Another World Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on AW

Paulina was using pills from Cindy to lose weight. Sophia was upset to find Nick had been lying to her. A drunken Nick suffered a bad fall. Rachel went into premature labor and suffered serious complications. A mysterious assailant grabbed Toni.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on AW
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Monday, June 16, 1997

Chris was not pleased at how "friendly" the handsome Tyrone was with Toni, although Toni seems to enjoy both the attention and Chris's jealousy. Etta Mae suggests that Tyrone talk to Cass Winthrop about a job -- especially if he's serious about helping people as a lawyer and not just practicing corporate law. Cass and Donna have their bowling date to the amusement of everyone around. The later stop by the Lucky Lady where they run into Michael. Michael was upset when his credit card was denied especially when he realizes Nick has run up the bill. Michael told Donna to stop giving Nick bad advice. At the Bowlarama, Nick and Sophia continue to be smoochy smoochy even though Nick keeps trying to tell her and Tomas the truth about the tuition money. But Nick gets distracted when Sophia lets him know she's ready to move their relationship to the next level and asks Nick to come home with her. Chris and Tyrone continue to compete for toni's attention. Both come to her defense when she was harrassed by that other cop who is always giving her a hard time at work. Chris was not pleased when Tyrone offers to walk Toni home because he was staying at her house.

Gary finds Josie at work and wonders why she's reluctant to marry him now. She explains that the "institution" of marriage might ruin what they have together. He told her to have faith in them and to continue planning the wedding as planned. Josie finds out that they are both working on the Silver Rose thief case and jokingly try and get tips from the other. Cindy comes by to check on the status of Grant's stolen jewels and was interested in the $25,000 reward Carl has offerred. Later, when Gary comes home he finds Josie has baked a "wedding cake" with the date July 25th on the top.

A happy Joe brought a thin Paulina home and comments how great she looks. He wonders how she stuck to her diet with all of Aunt Frannie's cooking -- she doesn't tell him she's been using the pills from cindy. Later when cindy comes by, paulina mentions she needs more pills. Cindy was happy to get them for her -- if Paulina will do cindy a favor. Paulina was reluctant until she finds out Cindy wants advice about Kirkland. Cindy gets Paulina more pills but warns her not to take too many. Amanda also stops by and told Paulina she looks great. When Amanda finds out Jake always wants women he can't have -- she invites Neil back to the mansion for an evening swim.

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

As Nick and Sophia are about to make love -- Michael arrives and starts berating Nick for his irresponsibility. Nick tries to defend himself but Michael angrily told Sophia Nick has been lying to her too. when Nick admits that he allowed her to think he donated the money she bursts into tears and says she can't believe she trusted him again. He tries to explain that he tried to tell her but she told him that she wouldn't love him if he hadn't donated the money and he didn't want to lose her again. Sophia gets even more upset when they tell Tomas what happened and he blames Nick for getting him in trouble with Toni and asking him to take Nick's Spanish test. Nick insists he's changed but Sophia throws him out. He later proceeds to get drunk.

Vicky meets with Patty to find out about Lila. Patty says Shane and Lila married young and that Shane was the center of her life. Vicky wonders how she could have let him take the rap for Rebecca's murder and then tells Patty of her insecurities about being in love with a man who might still be involved with someone else. Patty reminds her that neither planned to fall in love with the other and even though things may be complicated -- Shane loves her . Vicky shows Patty the letter from Lila. Later, Vicky gets a message from Shane that says he's with Carl and can't wait to be with her. Steven runs into Lila outside the house and she asks if Shane was there. Vicky gets scared and upset when Steven says a beautiful woman was looking for Shane.

G&J make love and talk about their future. They are interrupted by Cindy who told Gary that someone contacted her about the stolen jewelry and wants to help Gary solve the case and share in the reward money. G&J claim that even though they are both trying to solve the same case -- their feelings for each other aren't affected. cindy later meets with Dash and told him about a meeting set up with the thief at midnight. She then calls Gary and tells him about the same meeting.

After their swim, Neil and Amanda share a passionate kiss which was observed by Alli. She busts out to the pool and angrily told her mom to stop being unfaithful to Jake. Amanda was horrified and orders Alli to apologize but she told her mom in no uncertain terms that Jake, not Neil was the man for her. Amanda apologizes to Neil and says she wouldn't blame him if he never wanted to see her again but he says to just try and keep him away. He then tries to charm alli by saying that maybe sometime she will like him as much as Jake but she refuses to listen. Amanda told Rachel that she doesn't know what to do with Alli and that she can't let her daughter dictate who she sees. Rachel comments that she's having the same problem with HER daughter. Later, after finding out Carl was taking Shane to the Keys, Rachel makes plans to surprise him there. Amanda tries to get her mom not to go but Rachel told her to mind her own business.

Shane was officially freed of all charges. He excitedly looks forward to seeing Vicky again but first he and Carl have to go to Florida to deal with charges of stealing the powerboat he escaped on. Shane was happy to have his doctor's bag back. Both men are surprised to find Rachel waiting for them in the beach house.

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

Paulina, Sophia and Joe are discussing Nick's "betrayal". Joe was being rather calm about it and Sophia feels that he was defending him. Sophia told Paulina and Joe that she's just going to forget him. Sophia leaves, and Paulina and Joe continue to discuss the Nick/Sophia thing. Joe told Paulina that he didn't tell Sophia " I told you so" because he didn't want to upset her anymore than she already was. Paulina sort of defends Nick by telling Joe that he was trying to change and be a better person. Joe then told Paulina he has noticed her weight loss and that he REALLY likes it. Paulina seems to feel guilty about the diet pills, but continues to pop them. Paulina breaks a glass and overreacts and Joe told her lay off the expresso's, you're too hyper. Later, Etta Mae shows up with Tyrone and introduces him to Cass who is at his usual table. Paulina continues on overdrive and Joe notices it more as she gives Etta Mae a tour of the restaurant. Cass and Tyrone discuss his resume and Cass offers him a job, just as Chris and Toni show up. Chris was not very impressed when he learns that Tyrone may be staying in Bay City.

Nick shows up drunk looking for Michael and sees John instead, who tries to talk some sense into him. They discuss Nick's problems with Sophia and John told him that he needs to prove to Sophia that he was worthy of her love.

Toni and Tyrone confront each other half dressed after showers. Toni eyes are agog at Tyrone in his towel who says he was done and Toni mutters " you sure are! " Later Toni and Tyrone are talking and he wants to know about " that Chris Madison guy ", just as Etta Mae enters and suggests that Ty try to get a job with Cass. He seems to be rather possessive with Toni as he puts his arm around her waist while he sweet talks both Toni and Etta Mae.

Shane shows up and proposes to Vicky who was stunned who says I can't marry you. You're still married. Shane says that he and Lilah agreed to an annulment and that he was free. Vicky says yes and Shane opens the door and in walks Steven, Kirkland, Michael and a priest. The ceremony just gets started and Lilah appears. Shane says that he can't marry Vicky because Lilah still loves him. Vicky awakes with a start and wonders aloud " where are you Shane? "

Jake and Chris are discussing the Shane/Lilah storyline as a newsworthy item. Chris was questioning Jake's motives about it , who defends it by saying that it has nothing to do Vicky, but that it was very interesting that Lilah would send him a letter. A letter that thanks Jake for saving Shane and can you now help me. Toni then shows up to meet Chris. Jake leaves and calls Vicky and told her about the letter. Vicky asks Jake to come over and show it to her.


Shane, Carl and Rachel are talking Shane's future who says that it was now in Bay City. Since he has got the boat theft problem cleared up he was going back to Vicky. He leaves to pack his bags. Carl and Rachel are talking and he has some more fears about her pregnancy because of his deal with the devil. Carl sees Shane to the car as a bird enters and Rachel tries to it out of the villa. She falls and was found by Carl who calls Shane back. Rachel has gone into premature labour because of the fall and Shane will have to perform a C section with the help of her nurse. Carl gives Shane the OK to to do what was needed even though he hasn't done anything medical in four years. Carl told him that this was no time for disclaimers. Shane was nervous as he prepares to give Rachel an epidural needle.

Nick was drunk and meets up with Toni who was aware that he was drinking on the street and warns him. Nick gets defensive and wants to know why she was out to get him and his friend Tomas. She told him that he's lucky she's off duty or he'd be arrested. Toni leaves to meet Chris. Nick finds Michael and they have a confrontation. Nick blames Michael for ruining his life with Sophia and Michael tells Nick that he's drunk. Nick then heads off in search of Sophia. He bumps into Paulina in the alley, who lets it out she was the apartment.

Jake asks Vicky about her quest to free Shane for the story and she told him that he was the hero. Jake leaves and shortly afterward Lilah comes to the door and Vicky and her meet face to face for the first time.

Nick shows up at the door and was calling out to Sophia to let him in. She won't, so he climbs the fire escape and comes in through the window. He's staggering all over trying to explain it to Sophia and he rips her nightgown. She starts to get scared of him and warns him that if he doesn't leave she's going to call Joe. He says he just wants to prove he's worthy of her love and leaves by way of the window. As he gets near the ladder he stumbles and falls over the edge. Sophia heard his scream and starts calling out his name.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Paulina seduces Joe dressed in his Captain's shirt. Afterwards Joe tells Paulina he's proud of her for the weight she's been shedding.

Sophia calls 911 to get help for Nick who fell off the roof. Tomas comes home and finds Sophia distraught over Nick and promises her that he'll take care of Nick. Toni and Officer Rayburn show up and question Sophia about Nick and the incident. Toni tries to get Sophia to press charges, but says she won't do that. As Toni and Rayburn are leaving, he questions her handling of the case. Later, Michael shows up looking for Nick. Sophia and him discuss her's and Nick's relationship and his drinking. Michael told her how Nick was really trying to tell her the truth about Tomas's tuition. Sophia told Michael " please don't make me take him back!"

Shane was given the okay by Carl to do whatever he needs to do to save Rachel and the babies. Shane was successful in giving Rachel the epidural, under Carl's watchful eye. Shane performs the C-section during a thunderstorm and delivers Carl and Rachel's daughter, but has problems with the son.

Vicky and Lilah meet face to face and Lilah says she's come for Shane. They discuss Shane and Lilah's marriage and her abandoning of Shane at his moment of crisis. Lilah tries convince Vicky that she and Shane still love each other and that he wants her (Lilah) back. Lilah attempts to play mind games regarding Rebecca's death and Shane's alleged involvement. Lilah hands Vicky part of the letter that Shane wrote to Vicky from prison and pretends that it was to Lilah. Vicky was suitably shocked and unbelieving. Lilah leaves and Steven asks Vicky about Shane and she says she doesn't know what was going on.

Paulina shows up at Joe's office and confronts him about her weight and subsequent weight loss. " You're acting like you used to before I got pregnant and fat. You hated me fat. Admit it." She then stormed out leaving Joe wondering what was going on.

Tomas was driving Nick to the hospital after his fall and lecturing him about Sophia and his drinking. All Nick wants to do was see Sophia and tries to jump from the car. Tomas told him if he wants to kill himself do it without him.

Tomas gets Nick to the hospital for repairs with Toni and Rayburn arriving shortly thereafter. Toni insists that Tomas be tested for DWI for running a light. Rayburn resists but eventually relents. Toni warns Nick to stay away from Sophia or else. As Toni and Rayburn are leaving, he told her to act like a cop and not a guidance councillor.

Friday, June 20, 1997

Gary and Josie get a phone call late at night as they are making wedding plans. There was no answer. Josie was curious but lets it pass. Later, Gary tries to leave to meet with Cindy, but Josie has hidden his clothes in an attempt to persuade him to let her go with him. Josie insists and Gary finally lets her go with him.

Cass and Tyrone continue to discuss terms and eventually Tyrone accepts. Cindy meets Dash to discuss the Silver Rose thief and her missing necklace. Dash had agreed to go in her place to meet the thief and still says he'll do it. Grant shows up and meets Dash for the first time. Dash keeps his and Cindy's deal to himself. Chris and Toni meet for drinks and she told Chris about Nick and displays an attitude towards men " like Nick ".Grant excuses himself to call the Governor and Dash leaves for the meeting. Cindy reminds him not to forget his jacket. Grant returns and wants Cindy to ask Dash over for dinner and tells her that associating with British royalty was good for one's career. Toni leaves to see about Sophia and check on Nick. Chris isn't happy to learn about Tyrone working in Bay City. Grant then insinuates himself into Etta Mae's, Cass's, Chris's and Tyrone's celebration and reveals his ambition to become mayor amid much laughter.

Nick continues to make a big fuss over losing Sophia. Emily was upset and tells Nick that he was a liar and to stay away from them. Michael shows up to see Nick and tries to give him some fatherly advice. He threatens to throw Nick out if he doesn't stop drinking. Nick says that the only thing he wants from Michael was his stuff. Tomas told Emily to watch out for Nick at home to call the cops if needed. Michael was visibly upset about Nick's problem. Nick turns up missing as Toni shows up to talk to him.

Shane told Carl that we have problem. The boy was fine, but Rachel's tumour needs to be removed because it has caused excessive bleeding. Rachel tells him to go for it since the babies are fine. She has a major loss of blood and Carl has to give her a direct transfusion. Shane gets the tumour out, but Rachel went into cardiac arrest as the medivac arrives.

Gary and Josie heading to his meeting encounter Dash lurking in the alley. He can't explain why he's there, other than to meet he Silver Rose thief. Gary says that's what he's there to do. Dash was found to be in possession of several pieces of jewelry and a silver rose. Dash says to call Cindy, she'll explain and to call Grant Harrison as he wants him as his attorney.

Toni was heading to her car and feels that she was being followed. She is being followed by a tall man holding glass teardrop pendant. She can't see anyone, but calls out that the police are there and then says her nerves are getting the better of her. She was then grabbed from behind by an assailant wearing a fancy watch on his right wrist.


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