One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on OLTL

Antonio proposed to Andy. Patrick was arrested for Guy's murder. Patrick told Marty about his past. Starr left the hospital. Rachel was shocked to learn that her boyfriend had a fiancée. Ian scattered Guy's ashes.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, June 16, 1997

Thomas Keneally strikes a deal with the warden at Dunleary Prison in Ireland for a better cell, in exchange for information. The warden would only agree if the information would lead to the arrest of the person who did the bombing. The warden calls Bo. Next thing you know, Bo shows up at Patrick's apartment, where Nora and Marty are waiting for him. He asks Patrick if he knew Lord Whiting of Ireland. Yes, Patrick said his Dad was the head groom at the Whiting's estate's stables. Bo eventually got around to saying that Keneally told a story of Patrick's involvement in Whiting's death and wanted to know if it was true. Nora and Marty piped in before Patrick could say anything. In fact, Patrick just sat there staring into space as Nora ranted and raved about his source, Keneally and how could they believe anything that man said. Bo said, if he did, he'd have been here arresting Patrick instead of just questioning him. He didn't push Patrick, just told him, for now he'll go by what Nora and Marty said and to not leave town.

Todd is told at the hospital that Starr's stem cells are growing and the risk of infection is over. She can probably go home tomorrow. Todd is ecstatic, he goes into the room to talk to Starr. He writes up a fax letter to Blair. He does it as if Starr is writing it. He mentions that, Daddy and I miss you. He tells Starr he feels even like writing all this mushy stuff. He ends it Hugs and Kisses, Starr. He almost puts Daddy and Starr, but decides against it.

Meanwhile, Andy gets the 3rd degree from Hank. She was the cause of Alex getting away with murder. She shouldn't have came into the warehouse where Alex was and had her weapon on her. Bo tries to defend Andy. Hank says, he'd be a fool to go ahead with a case of murder against Alex, but he will get her on kidnapping Andy though. He has a good case on that. Bo wants her on the Armitage case. She agrees, but hopes Patrick isn't the perp.

Antonio gets a letter telling him he is a finalist on getting a grant to go to law school. Everyone is excited for him.

Asa storms into Hanks office telling Bo he's tired of all the bad publicity against him and the family (he's waving a newspaper in his face.) He tells Bo there will be a family meeting at his place later today, be there or he'd be sorry!!! As he leaves Bo yells after him," Sorry-I'm almost sorry you're my father! (The door slams) You egotistical, arrogant, smug crank!!"

Téa shows up unexpectantly at Todd's, he lets her in. The place is full of stuffed animals for Starr's homecoming. Todd is in such a good mood, he's actually nice to Téa. She's there to remind him about her fees. He offers her a drink and a cracker snack and they talk about life. She mentions her fee again later, and he just says to bill him, he'll pay it. She looks at him in surprise and says, " What, no haggling or anything?" Todd says, " Oh, it's this miserable good mood I'm in!" He tells her she has been a good lawyer and he doesn't say that too often about lawyers. He asks if she is going to stick around, in case he will need her again. She tells him, she doesn't deal in corpororate law, only criminal law. Todd says, " I know." Téa looks at Todd and asks, " Is this for another friend or is it for you?":

As the show is ending we are back at Patrick's apartment. Marty is concerned and getting scared as she asks Patrick if he was involved in the Whiting bombing. Patrick looks her square in the eyes and says, "You are better off not knowing the truth."

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Ian, Max, Maggie, Guy and Alex

Ian & Guy's ashes have martini's as a drunk Ian tells the ashes just how he feels. Max and Maggie join Ian for a "bon voyage, Father's Day celebration." Max wants to make sure that Ian is okay, after all Ian did just inherit a lot of money and as Ian's partner, he needs to look after him. Ian assures Max that he is fine. Alex joins the table and lets them know that Patrick is being questioned for Guy's murder. She tries to offer advice on dealing with a dead loved one, she did keep Carlo's ashes very close to her the first time he died, but Ian wants to take care of things himself. Ian, Max and Maggie leave for the post office. Ian is unable to convince the clerk to mail the ashes to England. It takes a special permit to mail human remains. Unable to mail the ashes Max suggests that they scatter the ashes over the ocean. Ian agrees that it is perfect. That way the ashes will wash up on beaches where people can walk all over them. As they are flying(Ian is flying a small private plane), Ian opens the window to let out the ashes, unfortunately most of the ashes come back into the cockpit getting all over the place. They make a quick landing and Maggie comes back to the plane with a Dustbuster and vacuums up Guy. They fly again, this time putting Guy's ashes into a paper back along with Ian's flask as a weight. As Ian lets the bag go, he wishes Guy a Happy Father's Day.

The Buchanans

Hank and Bo are in Hank's office talking about Patrick when Drew comes in with some Cuban cigars for Bo for Father's Day. Drew asks Hank not to hold his past against him. Drew tries to fix things with Bo, but Bo is still upset about Drew working for Asa. Drew's moral foundation is shaken, leaving him in the perfect situation for Asa to corrupt him. Drew doesn't understand how Bo can say such things about his own father. Even though Bo wasn't there when Drew was younger, he can teach Drew something now. If Drew tries to mold himself in Asa's image, he'll have a rough time and he won't be able to bail himself out every time. Drew assures Bo that if there's enough money, then problems are no longer problems. Bo doesn't agree with Drew. Bo recognizes Asa's handy-work, there are no longer any records of Travis Bream or Drew Buchanan in Tennessee and there are no records of Kelly's 911 call. Bo tells Drew how wrong all of it is. Clint comes in and offers to go to Asa's with Bo and Drew. Drew declines and Bo declines the cigars, saying that Nora wouldn't like him smoking them, but thanks for the thought. After Drew leaves, Clint wants to know what he interrupted. Bo explains that he was trying to repair Drew's moral fiber but it didn't work. Clint assures Bo that kids will turn out the way that they turn out. Look at how Clint and Bo turned out after having Asa for a father.

Later at Asa's office, Drew hands out reports on the waterfront to Bo, Clint, Kevin and Jessica. Kevin and Jessica are concerned about the people of Angel Square. Asa assures them that the people will profit whether they stay in Angel Square and participate in the booming business or if they sell all their property to him. Buchanan Enterprises will profit as well. Asa implores the family to give Drew a break. Asa gives a speech about family unity. Drew wishes Asa a happy Father's Day and gives him the cigars. Asa tells Drew to pass out the cigars and everyone but Jessica joins in getting rid of the contraband cigars.

Patrick and Marty

Patrick doesn't know how to tell Marty the truth. Marty insists that they have a commitment to the truth. Patrick explains that he grew up on the other side of the hill from Lord Whiting. Whiting got Patrick's sister, Grenya (sp?), pregnant, but Whiting turned his back on her. She felt even as she was dying, from a botched abortion, that Whiting was coming for her. Grenya was very innocent. Patrick found Whiting after she died and Whiting wouldn't even acknowledge that he knew her name, but that he was sorry and that he would vote against abortion in the future. Patrick then went to a bar to get drunk. His best friend Liam came in and asked what was wrong. Liam was in love with Grenya when they were younger and was devastated to learn that she was dead. He told Patrick that they needed to go to her grave and say good bye. Patrick had never seen Liam cry before then, but Liam did that day as he buried a precious ring, that he wanted to give Grenya, into her grave. Liam said that there was something that they could do to avenge her death. A group had organized against Whiting and Patrick could play a helpful role in ridding them of Whiting. Patrick agreed to help and later drove Liam and the bomb to Whiting's yacht. When they got to the wharf, Liam went to the yacht to hide the bomb. But the bomb blew up in Liam's hand killing him and Whiting. Patrick wasn't arrested because the organization took care of him. He thought about turning himself in, but that wouldn't have brought Liam back. So Patrick went to Dublin and studied poetry and eventually was offered a teaching position. Two years later the organization tried to reactivate Patrick but he would have no part in the violence. He thought that he would never get away from the violence when Siobhan died in his arms. Patrick tells Marty that that is the whole truth. Marty can't tell truth from lies with Patrick. Marty says she could never stop loving him, but what else is out there that she doesn't know about. Patrick says that there are no more secrets. A short time later, Marty is on the balcony thinking. He comes out and insists he had nothing to do with Guy's death. Marty believes him. They join hands and look deeply into each other's eyes.

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

The theme of this lovely June day in Llanview is "too good to be true or too true not to be good." As the evidence mounts against Patrick, will Bo and Hank realize he is being set-up? Will Rachel's dream lover be all that he seems to be or will her new man have a less than perfect "Track" record? And will Kevin have the strength to resist the many temptations Téa has to offer?

At Téa and Rachel's Apartment- Téa, Rachel and Kevin

Téa and Rachel discuss Alex's case. Alex is confident that her case will be dismissed due to her special relationship with the judge. Looking at the huge stack of legal papers Téa has brought in from work, Rachael says that maybe her room mate should take a break and join her at Club Indigo. Track is playing tonight. Téa begs off the invitation. Track calls from the club to confirm that Rachel will be there to see him and to tell her that he has big plans. After the show, he wants to take her to an after hours place in Philadelphia, then they'll have breakfast and watch the sun come up. R.J. is behind the bar listening to Track's sweet talk while on the end of the other receiver in the apartment, Téa overhears Rachel's end of the conversation. When Rachel hangs up, she wonders out loud if Rachel is ready to sleep with the jazz musician. Rachel thinks she is ready to take the big step. Téa brings out all her sexiest dresses. She offers Rachel her lucky red dress, but Rachel prefers a sleek black number. When her room mate leaves, Téa strokes the lucky red dress and says to herself she just an idea of how she can help Alex. She calls Kevin at the Banner, but he is not free to acknowledge her publicly since Cassie is sitting close by. Téa says that she has information on the bombing and he has to keep it confidential. Would he come to her apartment to discuss this? Kevin agrees and tells Cassie he has to check in with a nervous source.

When Kevin arrives, Téa is decked out in the red dress and her hands are all over him as she informs him that Patrick is the prime suspect in the Armitage murder and that her client, Alex, fingered him. Kevin asks if her client saw Patrick light the fuse? He figures that Téa wants him to write what a responsible citizen Alex is with the hopes that his story will influence the judge's decision. But he doesn't understand why she wouldn't go to the guy who is bankrolling her client's defense. After all Todd does own the Sun. Téa answers that a story written by Kevin and published by the Banner would have just the kind of impact she is looking for. He thanks her for the tip and if the information checks out, he will write the story. Personally, he hopes Patrick isn't involved. Kevin says he won't delay her plans for the evening, she must be on her way out. Téa replies that she isn't going anywhere. She wanted to look this way for him. He is flattered, but there is no place for them to go with this. It's over. Téa says she is surprised that his "fling" with Cassie has lasted so long. Kevin tells her things couldn't be better. Cassie and he have no more secrets and they can be out in the open about their mutual feeling. Of course, every relationship has its little problems, like Cassie's son. Téa replies that Cassie has a major problem where things concern her feelings for River. She relates how Cassie lost it when Téa was just watching the little boy for a few moments. Cassie just doesn't get it that she has won and has nothing to be jealous of. Téa tries to kiss Kevin but he moves away and tells her he has to go. Téa says she hopes he and Cassie are having fun because ever time he sees her, he will think of all the fun they could be having together. Kevin thanks her ...for the tip. As he leaves, Téa has a cheshire grin on her face. She knows she can still get a reaction from Kevin and it's only a matter of time before he gives in to temptation.

Bo's office- Bo, Hank and Andy

Bo and Hank go over the Interpol analysis of the bombing of Lord Whiting's yacht and their analysis of the bomb which exploded Armitage's yacht. The similarities in the cases are striking. Two right wing radicals with a hatred of the Irish die in explosions and Patrick in the background of both situations. Hank thinks that Patrick is "wired" from the loss of his child, but Bo's take is different. Patrick is in love with Marty and wants to settle down. Rehashing the past would get him nowhere. Still, there is the cap found on the dock. It could have been planted, true, but Patrick's alibi is bad. The owner of the Bed and Breakfast says she saw Patrick and Marty in the morning, but the night of the bombing, she only saw Marty. Hank asks if Bo thinks Marty would lie for Patrick. Bo agrees that is possible. Andy arrives with the forensic report and it couldn't look much worse for the Irish poet and suspected terrorist. The muddy boots in Patrick's closet match the footprints left at the scene, the jacket described by eyewitness Alex matches one owned by Patrick and it has traces of explosion debris on it. The chemical trace analysis will take longer, but all these matches plus the identification adds up to their having to inform the press, according to Hank. Bo says that he would prefer to do more investigation before handing the case over to the Fourth Estate. He would like more information from Interpol on Kinnealy. Andy says that with what happened to her just recently concerning Alex's case, she thinks they should do this one by the book. They have to charge him. Bo is borthered by how neatly the pieces fit together. He smells a set up. Patrick has assisted the police on similar cases. He is too smart to leave the cap, the dirty boots and the wire fragments and timer just where they could be found immediately by the cops. While Hank doesn't disagree, all the evidence points that way. Bo says they will have to take Patrick's passport and book and arraign him. Hank has to go to the Club to check out Track and see how serious it is between the jazz musician and his daughter. His advice is to arrest the Irishman. After the DA leaves, Andy tells Bo she will volunteer. She knows Patrick is his friend. Bo replies that Marty is Andy's friend. Everyone is everyone else's friend. Neither of them should have to do this, but do it they must.

Patrick's apartment- Marty, Patrick, Bo and Andy

After Patrick's admission of his part in the bombing of Lord Whiting's yacht, Marty says she is starting to see her lover as two separate people- the poet and the other person who likes danger. Patrick admits that he was the quiet man tending to the horses until his older sister died in the botched abortion. He wanted Whiting to pay, but not his friend Liam. His rage turned to terrible guilt. Marty replies that she could have easily stood and watched as someone killed Todd Manning before her eyes. Patrick says that the rage itself is not the point. All these years, all he did was avoid the truth that someday he could be pushed back into that world of violence. Then she came along just as he once more came in contact with terrorist forces in his country. His love for her kept him at peace. He felt rage toward Armitage, but he could never have killed him. But Bo is going to see it logically. If he knows Patrick was present at the Whiting explosion, his conclusion will be that he is also connected to Armitage's death. Marty pleads with Patrick to call Nora before the news of this leaks and then it will be all the worse for him. Patrick hates harking back to the pain of his past, but Marty explains that he has to help Nora defend him. He confesses that the hardest part was tell Marty. She replies she is glad he did and she will always love him.

Bo shows up at the door with Andy and says he has a warrant for his arrest in the murder of Guy Armitage. Marty does not understand how Bo can do this. Patrick was with her at the Bed and Breakfast. Bo replies that the owner only saw her that night. Besides Kineally's information, the police have a lot of hard evidence linking her fiancée to the crime. Andy reads Patrick his rights as Marty goes to call Nora.

The Banner- Kevin and Cassie

Acting on the tip he got from Téa, Kevin tries to reach Patrick for his reaction, but only gets the answering machine and hangs up. Cassie is curious about what kind of story he is working on. Kevin tells her that Patrick is the prime suspect in the Armitage yacht explosion. Cassie wants to know who told him, but he refuses to divulge his source. But the scent of a woman on his jacket reveals what his lips won't. Cassie knows Téa's perfume when she smells it! Kevin tries to justify himself by saying he was only doing his job. Cassie says she hopes he enjoyed himself and storms out. Kevin mutters to himself, " This is unreal, stupid Téa, stay out of my life, will you!" He calls his contact at the LPD and is told that Patrick is being arraigned this very moment.

The Courthouse

The buzzards of the Fourth Estate are circling around as Bo and Andy hustle Patrick into the courtroom. Nora has not arrived yet since Bo did not give her advance warning about his intentions. Patrick wants to know about bail and Bo says that the judge may not grant it.

Club Indigo- Rachel, Hank, R.J., Track and a Mysterious Guest

Rachel arrives looking stunning in Téa's hand me down. R.J. says he pities his brother for what he must have had to go through the last 10 years. R.J. thinks he should call Gabriel and find out what Track has been doing in the years between when he last saw him and now. He can see that his niece is heavily invested in the saxophonist. Rachel confirms this when she says, "I don't play the stock market, but if Track was a new issue, I would buy up all the shares." R.J. wonders if this is a two way street. Rachel believes it is. She tells her uncle how Téa had said that Track was too good to be true. But Rachel knows "he is too true not to be good."

Hank arrives at the club and R.J. facetiously asks if this is a raid. He welcomes him to Club Indigo- a drug free environment. Hank says he is being stubborn, like Mama used to say. R.J. points out that he does not need his brother's praise to do his job. He doesn't clap everytime Hank wins an objection in court and it is condescending of Hank to clap when Rj does his job and throws drug pushers out of his club. Hank sees his point. Rachel comes up to Hank and he gets an eyeful of his daughter's sexy dress. R.J. excuses himself and tells Rachel to tell Daddy her plans for the evening. Track comes over and gives Rachel a long passionate kiss in front of her father and Hank is a little startled by the display. After he leaves, Track and Rachel sit and talk. He tells her he experienced a real breakthrough at practice today. It was Rachel who gave him the courage to create. Just thinking about her helped him touch places inside he had never gone to before. He is going to play "their song" for her tonight.

As Track leaves to prepare for his performance, Rachel encounters a stranger. She tells Rachel she is here to see her fiancée perform. They have lived together for more than 6 months in New York, but she just doesn't get to spend enough time with him. Rachel asks in a friendly tone which one of the jazz musicians is the lady's fiancée. She throws out a couple of names but the the woman says confidently that her man is the saxophonist and his name is Track. Rachel is shocked!

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Club Indigo-Rachel, Track, R.J., and Hank

Rachel is shocked to meet Track's fiancée, Camilla Carr. Rachel doesn't let on, she introduces herself. Camilla tells her that Track has told her that Rachel made him feel very welcome in Llanview. Camilla asks if Rachel is there with a date. Rachel says she is there with her boyfriend, but they just broke up and he doesn't even know it yet. Camilla says that Track will be surprised to see her, because he thinks she is in New York. Rachel suggests that she and Camilla sit together at R.J.'s table, so they can give Track a big surprise. Track starts his set, and when he looks over and sees the two of them together he is so shocked he messes up his song. Somehow he finishes it, and then Camilla walks over to him. Rachel does, too. He wants to give her a ride back to the station, but she says she is staying over. Camilla goes on & on about the wedding they have planned. Track says he has a sore throat, and wants to go have a drink of water. Hank comes over and Rachel introduces him to Camilla, Track's fiancée. Hank looks surprised. Hank asks Track why he was putting the moves on his daughter if this woman is his fiancée. Track says there must be some mistake, and that Rachel was only being hospitable. He is sorry if Hank thought otherwise. Hank says he saw otherwise. Rachel tells Track to stop lying-Camilla is no fool. She says, "No, I'm not." She storms off, and Track follows her. He tries to explain. He says Rachel had a thing for him, but that was all. Camilla leaves. R.J., seeing all the commotion, asks Hank and Rachel what happened. Hank tells him that Track's fiancée showed up. They say some secret code thing to each other, and walk off. R.J. asks Track if he can speak to him. R.J. tells Track he has to leave, contract or no contract. Rachel comes over and tells them to leave him alone. They do, and he splits. They tell Rachel it isn't her fault, nobody knew what a jerk Track was. Hank gets paged to the courthouse. R.J. brings Rachel some dinner. He tells her a story about a bully he knew in school. He says that Hank helped him get the bully off his back, like they did to Track tonight.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd babbles to his parrot about Starr coming home. He tells him that he and bird are her family now. He wants to teach bird to answer the phone. The phone rings, it is one of Todd's ex-reporters whom he has recently fired. He has a tip-He tells him that Patrick has been arrested for the murder of Guy Armitage.

The Banner

Mel tells Kevin that he has a lipstick on his collar. Now Kevin understands why Cassie stormed out of the newsroom. Kevin tells Mel that Patrick is being arraigned. They both head over to the courthouse to cover the story.

Antonio's apartment

Andy arrives at the apt. She tells Antonio that she just had to arrest Patrick. She goes on & on about how she messed up Alex's case. He tells her he is nervous about his interview with the grant committee tomorrow. They talk about why he wants his grant, and what he will say to them tomorrow. He tells her she has a lot to say to her. They kiss. He tells her he loves her, she loves him, too. He says, "please say yes" He wants to take care of her forever. He says he wants to be her husband and have children with her. He asks her if she will marry him. He whips out a ring. She is surprised. She says yes. He puts the ring on her finger. He goes over to the window and yells out "she said yes." A bunch of people come upstairs from Angel Square. They have balloons and congratulations. Andy gets beeped and has to go to the courthouse. Andy arrives back. She asks if Antonio ever worries that things are too perfect. He says no. They set a date for their wedding.

The courthouse- Patrick, Marty, Kevin, Mel, Todd, Nora

Nora tells Marty and Patrick that they will hopefully get an arraignment tonight so Patrick can go home instead of staying the night in jail. He tells her he needs to tell her about what happened in Ireland. They step into the courtroom to talk. Nora is upset to hear about this. She asks if he is still involved with a political group. He says no, and that he hates violence. She asks if he was involved in the bombing of Guy Armitage. He says no, and Nora believes him. Todd, Mel, and Kevin all show up at the same time to cover the story. Mel asks Todd about Starr's condition. He then tells him that he was wrong about Patrick causing the accident on purpose. Todd says it looks like all Patrick wanted was to blow up a publisher. Todd tells Mel he likes him. He tells him not to trust Patrick, because he has a past.

Hank asks the judge to deny bail for Patrick, because he is a foreign national. Nora convinces the judge to set bail. It is set at 1 million dollars. Marty can cover it, so Patrick will not have to stay in jail.

Bo tells Patrick he is sorry about all this. While they are leaving, they run into Mel. Patrick tells Mel to come to his house tomorrow so he can tell him about his past.

Rachel and Téa's

Rachel goes home. She tells Téa what happened at the club. She asks how she can be such a fool. Téa says it's better than what happened to her tonight with Kevin. They make a plan to get over their broken hearts- they will go shopping and to the spa.

Friday, June 20, 1997

Andy, Antonio and Carlotta

Antonio is at his apartment getting dressed up for his grant interview. Dressed nicely in a shirt and tie, he takes out his earrings as Andy reassures him that he will do just fine. They've been engaged now for twelve hours, Andy reminds him. Andy's surprised to learn that Cristian was involved in planning the celebration last night, Andy didn't think Cristian liked her very much. Antonio tells her that Cristian is over that and is looking forward to having her as a sister-in-law.

Antonio arrives at his grant interview. There are three people, two men and a woman who will be talking to him. Antonio nervously introduces himself and sits down. Antonio thanks them for considering him, if he receives this grant, it will make a big difference in his future. Wasting no time, the committee immediately starts asking him about his conviction for murder and time spent in prison. Antonio explains the conviction has been recently overturned and the death was ruled self-defense. Next his trial for Carlo Hesser's murder is brought up. He was cleared of those charges, he defends himself, it was found that the mayor actually committed the murder. Ex-mayor he corrects himself at their look of shock. The woman thanks him for his candor, but says there are still things about his application that make the advisability of giving him this grant questionable.

Antonio lauches into this big long speech about how it's true that he ran with gangs when he was younger and ran into trouble with the police. He studied the law when he was in prison and he is is determined to become a lawyer, whether they help him or not. At the end, the woman thanks him, but says all she wanted to know was would he have time for his studies due to the fact that he was helping establish a credit union.

Back at the diner after his interview, Antonio tells Andy and Carlotta the committee will notify him of their decision in 2-3 days. Carlotta agrees to plan them a wedding which will be the largest party they've ever seen.

Kevin, Cassie, Bo, Andy and Carlotta

At the diner, Kevin and Cassie are sitting together in a booth, but Cassie is not speaking to Kevin. He can't even get any sympathy from her for his broken hand(it's in a cast). Cassie's still mad he came back from Téa's "smelling like a perfume factory" and with lipstick on his collar. All Téa wanted to do was use him to get good publicity for Alex. Well, maybe that's not all she wanted, Kevin admits, but he didn't take her up on her offer. Cassie believes him, when she's being rational, but she's just very insecure right now. Kevin tells her that he loves her. He also tells her that his meeting with Téa helped get him a front page story. Cassie is upset to learn Patrick has been charged with murder.

Bo comes into the diner and Kevin unsucessfuly tries to pump him for information. All he'll say is they have no results back yet on the chemical residue found in Patrick's apartment. In his gut, Bo doesn't believe that Patrick's guilty. Andy arrives and show off her new engagement ring. Everyone congratulates her, but Cassie doesn't seem very enthusiastic. Andy and Antonio will be getting married the beginning of August. Andy and Bo go over to the counter to see Carlotta and Kevin questions why Cassie doesn't sound too happy about the news. She is happy for them, she insists, but she knows how much their going to have to face, being newlyweds. If they're right together, that's all they'll need to stay together, Kevin tells her. Doesn't Kevin have any fears or doubts about their own relationship, asks Cassie. No, Kevin replies. Cassis is afraid for them. Kevin tries to reassure her that everything between them will be just fine, they've got all the time in the world. Over at the counter, Bo gets Carlotta to agree to give Andy her recipe for flan. Bo also promises he and Nora will be throwing the happy couple a "surprise" engagement party.

Patrick, Mel, and Marty

Mel arrives at Patrick's apartment and agrees to hear Patrick's story, off the record. Mel has gone to jail to protect another source and promises he would do that again before revealing what Patrick tells him. Patrick tells Mel the whole story about Lord Whiting. Mel believes that Patrick is telling the truth when he says he wasn't involved in Guy's death. Patrick and Marty are convinced that Patrick's being set up and their main suspect is Mr. Keneally. He conveniently told the police the day after the bombing about Patrick's involvment in Lord Whiting's death. It's possible, Mel agrees, but from what he's heard, the Men of 21 don't exist anymore. Can they think of anyone else? The only person that hates him more than Keneally is Todd Manning, Patrick suggests. But how did Todd know about Patrick's "secret", Mel wonders. "Is Todd really so paranoid and so pathalogically determined to destroy Patrick that he would go to these hideous lengths?", asks Mel. Todd is capable of anything, Marty replies. Then to solve this case, it may be necessary to get into the mind of Todd Manning, Mel decides.

After talking with Viki, Mel returns to Patrick's apartment. He got the OK from Viki to do some investigation on the story. Mel has spent the last few hours on the phone with contacts in the Irish community. If Keneally did manage to convince someone here in the US to help him, these contacts will be able to find out about it. Mel also got some very useful background information about Todd from Viki. In fact, Viki's over at Todd's right now checking out his current emotional state. If Todd has gone over the top, they'll need to do something about it, and soon. Marty just hopes it won't come to late to save Patrick.

Viki and Mel

Mel walks into Viki's office without knocking. As Viki looks up at him, Mel goes out of the room and then comes in again, this time knocking first. Mel comes in and tells her he's feeling terrible. Martinis?, Viki asks. Sure, Mel replies, then realizes she's asking if he has a hangover, not offering him a drink. No, he doesn't have a hangover, he feels bad about Patrick, he just doesn't believe he's a terrorist. Neither do I, Viki agrees. Mel knows this is Kevin's story, but he's like to do some investigating on it. Viki agrees. Mel next brings up Todd, he just doesn't understand him. Mel's got a whole stack of background material on Todd, but it doesn't prepare him for the reality of Todd Manning. Todd's very complicated, and very intelligent, although he doesn't let a lot of people see it, Viki explains. Intimacy of any kind is difficult for Todd, distance is safe for him. Distance keeps other people from harming him and him from harming others. Todd believes that he was born under a "dark star", but Viki is convinced there is a light there, somewhere. That's why no matter what Todd does, she always forgives him. How far would Todd go, Mel asks, is there any line that he wouldn't cross?

Although Todd didn't suffer abuse from Victor Lord like Viki did, he was abused by his adoptive father. Unlike Viki, he externalizes his anger, he lashes out at the world. He's not a sociopath, though, he knows exactly the pain his actions are causing. "In fact, if you study his face sometime, if he'll ever allow you the opportunity, you'll see there remorse and regret." Viki thinks he has changed, he's learned a certain amount of control. After he found out the truth about Patrick and the car accident, he dropped the whole thing. Right now, Todd's concentration is on his daughter, Starr. "Todd as parent. What a concept", Mel comments. Todd is an excellent parent, Viki defends, he's just scared of responsibility. Mel can relate to that. Viki wonders if Todd is part of Mel's story. If Patrick is involved, Todd is never far behind, Mel tells her. Viki was going over to see Starr anyway, so she offers to take Todd's "emotional temperature" while she's there.

Todd, Starr, Dorian, and Viki

Starr is home from the hospital and playing in her playpen. Todd is showing Bird to Starr. Todd mentions that Blair wants them to come to Philadelphia to visit, and maybe she'll be able to come home soon. They are there just a few minutes before Dorian bursts in, bearing gifts. Bird squawks at her, apparently not liking her anymore than Todd does. Dorian warns the bird that she's got a taxidermist on speed dial. Turning her attention to Starr, Dorian shows her the pillow she brought Starr which plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Starr, knowing a good thing when she sees it, is more intrigued by the diamond necklace Dorian has brought her. As she grabs it from Dorian's hand, Dorian explains that she will add diamonds to it on special occasions. Todd tells her it was unnecessary, he's already bought Starr a necklace like that. Get out, he tells her, it's his kid and his house and he wants her out, permanently. I'm not going, Dorain insists.

Todd hands Starr over to her nanny, Judith, and send her upstairs to take a nap. Once Starr is gone, Todd insists once again that Dorian leave. Dorian refuses to go, while Blair is in the hospital, Dorian is her advocate and that includes looking after Starr. Todd's upset that he got about two seconds alone with Starr before Dorian came storming in. Todd reminds her that before Blair left for Philidelphia, she decided that Starr would be staying with Todd. Dorian doesn't really want Starr, Todd claims, she just hates to lose a fight. Get out, Todd demands one more time and this time Dorian finally leaves.

Sitting at his laptop computer, Todd is typing out a "Things to Do list." At the top of the list, "Destroy the Banner." The doorbell rings, it's Viki. Starr's asleep, Todd says, but she might be waking up soon. He's thrilled to have her home. Viki asks him what's wrong, she knows him well and something doesn't feel right. Todd explains she must be picking up the psychic vibrations from "Diamond Lil's" earlier visit. Dorian stormed in after they'd been home about three second to claim Starr as property of the Cramer women. Todd insists that everything is fine now. Todd may claim that it's true, but Viki knows the toll the last few weeks have taken on him and she's there to help him. Todd was so angry at Patrick after the accident, Viki mentions, and Todd made all those baseless accusations. "Baseless?", Todd exclaims, "I was totally right about him."

Todd is being ridiculous, Viki says, he knows very well that Kelly was the one responsible for Blair's accident. Todd knows about the accident, he replies, Kelly told him herself. Then what does Todd mean that he was right about Patrick, asks a thoroughly confused Viki. Todd was right about Patrick, but in a more general sense, like blowing people to smithereens(Todd holds up the front page of The Sun-"Bad Luck O' the Irish- Poet in Pokey"). Or he could have gone with his other idea, "Patrick Thornhart - Unipoet." Lovely, Viki replies, not impressed. Viki knows its pointless, but reminds Todd anyway that Patrick has just been arrested, not convicted. Todd knows that Patrick is guilty. He guesses that "when Irish eyes aren't smiling - people die." The case against Patrick is completely, purely circumstantial, Viki tries again. Todd claims that he has a source that has given him certain 'explosive' information about Patrick. He refuses to tell Viki about it, she can read it in The Sun like everyone else. Viki just stares at him. "What?" Todd wants to know. You tell me, says Viki. "What?!", Todds says again, unnerved by Viki continuing to just stare at him.

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