Another World Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on AW
Nick was found guilty. Alexander hit Carl with his car. Grant continued to pay Rusty to make sexual harassment claims against Donna. Grant encouraged Cindy to get Paulina hooked on stronger drugs.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on AW
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Monday, August 18, 1997

The heat in court (due to the broken AC) causes everyone to be on edge. Tyrone questions Toni again and tries to point out all the holes in her story but never blaming her for her previous testimony. He does his best to be tactful and not accuse Toni of lying but the Burrells and Toni of course get more and more angry and continue to feel betrayed. Closing arguments are presented with the DA pointing out that the defense has never accused Toni of being dishonest and if she says Nick raped her the jury should believe it. Tyrone presents the defense's summation and again says the evidence definitely produces reasonable doubt, regardless of how much respect he has for Toni. the Hudson's and the Burrell's both go home to wait for the verdict. Paulina brought food for both families - trying to remain supportive but neutral. Joe arranges for Sophia and Nick to spend some time together. She told him that she wishes she could give herself to him right now and reminds him to have faith. Nick responds that she was the best part of his life. During the recess, Felicia stops by the Cory mansion. Rachel was less than enthusiatic about Alexander's "friendship" ring. Felicia takes offense and says maybe Carl and Rachel are the ones with the problem. both Carl and RAchel are surprised to find out Cass is working for Alex. Amanda continues to play up to carl to find some leverage to bring him down. She snoops in his computer and finds a story he is writing about Grant's dirty campaign. Everyone was surprised when jury deliberation only lasts 3 hours. Everyone waits in anticipation as the judge asks for the verdict.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Nick and his family are shocked when the jury finds him guilty. Toni and the Burrells are relieved but Toni feels uneasy as she sees a stricken Nick being wrenched away from Sophia and Michael. At the Burrell house, Etta Mae says its time for a celebration but Toni feels guilty about how the trial affected so many people. tyrone comes by to try and talk to Toni but Etta Mae throws him out. Meanwhile, Cindy and Grant stage Cindy's miscarriage for the press. Grant then tries to see Kirkland but Vicky doesn't think its a good idea for the little boy to see him so upset. Cindy becomes suspicious when she finds a receipt for a strand of pearls and continues to get calls from Lila disguising her voice but not leaving a message. cindy lets Grant know that she will divorce him and take every penny. Donna enlists Gary's help in proving Grant set her up for this sexual harassment suit from Rusty. The aide who originally told Gary Grant was blackmailing candidates retracts his story making Gary all the more determined to nail Grant. Lila fills Grant in on what's going on at Gary's office and makes plans for her and Shane to share a room in San Dominica. Josie has a run in with Chip, Toni's partner, who gives her a hard time in the locker room. She icily reminds him she was his superior officer. When Chip was alone he takes off a belt with a large buckle and puts a fifth of gin in his bag. The Hudsons and Sophia are further dismayed when Nick was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Nick shares a tearful goodbye with Michael and Sophia. He tells them not to worry about him and asks Michael to take care of Sophia. Toni witnesses the goodbye and keeps replaying Tyrone's closing argument - how she was honorable person, but even honest people make mistakes. While getting ready to leave for San Dominica, Lila and Shane run into Jake and Vicky. A sad Shane walks quickly away but Lila makes sure she gets some jabs in about her and Shane and says its obvious Vicky never really loved Shane otherwise how else could she be marrying someone so quickly. Lila tells Vicky she and Shane are going to San Dominica to work things out. Jake can tell that Vicky was affected by the conversation with Lila.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

While Carl walks out of Cory, Alex and Felicia round a corner in Alex's car and run him over. In the ER, Carl told a worried Felicia Alex did it on purpose but Alex said if he really wanted to kill Carl, he would be dead. Felicia gets angry at Carl's insinuations about Alex and angrily blurts out that she and Alex are getting married. Later, Alex meets with Amanda and tells her she would be the best one to play "the other woman" in their plan to destroy Carl. She hesitates for a minute but then agrees and later steals one of Carl's corporate credit cards and begins setting up things to look as if Carl was keeping a mistress. Shane and Lila are bumped off their flight, so Shane works some more at the hospital. Lila watches as Shane tends to a new mother and baby and has memories of happier times when they got married. Cindy tries to seduce Grant but he brushes her off. Cindy honestly seems upset she won't be able to bear Grant's children but he tells her to save it for the reporters. Grant meets with Alex to discuss how their plans to get Grant elected to mayor are going. Alex suggests a way to get the doctor to helped Cindy with her "miscarriage" get out of town. Donna throws Grant out of the Harbour Club but not before Felicia sees Alex with him. She was angry Alex was associating with the monster and questions his integrity. But Alex quickly distracts her with talk of their wedding and she forgets why she was mad. Grant told Rusty he will pay anything Rusty wants to keep up his claims of sexual harassment. Carl meets with Donna and assures her he will do anything he can to help her beat Grant. After several attempts to reach Grant by phone, Lila stops by and has a confrontation with Cindy who was angry when she sees Lila's pearls. Cindy gets even more furious when the fertility god heats up in Lila's hands but is stone cold in hers. Later, Grant told Lila she needs a witness to her being in bed with Shane to nullify the separation. Lila realizes the perfect witness was Vicky and plans to get her to San Dominica. She steals a sample of Donna's handwriting to do so. When Grant gets home, Cindy is packed and says she's leaving him. Jake and Chris cautiously try and repair their friendship, finding common ground on the basketball court. The two men finally let their guards down, with Jake expressing his sympathy for Toni and Chris admitting how happy he was Jake and Vicky are together. They share a hug before Chris injures his hand during a jump shot. Shane happens to be walking by and confronts Jake. Shane told Jake to make Vicky happy but insists that Vicky still loves him. Jake says Vicky was over Shane but hesitates when Shane wonders if Jake was nervous that Shane was really getting a divorce.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Gary and Josie meet for lunch at Carlino's and Gary was happy to be told that pregnancy has increased Josie's sexual drive. Shane stops a jittery Paulina and makes her sit down and talk to him. She insists everything was okay and that she was no longer on the pills but was feeling like she's crawling out of her skin. He told her to stick with it and that she's just experiencing withdrawal from the drugs. He told her that even though he'll be out of town the next few days, he'll want to see her when he gets back. Joe suggests to Paulina that they go dancing at the Harbour club at night. Paulina was very nervous because she knows Joe will figure out something was wrong with her. Grant was able to dissuade Cindy from leaving him by presenting her with a double strand of real pearls twice the length of Lila's necklace. She agrees to stay on the condition he treat her better. Paulina stops by and asks for Cindy's help with her withdrawal. Cindy gives her one more pill to get her through the night. Later, Grant told Cindy he wants her to get Paulina hooked on a stronger drug so he'll have some control over Joe. The stress of the harassment suit was getting to Donna. She ends up having an angry confrontation with Rusty, who goads Donna on, per Grant's orders. Lila takes the opportunity to convince Donna she should get away for awhile to get her composure back. She uses Donna's absence to forge a note in donna's writing to Vicky, saying she was treating Vicky and Jake to a Bahamas getaway. Vicky confronts Grant about what he's doing to her mother and he suggests she convince Donna to drop out of the mayoral race. Vicky and Shane run into each other at Carlino's. They are about to talk when Lila walks in and says they have to get to the airport right away. A disgusted Vicky leaves despite Shane's protests. At the HC, Paulina was self-conscious about her dress and remarks to Josie that people would think Paulina was the pregnant one and not Josie. Paulina then begs Cindy to give her more pills but Cindy says she can't. In San Dominica, Shane was upset to find out that they only have one room available although Lila insists she had nothing to do with it.

Friday, August 22, 1997

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