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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on SB
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Monday, June 16, 1997

by Lisa M Smith

Annie kisses Tim and the two of them are playing a game of seduction. The two of them remind one another of what who they really want. Meanwhile, Ben finds enough nerve to enter the locked room and eventually sees Meg in Maria's dress. The fireworks begin and he yells at Meg while she is yelling in her defense. At the Richards' party, Gregory accuses Olivia of drinking again and she lets him believe that so that he doesn't find out that her pregnancy test was positive. Later, she and Cole talk and promise that there is no need for anyone to find out about their affair. Alex is subtly trying to make Casey forgive his father, John. Michael talks to Alex about working with Vanessa who would love to work with Alex. She turns him down saying that she wants to take a break and the timing is not right. Cole wants to return a gift to Gregory that he gave Caitlin. Ben shuts Meg out of his house and she is devastated. Annie and Tim see through the window that Meg is banging on Ben's door and are very pleased with themselves. Ben soaks Maria's bed in the studio with paint thinner .

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

by Lisa M Smith

Ben looks at the match is in a deep trance. Meg is still banging on the door. Ben throws the match onto Maria's bed and just is rooted to the floor as he stares at the bed blazing in a stunned stare. Meg sees the fire flames and bangs frantically at the door. Giving up, she runs to Annie's and begs for help from her and Ricardo. Kicking the door down, Ricardo prevents Meg from rushing to Ben for safety reasons.

Olivia is shocked to find out that she is pregnant and is devastated by the news. Gregory heads upstairs to find Olivia who he thinks has been drinking again. Sean and Caitlin are talking about Olivia and the possibility that she is drinking because she is being manipulated by Gregory. Cole and Olivia take a moment and discuss how things are between the two of them. Cole is questioning how anyone would ever find out what happened between the two of them. Caitlin comes in and told her mother that her father told her that Olivia was drinking. Olivia vehemently denies that she has been drinking and Caitlin is thrilled to hear that. Caitlin starts talking about having a child much to Olivia's shock. Later, getting ready for bed, Olivia and Gregory are talking and she lies to him and told him that she hasn't slept with anyone since Del. She told him the night of the party when she slept with Cole that she was angry and wanted him to believe that she had slept with someone. The two of them begins to make love. Downstairs, Caitlin asks Cole if things are okay and if he and her mother got into it. Back to the bedroom, Gregory and Olivia make love not once but twice.

Michael, Vanessa, Alex, and Casey are talking about the party and Virginia is soaking all the goings on. Michael questions Alex again on her health. Everyone decides to retire and it gives Casey and Caitlin a chance to talk. Tim comes and is looking for Meg. Mark isn't too pleasant with Tim and suggests that perhaps Meg is better off without him since he cheated on her. Casey and his mother talk about him hurting over Rae's decision to leave Sunset Beach. Casey decides to take a run on the beach.

Michael and Vanessa share a little romance between them. They are about to make love when her beeper went off and duties call. It is the paper calling to tell her she needs to cover the fire.

Tim and Annie celebrate their accomplishment of breaking up Ben and Meg with champagne. They briefly touch on their KISS. The two of them almost seem sorry to see that happening. Ricardo stops by the house to visit after Tim had left. They talk about the death of Maria and reflect on all the good times they had. They are sharing memories over photos in an album. Meg bursts in and told them that she needs their help since Ben has locked himself in his house

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

by Lisa M Smith

Ricardo, Meg, and Annie rush in to the room to save Ben. Ricardo gets the fire extinguisher and puts the fire out. Ben is in a trance and doesn't even know that they are there. Ben told them all to leave, but Ricardo stays to torment Ben more about the guilt that Ben is feeling over Maria's death. He tells him he enjoys watching Ben suffer every year at this time, cause he knows that his guilt is getting to him.

The fire department show up and they are wanting to file their report, but Ricardo told Sweeny that he had it under control and he would take care of the investigation.

Ricardo told Meg that she had better stay as far away from Ben as possible cause she will only suffer the same fate as Maria did. Meg is stunned by what Ricardo is saying to her, then Tim bursts in to make sure that Meg is safe. Tim decides that he is going to tell Meg to stay away from Ben for her own good, and he pretends to comfort her in front of Ben. Annie pretends to do the same with Ben. Tim tries to get Meg to leave with him and she tells him that she is not finished here yet. Tim and Annie leave, and Meg tells Ben that she is sorry and then she turns around and leaves the house. Ben is in the room again looking at the bed when he finds Meg's barrette and says to himself, "Meg stay away from me, stay very far away from me".

Michael and Alex have a heart to heart about what Michaels has been doing since she last saw him. Michael knows that Alex is hiding something from him and keeps changing the subject. Casey is walking in and he hears Alex asking about Rae and he turns and walks out of the room. Alex and Michael try to draw Casey out about his feelings about Rae and Casey told them that she has gone on with her life so he should do the same.

Michael confronts Alex and told her that he knows that she is hiding things from him. Alex tries once again to ward off the questions, but this time Michael doesn't let go. He asks her if there is a problem and she says yes, he asks if it is medical and she says, yes. He wants to go to the doctor with her tomorrow and Alex finally says, yes again. She then asks Michael to promise not to say anything to Casey just yet and he makes the promise to her.

Eddie taunts Gabi about not being able to break Paula and Ricardo up. He also told her that he will not let Paula know that she was with Ricardo the night that Paula was abducted. Gabi then says that she doesn't need him anymore cause she has set her eyes on her next unwilling accomplice, Mark. Mark knows that Gabi was with Ricardo that night, and she plans to use him. She is pretending to be looking for an appartment, because Elaine offered the room she was staying in to Cole. She told Mark that she just wants to be part of a family. Mark knows how she feels as he too was a runaway. Gabi asks Mark for a favor. She wants him to keep their secret. Mark wants to know why she wants this secret kept, and Gabi says that Ricardo was putting the moves on her that night and she doesn't want Paula hurt. Mark can not believe that Ricardo would do that to Paula, and told her that he will keep their secret for Paula's sake.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

by Mary DeRock

Some Troubling Results
Spike digs out Olivia's pregnancy test from the trash. The test turns out positive and Olivia reflects on how wonderful that would be for them. She sees Spike with the test and as she tries to get it from him, Cole and Caitlin walk in. Spike runs under the furniture and Cole and Caitlin leave for breakfast at the Waffle Shop. Gregory walks in as Olivia reaches for the test. Bette covers for Olivia and Gregory told Olivia that things are going smoothly and he doesn't want anything to change. Olivia tearfully told Bette that she is pregnant and Bette jokes about the two of them still doing the "horizontal fox trot." Olivia went to the doctor's to get a real test and Alex recognizes her.

Our Future?
At the Waffle Shop, Elaine offers the couple a room upstairs to stay in. Cole asks Caitlin about his mother daughter relationship with Olivia. They discuss Cole's plans for a job and Gregory offers a helping hand.

A Shoulder To Cry On
Michael reflects on his chat with Alex. He asks Vanessa not to press working with Alex too much. Michael mentions to Mark that he has some business to attend to. Alex told Michael that she had a battery of tests done in Oslo and is concerned of what they may tell her. It turns out Alex has Stage 4 cancer and ignored the symptoms. She missed being able to treat the cancer and sobs on Michael's shoulder.

A Surprise Revelation
Sean and Tiff have breakfast at the Waffle Shop and Mark told Sean that he hopes he returns to work soon. Sean asks Tiff to provide one of Mark's demo tapes and if it's good he'll show it to Gregory. Wei Li arrives at the Waffle Shop and delivers a letter from Rae. He told Casey that he and Rae were married 2 days ago. Wei Li says he has come to give Casey Rae's half of the house. Casey told Wei Li he gives the marriage 2 months, if that, and says he will come up with the money to buy Rae's half. Tim tries to comfort Meg on the beach.

Friday, June 20, 1997

by Mary DeRock

Tim tries to convince Meg that Ben is dangerous and she should stay away from him. Annie bangs on Ben's door, asking him to let her in and saying that she understands his anger with Meg. Meg berates herself for trying on Maria's dress, Tim counters that her actions don't deserve what Ben did. He thinks Ben is crazy for setting fire to the room, Meg refuses to budge and doesn't believe Ben killed Maria. Annie tells Tim that Meg's antics may have sent Ben over the edge. She blames Meg for what happened, and Tim thinks Ben could have burned Sunset Beach down. Meg went to Ben's and he lets her in. She vehemently apologizes, But Ben doesn't understand her reasons. Meg told Ben she will always feel terrible for sending him to burn the bed, she confesses to always caring for him no matter what. "Please, leave me the hell alone," Ben asks. Annie thinks they ought to do as much as possible to keep the couple apart. She and Tim compliment each other and almost kiss again. Annie complains that moving around is bad for her physique, and Tim says it's not bad as it is. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tim asks Annie. She denies knowing what he's talking about. Annie told Tim Ben isn't crazy despite what he may think. Ben takes a walk along the beach, while Meg returns to the charred studio and rescues Maria's diary. Sitting at the beach, Meg reads a passage where Maria discusses telling Ben something. "'ll destroy us all with your secrets..." Ben told Maria's painting.

Olivia daydreams about her "child" and in her dream, Cole takes the child from her. Olivia leaves the majority of the medical history questions blank, and the doctor questions why. She is disappointed that she won't know the results of the test until later in the day. At home, she almost takes a swig of alcohol, but catches herself and doesn't. Cole and Caitlin arrive to tell Olivia they are staying in Sunset Beach. Cole vows to keep the affair between him and Olivia a secret. Gregory receives the call for Mrs. Cole as Caitlin and Cole walk in and Olivia watches.

What You Don't Know
Michael and Alex discuss overcoming cancer. Alex is afraid of how Casey will deal with the news after all he's been through with Rae. She vows to enjoy her life, despite cancer. Michael asks her when she is going to tell Casey. "Soon," is her reply. Meanwhile, Casey laments things worked out the way they did with Rae. Casey arrives later and told his mom Rae won't be returning and he wants to buy her half of the house. He told Alex that Wei Li and Rae are now married. Casey confesses to Michael that he is beaten in many ways and is grateful that Alex is around to "lift my spirits." Michael advises Casey to make the best of his time with Alex.

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