Another World Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on AW
Felicia was surprised to find Alexander at the movie shoot. John and Sharlene opened up to one another about the demise of their marriage and ended up making love. Vicky and Jake raced to shave Shane, who was on death row.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on AW
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Monday, June 2, 1997

While Rachel was recovering, Carl and Amanda do their best to get along. Amanda told her mother she was hurt Rachel didn't asks her to take care of the baby if anything happened to Rachel and wonders where her place was in the family. Rachel tries to reassure her but then suggest Amanda find herself a nice man to love. Carl and Amanda are appalled Cindy sent Rachel flowers. Felicia also visits Rachel and was thrilled to herar about the twins. Felicia told Rachel about her dream about Alexander and Rachel replies that she was probably transferring feelings for Lucas to his look-alike. Rachel agrees to be Felicia's matron of honor.

Amanda mmets Chris at the flower stand and makes some cynical remarks about how love makes you crazy using Jake as an example. Chris also told her to find someone to love, saying someone as pretty as her shouldn'tbe alone. Amanda arrives for meeting with Dash who comments on the rind she is wearing. Cass asks Donna if they are still on for bowling. Felicia asks Cass to give her away again. The Harrison's arrive, trying to bolster their public image. Cindy was wearing the harrison emeralds. Grant warns Cindy to follow his orders and behave like gentility to gain respect but she has her own ideas. She cozys up to Paulina, shooing Grant away, saying she's going to lunch with her "girlfriend". Paulina asks cindy advice about losing weight and cindy suggests diet pill which helped her lose weight. She offers to get them for Paulina, escpecially if Paulina can get her and Grant invited to Felicia's wedding but Paulina declines.. Later, Cindy makes a deal with Donna -- she promises never to try and gain custody of Kirkland if Donna will sponser her in the BC Art League.

Grant offers to join Cass's law firm as a full parnter but Cass flatly refuses. Joe told Paulina he needs her to go to NYC to help Aunt Frannie who has broken her hip. Paulina was worried about the weight she will gain from Aunt Frannie's cooking but Joe tries to reassure her about her weight again. Before she leaves, she finds Cindy has left her a bottle of pills. Paulina takes one, vowing to lose the weight.

Grant was furious Cindy was taking her own initiative in gaining entrance to polite society. She says getting close to the Cory's was their ticket in but gets angry at this putdowns. They are both shocked to discover someone has broken in and stolen the matching emerald necklace from Grant's grandmother.

Chris continues to woo Toni although she was busy with work, she was very appreciative of the attention. Joe assigns Toni to a jewel theft case where the burgler leaves a solitary rose and was hitting the upscale Bay View Towers. Toni questions Grant abou the stolen necklace while Joe again warns Cindy about Grant's violent history.

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

Felicia told John that she agreed to help Joe and Josie catch the jewelthief by using her suite and apartments as bait. She suggests they go lookat a place for the wedding since she needs to leave town secretly. Feliciagets upset when John informs her that he and Sharlene are driving Greg tocamp. Felicia sullenly wonders why Sharlene can't take him herself and thensays that she's going to LA to check on the movie because she can be alone aseasily there as in BC. Joe and Josie bond while on stakeout and bothdiscuss their relationship problems -- Joe feeling helpless about Paulina'sobsession with her weight and Josie feeling frustrated about Gary'salcoholism and his keeping secrets about his new cases. They dress up inFelicia's boas and Joe wonders if women really like the romance stuffFelicia writes about. They hear a noise and take their positions. When aman approaches Felicia's jewelry box -- they yell out FREEZE!

Nick finds Michael in John's office and asks for advice about Sophia.Michael told him to tell her the truth right away because it'll come back tobite him. Although Nick isn't pleased with how she might react, he realizesits best to come clean. Sharlene arrives with Greg and must tell Michaelthat John and not Michael are driving them to camp and the cabin. Michaeltells her that he can't come up to the cabin this weekend. When they leave,Michael makes plans to surprise Sharlene and calls the florist to make surea gift basket arrives tomorrow before he does.

Sophia stops by vicky's to get advice about a present for Nick. Toni andChris come over to pick up Etta Mae to go to the coffee house (jazz club).Etta Mae was excited because she entered the raffle for the deed of the coffeehouse. Toni was initially upset her mom was throwing money away but Etta Maereminds her its for charity. Donna comes by and says she's just going toget some jewelry she lent to Vicky. Outside, Toni has a run in with Nickwho lets her know he didn't like how she treated Tomas. Before they leave,Toni warns Nick to watch his attitude. Nick told Sophia he really needs totalk to her about something important.

When Etta Mae starts feeling discouraged about winning the raffle, Toni buysher mom another ticket which turns out to be the winning ticket. Etta Mae,Toni and Chris celebrate and Etta Mae told Chris that the first person shewants to sing at the coffee house was Toni. Michael stops by and sees adejected Nick. He again encourages his son to come clean with Sophia.Before he leaves, Michael gets a call from a hysterical Donna who says she'sbeen robbed. Donna tearfully told Michael that the thief stole the firstengagement ring he gave her, plus a lot of other special pieces. Nick isjust about to tell Sophia the truth when she dedicates a romantic song tohim and told him she' so happy she trusts him again.

Felicia was surprised to find Alexander at the movie shoot and he surprisesher even more with an enthusiastic kiss. She agrees to go to dinner withhim at a Japanese restaurant but refuses his offer to take a sail on hisyacht, stating it would be inappropriate. He keeps trying to cajole her,saying she belongs on an elegant yacht under the stars. Its Felicia's turnto surprise Alexander when she returned dressed like a geisha and performssome tea ceremony. She was pleased she has rendered the tycoon speechless.

On the drive to Greg's camp, Sharlene and John have a heart to heart. bothtalk about missing the country and John apologizes for losing the farm inhis malpractice suit. Sharlene admits they both had a part in the breakupof their marriage. Arriving at the Cory cabin in a storm, Sharlene tellsJohn he should stay until it stops raining so hard.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

The man Joe and Josie think was stealing Felicia's jewelry turns out to be Cass who jokes that he's been caught red handed. He explains that he was getting Felicia and John's marriage liscence when he found a glitch in John's divorce papers. Apparently something wasn't filed right and Cass was trying to fix it. Joe and Josie get a call that the jewel thief has robbed Donna instead. but Joe suggests they go grab a beer before hitting the crime scene.

John and Sharlene have some tense moments when rehashing their breakup. The electricity went out further forcing John to stay. They try and ignore each other but finally agree to put things on the table. John admits that he wasn't in love with Felicia until later and that he made a mistake. He then angrily asks Sharlene why she didn't fight for him. Sharlene retorts that John should've broken down the door to get back when she threw him out. Things get so heated that JOhn decides to leave but Sharlene tearfully asks him to stay.

Meanwhile in LA, Felicia and Alexander continue their intimate dinner. Alexander talks about his wayward daughter and Felicia suggest Bay City University as a possible college choice. She backs off when he points out that he doesn't live in BC. He continues to try and charm her, even giving her a massage when she gets a crick in her neck. Felicia points out that she likes him much better when he's not flirting but he insists his feelings are genuine and not frivolous.

Patty comes to visit Shane and says goodbye. She told him that she made a confession and urged Lila to do the same. Patty was upset that Lila would let Shane die for her crimes but Shane insists that he broke his vows to her even knowing how fragile she was. He was shocked to find out Lila left St. Clares. He asks Patty to give something he got while in the airforce to Vicky and to tell her that he loves her. Vicky and Jake make all the phone calls they can to try and save Shane. His drunk lawyer sadly told them that Shane's appeal has been denied and the execution was set for tonight. They keep tyring to find a way to prove his innocence. Gary arrives, dressed like a tourist and explains he followed Ambrose and Lila to Mexico. He says Lila was pleading with Ambrose about something and he wanted her to come with him. He then shows them a letter Lila dropped. Vicky opens it and explains it says who the the murderer is.

Thursday, June 5, 1997

Grant and cindy return from the opera and Grant was disgusted by cindy's uncouthe attitude toward the finer things in life. She teases him that he is a stuffed shirt. Grant was pleased that one of his opponents in the mayor's race dropped out because of something Grant was blackmailing him with. Grant was doubly happy to read that Shane was being executed tonight and that vicky was keeping a vigil. At vicky's house, Donna swoops in, complaining about Jamie sending the boys home early. Etta Mae tries to calm her down but Donna wonders how they're going to explain vicky's absence and Shane's upcoming execution. She gets no help from Michael who isn't too sympathetic about her stolen jewelry, pointing out that this may be a sign to move on. No one was happy to see Grant who stops by to leave something for Kirkland and make some pointed snide remark aobut Vicky and Shane. Cindy assures Donna in a whisper that she still has no intention on playing Mommy to Kirkland. Donna was not happy when she finds out Michael was planning on going to see Sharlene instead of coming with her to pick up the boys.

Very emotion after their discussion, John and Sharlene embrace through their tears and apologize for hurting each other. The embrace turns into a kiss which turns passionate. As they lay down, Sharlene wonders what they're doing and John replies they are saying they're sorry as he leans down to kiss her. Meanwhile, Michael was driving up to the cabin hoping to surprise Sharlene.

Alexander continues to woo Felicia, trying his best to get her to stay on his yacht. Felicia explains that she needs to leave before she gets her heart broken again. Coming home to an empty apartment, Felicia curls up with Paris and waits to hear from John. She was shocked when Cass calls and explains that John might still be legally married to Sharlene.

After reading the letter, vicky and Jake realize that Ambrose was the one who killed his wife because she was planning on divorcing him which would have left him with nothing because all the money was originally hers. They head over to Ambrose's house and convince Marie the housekeeper to let them look at his financial records. They discover that he was trying to pay off Nurse Bauer, the woman who was supposed to be Shane's alibi before she "died" before the trial could begin. When they notice Marie knows more than she's letting on, they beg her to come with them to the police and help save Shane. she agrees and they race off, knowing time was running out. Meanwhile, Shane declines his last meal and instead writes a good bye letter to Vicky. He says he's sorry and that he loves her very much. The guard comes to take him to the execution chamber and they shout out "Dead Man Walking!"

Friday, June 6, 1997

Another World was pre-empted due to NBC's coverage of the French Open.

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