Another World Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on AW
Rachel and Carl figured out Alexander had a partner in his schemes. Rayburn escaped from jail and stalked Toni and Josie. Nick risked his own life to test an experimental cure for Kirkland. Cindy convinced Grant he wasn't Kirkland's father.
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Another World Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on AW
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Monday, September 15, 1997

Jake was not happy at witnessing Vicky and Jake's hug, although she immediately went into his arms when he comes into the hospital room. Shane convinces Vicky to go home, despite her protests, saying that Kirk needs to sleep and Shane was worried about a secondary infection. Shane agrees to stay with Kirk all night - much to Jake's dismay. Grant continues to rebuff Cindy's offers of support, coldly telling her she has no idea what being a parent feels like. Cindy gets more and more upset, especially after watching Grant respond to Lila's sympathetic reassurances. Cindy was nervous when Joe vows to her that he will find out who supplied Lila with the pills. Grant and Lila blame all of their problems on Vicky and Grant vows to make her pay (again). Lila seems interested but only if Shane doesn't end up hating her. Vicky and Jake share some quiet time at home but they are interrupted by a phone call from Shane saying Kirk has a fever. Rachel asks Carl point blank if he's having an affair and he told her unequivocally he was not. They figure out that Alexander was probably trying to make Rachel think Carl is unfaithful and that he must have a partner. They both consider Felicia but neither wants to believe their friend would do that to them. Meanwhile, Amanda told Alex she can't participate in their scheme anymore because she can't add hurt to her mother at this time. Alex talks her out of backing out and agrees that if Matt gets involved she can stop being Hadley. Amanda makes a call to Matt to beg him to come home (again) and was interrupted by Rachel. When Amanda starts going on and on again about her suspicions of Carl's infidelity, Rachel asks if Amanda was plotting with Alex. While Chris and Gary race to the train depot, Toni truly loses it and won't listen to Josie's pleas that they failed to get the confession and have to go to Joe. Instead, Toni drags Rayburn out to the tracks in front of an oncoming train. Josie watches in terror as Toni continues to scream at Rayburn for him to confess - the 3 jump out of the way at the last moment but Rayburn gets away. Toni and Josie track him down but he jumps on Josie and they struggle. Chris and Gary arrive just in time and the 5 go down to the stationhouse. There, Josie and Toni tell a shocked Joe that Rayburn was the rapist but Rayburn says he wants to press charges of kidnapping and coercion of a confession.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

Joe demands to know if Josie and Toni physically coerced the confession out of Rayburn. They evade the question and say they did what they had to do to stop the serial rapist. Joe was sickened and shocked over what Rayburn did and agrees to go along with the plan to tell the DA that he authorized the investigation. Meanwhile, Chris and Gary clear away any evidence that would link Josie and Toni to Rayburn's kidnapping. When Josie AND TONI find out they are relieved and thank their mates profusely. However, Rayburn convinces another cop to let him out of the holding cell - saying Josie AND TONI were playing a trick on him. Before leaving the stationhouse, Rayburn told the cop who let him out to tell Josie AND Toni that he will get back at them. A phone call from Vicky interrupts lunch between Grant and Cindy because Grant races to the hospital. There, Shane sadly informs the Hudsons and the Harrisons that Kirk had a rare reaction to a common post-op medication that has caused his immune system to fail. Shane says the only way to save him was to try an experimental drug - but first it needs to be tested on someone with compatible DNA which involves first injecting the medication that originally caused the problem. He explains that Vicky was not a match and wants Grant to be tested. Michael was the closest match but his leukemia rules him out and Nick was also a match but he was in prison. Sophia rushes to tell Nick the situation and he says that Joe and Michael have to get him out of prison so he can help his family. Nick gets out but Shane says he can't authorize the procedure because the medical board won't approve injecting a healthy person with something that will make them ill. But Nick grabs the needle and injects himself anyway - saying its his choice to help his family and now his life has meaning. Sophia, Michael and Vicky keep vigil over Nick as he gets sicker and sicker from the injection. Meanwhile, Grant volunteers for the procedure against Cindy's wishes, saying he would do anything for his son. Realizing that Grant could die and leave her alone - Cindy fixes the blood test so it does it looks as if Grant was not Kirkland's father. He is understandably shocked and says that he has to be Kirkland's father b/c he shot his own brother to protect the boy. Cindy hugs him and says that he's been lavishing his love on the wrong person all this time and she is the only one who really cares for him.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Gary and Josie and Chris and Toni celebrate the end to the ordeal, not knowing Rayburn was free. Josie was impressed with Gary and Chris's clean up job at Rayburn's apartment and she turns over the stash of pictures Rayburn was keeping of his victims. All the while, Rayburn stalks Josie and Gary and later sneaks into his apartment where he uncovers some cash and a knife. He takes out a picture of the officers at the stationhouse and drags the knife over Josie and Toni. Toni told Chris how excited she was to move on with her life and how she wants him to be part of it. They are interrupted by a phone call from Etta Mae who told Toni about Nick being in the hospital to help Kirkland. Josie was shocked to find out Rayburn was free but was unable to reach Toni to warn her. Meanwhile at the hospital, Nick takes a turn for the worse and has a seizure which Shane was able to get under control. Everyone was worried not just for him but for Kirkland as well as they wait for the drug to take effect. Grant told Cindy to keep quiet about the blood tests - saying he knows he was Kirkland's father. Vicky wonders why Grant was being so hesitant to volunteer for a bone marrow transplant. Shane has a dream in which Kirk gets well and Vicky told Jake that the past week has made her realize how much she loves Shane. Shane wakes up to Vicky shaking him, saying Kirk was in a lot of pain. Shane eases Kirkland's headache with "magic" while Vicky watches tenderly. Sophia told Nick she wants to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him. She told him all her dreams when he interrupts that he loves her. Suddenly he falls unconscious and the monitors go off like crazy.

Thursday, September 18, 1997

Nick went into cardiac arrest and Shane was forced to use the shock paddles to bring him back. He warns a terrified Vicky that the experimental drug could have the same effect on Kirk but its still their best hope of saving him. Vicky told Jake that she has to consult with Grant about what to do. Still stunned about his medical records confirming that he was not Kirkland's father, Grant was at first belligerent to Vicky and opposes Shane being the doctor that was giving the treatment. Paulina's roommate told her of the sad story of her own addiction and how she lost everything - including her husband, her kids and her job. The roommate and Father Gordon try and convince Paulina to stay in inpatient treatment but she insists on going home the next day. Jake pays a surprise visit to Paulina who was anxious that Joe has not come by. Joe was tied up at the stationhouse. Josie and Toni present him with the evidence found in Rayburn's apartment. Dana is suspicious about the confession tape, saying it sounds coerced. Joe calls Josie and Toni in and told them they are both suspended.

Friday, September 19, 1997

Gary does his best to secure the apartment while Amanda tries to convince him that Carl was having an affair. He told her that was the least of his worries right now and he'll need proof before going to Rachel - she says she thinks Carl has set up his mistress in a hotel. Amanda, disguised as Hadley, writes a computer journal about her affair with Carl. She was almost discovered by Gary. She does the calling and hanging up trick again at the Cory mansion. This time when Rachel leaves, Carl calls someone about a surprise portrait he was having done for Rachel. Of course she misinterprets things when she overhears Carl tell the person not to call the house again. Lila considers buying flowers for herself but decides against it. Matt, recently returned home, was intrigued by the Southern Belle but his charming words fall on deaf ears as Lila was still wrapped up in Shane. Amanda and Rachel welcome Matt home. Since the medicine seems to be working on Nick, Shane prepares to administer it to Kirkland - despite Grant's protests. Everyone waits anxiously and are overjoyed when Shane reports that Kirk's fever has broken. Vicky thanks Shane for saving her son's life and he says he'd do anything for her because of his feelings for her. Vicky stares sorrowfully at Shane but then went home with Jake. Grant intent on hurting Shane and Vicky arranges to have them subpoenaed to contest Shane and Lila's divorce - much to Lila's chagrin who doesn't want Shane to find out about her dirty deeds. Shane joins Lila for a birthday celebration, not realizing what Grant was up to. Joe suspends Toni and Josie for their own protection while Rayburn continues to stalk them. Toni calls the governor to plead Nick's case and she and Joe tell a happy Nick, Sophia and Michael that Nick was a free man.

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