Another World Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on AW
Toni was raped, and Nick became a suspect. Felicia was robbed, and Alexander was there to comfort her. Rachel's biopsy was negative. Vicky ended things with Shane, thinking he wasn't over Lila. Vicky slept as a fire spread through her home.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on AW
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Monday, June 23, 1997

The ambulance brought Rachel and the twins to the hospital. Shane told the physician how he delivered the twins and removed the tumor which they send for a biopsy. A tearful Carl thanks Shane for saving all the people he loves. Rachel insists on seeing the babies and they get to hold their son and see a picture of their daughter who was in a ventilator. Meanwhile, Donna advises a hurt Vicky to give up on Shane because he belongs to another. Meanwhile, Lila approaches Jake and asks him to help vicky get over Shane. Jake told her that Vicky will fight for Shane because she has put everything on the line for him. Later, Jake went to comfort Vicky and despite his own hurt feelings encourages her to give Shane a chance and let him explain about Lila. When Shane calls to give Vicky the news about the twins, Jake forces her to talk to him. She was cheerfully distant and seeks comfort with a hug from Jake. Joe comes to see if Sophia was okay and she ends up giving him advice about Paulina. Paulina was upset about the side effects the diet pills are giving her and vows not to take them until Joe comes home and tells her to keep doing what she's going becauseshe looks great. Paulina then fishes the pills out of the trash and puts disguises them as aspirin. Chris tries to catch up with Toni who was following up on Nick's harrassment of Sophia. Tyrone and Chris have a heart to heart talk and Chris was relieved that Tyrone's feelings toward Toni are that of a big brother. Meanwhile, Toni went to meet Chris. While walking through a dark parking lot she is jumped by a white man carrying Nick's miraculous medal. Despite her valiant attacks to fight back, Toni was knocked unconscious and raped. She awakens to find a drunk Nick hovering over her but he runs away when she cries for help before passing out again.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Grant and Cindy pose for publicity photos after announcing Grant's decision to run for mayor. Gary and others ridicule the hypocrisy of such a mood but their comments fall on deaf ears. Gary was upset when Neil and Josie release Dash, the alleged Silver Rose Thief, after Gary did all the work to catch him. Toni stumbles into the office, bruised and shaken up. She denies anything happened but Josie finally gets it out of her that she was raped. A worried Etta Mae and Chris arrive but Josie covers for Toni's beat up state. Both are concerned that Toni was not acting herself. Josie takes the medal as evidence and convinces Toni that she must report the rape although toni was reluctant because she blames herself for not stopping the attack. Josie accompanies her upset friend to be examined by John. Meanwhile, Donna fires a drunken Nick and Tomas has twinges of jealousy when a new resident shows interest in Emily. Later, Tomas comforts a still upset Sophia who is unaware Nick has passed out on her balcony. Amanda, Paulina and Felicia anxiously await news of Rachel and there are some awkward moments when John arrives. Everyone was relieved that Rachel and the twins are okay and John and Felicia share a hug. Grant and Cindy arrive to collect the reward money but Amanda told them they are trash and she's not paying anything until they get Rachel's bracelet back. Amanda also coldly informs the Harrisons that she was declaring war on them and Grant's campaign with everything in her power. Felicia was still shook up after her encounter with John and refuses to listen to his pleas to try again. Gary arrives and consoles Felicia who was still determined to move on. Gary suggest she give John another chance because he seems more heartbroken than she is. Things go from bad to worse when Gary discovers the silver rose thief has robbed Felicia and blames Neil for setting Dash free.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Gary told Felicia he will take care of reporting her robbery and calls the stationhouse. When he hears Josie was at the hospital he went rushing to see her. John told Josie that Toni's examination didn't produce any new physical evidence and that he has sent for a counselor to help with her emotional state. Josie keeps mum about the fact that Toni was the rape victim when talking to Gary. Meanwhile, Sophia wakes up a drunken Nick and calls to Tomas for help. Nick doesn't remember what happened the night before and wonders what happened to him. Tomas informs him that Nick told him that Toni was hurt in the parking lot last night but Nick doesn't remember. Later, Tomas told John and Josie that Nick say Toni last night and she was hurt. Alexander comforts Felicia on the theft of her jewels. He asks for advice about his wayward daughter and then invites her to the Humanitarian Awards -- reminding her that she was now free on July 14th. She accepts and they share a kiss. Paulina and Amanda prepare for Rachel's homecoming and Alli bonds with Neil. Amanda was informed that Dash cleared out his office at Cory and that 2 expensive paintings are missing. Rachel and Carl's happy arrival was marred by news of her biopsy. vicky nervously waits for Shane to come over and explain his relationship with Lila. Jake tries to keep her spirits up even though it was difficult for him because of his feelings for her. Even though he was anxious to get to Vicky, Shane is stopped by Lila who makes it clear she wants to pick things up where they left off. Shane reminds her that what they had was in the past and that he loves Vicky now but Lila won't listen. She asks him for a hug and he gives her one just in time for the embrace to be witnessed by a shocked Vicky.

Thursday, June 26, 1997

Josie brought a shaken Toni home and makes excuses for her strange subdued behavior to Etta Mae, Tyrone and Chris. Toni gets very upset when Tyrone & Chris ask her opinion on white-against-black crime. Toni avoids any kisses and hugs from Chris but explains it by saying she was tired. Later, a tearful Toni admits to her mom that she was raped. Knowing Josie was upset about a rape case, Gary comforts her although she doesn't tell him the identity of Jane Doe. He takes her mind off things by talking about wedding plans. Everyone at the Cory mansion was relieved to find out that Rachel's tumor was benign. The celebration was spoiled by the arrival of Grant and Cindy who come for the reward money. Before leaving, Grant taunts Carl about replacing Ryan with his new son and later Cindy threatens to sell her story to the tabloids unless Grant gives her more money. Carl and Rachel decide to name the twins Elizabeth and Cory. Rachel suggests the name Ryan but Carl points out this baby deserves his own name. When Rachel makes a comment about cheating death -- a cold wind blows the patio door open. Vicky walks in on Shane and Lila's embrace. Lila enjoys Vicky's discomfort but then leaves. Vicky tearfully comments on how Shane has been enjoying his time as a free man. Shane insists Lila was his past and he wants Vicky as his future. When he cannot promise that he'll cut Lila totally out of his life immediately, Vicky leaves despite his pleas for her not to walk away. Meanwhile, Jake tries to explain to the boys about love using a balanced scale. He avoids answering Steven when he asks if Jake was in love with his mom. Vicky was comforted by some playful wrestling with Jake and the boys as Shane watches from outside.

Friday, June 27, 1997

Vicky and Jake discuss their past and her relationship with Shane as they roast marshmallows in her bedroom fireplace. She decides that she has to drop Shane and told Jake that she needs to get away. She doesn't want to see Shane and Lila together in public. They continue to reminisce about the past and discuss where Vicky should go for a vacation. Vicky decides she wants to go on an adventure with the boys, and wants Jake to go with them. They decide on NYC.

Shane arranges a room for Lila at his rooming house. He tries to get her to return to New Orleans, but she won't because of family problems. He tries to explain to Lila about his relationship with Vicky, " Lila, what Vicky and I have is real ". He also told her that they are married in name only and that they need to move on. Lila continues to display obsessive traits regarding Shane.

Paulina finds Nick passed out in the trash heap behind Carlino's. Nick tells her that he really needs to talk to Sophia. Sophia then finds Nick and Paulina talking. Sophia wants to know why Nick was drinking his life away.

Toni told Etta Mae that she won't tell the police who raped her. She blames herself for the incident and her failure to stop it from happening. She then remembers it was a white male. Etta Mae talks Toni into filing a complaint with the police. Etta Mae calls Josie, who immediately heads over to see Toni.

Grant flips out when he discovers that Cindy has spent a bundle on a storeful of clothes. He says that he wants her to return them, so she agrees and gives him the dress off her back and says that she needs his help with the rest...

Lila went to Shane's room and plays on his sympathy for past events, and her fear of rain and thunderstorms. Shane told her that he's going to find her another place to stay and that he's going to see a lawyer for a divorce. Shane insists that Lila give him the divorce, but she seems to be in living in the past. She told him that she's holding on to his vow of loving her forever and that he was the only person who made her feel safe. She then coyly leaves. Shane rushes to the phone to call Vicky, as Lila listens at the door.

At the Harbour Club Donna complains to Dana Kramer about Dash being released. Chris introduces Tyrone to Donna. Donna and Gary discuss Dash's release. Dana told Chris that Dash has been arrested in Palm Beach and admitted to the theft of Cory Publishing's Monet's, but not any jewelry. Chris introduces Tyrone to Dana, as she leaves for the police station regarding a Jane Doe rape case.

Josie told Toni that she has the full support of the police department regarding her rape. Josie identifies the medallion found at the scene as being Nick's. Toni asks Etta Mae not to tell Chris what happened. Josie gives Toni lots of support as they step out of Joe's office. As they cross the squadroom, everyone seems to be glancing in her direction, making her feel uncomfortable.

At Carlino's, Sophia told Nick why she was so upset about his deceit. Joe shows up and told Nick that he has to go to the station to answer some questions. At the station, Josie questions Nick about the necklace as Toni drops off her report and gets a flashback to when Nick found her the parking lot and accuses him as her rapist.

Vicky and Jake are watching the same old movie at their own places and are discussing the film by phone. Vicky laments about her life and all the that has gone wrong. Jake attempts to boost her spirits by telling her the good things that she has. Vicky then told him that the whole place smells like a campfire. As they say goodnight, Jake senses something may be wrong and heads out.

Grant told Cindy, after their romp in the sack, that from now on he'll buy her clothes for her. Cindy wants buy her clothes with her own money. Grant admires her independence and told her that he'll take her with him wherever he goes, but that if he loses, she loses too. He leaves for the bathroom, and she makes a phone call. In a disguised voice she told a Mr. Munsch that she has some merchandise to move for cash as she admires some gold earrings she had hidden.

FINAL SCENE - Vicky lies sleeping as the fire spreads from her fireplace into the bedroom.

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