Another World Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on AW
Rachel insisted on keeping the baby despite her life-threatening tumor. Grant and Cindy imagined killing each other while agreeing to marry. Cindy was unable to go through with the wedding. Bobby and Vicky agreed to run away together but were knocked down by a collapsing ceiling.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on AW
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Monday, May 5, 1997


vicky told bobby that he needs to leave and that she can't put herself or her kids in danger. He told her that he needed to see her again and that he can't stay away. Bobby was upset that what Morris said got to her but she insists that she believes he wouldn't hurt her. vicky then begs him to leave and says that its over. Just then Jake arrives and Bobby was forced to hide in some secret compartment behind the bookcase (HUH?!?). Vicky tries to play it like nothing was wrong but she clings to Jake for comfort. Jake tells her all about Bobby and then was upset when he realizes she already knew. Vicky told him to stay out of it and Jake asks if she was in love with Bobby. She avoids answering saying she doesn't want to hurt him but he points out Bobby's ring around her neck. Vicky tearfully told him that it was a good bye gift and asks him to leave. Jake does so reluctantly and then Bobby sneaks out. Somehow, he arrives miraculously quickly at the St. Claire's clinic followed closely by vicky. Vicky tries to enter the room where Bobby went in and then tries to get info about the clinic and the people served there.


Sophia and Tomas continue to enjoy their dinner date with dessert, dancing and smooching. The mail dampens the mood when Tomas realizes he missed the deadline for financial aid and seems very discouraged. Emily cheers him up and told him they will figure out a solution. They agree to continue enjoying their night out on the balcony. Sophia arrives home and notices them outside. She finds a letter from Matt which told her not to wait for him. Upset, Sophia tries to call Nick but hangs up before anyone answers.


Carl and Rachel are devastated by John's news that Rachel has a tumor on her uterus. He explains they don't know if its malignant but a biopsy would certainly involve terminating the pregnancy. John told them that ironically hormones from the pregnancy are causing the tumor to grow quickly and Rachel could possibly die. He leaves them to talk things over. Both break into tears and Rachel insists the baby's life come first because it has saved them and their love. Carl insists that while he loves their child, his life was nothing without her. Rachel continues to insist that she will do nothing to harm the baby. John told them the baby was a boy. Amanda confronts Carl about using the baby as a substitute for Ryan and endangering Rachel's life in the process. Carl coldly informs her that she knows nothing about love and that he can't understand how she can be Rachel's daughter. Amanda breaks into tears and sobs that she's just scared and doesn't want to lose her mother. Later, Carl and Amanda go to see Rachel and they tell her they think her life should come first. Rachel told them that this was ultimately her decision and she won't do anything to hurt the baby, no matter what.

Tuesday, May 7, 1997


Tomas asks John to authorize a double shift for him. after seeing how much Tomas has been working, but not realizing Tomas's money trouble, John refuses and told tomas not to go over his superviser's head again. He is supervised and then feels bad when Emily gives him a flyer about the surprise Tomas Rivera Tuition Party she was throwing at the Bowlarama. Later, Emily asks Tomas to meet her for dinner and he gladly accepts.


Alexander accompanies Felicia home and continues to pursue her even though she reminds him she was engaged. Cass arrives and was knocked off his feet at Alexander's resemblance to Lucas. After Alexander leaves, Cass and Felicia discuss how she met him. Felicia was surprised to discover a diamond bracelet hidden in her French bread. She asks Cass to return it to Alexander. Arriving on the Nikos jet, Cass explains that Felicia can't accept the gift and Cass as her best friend was looking out for her. Alexander asks Cass to be his American lawyer but before Cass can accept, Alexander told him they have already taken off. Cass asks if he has been kidnapped but Alexander insists its the beginning of a beautiful friendship. John and Felica share a warm homecoming although she was unable to tell him about alexander.


Jake tries to get more info. on bobby from Toni. Neil was out of the hospital and asks Amanda out on a real date which she gladly accepts. Neil surprises Josie with the news she was being given a citation along with Joe. Gary was very happy for her but feels somewhat left out. Amanda catches on and tries to get some information but he insists that he was proud of Josie and Joe.


After another angry confrontation with vicky, Jake calls Detective Morris to tell him Bobby was still in town. Vicky told Etta Mae she's determined to find out Bobby's secret. She steals one of Toni's uniforms and went to the clinic to try and get information on Bobby. Patrice sees her showing Bobby's picture around. Bobby finds Vicky and told her she was making things dangerous for him and to meet him on the bluff overlooking BC so he can explain. There, he admits that he did kill a woman. A shaken Vicky tries to run away and trips on a rock but Bobby catches her.

Wednesday, May 8, 1997


Before Grant's bail hearing, he compares notes with Cindy who brought proof his confession tape was doctored and news that Hal has been paid off. Joe, Josie and Gary arrive and Grant accuses G&J of drugging him with Carl to get a confession out of him. He insists he had nothing to do with the bomb under Bobby's truck. Despite, Dana's efforts, Grant was granted bail until his trial. An angry Joe berates G&J, although Gary says it was all his idea and should take all the blame. Joe says he must turn it over to Internal Affairs but was interrupted when Neil presents Josie and Joe with medals while Gary watches from the background. In order to celebrate, Grant brought cindy to the rooftop with champagne. He told her he has a great passion for her and wants to marry her. She initially refuses, saying she knows he is only proposing so she won't testify against him. Then realizing how much money she will have, she accepts, They toast their engagement, although both have thoughts of killing the other.


Tomas was surprised and touched at everyone's efforts, especially Emily's. they insist he accept the money, even though he wants to give it back. Toni & Chris share another date and things seem to be going well. Nick and Sophia grow closer although she doesn't admit the contents of Matt's letter to her. Later, when counting the money, Tomas finds an anonymous donation for his full tuition.


bobby stops Vicky from running away, insisting she knows he was innocent. He explains the circumstances how a woman died after someone doctored a medication order while Bobby was performing surgery. Vicky was more upset when Bobby admits he was married and was worried he was in love with someone else. He insists she was the only woman he loves but says he has to leave. Vicky told him she needs to know if he'll be okay and bobby agrees to meet her at the train station so they can figure out a plan to keep in touch. At home, Vicky was confronted by Jake who told her he told Morris bobby is still in BC. Betrayed, vicky throws Jake out saying their friendship is over. Jake angrily states he'll leave because there's nothing he can do to stop Vicky from loving Bobby. Later, fingering the ring Bobby gave her, Vicky wonders what to do.

Thursday, May 9, 1997

John moans about his crazy work schedule and Felicia's trip to Hollywood & asks if she ever wishes things could be the way they were. She worriedly asks if that means he wishes he were back with Sharlene and he assures her that she was the woman he loves and just wishes they had more time together. Felicia was able to fill him in on meeting Alexander and says she was going to make him character in her new book. John marvels at her exicting life. Later, Felicia was surprised to get a basket of apples handpicked from Alexander's garden. Cass arrives just in time to see another gift which is a little fluffy dog named Paris. Cass reminds his friend that Paris stole Helen of Troy's heart and started the Trojan War. Later, finding the gifts, John asks just who was Alexander?

Gary finds out that he has been demoted from lieutenant to street cop from Neil. He was further upset that Josie has received a congratulations letter from the Mayor's office. He angrily asks Neil if his prior record counts for anything but Neil coldly reminds Gary that he should feel lucky he still has a job. An angry Gary told Josie that he's sick of working for a department who doesn't care about him and protects criminals like Grant. Later, Josie finds Gary at the Bowlarama with a beer which he says he hasn't touched. She remains skeptical about his frame of mind and says she knows he didn't take a drink. Gary bitterly remarks that maybe next time she should say that with some conviction and walks out.

Rachel assures Carl, Paulina and Amanda that she was fine and wants to keep the baby. Amanda was very upset and told Carl that if her mother dies it was his fault. Rachel looks for and finds support in Paulina who told Rachel she is on her side. Rachel says she wants to talk to Felicia. Rachel told her friend that the grief of losing another son will cripple Carl. Felicia points out that rachel was putting an awful lot of responsibility on a baby and that the grief of losing Rachel will be too much for Carl to bear. Both Carl and Rachel have separate emotional conversations with God -- Rachel asks how God could give her such hope in their child and then take it away; Carl vows to wage war against God if He takes Rachel from him. Finding Carl in the chapel, Rachel says that she's made a decision.

An excited Joe comes home with a gift wrapped box and told Paulina they are going out on the town for a romantic evening. Paulina was upset to find out that Joe has bought her a dress that was 2 sizes too big but more upset that Joe doesn't understand why she feels the way she does. Josie arrives to asks for Joe's help with Gary and Paulina uses the visit as an excuse to postpone the romantic evening.

Friday, May 10, 1997

Bobby brought Lila a bunch of lilacs and talks about the lilac bush near their house. she responds by squeezing his hand. Later, he talks to Patrice who suggests Bobby move on with his life somewhere else. Bobby seems to think it over, not realizing Lila was listening.

Grant and cindy arrive at a cheesy wedding chapel but Cindy won't go through with it until the courier arrives with Grant's new will leaving everything to her. cindy and Grant wistfully talk about their dreams of love and weddings until they realize they are all but embracing each other. They push each other away and start to go through with the ceremony, both thinking in their heads about how they are using the other one to get what they want. Cindy surprises everyone by stopping the wedding saying she can't go through with it.

Jake arrives to take Amanda to a business dinner but stops by Vicky's first and convinces her to come along. Trying not to make Jake suspicious she agrees. Donna has Dash play up to vicky who was annoyed at first but then uses Dash as a decoy to sneak out of the restaurant. Jake fills Donna in about Bobby's criminal past and Amanda gets annoyed Jake was ignoring her. When Jake finds out Vicky has left he went running out after her.

Rachel told Carl she was choosing life over death and wants to do whatever possible to keep the baby alive. He says he'll support her decision but reminds her that he needs her in his life. They renew their wedding vows in the chapel and profess their love once again. Amanda was very upset with her mom's decision and lays into Carl. Carl told her to lay off and takes Rachel up to bed. Amanda leaves a message for Matt, telling him to come home now.

Bobby and Vicky meet at the abandoned train depot and vicky told Bobby she loves him. She told him she wants him to stay in BC and fight theses charges but he says there was no way. He asks her on impulse to run away with him and she agrees. They plan to meet in an hour but as Vicky walks away, one of the beams starts to fall. Bobby pushes her out of the way but they are both knocked down by the falling wood.

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