found the apartment empty with the door open, and trashed Julia's home in his rage. Jack delivered the restraining order to Lily, and Luke returned home, telling Lily what he had done. Carly arrived at the door, and Lily rushed over to Julia's to try to clean up Luke's mess before Julia got home. Just as Lily began to straighten up, Julia walked in the door, saying, "You've violated the restraining order already, I see. I can't wait to tell Holden!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Sierra found Dusty at the Lakeview bar, where he had enjoyed at least one too many shots of scotch. She took him to his suite to try to sober him up so they could deal with a very angry Lucinda. However, when Lucinda arrived at the hotel, she surprised them by telling them that she was no longer angry that the spa deal had almost fallen through -- because she had fixed it. Sierra and Dusty were horrified when she told them that the deal would certainly go through, since she had sent 10,000 shares of WorldWide stock to the owners of the spa.

Henry had very reluctantly -- and sadly -- helped Craig engineer a plan so that Katie and Mike would be working together at Metro. Katie and Mike tentatively began to enjoy each other's company, but Katie was surprised when Mike said he had heard that Katie and Henry were going to start a family. Katie became upset, and Mike tried to comfort her in an embrace just in time for Jennifer to walk into Metro and see them. Jennifer, who had been defending her engagement with Mike to Craig, went directly to Craig and told him that she would go back to Street Jeans and WorldWide if her mother was not involved and if Craig stayed out of her personal life. Craig, knowing why Jennifer had changed her mind, agreed to her terms.

Keith was in a panic because Julia had threatened to keep him away from J.J. When he told Jack about it, he also said that his sister "isn't going to get away with it." Jack told Keith that it sounded like he had threatened his own sister, and he began to see a pattern forming. Keith left to try to enlist Holden's help, but Holden was up to his neck in trouble with Luke. He tried to assure Luke that he was still Luke's father, but Luke was so angry about the divorce and Holden's affair that he refused to listen.

Keith interrupted the argument and told Holden that, because he was the only person Julia would listen to, he had to convince Julia not to keep J.J. away from him. Keith said, "You have to tell her I won't let her get away with this again, that I'll take J.J. myself!" Holden asked, "How can you do that? What is Julia running from?" Keith told Holden to ask Julia that question.

Jack seemed -- at long last -- to have seen the light. He went to Holden and Lily's house to find Carly, who was outside at the front door, trying to reach Lily on her cell phone. An exhausted Jack pleaded with her to go home with him. "We have to stay away from these people," he said.

Carly told Jack that was all she had wanted since he returned to her. "I still haven't come home, not completely," he admitted. Carly told him that, from that point on, it was just them, no one else. However, before Carly joined Jack in their bedroom, she frantically tried to reach Lily just one more time on her cell phone -- to no avail.

Lily wasn't answering her cell phone because she was finally standing up to Julia. Julia assumed that Lily was the person who had trashed her apartment, and not wanting to implicate her son, Lily admitted to doing it. Julia was about to call the police when Lily offered to pay for the damages. Julia was furious, but she changed her tune when Lily mentioned El Paso.

Julia tried to bluff her way out, but she soon found that Lily had known all about her drug charges and suddenly became very conciliatory. She said that if Lily just paid for damages, Julia wouldn't call for police. However, Lily knew she had found her moment. Lily, who had nothing to lose, pressed the issue and threatened to tell the police, anyway. Julia asked Lily what she wanted -- Lily wanted Julia and J.J. to pack up and leave Oakdale that very night.

Julia, in tears, explained that she could not leave that night, as J.J. was at a friend's house, and she pleaded for Lily to show her compassion. She begged Lily not to call the El Paso police because of her son, who would be without his mother if she were in jail. Lily found that laughable and reminded Julia that just moments before, Julia had not been thinking about compassion for Lily's family when she had wanted to put Lily in jail. Lily had had enough.

Lily turned her back on Julia, and while she was waiting for El Paso information to look up the telephone number for the police station there, Julia attacked from behind. As the two wrestled over the cell phone, Julia fell backwards, tripping on an ottoman and hitting her head on a coffee table. Lily was horrified when Julia didn't get up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Lily reeled after sending Julia flying. She tried to attend to a moaning Julia, but fled when Keith pounded on the door

Meanwhile, Jack and Carly were post-lovemaking when Holden called for Jack to help him locate a missing Luke. Jack left, and a frantic Lily arrived to see Carly. She filled Carly in, but when they went back to Julia's apartment to check on her, they found her dead. Horrified, Carly wanted to call the police, but Lily pleaded with her not to, for fear she'd be sent to jail. Lily convinced Carly that it had all been a terrible accident, and the two women worked to clean up the mess.

Carly and Lily returned home and established their alibi as Jack returned home. Learning that Luke had run off, Lily left, and Jack told Carly he was glad to finally be finished with the Julia mess. Later, Luke returned home and encountered Emma. When Emma told him that Holden was out looking for him, Luke said he didn't care and stormed upstairs. Meanwhile, Holden went to the apartment and found Julia dead.

Metro opened, and Aaron was a success. Rafael was worried because Celia hadn't returned from running errands, but everyone assured him that Celia was in good hands with Casey. Meanwhile, Casey and Celia were in Chicago and had been waiting for hours for Celia to audition. When she was finally called, she got hit with a case of stage fright, but after a pep talk from Casey, went in, ready to take on the world. A harsh judge promptly shut her down, and she rushed out in tears. Casey went to bat for her against the mean judge, and Celia was grateful, but when the two headed back to the car to make their way home, they realized the car had been stolen.

Meanwhile, Aaron was taking trash out to the alley behind Metro when he spotted Luke burning something in a drum can. When Aaron questioned him, Luke was vague and explained how he was just out getting some air after his fight with Holden. Aaron got distracted with Metro business, but on his way back in, Luke begged Aaron not to tell anyone he had seen Luke there.

When Dusty made a good pitch to Lucinda that saved the spa deal, both Sierra and Lucinda were impressed. Lucinda left, and Sierra and Dusty bonded even more as Dusty said he hoped he could be the man Sierra, Lucinda, and Lucy thought he could be. Later, he put Lucy's letter away, having resolved to move on.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Paul sat on the floor, staring into space. Will walked in and told Paul he knew about Rosanna. Paul tried to smooth things over because he wanted Will to believe that Will was not responsible for Rosanna leaving. Paul said he wanted more than anything for them to be a family. He apologized to Will for everything that had happened. Will received a call from Casey and left abruptly.

Emily entered and gave Paul some food. He started to talk about Rosanna's deception. Emily handed him a letter, and it was from a travel agency. Paul opened it and said that the reason Rosanna had left wasn't true. Paul said that Rosanna wouldn't have gone through the trouble of arranging a trip if she were planning on divorcing her husband. Paul was convinced that Rosanna hadn't left of her own free will, and he was going to find out what had happened.

At the Metro opening, Rafael was rushing around when he ran into Alison. Alison told him to settle down and that every night wouldn't be like that. He told her it was his sister he was worrying about, and he asked why she was so late. Plus, he was mad at Casey for taking her. Alison told Rafi to leave and look for her.

In Chicago, Casey and Celia discovered Casey's car had been stolen. Casey was worried about how they were going to tell Margo and Tom. Casey told Celia to call her brother, and he would figure out what he was going to do next. Will arrived to take them home.

Celia arrived at Metro, looking for Rafi. Alison said he was looking for her. Celia said she would just go home and pretend she was asleep. Rafi entered and started yelling at her. Celia said she would explain it all later and asked Will to take her home. Margo and Tom walked in and told Casey they needed to talk.

Holden discovered Julia lying on the floor. He couldn't revive her. He called Jack to go over. After Jack left, Carly remarked that Lily had better remember to stick to her story. Jack arrived with the crime scene investigation team, and Holden explained what he had seen when he first arrived. Jack called Carly to tell her that they thought it was an accident. Jack confirmed with Carly that Lily had been with her all evening.

An officer approached and said that Julia's brother had checked out of the Lakeview and hadn't left a forwarding address. Another detective said they couldn't lift any prints. Jack told him to keep trying. Holden said it was no accident and asked Jack what he was going to do next. Jack put out an ABP on Keith.

Lily was thinking about her and Carly cleaning Julia's apartment. Luke entered and told her that he knew what had happened to Julia because he'd had Lily's gloves. He told Lily not to worry. He would protect her. Luke told Lily that he had seen Julia lying on the floor and had seen the gloves. He had picked them up and burned them behind Metro.

Lily started to spin out of control because she did not want Luke involved. He said he was already involved, and no one had to know they had been at Julia's. Carly arrived and stopped Lily from calling Jack and telling him everything. Luke also convinced her not to call and that he would protect her at any cost. Carly told Luke it had been an accident and repeated to Lily that they had been together all evening.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Lily, who had second thoughts about lying, went to Carly and said she wanted to tell the truth, but Carly persuaded her to let things be.

Meanwhile, Luke went to Metro and begged Aaron not to mention seeing him in the alley. Afterwards, Luke fished Lily's partially burned gloves out of the drum can and pocketed them. At the police station, Keith voluntarily went in for questioning, but when he learned of Julia's death and the questions got too pointed, Keith got his back up and accused Carly and Lily of being the ones who had killed his sister.

Keith stormed out, and Holden admitted Keith had sounded innocent to him. Jack still thought something was up with Keith, but Holden left troubled. Later, Lily went home and found Holden waiting to talk to her about Julia's death. Meanwhile, Carly watched Jack break the heartbreaking news to J.J. as Keith showed up to claim him.

Jennifer was frantic about the upcoming Street Jeans media event where Scott Reeves was scheduled to perform. Craig calmed her and convinced her not to walk out on the company by promising to get rid of Barbara. Later, Craig expertly played Barbara and convinced her to go to Paris on behalf of the company.

When Margo invited Celia to lunch with the family, Casey, fearing Margo would grill Celia, begged Will to go, too, as a buffer. Meanwhile, Celia questioned Alison about the mysterious Will and learned he had accidentally killed his brother's fiancée. Later, when Celia revealed to Will that she knew about his past, an angry Will told Alison to quit trying to make him her charity case.

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