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Mitzi Matters
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Actor History
Spring 2000 to January 21, 2004; recurring



Former cocktail waitress

Resides At


Formerly resided in Oakdale with Rose D'Angelo

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Artie Golinski (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Stole money from Rosie's Roller Palace [Nov 2003]

Stole the business ledger from Rosie's Roller Palace [Dec 2003]

Perjury; gave a false statement to the police [Jan 2004]

Brief Character History

Mitzi Matters' introduction to Oakdale came through her best friend, Rose D'Angelo. Both showgirls in New Jersey, Mitzi was shocked and elated when Rose discovered that she had a wealthy twin sister living in Oakdale. Though saddened when Rose left New Jersey to live in Oakdale, Mitzi corresponded often with Rose and often visited. Though very impressed with Rose's glitzy new lifestyle, Mitzi never sought to take advantage of their friendship. Then one day, Rose was suddenly kidnapped. Scared for Rose, Mitzi stayed at Lucinda Walsh's so she could know immediately what was happening. When Mitzi's unconventionality wore on Lucinda's nerves, Jack Snyder let Mitzi stay at his place. Luckily, Rose finally escaped and made a full recovery. Wanting to be near her best friend, Mitzi moved to Oakdale permanently and moved in with Rose.

Unfortunately a few years later, their friendship soured when Rose, who was making plans to move to Paris, refused to sell her beauty salon to Mitzi because she didn't think Mitzi had enough business sense. Deeply hurt by Rose's condescending attitude, Mitzi started stealing money from the salon. Learning that an audit would occur once the business was sold, Mitzi tried gambling to replace the stolen money but only got deeper in debt and ended up stealing more. Mitzi felt the walls closing in on her when she learned Rose had found a buyer. Realizing she'd be caught once the new owners did an audit, Mitzi made plans to leave town only to be confronted by Rose! Knowing her friendship with Rose was over, since Rose felt betrayed by Mitzi, a hurt Mitzi, who felt equally betrayed, left Oakdale to start a new life. Not long after, Mitzi was horrified to learn that Rose had been murdered! Coming back to town, Mitzi began to show her true colors. Hoping to get enough money to buy the Roller Palace, she befriended Lily Snyder and against Lily's husband's wishes, she let Lily keep some of Rose's things. Finally recognizing Mitzi as a user who relied on the kindness of strangers, Holden kicked Mitzi out of Rose's former home. Penniless, Mitzi then accepted an offer from Craig Montgomery--he'd pay her to testify that she saw Paul Ryan poison Rose. Wanting the money, Mitzi agreed and then ended up poisoned herself! Though she recovered, she realized she could be in serious trouble with the police (for embezzlement and perjury) and Mitzi skipped town.

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