Another World Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on AW
Toni remembered it wasn't Nick who had raped her. Josie discovered evidence pointing to Chip Rayburn as the real rapist. Lila set up Vicky and Jake to find Lila in bed with Shane. Vicky pushed up her wedding to Jake.
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Another World Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on AW
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Monday, August 25, 1997

Grant continues to have Cindy play the grieving "mother" claiming they will milk the sympathy vote for all its worth. they are both surprised when the fertility god shows up in the bag Grant brought to the hospital for Cindy. It has a surprising effect on them - causing them to jump into bed together. Later, Grant comments its a shame there isn't a natural disaster for him to play "hero" in. Later, Grant and Cindy show up at the debate but Donna is missing. Grant continues to campaign and tries to draw attention away from Carl who insinuates Grant had something to do with Donna's disappearance. The debate turns into a heated argument between Carl and Alexander. Later, Carl told Alex he was watching his enemy and Alex counters with the fact that he has bought property right next to the Cory mansion. Grant is surprised that Cindy has somehow managed to start a brush fire but he uses the opportunity to get some positive press coverage. John was hurt and disappointed to find out Felicia was engaged to Alex and shares his feelings with Rachel. Rachel was horrified to find out from Amanda that Alex hit Carl with his cars and told Amanda she doesn't want her daughter interviewing him. Rachel later confides in Carl that she believes Alex was a threat to the family but he assures her he can protect them. Paulina was going through some serious withdrawal - very agitated and jumpy. her strange behavior is noted by both John and Rachel. Vicky and Jake walk in on the scene of Lila and Shane in bed together - Lila was awake, Shane was not. Lila chases after Vicky to rub her nose in it and pretends she didn't set the whole thing up. Vicky was horrified to find out Grant was Lila's lawyer and wonders if he set her up to see Lila and Shane. Jake wonders if its Lila's doings. Shane is upset when he wakes up and realizes what happened. He apologizes to Lila but insists their marriage was still over. Lila threatens to stop the divorce and Shane reminds her that it would cause him to hate her. He leaves and a desolate Lila whispers that a time will come when he will be sorry he threw her away. ON the plane home, Vicky told Jake she wants to get married immediately.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

In San Dominica, Shane told Lila that getting a divorce was for the best and that in time she would see that. Lila told him that she never wanted a divorce and from last night, didn't think he did either. The desk clerk at the hotel comments that Lila must have caught the couple she was after from the way they ran out of the hotel. Shane wants to know what two people got caught. Lila made up a story about two drunks. Shane went off to get their things and Lila answered a call from Grant. She told Grant that she and Shane got divorced but that Vicky had found them in bed as she planned. Grant then informed her that if there was a witness then he could prove that the terms of the agreement were null and void and that there was hope after all. Lila tore out a page from the hotel registration book to prove that Vicky was there. On the plane, Shane called Vicky and left a message on her machine that he had some good news which didn't make Lila happy.

Gary asks Tomas for information about the doctor who treated Cindy. Tomas told him that the doctor had taken a position at Johns Hopkins. Gary told him that was a shame since he and Josie were considering using him as their doctor. Tomas explained that the doctor wasn't an obstetrician but a heart specialist and that Nikos had gotten him the job at Johns Hopkins .

Paulina told Cindy that she was worried that she would do something bizarre around her son and that she wasn't acting like her self. Cindy told her that withdrawal wasn't easy. Paulina asked if there wasn't something that Cindy could give her to help her through this and Cindy considered giving her the stronger drug that Grant as Grant had instructed.

Vicky can't believe that finding Shane and Lila in bed in San Dominica was a coincidence and wonders if Grant has a hand in it. She then told Jake that its becoming more clear to her every day that Jake was the man for her and wants to push up the wedding to the next day. Jake reluctantly agrees, despite his wishes for a big wedding. Vicky starts to panic that they don't have time to get ready. Jake told her to be calm, that they have plenty of time for everything, including his surprise. The phone rings and its Chris who was looking for Donna. Chris told Vicky that Donna ran out of the Harbor Club with her suitcase.

At Carlino's, Vicky tries to call her mother and Jake tries to tell Paulina his good news, but she isn't in a mood to listen, yells at him and storms off. Chris comes up to Jake and tells him that Nick had been cleared of the second rape charge.

Toni admits to Tyrone that she knows Nick didn't rape her and thinks she remembers it being someone she knows. Toni discusses the evidence with Tyrone and told Tyrone that she heard someone, no Nick, saying "act like a lady" and footsteps running off before Nick showed up. Toni was upset that she hurt everyone including Tyrone and Nick but was happy she and Tyrone have patched things up. Chris comes in and Toni told him she wants to meet at Lucky Lady because she still has some things to discuss with Tyrone. Chris takes Toni aside to have her explain what's going on to him. Toni says that she will explain things later. Chris went over to the bar and asks for Donna. The bartender told him that she was off taking care of personal business. Tyrone and Toni discuss trying to clear Nick by finding the real rapist. Toni left to go answer a beeper call and Dana comes up to Tyrone and asks him what was going on. On the phone, Josie told Toni to get to the precinct pronto. Toni excuses herself and leaves. Tyrone told Dana to sit down for the news he's about to tell her.

Rayburn encounters Josie in the locker room and asks why Josie is on his case. After Rayburn leaves, Josie searches his locker and discovers a bottle of gin, pornography, and a jacket. The door opens and its the female police officer. Josie quickly closes the locker but drops something on the floor. She shows Josie some pictures of the departmental picnic and Josie notices a picture and takes the negatives. Josie sent Rayburn off on a case. Josie gave the female officer her negatives back and then went into the interrogation room to look over the evidence she had which included a picture from the picnic that she had blown up.

In the kitchen of Carlino's, Grant calls Cindy and wants to know how his fire fighting effors have helped his campaign. Grant warns her that if they don't win the election, they'll be headed for divorce court and she'll be headed for jail. Cindy discovers Paulina weeping in the corner and decides to give her the drugs. Cindy cautions her that they are very strong pills.

Vicky dialed up her messages and hung up when she heard the one Shane left, then conveniently forgot to mention to Jake that Shane had called her. Jake asked to talk to Chris alone for a second and before Vicky left, Chris told her how happy he was for she and Jake and that the all had to move on.

At the hospital, Gary asked Cindy what her husband had to do with Nikos. Cindy denied knowing anything. Gary told Cindy that he thought Grant had paid of Rusty the waiter to file harassment charges against Donna.

On the street, Shane told Lila to take care of herself, then wiped her tears, kissed her on the cheek and left.

Josie showed Toni a picture of the rapist's belt buckle which she told Tonie was worn by Chip Rayburn at the picnic. Chip entered the room.

Jake told Chris he and Vicky were getting married the next day and asked Chris to be his best man. Chris was happy but then realized how much he had to do before the wedding, including renting a tux.

Lila was crying on the bench and Gary came up to her and told him about the divorce. Gary was sympathetic and offered to be there to listen if she needed him and then left. Lila vowed that if she couldn't have Shane, Vicky never would.

Vicky and Tomas discussed blood tests and the wedding the next day and Shane overheard. Shane told her that he had gotten a divorce and that there was nothing standing in their way. Vicky told him that she loved Jake and that he made her sick and she never wanted to see him again.

Thursday, August 28, 1997

Friday, August 29, 1997

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