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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, October 15, 2007

At the hospital Brad is astounded as Dr. Evers tells him that Carly is not dying after all. The doctor explains that it was a big error and Brad is stunned.

Carly and Jack embrace after he tells her he is going to move in for a while. Carly tells him that she doesn't want to interfere with his life but he tells her not to worry. Just as Jack goes in the other room there is a knock at the door; it's Katie. Katie apologizes for intruding, but asks to see Jack. Carly tells her that she is sorry for causing problems. Just then Brad bursts in and tells Carly that he just saw Dr. Evers. Jack then walks in to see what was going on. Brad begins to speak, but Carly interrupts telling Jack that Katie was there to see him. Jack suggests that they go for a walk so they both leave. Brad tells Carly he knows she isn't dying and wants to know why she isn't bursting to tell everyone the good news. Carly tells Brad that this was never her intention and that she plans on telling Jack- but just hasn't been able to do it yet. She tells him that she prayed and her prayer was answered. Brad is unmoved, but Carly tells him that she needs more time with him- what difference does a little longer make? Brad tells her that he knows what she is doing- she is hoping that by the time Jack knows the difference he will be in it too deep and won't be able to leave her. Brad tells her that it's wrong because Jack has Katie now. Carly tells him that if Katie really loves Jack then she will fight for him because Jack is willing to fight for.

Brad asks Carly what she is going to do when Jack finds out she isn't dying and didn't tell him. Carly tells Brad that Jack can find out in a week of two. Brad tells her he just might tell Jack because this lie is so nasty and conniving. Brad brings up Katie and how her heart was broken because Jack abandoned her on their wedding night to be with Carly. Brad brought up the kids and that their hearts are breaking. Carly tells him that she has figured out a way to let them know and begs Brad not to tell him. Carly said that she never meant for Katie to be involved in any of this- but it is fate. Carly points out that this will leave Katie open to him- she will be heartbroken and in need of comfort. Brad says he won't stoop to her level, but Carly reminds him that he has stooped lower. She tells Brad that she is willing to set one foot in hell to retrieve the love of her life.

On their walk Katie tells Jack that if they don't make an offer on the house, they will lose this opportunity. Jack tells her that this situation isn't going to be forever and asks her what she wants to do. Katie tells him that she loves the house so Jack tells her to buy it. They happily embrace, but Jack tells her that he won't be able to move in right away because he is going to live with Carly until she dies. Katie is upset and tells him that she doesn't know what to say. Jack promises her that they will live their entire life there. Katie looks unsure. She tells him that she isn't going to wait for him- she just can't do it. Jack tells her that he loves her and he wants to spend his life with her, but Katie fires back with "just not while Carly is alive!" she apologizes for the comment, but then asks Jack how she can compete with a dying woman. Jack tells her there is no competition and that he loves her. She loves him too, but it doesn't change that he is living with his ex-wife. Katie said that when she married him it made her a better person, but if things don't change she doesn't know how long that will last. Katie tells him that she isn't going to file for divorce, but she can't wait in the wings anymore.

Jack and Katie return to Carly's. Katie quickly grabs her purse and walks out as Jack tries to stop her. Brad then spoke up, asking Katie if she wanted to go over some work at the station. Katie starts to tell him that it wasn't a good time, but changes her mind and they leave together.

A quiet Jack sits staring. Carly tells him that she knows he is upset and asks him to talk to her. Jack tells her that he wanted to make Katie happy, but has just made a bigger mess of their life. Carly tells him that if being there is upsetting him, maybe he shouldn't be there. She tells him that she won't keep him there- she won't obligate him. He tells her that he isn't staying with her out of obligation. He brushes her cheek and tells her it's more than that- a lot more. He embraces her.

At WOAK Katie and Brad work together and he tells her that she was right to want to get her mind off Jack and Carly. But Katie wonders why he would say that, when before he was telling her to fight for her man. She asks Brad what was going on with him.

Alison arrives at Will and Gwen's so they can go to the hospital together for the egg harvesting procedure. At the hospital Gwen is excited. Susan takes Alison into the exam room to sign the consent papers, notices her nervousness and reminds her that if she isn't sure she can back out. She tells Alison that once she signs the papers she is giving up all parental rights. Alison says she will finally be able to say she did something to change somebody's life forever and she signs the papers.

In the hall Will and Gwen say goodbye to Alison as she is wheeled into the operating room and thank her again.

Will and Gwen make jokes after he had to submit a sperm sample for the fertilization. Susan came out and let them know that the egg harvesting procedure went smoothly. They see Alison in the recovery room and thank her again.

Susan tells Alison how proud she is of her and gets her ready to go home.

Outside Luke's hospital room Lily and Holden continue to argue. Holden is angry that she called Noah- but Lily is certain she did the right thing.

In Luke's room Noah tells him that he wouldn't be surprised if he hated him after what his father did, but Luke tells him that it's the opposite. Holden comes in to make sure everything is ok and Luke tells him he wants more time alone with Noah.

After checking on him, Holden tells Lily that Luke wants Noah to stay. Lily points out that she was right, but Holden tells her that she has thrown their marriage away just to be right. He tells her that she again turned to Dusty because she didn't trust him. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't recognize him anymore- and Holden tells her they shouldn't be together right now and walks away.

Luke tells Noah that he feels bad for him growing up with his father. Noah tells him that seeing him reminds him of what his father is, but it also reminds him how much he cares about Luke. Luke tells him that knowing that he cares about him makes this whole thing bearable. Luke tells him that whatever happens, he is happy they met. Noah wants to pick things up where they left off when he gets better, but Luke tells him that they can't; because he might not get better. Noah tells him he didn't realize that Luke's injuries were permanent. Luke tells him that it sucks to have a boyfriend that's in a wheelchair. Noah asks him if that's what he is.

Luke tells him that he might not ever get feeling back below his waist. Noah asks him again if he wants him to be his boyfriend- Luke says yes and Noah smiles. Noah tells him to do what he has to do to get out of the hospital- Luke said he isn't sure he can. Noah takes his hand and asks him if he will try. Luke smiles and says he will.

Back at Emma's Holden is fixing the sink. Lily finds him there and tries to talk to him, but Holden tells him that he has no more ideas of what to do for their marriage. Lily said that maybe they shouldn't talk but just be there for each other and Luke. She asks him if they can just go home- but Holden said no.

How many times can they patch things up? He said. They should just admit that their marriage is broken. Lily doesn't agree- she wants them to have time to just be. But Holden disagrees and tells her to go home alone- that they shouldn't live together anymore. Lily tells him that they need to think about Luke now- but Holden tells her this will be the best way for them to focus on Luke and not their problems. Lily told him he was still mad at her, but Holden told her that he is beyond mad and is tired and doesn't have the energy for anything right now but Luke. He tells her that right now he has no energy left for their marriage. Lily tells him she is tired too of talking and it not doing any good. Holden told her that it would be best if they leave each other alone for a while. He returns to fixing the sink and Lily leaves.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

After Jack told Carly he isn't staying out of obligation, Carly asks him why he is staying but they are interrupted by the children coming home. He happily tells them the good news that he is moving back in. Sage is overjoyed, but JJ lashes out and tells Jack to go home to his wife. Parker tells his parents that JJ has been having problems lately. Jack explains to the boys that Katie is ok with him being there- that she understands. Carly then wants to talk to the kids alone- so Jack takes a walk. She tells them that something has happened but before she can speak Parker said that he knew it; she is going to be alright! JJ asks her if the tumor has gone away. Carly tells him "something like that" She tells them that she has had a revelation that Parker is right and she has decided that she is going to be ok. She tells them that Jack would be upset if she knew she believed miracles- so she wants it to be their secret and they agree. JJ and Parker want to know how long until they tell Jack- she assures them that she will tell him soon. Jack comes back in and asks Parker and JJ what she told them. Parker tells Jack that Carly talked to them about not worrying so much about her, which Jack agrees. He leaves to do some errands and tells them he will be back soon.

At WOAK Katie asks Brad why he suddenly changed his mind about Katie fighting for Jack. He tells her he just changed his mind but Katie doesn't buy it. She asks him what happened. Brad asks her if Jack was fighting for her and spending every moment with her; no –he was with Carly and is going to stay with her until the end. He told her to stick to her plan; throw herself into her work and not even think about Jack. Katie told Brad that if she didn't fight for a man like Jack she is a wimp and agrees to stick to the plan. Brad tells her that she can't fight the fact that Carly is dying. She said that she could try- she sent him away to Carly and gave up. Brad tells her that Jack is going to be there for Carly as long as she needs him. Katie agrees, but says that Jack will come back to her. Brad looks doubtful. Katie said she doesn't know what to do, but decides to stay and continue working. Brad told her that after work they could go out for a drink to keep her mind off things. Katie accuses him of wanting to be the rebound guy- and that she is not going to sleep with her husband's brother! Brad tells her that's not what he meant and the she has a sick mind. Katie tells him that she is sorry for jumping to conclusions- he accepts. He suggests that they do something fun; be the woman that Jack married. He wants to hang out with her but she tells him that he reminds her too much of Jack and it hurts, so for now they can only work together but not socialize.

At Al's Vienna is giving Jack the riot act for abandoning Katie. He asks her and Henry he to look out for her because he can't. She agrees and tells him that she and Henry are there for them both. Jack turns to leave and runs into Katie. Jack tells her he has some time tonight and offers to hang out a little. Katie invites him to go home with her- but he declines. She tells him that next time to not even offer and storms off.

Brad arrives at Carly's and is upset because Katie won't spend time with him and that she needs to come clean to Jack now. Brad asks her why she wants to risk losing him over this deception. She tells him that she and Jack are getting so close and that if there is even a slight chance for them to be together again, she has to take the risk. But Brad tells her that Katie is Jack's wife and she isn't going to give up easy and deserves to know the truth. He tells her that he is going to tell Jack the truth. Carly begs him to give her a few more days. Brad is exasperated. Carly asks him in the long run who will make Jack happier. Brad agrees to a couple more days- and to work fast. He leaves.

Back at Al's Vienna is trying comfort Katie when Brad shows up. He tells her she could use a friend and places Snickers in his cage on the table. Vienna is disgusted that Brad brought an animal into the diner, but when Brad tells her that Snickers makes Katie happy, she is ok with it. Katie is overjoyed but the mood doesn't last. She again tells him that he is reminding her of Jack. Brad tells her that the situation isn't forever, but Katie fears losing him. She tells Brad to stay away from her and starts to leave and realizes that Snickers is missing.

Jack arrives back at Carly's and tells her that he put in for a leave of absence at work, Carly tells him he doesn't need to do that but he tells her he will be there for her. Sage is looking at pictures of the wedding in Montana. Carly sees one of the pictures and becomes upset. Jack tells the kids to go upstairs. He asks her if she is ok. She tells him that she needs for him to take her to Montana; she was so happy when they were there. Jack tells her that he won't do that- she can't be away from her doctors now. Carly tells him that she feels much better now she is on different meds and that she will talk to her doctors. Jack seems uncertain, but then tells her to check with the kids to see if they have any big tests coming up. Happily Carly goes upstairs to the kids. Jack then calls Dr. Evers and tells him he wants to ask him about Carly's condition. Dr. Evers tells him that he understands this was a difficult case and asks what Carly told him. Jack told Dr. Evers that this was the problem- she often doesn't tell the truth. He tells Dr. Evers Carly wants to take a trip, but he worries she might be in denial. Carly then comes in. He tells her he is talking to Dr. Evers and Carly is horrified. Jack asks the doctor if Carly's condition permits her to leave town.

At the Lakeview a flustered Craig arrives at their room to find Meg in a sexy negligee. His mood is changed and they make love. Afterwards Craig tells her how much he enjoyed it and comments on her eagerness. She tells him that she too wants to get pregnant.

After making love again Craig tells her that this is how he wanted things to be. He tells her that she saved him, but she tells him that she is nobody's savior and leaves the bed angrily.

Craig tells her that he didn't mean to upset her with his compliment, but Meg told him that it wasn't a compliment; he was putting her on a pedestal and she is no savoir. Craig suggests they go out for dinner and flaunt themselves. She agrees and they kiss.

Meg in a very sexy dress is ready for dinner- but Craig gets a phone call from the legal department that he must take. She tells him she will meet him downstairs.

At the hospital a nurse explains the fertilization procedure to Gwen; if the egg fertilizes they will call her to make the implantation appointment. Will wants to leave so they can eat- but Gwen wants to eat there. She isn't leaving until they know the egg is fertilized.

Barbara arrives at the hospital wanting to know if they could come to a family dinner with her. Will starts to turn her down, but Gwen accepts.

At Fairwinds Rosanna is lighting candles for a romantic evening. Paul comes in to the room and sees the candles. He suddenly remembers making love to Meg at the cabin. Rosanna is beaming and states how gorgeous the candles are. Paul asks what the occasion is. Rosanna is taken aback as she tells him the occasion is their wedding. She tells him that it was a little rehearsal of sorts. She points out that she is wearing a necklace that he gave her a few years ago, but Paul doesn't seem to remember. He tells her that he does remember it, but is just distracted that's all. Rosanna tells him that she would like him to care as much about the wedding as she does. She asks what is distracting him- but they are interrupted by his cell phone; it's Barbara inviting them out to dinner with Will and Gwen. Paul tells her that he must discuss it with his beautiful fiancée but they should be able to attend.

At the Lakeview Barbara apologizes to Rosanna for not being very warm to her. Rosanna tells her that she was just trying to protect Paul. Gwen greets Rosanna and they embrace.

Will congratulates Paul on his engagement and told him that he thought he wanted Meg, but he was obviously wrong.

Gwen gets a phone call on her cell and excuses herself. Barbara tells Rosanna that Gwen is worried about the In Vitro procedure, but Rosanna tells her that she looks worried about Gwen. Barbara tells her that she is trying to be less active in her son's lives. Rosanna assures her that she loves Paul and that she won't hurt him. Barbara offers to help with the wedding. Paul overhears this and stated that Rosanna has taken care of everything. Rosanna asked him what was distracting him before, but Paul brushed it off saying he doesn't remember because all he can think of is her.

Rosanna proposes a toast to Paul; the love of her life who woke her from an endless sleep. She toasted his family also.

Gwen gets another call; it's the hospital with good news; the fertilization has taken place. She happily embraces Will. Everyone is overjoyed with the news. Will tells them that they are too excited to eat and they leave. Meg walks in and sees the happy party. Barbara is the only one who see her and asks Paul if he was going to make a toast. As Meg looks on, Paul makes a toast to Rosanna; he is luckiest guy in the world.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jack, who still believes Carly is dying, continues his phone call with her doctor to confirm she is healthy enough to make the trip to Montana. Carly is afraid her doctor will tell Jack she is going to live and tries to get the phone away from Jack as the doctor tells Jack she is fine to travel. Carly grabs the phone and the doctor offers to explain her new diagnosis to Jack, but Carly tells him she will take care of explaining everything to him. Carly tells Jack that the doctor says she can go. Jack apologizes for going behind her back and calling her doctor and tells her that he wants her to trust him. Carly has a flash of guilt about her lies to Jack so she quickly changes the subject and focuses on their past romantic memories. Jack tells Carly that he is grateful for this time together. They call the kids down and tell them to get ready for their trip, but the kids have a plan and tell Jack and Carly they don't want to go. When Jack questions JJ and Parker for the truth, the two admit they want Jack and Carly to go alone and they aren't worried about Carly because she told them she was going to live. Jack asks JJ to tell him what Carly has told them and JJ explains that Carly told them there would be a miracle and she would be fine. When Carly returns Jack sends the boys upstairs and asks Carly why she is telling the boys she is going to be fine. Jack simply asks Carly to tell him what she is doing before she talks to the boys and an ashamed Carly seems ready to tell Jack she is going to live. Carly doesn't tell the truth, but instead tells Jack she didn't lie to the kids and that she believes she will live with the help of a miracle. She tells Jack that if things don't change by the time they get back from Montana she will tell the kids everything. Jack tells Carly he hopes for a miracle too and they agree to wait until after Montana.

Katie and Brad search the diner for the lost Snickers and face the ire of Vienna when she learns that Katie's rabbit has gone missing. The scream of a customer leads Vienna to try to explain the situation just as Brad sees Snickers and leaps across the counter to try to grab him, but the rabbit gets away. Katie tells Brad to stay still and they spy Snickers and Brad goes after the bunny that turns up in a customer's lap. The customer refuses to give the bunny back and tells Vienna, Katie, and Brad that she is the deputy director for the Oakdale Health Department. She tells Katie that Snickers will have to be tested and quarantined and will be gone for the next 6 months. Brad grabs the bunny and tells the lady that the rabbit was purchased for his dinner and then he flirts with the woman to get her mind off Snickers. Katie runs out the back with her pet bunny and thanks Brad out loud for his help.

Later, Brad arrives at Katie's hotel to check on her and Snickers and Katie thanks Brad for all of his help. Brad apologizes for putting Snickers in danger and Katie thanks him for trying to help her smile and begins to cry. The two then recount their evening and laugh about everything that has happened. Katie is grateful to Brad for the reprieve from her daily drama with Jack and Carly. Katie asks Brad to hang out with her and he agrees, but Brad feels momentary guilty about not telling Katie that he knows Carly will live. Brad and Katie share some beers and he manages to cheer her up. Katie tells Brad that she is all cheered up and he can go and do better things, but Brad declares he has nothing better to do. The two watch TV and Katie asks Brad again if there is anything she should know and Brad tells her there is nothing as he continues to hide Carly's secret hoping it will allow him and Katie to get closer.

In the Lakeview bar, Meg listens as Paul continues to praise Rosanna and declare his love for her in a toast before dinner. As Meg turns to leave she bumps into Craig and they quickly leave the room as Craig again praises Meg for being a wonderful woman and Paul for being an idiot for letting her go. Meg listens to Craig, but remembers her time making love with Paul in the cabin and runs out of the hotel into Old Town with Craig hot on her heels. Craig catches up with Meg and again tries to convince Meg that they belong together. Craig leaves Meg to shop as he returns to the hotel to make a call.

Back in the hotel dining room, Barbara insists that Rosanna accompany her on an errand so she can give Rosanna a gift. As Rosanna wishes Paul a good evening and tells him she will see him later he thinks back on his last encounter with Meg.

In the hotel lobby, Craig runs into Rosanna and Barbara and asks for a quick word with Rosanna before the two head off to look for a wedding dress. Craig congratulates Rosanna on getting Paul to agree on their impending quick trip to the alter and for getting Barbara on her side. Rosanna questions whether Meg is pregnant yet and when Craig says she isn't, Rosanna tells him to get busy making a baby with Meg.

Meg looks through a local store and finds a sexy nightgown, but ducks behind a couch as Barbara and Rosanna walk in and start planning Rosanna's dress for the big day. Paul comes in and goes straight to Rosanna's side and praises her beauty for an eavesdropping Meg to hear. Paul delivers Barbara her cell phone and tells the two he will wait outside. Meg quietly gets her purchase and tries to sneak out unseen, but she runs into Paul. Before she goes Meg tells Paul she should have never left him and should have stayed with him forever. As she tries to leave, Paul looks in her package and sees the nightgown and asks if it Craig's favorite color. A flustered Meg runs out after telling Paul she isn't the only one who was unfaithful.

Meg returns to the hotel and dresses up in her new nightgown for Craig and the two start to make love again. All the while Meg is thinking of her run-in with Paul and gets up declaring she can't "do this." Craig understands Meg's lack of enthusiasm and tells her the time will be right soon. Later he falls asleep and Meg dresses and leaves the room to text Paul on her phone. Rosanna and Paul return home, but a flustered Paul has a drink and thinks back on seeing Meg at the store just as he receives her text message asking him to meet her tomorrow at the lake. Frustrated he throws the phone. Back at the Lakeview, Craig wakes to find Meg gone.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Carly and Jack are affected by the memories in Montana. While rafting, they realize they've drifted off and don't know where they are. Once they find their way back, Jack carries Carly to the bed and tells her to get some rest. Carly draws Jack into a kiss, and the two begin to make love. Katie gets a call about a costume for Sage. Brad and Katie decide to go over together, and Katie admits she's hoping to see Jack. Will tells Katie that Jack and Carly are in Montana. Gwen and Will feel bad that Jack didn't tell Katie he was with Carly. Katie orders a drink and guzzles it as Brad tries to get her to slow down. Katie decides she needs to accept that her marriage is over and asks Brad to make love to her.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Near the cabin in the woods, Meg is waiting for Paul to arrive when Craig finds her and tells her he saw her car parked but didn't see her; he was worried because she was attacked the last time she was up here alone. He continues to let her know how much he's worried about her safety, until finally, she agrees to leave with him.

Rosanna comes home with more packages of things for her wedding to Paul and asks Paul to help her bring them in. He says he can't do this, then tells her he has a fitting for his tuxedo. The seamstress calls and wants to show Rosanna some samples, so Paul suggests Rosanna take care of that while he goes to his fitting. He leaves, but he goes to the woods to meet Meg instead of going to his fitting. While he's gone, Craig walks into Fairwinds unannounced and tries once again to get Rosanna to drop the litigation she has pending against him, saying it will be easier for Meg and him to start a family without that hanging over their heads and telling her that Meg overheard Paul's toast to Rosanna and now realizes it's useless to pine after Paul any more.

Meg returns to the woods without Craig and meets Paul there, where she tells him she loves him and wants to spend her life with him. Paul says this is a bad time to tell him that, since Rosanna is back home planning all the details of their wedding. He also tells her she apparently has no trouble sleeping with Craig, telling her he saw the lingerie she was buying the previous day; Meg, in return, says she assumes Paul has slept with Rosanna since making his little toast at the Lakeview the night before, but Meg asks if he's in love with her (Meg), and Paul says yes. She then asks if Paul wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and he again says yes. They kiss, and Meg wants to go tell Craig and Rosanna, but again, Paul says this is not good timing and tells Meg he can't leave Rosanna. He thinks she needs time to get stronger, but Meg thinks Rosanna is strong enough and that she needs the truth, otherwise Paul will end up hurting Rosanna more than Craig did. They end up telling each other that they love one another, but then Paul says he has to go. Meg wants to know if he'll tell Rosanna today, but Paul says she has to give him time. They kiss goodbye, and Paul leaves. Meg goes to Old Town, where she gets a phone call from someone wanting to hire her as a private-duty nurse. She declines at first, saying she recently got married, but then realizes what she said and changes her mind; she takes out her calendar to discuss what dates they're talking about, but something she sees disturbs her, and she asks if she can call the person back. Looking again at her calendar, Meg realizes her period is late.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna tells Craig she won't forget what he's done to her and doesn't want to make anything easier for him, but he grabs a glass of champagne and offers a toast to "dreams coming true," as Paul walks by and overhears them.

At the Lakeview, Brad stops Katie before they can make love, telling her she's crying and obviously still upset about Jack, and he can't do this because she's wearing his brother's wedding ring. He tells her he'll want her when she's finally "free," and when she asks if that means he thinks her marriage is over, he says the fact that she's standing there almost naked and just a moment away from making love with him pretty much says her marriage is over. Katie cries again, and Brad apologizes. Brad suggests they go get something to eat, and he takes Katie to the diner, where Katie tells Brad that she should have stood by Jack and not doubted him, and she says she's going to call him right now to tell him. Brad tries to get her to put off making that phone call by telling her that he doesn't want her to get her feelings hurt. Katie says she wants to let Jack know she's not going to push him away anymore.

In Montana, Carly thinks things have been perfect, but Jack says they can't be perfect because he's not married to her anymore, and he can't believe he's done this to Katie. He wants to go back to Oakdale, and he calls to make arrangements for them to get a flight home. Back in Oakdale, Jack thinks they should call Dr. Evers to let him know they are back in town, but Carly stops him by saying she just wants a little time to think about how wonderful everything was in Montana between them. Jack says he wants to hold onto it, too, and that's the problem. Carly asks why he's so mad at her if he enjoyed their time together, too, and he tells her he's not mad at her, he's mad at that thing that's growing in her brain, and he wishes he could get in there and kill it so that she wouldn't have to die. He holds her and begs her not to die, and she says, "Okay, I won't!" Then she asks after he finds that thing in her head and pulverizes it, who will he live with: Katie or her? Jack says Katie wasn't just a fling, that he fell in love with her after he'd been so angry when Carly left with Simon, saying Katie "cured" him. Carly stops him before he can remember all the reasons he loves Katie, saying she'll fix them something to eat. While she's in the kitchen, Katie calls Jack; she tells him she knows he went to Montana with Carly, and she wants to talk to him when he gets back. Jack says he's already back, and Katie asks if Carly's condition has worsened, but Jack says Carly is actually doing pretty well at the moment. Katie asks if he can meet her at the Lakeview now, and he says now's good, and says goodbye. Katie tells Brad the news and asks him to wish her luck. Jack tells Carly that Katie called, and he has to go see her. He says he doesn't want her to feel like he's running out on her, because what happened in Montana meant a lot to him, too. Carly asks if he'll be back, and he says he'll call.

Brad goes to see Carly and tells her that he and Katie found out she and Jack had gone to Montana, and Katie was upset at first but now feels like she needs to be there for Jack and has decided to tell him that she loves him and wants to support him during this family ordeal. Carly tells Brad it's too late, and Brad realizes she slept with Jack while they were in Montana. Carly says when Jack tells Katie, it will all be over. Brad says maybe Jack won't tell her.

Jack goes to meet Katie; she tries to apologize for telling him she didn't want to live with him while he was taking care of Carly, saying she understands how much he needs to do this, and she meant her wedding vows and wants to be there for him in good times and bad. Jack says he has something to tell her, and by looking at him, she finally realizes what it is, asking, "You slept with her in Montana, didn't you?" Jack quietly admits it.

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