Another World Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on AW
Grant demanded money from Carl in return for revealing Gabe's real killer. Carl tricked Grant into revealing it was Raines, not Joe, who had killed Gabe. Vicky and Bobby were on the run from the police in Texas. John was upset to find Michael had spent the night at Sharlene's apartment.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 28, 1997 on AW
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Monday, April 28, 1997


Grant continues to demand money from Carl saying that he knows who Gabe's killer was and if Carl doesn't help him then Joe will go to jail. Carl is reluctant to trust him and tries to get Grant to spill the beans but Grant is steadfast. He says he'll keep the info to himself for his own safety unless he gets the $1 million. Carl leaves but later we see Carl lead a blindfolded Grant into a room. He told Grant to stay put and that he will bring food, etc. Grant asks where he was but Carl reminds him that now Grant's life was in his hands.


Tomas notices a sad Emily and tries to console her to no avail. He is disgusted when he sees Nick talk to her thinking Nick was breaking another girl's heart. Nick tries to explain that he never meant to hurt her and that he thought they had an understanding. Emily was still pretty upset and lets him know it. She asks if he was just using her to get close to Sophia but he denies it. Later, Tomas again tries to cheer her up, his feelings obvious but she's still too upset.


Gary and Josie break into Joe's office to get Gabe's date book. They try and figure out what he could have meant with "G connected to C" and run through the possibilities (Grant, Gary, Gabe,Grease, cindy, Cass, Carl, Carlino, etc.) They finally figure out that maybe the "C" stands for a position rather than a name and realize maybe Gabe meant the Commissioner. Sophia was upset she can't see Joe and Cass told her the arraignment did not go well -- that Joe was denied bail and he can't get her a pass to see him. when they speak to the commissioner he was suspiciously helpful and says he's going to recommend to the DA that Joe get bail and will arrange for a visiting pass for Sophia. Still upset about her brother, Sophia finds comfort in Nick's arms.


Bobby told Vicky he had to rip up their picture and warns her again that she was in danger being with him. A knock at the door causes Bobby to hide. Vicky finds a detective who was looking for "Shane Roberts" who was convicted of killing a woman but then escaped before he went to prison. Vicky denies knowing anything new about him and the detective warns her that she could go to prison for aiding and abetting. Later, Vicky and Bobby try and get away in her car with Bobby stashed in the back. He told her his real name and she says she knows he didn't kill anyone. They narrowly escape getting caught at a road block. Bobby tries one last time to get vicky to give this up but she's adamant and says they are in this together.


Michael was making some minor repairs in the apartment when Tomas arrives for advice about Emily. Sharlene encourages him to go for it but reminds him that things will be different because she was his roommate. Gary and Josie arrive, interrupting some of Michael and Sharlene's quality time. When sharlene is out of the room, Josie asks Michael to stay the night there to protect her mother but not to let Sharlene know. Later, Michael pretends to throw out his back so he needs to stay over.

Tuesday, April 29, 1997


Carl brought Grant coffee in the boat house where he was hiding out. Grant still refuses to name Gabe's killer and then taunts Carl about having lost control in front of " pregnant Rachel" after Grant slipped him the drug. Carl menacingly asks how the coffee tastes and a scared Grant told him he wouldn't there. they are interrupted by hearing Rachel and Amanda outside. Carl forces Grant to hide and then told Rachel he was having the boat house fumigated. Later, both Paulina and Jake arrive at the mansion. Paulina begs, then demands that Jake leave Neil alone. He tries to get her to tell him what Neil might have said to her but she warns him to stay out of it. After getting a phone call from Sophia, Paulina rushes out after ordering Jake and Amanda to stay put. Jake of course doesn't listen and follows her out.


John comes over to Sharlene's apartment with the pretense of dropping off Greg's notebook and was shocked to find Michael has spent the night. Michael of course rubs it in but does admit he stayed because he threw out his back. John doesn't believe him and they sort of get into it but are interrupted by sharlene. John leaves in a huff. Later at the hospital, Michael and Sharlene admit they are having stronger feelings for each other and share a kiss.


Emily gets upset again after another encounter with Nick even though he is trying to make her feel better. She cheers up after accepting a date with Tomas after she realizes he was really interested and not asking her out of pity. Sophia finds an unconscious Neil behind Carlino's and calls for help. Josie rushes him to the hospital where John works furiously on his gunshot wound. A stricken Paulina arrives wondering what will happen to Joe now that they know he was in cahoots with Neil. John told everyone that Neil survived because of the Bible Paulina gave him which stopped the bullet from entering his heart. Commissioner Raines fakes concern and told Gary to back off when Gary shows interest in pursuing the investigation on Gabe' death. Gary and Josie figure out Raines has been on the take all over the state and even played a part in Grant's early pardon. they vow to figure out a way to bring Raines down.

Wednesday, April 30, 1997


Close to the Mexican border Bobby told vicky to stop the car and says again she needs to get away from him. He tearfully told her that he loves her so much but can't put her in any danger. vicky says she believes in him and that she hasn't felt anything like this since Ryan died. They make a fire and vicky told him to come back with her to BC and the boys and they'll talk to Cass and get him off. She told him that he melts her heart. Later, Vicky slips and sprains her wrist. When she falls asleep, Bobby slips his silver ring on her finger, whispers he loves her and then leaves. Vicky wakes up to find herself alone.


Cindy arrives at the boathouse and gets Grant to admit that he was paying Raines off and that he saw the Commissioner shoot Gabe. Just then Carl busts in indicating he's taped the conversation. Grant realizes he's been set up once Carl calls Raines and demands he meet him because he knows Raines shot Gabe. Outside Carlino's Carl puts a wire on Grant who has a confrontation with the commish. Gary, Josie and Carl listen from close by and go to arrest the Commish but he escapes. Grant realizes he's been set up again when Josie re-arrests him. Meanwhile, Joe realizes Raines was behind everything and breaks out of jail and went to the stationhouse to get help. At first they try and arrest him but then Toni releases him saying that if her mama trust him so does she. Gary and Josie are happy to see him out and he was equally happy to see Grant re-arrested. Joe thanks Carl for his help who was worried he can't locate Rachel or Paulina. Meanwhile, Raines tries to smother Neil in the hospital but was interrupted by Paulina. Not realizing he's the bad guy she accompanies him to Carlino's. there she gets a call from Joe who freaks when he finds out Raines was with her and tells her to get out of there because Raines was dangerous.

Thursday, May 1, 1997


Felicia was irritated when she's told that she can't sit in first class b/c the owner of the airplane has reserved the whole section. The owner introduces himself as Alexander Nikos. Felicia was shocked over his resemblance to Lucas, her late husband and told him he reminds her of someone she knew. They get to know each other and Alexander told her that she reminds him of a greek god who lived life to its fullest. When they find out they must land in Montreal, Alexander offers to escort her to BC.


Michael and Sharlene are getting "friendly" in her office which was witnessed by an irritated Donna who demands John to do something about it. John says its none of his business but later told Michael he was really hurting Donna. Sharlene confronts Donna about not being able to let Micheal go. Sharlene and Michael leave together, much to Donna and John's chagrin.


Joe tries to tell Paulina to get away from Raines but he takes her hostage and demands Joe give him money, a car and a boat to get out of town. Joe organizes the force outside of the restaurant but not before a woozy Rachel unwittingly enters and was also taken hostage. both carl and Joe are crazed about their wives being in danger especially because Rachel was having abdominal pains. Gary also gets worried when Josie was sent in through the air vents to try and shoot the commissioner. Raines releases Rachel and Carl rushes her over to the emergency room. Josie shoots Raines in the arm and he fires back at her. He warns Joe that he'll kill Paulina if Joe tries something like that again. Raines comes out of the restaurant using Paulina as a shield. Joe told her he loves her and then turns his back. Suddenly, Joe whips around and fires his gun. Paulina pulls away from Raines as a shot rings out and Joe screams Paulina's name.

Friday, May 2, 1997


After telling Paulina he loves her, Joe takes a daring shot and kills Raines. The Commish falls on top of Paulina but she was not hurt. Everyone congratulates Joe on a job well done and they take Paulina to the hospital. Meanwhile, in BC General, Jake and Amanda are unaware of what transpired at Carlino's. Jake tries to pay Amanda a compliment which she doesn't believe at first. They are both shocked to find out Paulina and Rachel were taken hostage and Jake rushes to find Paulina. Amanda blames Carl for putting Rachel in danger even though he really had nothing to do with it. John wants to keep Rachel in the hospital for some tests. She assures Carl that all was well and their child conceived of love was fine. John asks Paulina and a pouty Amanda to leave the room when he comes to give Carl and Rachel the test results. Josie and Gary hold a press conference commending Joe and his secret investigation, implicating Raines as the crooked cop and Gabe's murderer and claiming the whole precint was behind Joe. Gary then makes a big deal of Josie's heroics. At the stationhouse, Chris tries hard to apologize to Toni and try and get another date with her. She accepts his apology but that's it. Detective Morris makes a visit to the precint and asks questions about Shane Roberts/Bobby Reno. Jake freaks when he finds out Bobby was an escaped convict murderer and tries in vain to reach vicky.

On the plane ride home, vicky has daydreams about Bobby/Shane as she fingers the ring he left her. A stewardess comments on her bandaged wrist saying that someone with medical training must have done the bandage. On returning home she was confronted by Detective Morris who demands to know if she's seen Bobby. she insists that she hasn't seen him and says she can't believe Bobby killed anyone one. Morris says he killed a married woman he was having an affair with and warns her to be careful. Meanwhile, bobby call Patrice before leaving for Mexico and finds out Lila tried to slit her wrists when she found out Bobby might be leaving. He went to see her and tells Patrice he can't leave now. Lila reaches out for Bobby and says she knew he would come. Vikcy has a second confrontation with Morris watched by Bobby who has returned to BC. He wraps Vicky's scarf around his hands in anger while he listens to Morris say how dangerous he is. vicky throws Morris out and was surprised and a little scared to see Bobby approach with the scarf still held tightly in his hands.

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