Another World Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on AW
Carl got a drugged Grant to confess to trying to kill Vicky and Bobby. Carl and Jake doctored Grant's confession tape so it wouldn't be obvious that Grant had been drugged. Emily and Sophia moved into their new apartment, and Sophia was upset to see Nick and Emily kiss. Grant was arrested.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on AW
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Monday, March 17, 1997


Carl was shocked and horrified to see Rachel dressed as Justine. She tells him that she will do what needs to be done to make Grant confess. He responds that he won't allow her to put herself in danger and that he can't believe she would dress like the woman who put her through hell. Carl makes her take off the nun costume and notices she even has Justine's perfume to have a larger effect on Grant. Carl gets ready to leave and told Rachel to trust him.


At Vicky's house Bobby explains he can't accept the expensive tools she wants to give him. He told her that he doesn't come from her world and she reminds him that she didn't come from money either and hasn't changed. They agree to go do something fun and end up at the bowling alley. When they have to wait for a lane Vicky wants to play a racing video game. Bobby is reluctant to play but does so and gets very involved in the game. Vicky notices his intense reaction not realizing he was reliving the time he crashed his real race car in his head. Vicky realizes that she really doesn't know much about Bobby. Joe and Paulina are also bowling and she gets upset when a friend of theirs doesn't recognize a thinner Paulina in a photo. She blows up at Joe that he seems oblivious to her weight concerns when he orders fattening food. He explains to her that he thinks her body is beautiful and she should too. Paulina happily hugs him when he orders carrots for their snacks.


When Grant sees Jake (who he thinks was Hal) outside of Carlino's he gets very upset. Unbeknown to him Sharlene slips something into his drink. When a shaken Grant downs it in one gulp he quickly becomes disoriented and makes a scene. Paulina and Sophia want to call an ambulance but Sharlene insists they allow her to take him to his apartment. An undercover cop posing as a cabdriver brought a disoriented Grant home under the watchful eye of Gary. There a costumed Carl (dressed as a nun) comes in and freaks Grant out. The hallucinogenic drug makes him think Carl was his mother. Carl prods Grant into confessing how he tried to kill Vicky and Bobby and framed Grant. Grant grabs at who he thinks was his mother and ends up breaking the beaded necklace Carl was wearing. After taping Grant's ranting and raving confession, Carl pours whiskey on Grant and leaves not realizing a piece of his broken necklace was left behind. Meanwhile, the rest of the conspirators anxiously await news at Jake's hotel. Josie was especially concerned for her mother.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997


The conspirators go over Grant's taped confession and they realize that some of his responses seem prompted and that he sounds wacko, meaning the tape might not hold up in court. Jake was livid that he must remain under house arrest because the tape isn't as solid as they hoped. Josie reminds them that if Grant gets out on a technicality, he will go after Sharlene. Gary assures her not to worry and he and Carl leave. Jake then locks Josie in his bedroom and sneaks out.


Grant wakes up to find himself still disoriented and notices his apartment is a wreck. He starts freaking out because he can't remember what happened and still feels out of it. He sees a photo of Kirkland and rushes out to spend the day with him, not realizing he looks and was acting crazy. Grant doesn't notice the broken necklace piece on the floor and can't figure out what is wrong with himself.


Nick, Tomas, Emily and Sophia work to move the girls' stuff into their new place. They all seem to be having a good time until Nick and Sophia find themselves alone together and he asks her about Matt. She gets uncomfortable and leaves the room, which was witnessed by Emily. Nick admits to Emily that he still has feelings for Sophia and she surprises him by saying its no big deal, she knew it all along but maybe she was the one to help him get over Sophia. Later, Tomas told Emily how he was worried about money now that he gave back the scholarship and she told him not to give up on his dreams. When the girls are alone, they toast their new place and Emily makes a comment about the one of them ending up with Nick. Before Sophia can respond, the doorbell rings to reveal a huge juke box, a housewarming gift from Matt. Nick soon arrives with his housewarming gift, a loaf of bread and salt a tradition Sophia told him about. Sophia is touched but her warm feelings are tempered by watching Emily thank Nick with a kiss.


Finding out from Cass that the judge hasn't made a decision on Kirkland's custody, Vicky prepares to keep the boy away from Grant. She told Kirk they are going on an adventure and sneaks him out of the house when Grant arrives early to pick him up. Etta Mae runs interference and Grant acts crazy, worrying her. Etta Mae was relieved when Carl arrives. He told her to call the police and then continues to work on Grant, making references to his mother and gets Grant to admit he'd do anything to get Kirkland. Carl tapes the conversation and sends Grant off.


Vicky arrives with Kirkland and was greeted by her mother. She and Donna discuss what to do about Grant. Jake sneaks into the audio control room where he was soon joined by Carl. They prepare to do some fancy editing to Grant's confession tapes.


Joe told Gary that the commissioner wants to go ahead and prosecute because he doesn't believe Jake was framed with a double. Gary insists Grant was behind this but doesn't tell Joe about their plan to get Grant to confess. Joe tells him that there's nothing he can do the investigation on Grant is over. Just then Carl walks in brandishing a tape, saying he has all the proof they need.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997


Josie was furious that Jake locked her in the bedroom and handcuffs him as he protests. She demands to know what he was up to but he evades her questions. Josie notices muddy footprints on the carpet and wants to know if Jake had gone out. Jake claims they are from last night but Josie doesn't believe him. After getting a phone call from Sharlene saying Grant is there, Josie cuts off the ankle alarm, stating she's going after her mother and telling Jake he'll have to deal with the police on his own. A rookie cop comes to arrest Jake, who realizes the cop was Etta Mae's daughter, Toni. He asks her what she thinks of Grant acting crazy to her mother at Vicky's that very morning.


Sharlene was startled to find a disoriented paranoid Grant in her office demanding to know what happened the night before. He claims they are all in a conspiracy to get him but she explains that he was upset and drank a lot so she sent him home in a cab. He continues to act crazy and become threatening to Sharlene as Josie comes in. Grant starts freaking out, saying he's seeing double and begs for Sharlene's help. Sharlene was very upset and worried about the effects the drug seems to have on him while Josie tries to calm her. Another police officer arrives to take Grant in for questioning and he continues to act crazy.


Carl plays the tape of Grant's "confession" saying he got it this morning when Grant was lurking around Vicky's. Because it was gained by a private citizen, Joe says they can use it even though Grant didn't know he was being taped as long as Carl didn't provoke his answers. Carl insists he didn't and the tape was on the up and up. Gary keeps quiet that he knew anything about it and that grant's answers sound a lot like the ones he gave while he was drugged although now Grant sounds more coherent. Toni arrives with Jake and then asks Joe for the afternoon off to attend to personal business. Jake taunts Grant when he was brought in and Josie demands to know from Gary and Jake where Carl got the tape. She was suspicious that the answers sound like the drugged ones from the night before but they blow off her suspicions, saying Grant was getting what's coming to him and that's all that matters. Joe and Gary start to interrogate Grant about the "confession" on the tape.


Toni arrives and told Etta Mae she needs to quit working at Vicky's now. Etta Mae reminds her that no one gives her orders, not her daughter and not Grant Harrison. Toni points out the danger of working for Vicky but Etta Mae says its more dangerous going on drug busts and catching criminals. Etta Mae states that she loves Vicky and the boys and that she can take care of herself.


Rachel confides in Felicia about the pregnancy and happily claims she and Carl are working things out. Rachel begins to get worried that she can't locate Carl because she has a doctor's appointment. Felicia accompanies her to the hospital, reassuring her that Carl must be held up by something important. Rachel gets more and more upset, until Carl arrives with a rose, apologizing for being late and upsetting her. He calms her down and they both listen joyously to the baby's heartbeat.

Thursday, March 20, 1997


Tomas and Nick continue to help the girls move in. Emily suggest dinner for the four of them and Sophia sets out to make it. Then both Emily and Tomas are called away to the hospital. Sophia gets nervous about being with Nick alone and he suggests that he leave. She told him don't worry about it and they have a nice dinner and talk about their childhood. They grow closer until Nick asks her about her and Matt. Sophia gets defensive and Nick gets upset, saying the whole point of them being friends means they should be able to talk about their relationships. Emily walks in on a tense moment and Sophia quickly exits. Emily questions Nick about his feelings for Sophia and he admits he still has them but doesn't want Emily to think he is using her. She says it'll be her challenge to make him forget about Sophia and they kiss. A jealous Sophia watches in the dark as Nick and Emily dance to a romantic song.


Carl and Rachel arrive to visit Vicky and the boys. Kirkland and Steven are happy to see them, although Kirkland was sad because he misses his father. Carl explains that Grant was probably really busy and Kirkland says, too busy for me? Rachel and carl discuss how hard this will all be for the boy. While building a tongue depresser fort, Kirkland gets full of glue and Carl goes to give him a bath. Kirkland comes out clean but Carl was drenched. Rachel lovingly notices how good Carl was with the boys. Jake arrives and asks to talk to Carl. He told him that the police brought Grant was and Carl asks Jake not to tell anyone they doctored the tape.


Gary and Joe continue to interrogate Grant who was still acting paranoid and has flashbacks of his hallucinations of his mother. Grant says that Carl is a liar and everyone was out to get him. Joe says he's going to call the DA about pressing attempted murder charges. Josie was upset with Gary's tactics and the fact that it looks like he doctored evidence. Gary insists he had nothing to do with the new tape but refuses to question how Carl got it. A lady lawyer appears claiming to be Grant's lawyer and says that Grant can run his defense but this case will still make her career. Grant agrees to hire her. Paulina decides to decorate Joe's office. Joe told her a story about a citation his father got when he was a child and how that made him want to be a cop. He remarks about the standards he must live up too. While Paulina was alone, Grease Snyder comes in and makes veiled threats against Paulina and Dante. Paulina was terrified and told Joe what happened. Joe assures her not to worry but puts out an APB on Grease after sending Paulina home.


At home, Josie was distant towards Gary. When they discuss what's going on, Josie gets very upset, saying that Gary was jeopardizing everything for this case, her mother's safety, their careers and now their relationship. Gary tells her to trust him, that Grant deserves to pay for what he's done. She says they should tell Joe what they've been doing because if they do a drug test and find traces of the drug they gave Grant, they'll be in big trouble. Gary assures her it won't happen and calls to ask about the blood test. When he told Josie it came back negative, she was disgusted that he thinks the problem was solved. They prepare for bed without speaking to one another, a definite wall erected between them.

Friday, March 21, 1997


After reading a story in the paper about Grant being held for questioning, an upset Josie gets ready to leave. Gary comes out and asks where she's going. Josie told him that she's going to tell Joe everything she knows and reminds him that they both swore to protect the public. He reminds her that Grant was a killer he killed Ryan and Gabe and tried to kill Vicky & Bobby and put her mother in a wheel chair. Josie says she knows all of that but that she won't be part of a lynch mob. He asks her to give him 24 hours before talking to Joe so he can get the hard evidence he needs.


Sophia comes to deliver a cappucino and some biscotti to Felicia and finds her in the midst of writing another romance novel. Felicia drags Sophia inside and asks her to help her with the plot of her book explaining that Sophia is a lot like her heroine Samantha. When Felicia explains the story, Sophia fantasizes about her and Nick as the main characters, being involved in several passionate fantasies. Breaking out of her reverie, Sophia emphatically states that Samantha should never go back to a man who hurt her and runs out, leaving a confused Felicia behind.


Jake enjoys a big breakfast and he and Carl revel about Grant being in jail. They discuss how they should keep the fact they doctored the tape a secret and Carl says he'll tell Rachel later. Rachel arrives and told Carl she made a big mistake. He thinks the mistake was them getting back together but she says she's the one that made the mistake of kicking him out. Carl is extremely happy and they kiss passionately which disturbs Amanda. Jake and Paulina tell her to lay off and she was reluctantly forced to accept her mom and Carl are back together. Amanda and Jake have another one of their sexually charged confrontations and she demands to know what he was up to. He told her to stick to her mini-skirts and went to taunt Grant at the stationhouse, with Amanda following. Later, Nick stops by looking for Sophia. Paulina says that she's not there and Nick says that even though Paulina doesn't like him, to please tell Sophia he's looking for her. When Paulina was alone with Dante, Grease Snyder comes by to harrass her again. She was saved by Neil's arrival who throws Grease out. A shaken up Sophia returns to the restaurant and was confronted by Nick. She tries to blow him off but he wants to talk about what happened last night. She told him she saw him dancing with Emily and he told her that Emily was not on his mind, but Sophia is, all the time. Sophia throws him out, saying she can't discuss this now. Later, unbeknownst to Paulina, Grease watches her through the window.


Grant was irate at being held overnight and was upset to find out his lawyer and Joe have set up a hearing with a judge. He has an angry confrontation with Etta Mae who was there to give a statement. Toni tries to calm her down, but Etta Mae angrily told Grant that he won't ever see Kirkland is she has anything to do with it. Josie told Joe and Gary that she wants a transfer because she can't work with Gary anymore. Joe can't convince her to change her mind and Gary was forced to accept Josie was serious and slipping away. Jake with Amanda in tow and they taunt Grant about being in jail. Amanda wants to know what's going on because she knows that Grant wouldn't confess to anything unless he was getting something out of it. Later, Jake tells Gary he needs his help and they make some whispered plan, watched by a sad Josie. They leave and Josie told Amanda she doesn't want to know where they went and Amanda shouldn't either.


Arriving home, Carl told Rachel he was the one who Grant confessed to. He tries to tell her the truth about everything but she stops him and says it doesn't matter that after all these months it doesn't matter. They embrace and kiss.


Grant berates his lawyer for him having to spend time in county lock-up and she says she'll do her best to get him out on bail quickly. He told her that he can't be behind bars. Later, he hears a noise as his cell is unlocked. He wanders out of his cell to come face to face with two Jakes (FREEZE FRAME)

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