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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on GL
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Monday, June 16, 1997

Buzz is caring for Coop when Jenna arrives; he shuts the door on her. She comes in anyway as Buzz is putting Coop down for his nap. She tells him that she was in bed with Jeffrey because she wanted him. She says that she is going away with Jeffrey and taking Coop. Buzz says that Coop is not going with her. She says that she wants to spend some alone with Coop; she tells Coop that she has to go away from him for a couple of days until she can get rid of Jeffrey once and for all.

Reva and Josh are concerned about the appearance of Fran in the courtroom. Ross questions Annie about what Fran is going to say on the stand. Annie says that Blake lied on the stand and that Fran is a liar. She swears on her baby's grave that no doctor artificially inseminated her.

Annie calls Alan on the phone and tells him that she needs him at the courtroom. Later, she tells him that she thinks that Josh believes Blake's testimony. He reassures her that Fran will not give her away.

Abby and Rick are talking at the diner. She says she admires Blake for telling the truth on the stand. She tells Rick that she realizes that life is more complicated than she once thought and that she forgives him.

Marah talks to Reva and Josh in the empty courtroom. They tell her that Annie is acting strangely because she is afraid.

Griffin declares Fran a hostile witness before he begins questioning her. She testifies that she performed the artificial insemination procedure on Annie herself. Annie bursts out that she is lying. Fran says that she felt sorry for Annie the first time she did it and when it didn't take, she performed the procedure again because Annie blackmailed her. She says that three weeks before the fall down the stairs, Annie was experiencing problems with her pregnancy but she knew the baby was still alive at that time because she did a sonogram. Later, Annie insists to Josh that Reva, Blake and Fran all lied. He tells her that he won't be home tonight, and she says to herself that she is afraid of what she might do if she is alone. Later, Alan talks privately to Fran and thanks her for doing exactly what he told her to do and hands her an envelope containing money. He says he is doing what is best for Annie. Fran says, "You want her for yourself."

Phillip questions Harley about Mallet. She insists that he is working undercover on a big case and that is why he didn't come back to Springfield with her. Harley asks Phillip if anyone has ever cheated on him.

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

Josh rushes to Cedars Hospital and begs Rick to disclose the doctor's address (the one who treated Annie when she lost her baby). Rick is called away, so Abby gives Josh the needed address.

Reva is sitting with Marah in the living room of her house, unknowing that Annie is lurking outside with a pair of gardenshears. Annie hides when Blake arrives at Reva's house. Blake & Reva share a meaningful conversation; Reva is sure that Ross still loves Blake and always will, just as Josh will always love her. Blake is talked into going to court with Reva today. Annie remains outside, poised with the gardenshears, and even touches the door handle as if to go inside, but decides to leave.

Later, Annie meets up with Alan in the courtroom and admits that she was stalking Reva with intent to kill if Blake hadn't shown up.

Bridget has told Hart that she & Peter are moving to Minnesota to be with Dylan, and she will leave the restaurant/boarding house to Nola. Hart is very upset at this news and can't stand the thought of Peter growing up with o knowing his father. After a long talk with Dinah, Hart accepts Bridget's decision to leave Springfield.

Court starts again and Griffin finds out from Reva that Josh is very close to locating the doctor who can assure Reva's freedom. Griffin asks the judge for some time so this important witness can be located; he is only given 10 minutes, and then closing arguments will start.

Meanwhile, Josh goes to the doctor's home and persuades him to come to Springfield to testify; the doctor recognizes Annie's picture and admits that he saw Annie in his office and advised her to get a D&C done immediately to rid her body of the deceased baby.

Just as Ross has started with his closing argument, Josh rushes into the courtroom with the doctor, Annie sees this doctor and panics. Alan is sitting next to her asking what in the world does this doctor have on her?? (remember, Annie never told Alan that her baby had died in-untero, thus framing Reva for it's death).

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Annie's secret is about to be revealed...

Josh bursts into the courtroom with the doctor who knows the truth about Annie's baby. She begs him not to let the doctor testify. She says she can explain everything (sing it, sister). Josh whispers into Annie's ear, "Go to hell," then walks to Reva and hugs her!

Jeffrey books a robbery tour for three -- he says Coop will accompany them on their travels to rob the rich. Jenna says, "Over my dead body!" She doesn't want her son growing up with two "international globe-trotting jewel thieves," as she puts it.

Annie squeezes Alan's hand and pleads with him to stay by her side. The doctor is then called to the stand. He identifies Annie as "Mrs. Johnson" - a one-time patient with an obstetric emergency. He says the fall could not have caused the death of the fetus, as the fetus was already dead! This infuriates Alan, who realizes Annie has lied to him too. Hysterical Annie demands to be put on the stand to retestify.

Harley badgers Buzz for the scoop on Jenna and Coop. She points out the huge discrepancy between Jenna's behavior at Buzz's birthday party (when she was madly in love with him) and her sleeping with Jeffrey. To Harley, it just doesn't add up, so....she calls Jenna and fakes an emergency to get her to rush over to the diner. She tells Jenna that Coop and Buzz are locked in the storage freezer and that Coop is screaming for his mother. When Jenna arrives, Harley locks *her* in the storage freezer (which is broken; doesn't freeze anymore) and threatens to keep her there until she gives Harley some answers that make sense. Jenna gives her the same lame story about realizing she really wanted to be with Jeffrey. Still, Harley (ex-cop that she is) doesn't buy it. As she points out, it must have been a set-up, because Jenna is far too smart to allow Buzz to find her in bed with another man. Harley accuses her, "You wanted my father to find you."

At her begging and insistence, Ross recalls Annie to the stand. Annie tells the court that she went to the doctor because she was spotting, and that she felt so alone and distraught that she didn't hear the doctor say the baby had died. She reiterates that regardless of the status of the baby at the time, Reva's intent was to cause her and her unborn child harm. Ross considers this, then asks her, "What was the date you lost the baby?" A confused Annie gives the date of the fall down the stairs. Ross counters that he meant the day she visited the doctor under an assumed name and learned that her baby -- conceived by artificial insemination -- was dead. Annie is stuck! (Unless she is able to explain why she assumed another name...)

Friday, June 20, 1997

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