Another World Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on AW
Jake and Vicky arrived just in time to stop Shane's execution. Felicia called off the wedding after finding out about John's night with Sharlene. Alexander showed up to comfort Felicia but said he'd wait until she was over her breakup with John before pursuing her.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on AW
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Monday, June 9, 1997

Sophia, Tomas and Emily stop by the closed restaurant for a late night snack. Nick stops by and Sophia greets him with a kiss and the revelation that she was ready to try again for their relationship. A happy Nick celebrates with several beers which concerns Tomas who was there the last time he was drunk. Emily and Sophia discuss the identity of Tomas's donor (again) and Sophia wonders aloud how awful it would be if the wrong person was getting credit. Toni and Chris stop by and Sophia invites them in, even though neither Toni, nor Tomas and Nick are happy to see each other. A drunk Nick confronts Toni about giving Tomas and him a hard time and she gets angry and was only to happy to arrest Nick when he drops a diamond bracelet. An irate Nick insists he found it at the Harbor club and was going to return it but Toni takes him in anyway.

Meanwhile, Joe and Josie have another heart to heart talk as they go over the Silver Rose burglar's files. Josie makes snide comments about Gary's career choice and voices her concerns about their relationship. Joe tries to reassure her and they get tangled up in one another when Joe gets his watch caught on Josie's shirt. Toni brought Nick in and was upset that everyone thinks she's overreacting. Sophia told Joe that if he arrests Nick she'll never forgive him. Joe releases Nick when he and Josie get word that the jewel thief has just robbed the Cory estate.

Gary corners Ambrose, pretending to be a pushy tourist who has the same carry on bag. Gary delays Ambrose from boarding a plane to Brazil by grabbing his carry on and making a big deal that it was Gary's. Ambrose gets very nervous about the carry on, especially when Gary confronts him about killing his wife and trying to skip the country with $300,000. Gary told Ambrose that he was bringing him back to New Orleans and that a federal Marshall was there to back him up.

Lila was denied access to the observation room for the execution even though she insists she was Mrs. Shane Roberts. Jake, Vicky and Marie (the Ambrose housekeeper) race to the federal prison, hoping to stop the execution. Meanwhile, Shane was being strapped down. Morris tries once more to get him to say he's innocent but Shane insists they do this quickly. His last thoughts are of Vicky when suddenly he sees her in the observation area screaming for them to stop. Just before they inject him, Morris calls off the execution saying there was new evidence. A relieved and disbelieving Shane tears off his restraints and hugs Vicky. He thanks Jake for everything he did and told him to throw away the letter Shane wrote to Vicky which he requested Jake give to her. Shane must stay in New Orleans until Ambrose was brought back. Vicky was surprised at his reaction when she tells him Lila was in town before they police take him away. She wonders aloud to Jake if Shane really wants her and the boys to stick around until he can come home, but Jake assures her that Shane would be crazy not to. He throws away the letter to Vicky before he leaves and unbeknownst to him, Lila picks it up.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Joe and Josie arrive at the mansion and question Carl about the missing jewels. Amanda storms in and accuses Carl of stealing the diamond bracelet Mac gave to Rachel because he wants to take over everything of her fathers. Carl scoffs at her telling her to do her job and attend to her daughter. He then asks if Amanda really hates him that much. Amanda was surprised but not apologetic when Josie says the job was doe by the silver rose thief. Carl told Amanda he won't tell Rachel about what happened and asks to make a truce. She replies the only way she'll back off was if he leaves. Later, Alli comes down to talk to Carl and says that her mom needs to find a man like in the old movies they watch. Carl agrees but was surprised when Alli suggests Jake as the perfect guy for her mom. Amanda comes down and asks why they are discussing her love life. At the stationhouse, an exhausted Josie and Joe go over notes about the Silver Rose Thief but then both lay their heads on the desk for a rest. Gary enters and waves some prailines under Josie's nose. She's very excited to see him and wants to know what he's been up to. Gary teases her by not divulging the facts right away but then he shows her the paper about how Shane was cleared and he reveals his part in it. She's very proud of him and gives him a big hug.

John and Sharlene discuss their lovemaking -- how comfortable it felt, how they must still have feelings for each other but how this doesn't really change things between them. As they start kissing again, an upset Michael sees them through the window and leaves angrily. Michael stops by Vicky's only to encounter Donna who questions his agitated state. She finally gets out of him that he saw John and Sharlene sleeping together and told Michael she told him Sharlene was no good for him. Michael starts to defend Sharlene blaming John, saying that John always wants what makes Michael happy. He storms out. Back at the cabin, John and Sharlene dress and Sharlene tries to convince John to forget things happened and not to tell Felicia. But John was convinced he has to be honest with his fiancee.

Felicia visits Rachel to talk about her growing feelings for Alexander. Rachel lovingly teases her friend and says that Felicia was probably having pre-wedding jitters and was also transferring her feelings for Lucas to Alexander. Felicia confides in Rachel that she was very tempted to stay the night with Alexander and says the only way to solve the problem was to tell the tycoon she can never see her again. Later, Carl comes to visit Rachel and fills her in on the stolen bracelet and Amanda's accusations. They both agree Amanda needs to find someone to love. Rachel excitedly talks about coming home. Felicia agonizing over calling Alexander. Donna sees an upset Felicia and assumes Michael has told her about Sharlene and John. Donna starts talking about what happened and a confused Felicia demands Michael and Donna tell her what happened.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997


Jake and Vicky relax at home and Vicky voices her doubts about what will happen now that Shane was free but Lila was still around. Donna brought the boys home who hug their mom and rough house with Jake. They beg Jake to stay but he says he needs to get back to the paper. they don't realize it but Lila watches them all through the window. Donna told Vicky how glad she was Shane was a doctor not a carpenter but cautions her daughter about the fickle nature of doctors. When Vicky asks where Michael is, Donna caustically advises her to run far far if the man she loves was still hung up on someon else, not realizing how close she's hitting. Carl stops by with presents for the boys and told vicky how happy he was for her and Shane and how now they can be together. He then told her about Rachel's twins. Later, vicky hears a knock on the door and finds a letter addressed to her on the porch.

Michael takes out his frustration by working out with the punching bag in the barn. Nick comes in and wants to know what's wrong but Michael switches the subject to Nick and Sophia. Nick admits that he hasn't told Sohia yet and doesn't plan to because if she knows then she will dump him. Michael tries to convince him that honesty was the best policy but Nick says no way.

John comes home to find a cold Felicia waiting for him. He says he has something to tell her but she told him she already knows that he slept with Sharlene. He tries to explain but she says things are over and the wedding was cancelled. He keeps trying to apologize but she blasts him for betraying her trust 1 month before the wedding. Felicia lets him know that she's had offers to but she turned them down because she loved him. Sophia comes by to say she mailed the wedding invitations. Felicia snaps at her to get the envelopes back because the wedding was off. John tries to reason with her but she told him coldly to not be there when she gets back. John ends up having another confrontation, this time with Michael at the hospital. Michael punches John yelling that John has always gone after what Michael wanted. John says he's too tired to do this and its none of his business anyway. Meanwhile, Sharlene desparately searches for Michael to try and explain. Instead, she runs into Felicia and the two women have it out in the lounge. Felicia says the wedding was off so Sharlene can be happy because she accomplished what she wanted and Sharlene counters that now Felicia knows how it feels. Both women end up in tears. Sharlene runs into Michael who starts to walk away but Sharlene calls after him to stop.

Jake advises Nick to keep lying while Sophia offers John her consolations. Alli and Carl watch Jake and Amanda argue about the Shane Roberts story and Alli convinces Carl to shoot cupid's arrows at her mom and Jake. CArl makes a big show of it and it really seems as if Amanda and Jake are hit by something. John told Sophia not to worry, the wedding will still go on.

Thursday, June 11, 1997

Rachel prepares to check out of the hospital against John's wishes but with Carl's blessing. John reminds her that she was still in danger until the tumor was removed but Rachel was too excited about the twins to have negative thoughts. She says that in a month she will have the C-section but until then she was going to enjoy the preparation. John told her what happened with him and Sharlene and she was shocked and hurt for her friend. John insists he was not giving up on Felicia just yet. Later, Rachel told Carl to go to New Orleans to help Shane get thru the red tape. Sharlene tries to talk to Michael but he blows her off. She blames Felicia for telling Michael what happened but he coldly informs her that he saw her and John and was the one who told Felicia. He leaves, heedless of her apologies or pleas to stay.

Gary surprises Josie with a cake top for their wedding from New Orleans. She was really happy when he told her that he wants to set a date right away. He gets a call from Carl who wants to hire Gary to find Rachel's stolen bracelet. He leaves and an upset Sharlene stops by. She told Josie what happened with John and Josie tries to say that maybe this was a sign John and Sharlene should get back together. Sharlene insists that its over and that she's going to spend some time alone. When Gary comes back, Josie bursts into tears, wondering how their marriage will last when no one else's does.

Vicky was not pleased when Grant shows up with Cindy for a visit with Kirkland. She was appalled that the restraining order has been lifted and goes running out to find Cass, forgetting to read the letter she found on the porch. Meanwhile, at Carlino's Kirkland makes it clear he does not like cindy and it was apparent she was not thrilled to be playing Mommy. Cass tells Vicky there's nothing they can do at the moment. Etta Mae gives Vicky her notice saying she'll be so busy with the coffee house but promising to stay close to her and the boys. Vicky hugs her friend and says while she'll miss her, she's very happy for her. Meanwhile, Lila uses the stolen key to sneak into Vicky's house. She sees the pic of Vicky and Shane and takes one. vicky comes home and sees the door open. She asks who's there, unaware Lila was hiding behind a door.

An upset Felcia packs up John's things and was surprised when Alexander arrives. He says he's there to comfort her but she was still too upset and hurt to respond. She told him its best he go for now. She opens the door to see him out and finds John waiting for her.

Friday, June 13, 1997

John asks to see Felicia alone. Alexander leaves and an upset Felicia tells John that she's packed his stuff. He sadly told her that he loves her and will fight for them. Even though Felicia was still angry, her worry for John is apparent when she reminds him that sleeping on his office couch hurts his back. She hands him the award he won the night they first kissed and they both remember what a perfect night it was (which kinda ticked me off b/c that was the night that Ryan died so how anyone can think its perfect is beyond me). John leaves, again promising his love. When Alexander stops by again, Felicia asks him to sweep her away but he gently says he has to leave her alone right now so they can have a real beginning when she was not on the rebound.

Shane was glad to see Carl who has had some strings pulled to expedite Shane's release. Carl asks what he's going to do now that he's free. Shane says he's still getting used to the idea of having a life to look forward to but Carl pushes him about Vicky, asking what his intentions are now that Shane knows Lila was alive. Shane says he's torn because he's thought for many years that Lila killed Rebecca and that he had to protect her because she is mentally unstable. Shane was angry and shocked when Ambrose told him that it was all Lila's idea to kill Rebecca because he and Lila were having an affair and she wanted to get rid of Rebecca. Carl tries to calm Shane who doesn't know what to think.

Vicky grabs an umbrella thinking there was a prowler in house but she is interrupted by Steven and Lila was able to sneak out. Steven asks when Shane is coming home and then reminds vicky about the letter she found. Vicky is shocked to read the letter from Lila which thanks Vicky for helping Shane and then saying how much she loves him. Vicky rushes over to the Herald to get advice from Jake, saying that it doesn't sound like the marriage was over according to Lila. Jake sympathesizes but then says he can't help her b/c he was having dinner with Amanda. Vicky was kind of taken aback but realizes she can't keep involving Jake in this business with Shane. In her room, Lila looks at a picture of Vicky and Shane. She cuts Vicky out of the picture and puts the piece with Shane in her keepsake box.

Alexander brought Rachel flowers and she thanks him but advises him to stay away from Felicia for awhile. Vicky drops Steven off and they talk about the twins and how he was going to have baby uncles. He was impressed she is having twins like his mom and aunt Marley and then told Rachel that he hopes Shane returned soon.

Toni, Chris and Etta Mae celebrate the opening of the coffee house and Chris and Toni have gotten very close. Amanda and Jake arrive for an early dinner and see their friends smooching. Amanda and Jake are still acting strangely towards one another since they were "shot" by Cupid Carl's arrow. They surprise themselves by complimenting each other and not arguing through the whole meal. Etta Mae told Toni that Tyrone was coming into town. Chris wants to know who Tyrone was and Toni says he's an old friend of the family who grew up with her but was a total nerd. Chris was happy about that until a tall, muscular handsome Tyrone arrives.

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