Another World Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on AW
Gary started his private investigator business. Bobby was arrested. Michael was concerned about Nick's drinking. Felicia received a video from Alexander. Vicky, Jake, and Carl tried to prove Shane's innocence. Rachel found out she was having twins.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on AW
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Monday, May 26, 1997


Josie knocks on Gary's door, dressed as a '40's femme fatale and told Gary she was looking for a man. They playfully "christen" his new desk and then Gary shares his worries about his lack of clients. She told him to keep his hopes up and that any new business starts slowly. Gary gets excited when he thinks Josie has changed her mind about joining him as a PI but she sets him straight. His phone starts to ring off the hook -- but all the customers are looking for a chinese restaurant.


Gary's party winds down without the guest of honor when Grant and cindy arrive. Joe tries to throw them out but Paulina convinces him that they need all the paying customers they can get. The Harrisons get the cold shoulder from Michael, Sharlene and Joe, despite Grant's protests that he's changed and doesn't want to fight with anyone anymore. They all scoff at his invitation to dinner as an attempt to bring himself and cindy back into society's good graces. Later, cindy compliments Paulina on her kind nature and confesses she may be falling in love with Grant but doesn't want everyone to hate her like they do him. cindy begs Paulina to come for dinner to show people how much they have changed.


Vicky was horrified to hear Jake brought Det. Morris and angrily accuses Jake of betraying her and Bobby/Shane. Jake tries to explain but Vicky gets even angrier when Amanda arrives, thinking they were in cahoots. Vicky blasts the two of them when she finds out Morris was bringing B/S back to New Orleans. She told them she can never forgive them and then slaps Jake when he begs her to stop fighting a losing battle to save B/S and think about her kids. vicky storms off and Jake angrily shakes off Amanda who tries to comfort him. B/S told Morris Vicky had nothing to do with his escape while Morris gloats about finally having B/S back in custody. Back in prison, Morris taunts B/S with news of preparation for his execution. B/S thinks about Vicky but was interrupted by a visit from Dr. Ambrose who told B/S that he will be glad to watch B/S die.


Carl comes clean with his plans to help B/S escape and Rachel told him she supports him b/s she too feels B/S was innocent. When Amanda bursts in and says she was in Florida -- Carl angrily asks if her interference thwarted B/S's escape plans. Both Carl and Rachel are stunned to hear B/S was back in custody and Carl blames Amanda. They get into another argument, this time Carl doesn't sit back and take Amanda's insults but rather gives it right back to her. RAchel starts to have abdominal pains but they go unnoticed as Carl and Amanda continue to scream at each other. Rachel told Amanda she'll have to move out if she contineues to bring this hatred into the house and Amanda accuses her of choosing Carl over her. They both stop when Rachel doubles over in pain and passes out.


An angry Vicky arrives home, still continuing to shout at Jake until he makes her listen that he believes B/S was innocent and wants to help prove it. Finally realizing that Jake was trying to help her all along -- she apologizes to her friend with tears in her eyes and asks again if he knows how much she really loves him. They call Gary to get on the case and then make plans to go to New Orleans after Jake told Vicky B/S was scheduled to be executed within the week.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

At the hospital, Nick begs Tomas to take his Spanish placement exam for him. Tomas was reluctant but then feels guilty when he remembers Sophia say that she knows for a fact Nick was Tomas's benefactor so he agrees to take the exam. An exuberant Nick went to Sophia's apartment to fly a kite because he is in such a great mood. She was pleased with his new positive attitude and she tells him she's so happy he's a changed man. Nick starts to feel guilty about deceiving Sophia by cheating on his test. Sophia runs into Tomas at the University and asks why he was in the Spanish exam room. Tomas replies he was helping a friend study and avoids questions about Nick's whereabouts. At the last minute, Nick arrives and told Tomas he was going to take the exam himself.

In the hospital, Rachel dreams her whole family was together and that her older children have accepted and are happy about Carl and the new baby. Jamie and Matt are there as well as Amanda, Paulina, Alli, Dante and Joe. In her dream, she hands Carl the baby and then told them all to love one another as she starts to fade away. Paulina wakes with a start, having a similar dream and told Joe she was worried about Rachel. John told Rachel she has developed a blood clot and must have the operation or she will die. Rachel refuses because the baby will be at risk and makes John promise not to say anything to Carl or her family. Amanda apologizes to her mom for being a pain and promises to try and get along with Carl. Rachel told Carl and Amanda that everything was fine but told Paulina the truth and then asks Paulina to help Carl with the baby and keep the family together. Upset, Paulina agrees to keep Rachel's secret and brought Dante to her for a visit. Rachel calls Felicia and has a heart to heart talk with her friend, telling her to keep taking risks. Carl gets suspicious of Rachel's behavior and her desire to see all of her grandchildren. He finally gets John to hint that Rachel needs surgery. When Rachel loses consciousness, John orders surgery. While her stunned family members watch, Rachel was wheeled to the OR after telling everyone she loves them.

Wednesday, May 28, 1997


Rachel's family anxiously await her return from surgery. Amanda was upset to find out Rachel asked Paulina to raise the baby if she didn't make it and not her. Paulina says its because Amanda doesn't get along with Carl, and not b/c Amanda was a bad mother but Amanda was still miffed. john told Carl they removed the tumor and also found out Rachel was pregnant with twins! Carl & Paulina was excited but Amanda was still concerned about her mother's health. Later, Carl told a sleeping infant about the babies and then falls asleep. He dreams the devil has come to collect on their bargain but when Carl refuses to go and leave Rachel and the twins, the devil turns his evil on Rachel. Carl agrees to go with him to save Rachel but then gaining strength from Rachel's love, told the devil he will beat him. The devil disappears telling Carl he will be back. Rachel wakes up and says that she dreamt Carl told her they were having twins.


Sophia, Emily, Tomas and Nick celebrate with wine in the trio's apartment. Nick was pleased he passed his exam and with Sophia's attentions. He feels bad when Sophia says he wouldn't be the man he was now if he hadn't donated Tomas's tuition money (or something stupid like that). Nick proceeds to get drunk on Tomas's sangria. When Sophia has to leave to watch Dante, she tells Tomas not to let Nick drive. Tomas tries to thank Nick for the money but a drunk Nick says he has Tomas to thank for making him look like a hero in Sophia's eyes.

Gary told Jake that after looking at the transcripts that he thinks Shane is guilty and wonders why Jake would try and save the man he has been trying to run out of town for months. Jake insists that he will do whatever he can to make Vicky happy and convinces Gary that there was more to this case than meets the eye. Gary agrees to keep digging. Before he leaves, Jake gives Gary a piece of paper and told him to talk to the person written on the paper.

Shane writes a letter to Vicky telling her how much he loves her. Morris comes down and taunts him about his upcoming execution. When he makes veiled threats about prosecuting Vicky, Shane told him to keep her out of things. Jake arrives and tries to get Shane to tell him who really killed Rebecca Ambrose. Shane tries to get Jake to leave, saying its none of his business but Jake asks him how he can go to the death chamber for a murder he didn't commit when there was a wonderful woman like Vicky who loves him. Meanwhile, Patty was called to meet with a priest (who was really Gary in disguise). Gary says that he works on death row and that Shane was about to be executed. He asks an upset Patty for help in saving her brother, saying he believes Shane was innocent and wants to find out the real murderer. Patty breaks down and says she can't keep her secrets anymore. She begs "Father" Gary to hear her confession which he was reluctant to do.

Thursday, May 29, 1997

A nervous Chris picks up Toni for dinner with her mother. Toni admits she is nervous too because its been awhile since she brought someone to meet her mom. Etta Mae jokingly gives Chris a hard time but then they get along pretty well. when Toni was called back to work, Chris and Etta Mae make plans to go to the jazz club, leaving Toni disappointed she can't join them. A drunk Nick and Tomas bump into Chris and Toni, angering Toni. When Nick starts acting crazy and steals a street sign, Michael grabs him and tells him his father used to be a drunk and beat up his and John's mom before coming after then. Nick wonders if he was a screw up because of his grandfather's genes and Michael says he's not going to let that happen. Toni catches Tomas with the stolen sign and demands that he confess to stealing it. Tomas gets upset she's calling him a liar and starts to mouth off before Toni takes him down to the stationhouse. Donna has a heart to heart talk with Cass about being alone when Cass suggest they get together and go bowling -- much to Donna's surprise.

Gary calls Jake and Vicky and told them Patty told him Lila Roberts killed Rebecca Ambrose. he makes plans to track down Lila. Josie arrives and tries to distract him with some good luvin When he told her he has to work, she wants to know details about the case. When he says he can't discuss it, Josie gets a little miffed and keeps begging for clues. Gary points out they aren't working for the same team anymore and she wouldn't share secrets about a police case with her. Still upset that she doesn't know what Gary was doing, Josie kisses him goodbye and told him to be careful. Later at the stationhouse, Josie confides in Joe about her worries that she and Gary will slip apart. Joe tries to cheer her up by presenting her medal of bravery. Before leaving BC, Gary leaves Josie a message that the loves her and was proud of her.

Jake keeps trying to get shane to tell him who he was protecting but Shane just says to get Vicky out of there. Later, Jake fills Vicky in on what happened with Shane. vicky was shocked that Shane did indeed have an affair with Rebecca and that he was protecting his wife. She went to see him and asks why he lied to her and why he would die for his wife when she, a woman who loves him, was there for him. At St. Clares, Patty told Lila she confessed to Father Gary and that Lila should do the same because she was the one who killed Rebecca and now Shane was going to die for it. Later, Lila gets dressed and puts on her wedding ring.

Friday, May 30, 1997

Tomas continues to mouth off to Toni who throws him in the holding cell despite Josie's protests that Tomas wouldn't steal. Toni coldly reminds Josie that she was the arresting officer and Josie backs off, especially since Tomas continues to act like an idiot. Josie convinces Tomas to apologize to Toni, although he still won't admit who really stole the sign.

Michael sobers up Nick with coffee. Later, Sharlene told Michael she rented the Cory cabin for the summer and wants him to join her there for some weekends. Michael exclaims he was thinking of going to NYC but says he'll go to the country. He then asks what Sharlene really wants because she's been sending him mixed signals lately. She sort of avoids the question and when she asks him to take her home, Michael calmly replies he'll call her later. Meanwhile, John and Felicia discuss wedding plans. Felicia says she would like something very romantic and splashy like in a castle. John describes an intimate affair at home with family and Felicia descending the stairs. Felicia gets upset and points out that he just described his and Sharlene's wedding. Later, Nick helps Sophia clean the restaurant. Their kiss was interrupted by Tomas who says he needs food. He angrily asks Nick if Nick has wondered where Tomas has been. Nick remains clueless even when tomas mentions the stolen sign.

John was called away to the hospital and Felicia receives a video tape from Alexander. She watches it at home and her offers her the use of his yacht and private villa in Capri for the wedding and honeymoon. Felicia is pleased with the gesture and falls asleep. She begins to dream that she is kissing John when the man turns into Alexander. John comes home sees her sleeping with a smile on her face. He was not pleased to see Alexander's video tape and was even less pleased at the tycoon's offer.

vicky begs Bobby/Shane (B/S) to stop protecting Lila and asks how he could go to this death and leave her. B/S tearfully replies that this was killing him but explains things can't be undone. She told him forcefully that she will find Lila herself because she was not going to let him die. vicky went to Dr. Ambrose's house. His housekeeper marie was reluctant to talk saying she is scared but knows Shane did not kill Rebecca. Ambrose evades Vicky's questions saying Shane was obsessed with furthering his career and claiming he didn't know Lila personnally. Vicky was suspicious especially when she sees Ambrose has packed for a trip. He gets a phone call and leaves quickly. Meanwhile, Jake was questioning Shane's old defense lawyer who is now a drunk. The lawyer says he knows Shane was innocent but the man would do nothing to help himself and his alibi died the night before the trial. The lawyer says that Lila was very beautiful and if anyone was having an affair it was her. At the airport, Gary runs into Lila not realizing who she is. Later, he gets pics of both Lila and Ambrose and finds it very interesting the two are meeting and soon board a plane to Guadalajara. Gary phones Jake to tell him he was on their trail and then boards the same plane to Mexico. In his cell, Bobby/Shane marks off the days til his execution.

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