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Monday, August 22, 2005

Meg drops in to deliver some papers from Lucinda to Dusty at the Street Jeans headquarters. Dusty tells Meg that he is not ready for a personal relationship because of the demands on him, citing Jennifer's inability to run the business. Meg surprises Dusty by telling him that she would have to turn him down if he wants a relationship, because she does not want one either. They are about to part on a light note, when Meg spots some new dress designs. Dusty offers to let Meg try on the sample dresses, and the next thing they know they are falling onto the sofa in the middle of the office in a passionate embrace.

Lucinda's masseuse, Bev, gives Lucinda the name of Clinica de la Vida (The Clinic of Life), in Mexico, which she credits for curing her own cancer. When Lily and Sierra come in bearing scarves and hats, Lucinda stuns them by announcing that she is going to stop the chemotherapy. Her daughters are so horrified that Lucinda placates them by saying that she will continue the chemo, but the minute the sisters walk out the door, Lucinda goes straight to the phone and calls the Mexican clinic to make an appointment.

In front of Margo and Tom, Casey berates Gwen for telling people that he fathered her baby. After warning Margo and Tom that they will be contacted by the court, Gwen leaves. Margo confronts Casey for being a coward and cruelly abandoning Gwen. Casey looks his parents in the eye and swears that not only is he not the father of the baby, he did not have sex with Gwen. Margo believes him, but after Casey leaves the room, Tom tells Margo that Casey "is in a world of trouble." Margo goes to get Casey and brings him back to Tom. Tom has just gotten off the phone, and he tells Casey that Judge Rudolph has asked for a gag order until they get the results of Casey's paternity test.

In the empty courtroom, Iris demands money from Carly to keep quiet about Carly's part in Iris' baby's disappearance. Carly at first refuses to be blackmailed, but Will reenters the courtroom for something Gwen forgot, and Carly becomes frightened. Carly gives Iris money for "shoes" for her children, then leaves, swearing that that is the last money she will ever give to Iris. Meanwhile, Iris gloats to herself, "That's good - for a beginning."

Will meets with Gwen and describes the strange woman (Iris) he found with Carly, and how all of Carly's self-confidence had vanished.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

After passing up the chance to tell all to Hal, Paul assumes Emily's given up her mission to tell Jennifer that her baby is alive. But, Emily remains unconvinced that they are actually saving Jennifer by keeping the truth from her and she convinces him it's time to tell her. When they get to Jennifer's, however, they discover her doing much better and find her grateful to finally be free of Craig. What Emily and Paul don't realize is that Jennifer's good mood is due to a hit of Crystal Meth that her friend Jasmine gave her. Jennifer's positive mental state convinces Paul he is doing the right thing and he and Emily once again keep their secret hidden. Thinking she might have a fight on her hands from the baby's grandparents, Carly heads to Tom and Margo's in hopes of working out an arrangement that will allow Rory to stay in her hands. To Carly's pleasant surprise and subsequent relief, Margo sticks to Casey's lie that he's not the father and assures them that they will stake no claim to the baby. But, Tom remains unconvinced and wants to proceed with the DNA test to reveal the truth one way or another. A freaked out Casey tries one last attempt to escape the situation by begging his former friend Will to revisit his paternity claim on the child. But, Will refuses and Casey prepares to take the test. Lucinda gets an unexpected visit from Lily just as she is about to take off to Mexico for her alternative cancer treatment. Lucinda spins a story about going to a spa and Lily believes her, never suspecting her mother would decide to put chemo on hold indefinitely in search of alternative methods. Meanwhile, Keith continues to work at his mysterious job, all the while making strides in paying Lily back the money he owes her. But, his suspicious behavior leaves Lily slightly unsettled.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jennifer was acting very strange due to the fact she was high off of Crystal Meth. Dusty did not Jen's new happy act but she insisted she was feeling much better and was working so hard to keep her mind off of her troubles. Dusty was getting ready for his business trip to Chicago when Jen told him she wanted to go to catch up with some of her old model friends that were in town. Meanwhile, Emma and Meg were having breakfast at Al's when Meg told Emma she was going to surprise Dusty on his business trip. Emma does not think Meg getting involved with Dusty is a good idea but Meg told her she knows what she is doing when it comes to Dusty. Later Meg is in Chicago getting ready to surprise Dusty.

Emily wants to move out of Paul's place for the sake of Daniel. Paul tried to talk Emily out of leaving by telling her he will make her happy and be there for whatever she needs. Emily changed her mind and decided to stay. Meanwhile, Susan was telling Hal how worried she is about Emily. They both believe that Emily's relationship with Paul is not safe and Hal vows to find out what is going on with Paul and told Susan he would take Paul down.

Mike and Katie try to leave the house unnoticed by Henry but Henry was pretending to be asleep and saw Mike and Katie embrace. After Mike and Katie left Maddie tells Henry that she is miserable at home and hates school and wants more than anything to stay there with Henry. Mike and Katie come back after just deciding to tell Henry the truth about their relationship when Henry suddenly doubles over in pain.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lucinda arrives at La Clinica da Vida in Mexico to explore their alternative treatment options. The clinic director, Dr. Hendricks, is very persuasive and although Lucinda is at first skeptical, she ultimately decides to give the treatment a try. Later, Keith shows up at the very same clinic to pick up a mysterious delivery for his mysterious job. There, a horrified Lucinda spots Keith and is immediately suspicious about what he's doing there. Meanwhile, off of Lucinda's lie that she went to a spa, Sierra tells Holden she's called the spa and can't track Lucinda down. As they work together to track her down, Holden brings up questions about Keith and his job and Sierra wonders if his concerns aren't a sign of lingering feelings for Lily. Holden admits she is right but still can't shake his distrust for Keith. Gwen, armed with a court order she got from her lawyer, comes to Milltown to see the baby. Tensions between her and Carly escalate and when Jack arrives, he has little luck in calming things down. Cass then shows up and defends Gwen's right to be there, asserting that Gwen's claim as the child's mother will prove stronger than any questions about the father. Later, as a ticked off Gwen tells Jack she'll dig up dirt about Carly if necessary, Iris returns to Carly to ask for more money. Henry feigns a relapse of his injury in the hopes of keeping Maddie at Frasier cottage long enough to get her situated in Oakdale, permanently. However, Henry gallantly gives up on the fantasy of ever winning Katie back and admits to her and Mike he knows they're back together. Relieved that they can stop sneaking around, Mike and Katie express their hope that Maddie will back off her opposition to them being together. Later, however, a not easily persuaded Maddie goes online as Katie and tries to entice a former admirer from high school to start a secret correspondence with her.

Friday, August 26, 2005

In Chicago, Meg has gotten into Dusty's hotel room and prepared it for a romantic, candlelit evening with him. When Dusty arrives, he at first believes he's gotten the wrong room, but then he sees Meg. His surprise is matched by Meg's surprise when Jennifer walks in behind Dusty. Meg and Jennifer apologize to one another, and Jennifer leaves, saying she can't wait to see who's waiting for her in her room. When she gets to her room, Jennifer decides to party alone, and she snorts some crystal meth. In the mania that follows, she sketches frantically, then announces to herself with delight that the last sketch is the one, it's so much better than the rest, and she tosses it onto a table next to 8 or 9 other sketches that appear to be identical to the one she just drew. Back in Dusty's room, Dusty asks Meg what's going on, and she tells him she just wanted to surprise him, since he had told her he didn't like lonely business trips. Dusty replies that he doesn't like surprises, and he thought they had cleared things up between the two of them. Meg tells Dusty it was actually Lucinda's idea for her to go to Chicago to be with Dusty; Dusty has trouble believing this until he sees the champagne that Meg says Lucinda ordered, which happens to be Lucinda's favorite. Dusty tells Meg that he's not worth the trouble, but Meg says she thinks he is. He tells her they need to get things straight between them, and she tells him to stop being so dramatic, that she knows the score. She gives him a kiss and tells him to call her when he knows what he's looking for, and then she leaves to return to Oakdale. Dusty then goes to Jennifer's room, and when she lets him in, he asks when she'll be ready for dinner. She says that depends, on him, and kisses him passionately.

At the clinic in Mexico, a flustered Lucinda accuses the doctor of having violated her privacy already, because Keith Morrissey is there. The doctor assures her that Keith is there by coincidence to make a delivery of medical supplies and that her identity is safe with him and his staff. He gives her some detoxifying tea to help calm her down and goes to prepare her first treatment session. Lucinda appears pleasantly surprised to find that she can keep the tea down, and then she goes to the door of the office to spy on Keith. She overhears him talking to a woman at the clinic, who apologizes for being late and promises to pay him extra for the waiting time. The woman starts to call him Mr. Morrissey, but Keith tells her not to use his name. The woman tells Keith that the surgery took longer than expected, but the kidney has been harvested and is being prepared for transport to El Paso. The woman gives Keith an envelope full of cash and leaves to get the kidney. Lucinda comes out from her hiding place and confronts Keith, asking if the money is for a rainy day or a quick getaway.

At Java, Tom and Margo try to distract Casey from the day's events, with Margo saying that she's managed to get 4 tickets to the Cubs baseball game the next afternoon; they can all go, and Casey can bring a friend. Casey wonders out loud who he might bring --- Will, who he's not talking to; Gwen, who's trying to ruin his life; or maybe Celia, who's in Montega and hates him because Gwen told lies about him. Tom then suggests a simple at-home barbecue for that evening, saying a rack of babyback ribs will bring Casey out of his glum mood. Casey halfheartedly agrees to the idea, and Tom suggests Margo go to the store to pick up everything they'll need. After she leaves, Tom gently tries to get Casey to talk about whether he's worried about the results of the paternity test. Although Tom reassures Casey that he and Margo will love Casey no matter what has happened, and even though he encourages him to tell him if there's even a slight chance that Gwen could be telling the truth, Casey insists he's not the father of Gwen's baby, and he says he's just worried that Gwen will somehow fix the results to show that he is. Tom assures Casey that that's not possible, because the swabs from Casey and the baby were taken at their house, with someone there to safeguard the samples; he tells Casey that if the test is negative, it's 100% accurate, and if it's positive, it's 99.9% accurate, so either way, he'll get a true result.

At Al's diner, Jack tries to get Gwen to understand that he and Carly already love Rory and just want what's best for him. Gwen insists that she is what's best for Rory, since he is her son, and she doesn't think Jack and Carly can love him any more than she does. Jack says it takes more than love to raise a child, and Gwen tells him that she knows that and can give Rory everything he needs. She tells him to get Carly to back off, because if Carly decides to sling mud at Gwen in court, Gwen will fight back and make sure Carly is buried in mud. Jack bristles at this and tells Gwen that if she decides to mess with Carly personally, she'll have to go through him to do it. Gwen says she's not scared of him, and he tells her she should be. Jack asks Gwen to let the courts settle this whole thing, then he leaves.

After Jack leaves, Margo comes in to the diner to buy a chocolate cake, but when Gwen stands up from behind the counter, she turns to leave. Gwen stops her and says she needs to tell her something about the baby. Gwen tells Margo that even though she wishes things could have gone differently, she doesn't hold anything against Margo, who has always been nice to her, and she tells Margo that if she gets custody of the baby, Margo and Tom will be more than welcome to be part of his life as his grandparents. Margo is angry with Gwen for continuing to pursue this story that Casey is the father, and Gwen realizes at that moment that Casey has completely denied everything to his parents. Gwen tells Margo she's sorry that Casey can't admit to his part in this, but she has only slept with one guy, and it was Casey. Margo asks when this supposedly happened, and Gwen tells her it was at a friend's Christmas party, where they all got drunk and she and Casey ended up together. She says that they later passed out, and when Casey woke up, he was upset and got Will to help cover for him to explain why he was out all night. She asks if this rings any bells with Margo, but Margo says anyone who was at that party knows Casey didn't come home that night, and she still thinks Gwen is making this up. Gwen says she can see by Margo's eyes that Margo doesn't completely believe Casey anymore. Cass Winthrop arrives and tells Margo and Gwen that the judge has received the paternity test results, and they all head for the courthouse.

At Jack and Carly's house, Iris tells Carly that it's difficult to put a price on the loss of a child, but Carly says she can see Iris is trying to do just that. Carly tells Iris she's sorry for her loss, but she and Jack aren't exactly rolling in money since she's a stay-at-home mom and he's a cop. Iris applauds her, saying that was pretty convincing, but she knows Rosanna has set up a trust fund for the baby, and she knows Carly can't wait to get her hands on that money. Carly tells her she's not after the money and didn't even know about it when she agreed to take Rory, and that she doesn't have access to the trust fund anyway. Iris says Carly will have control of the trust fund if she gets custody of the baby, so she needs to be nice and generous with Iris if she wants that to happen, to the tune of about $10,000. Jack arrives unexpectedly in the middle of their conversation and asks what's going on. Iris tells him she's decided to forgive Carly and try to get along with her, because all this anger isn't good for anyone. Jack is skeptical of this, but Carly tells him it's true, then she ushers Iris out the door. Carly tells Jack that Iris is unstable and she just wants to appease her to keep her out of their lives. The phone rings then, and Carly says that's great, that they'll be there (presumably at the courthouse).

At Java, Tom gets a phone call and tells Casey that the test results are in, and they need to go to the courthouse. Once everyone is in the courtroom, the judge enters, and everyone watches anxiously, waiting for him to announce the results of the paternity test.

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