Another World Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on AW
Grant won the mayoral race against Donna. Rayburn held Josie and Toni captive. Amanda's lies convinced Rachel that Carl was having an affair. Rachel left town with the twins. Felicia reconsidered marrying Alexander.
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Another World Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on AW
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Monday, September 29, 1997

Amanda was happy that Shane didn't recognize her but had a close call when Carl arrived to meet him. She slipped upstairs quietly while Shane and Carl talk about Vicky and Rachel. Carl told Shane not to give up on Vicky and Shane was optimistic that he was getting through to her. Meanwhile, Grant orders Vicky not to leave town. Vicky was confused about the tension between Grant and Cindy and wonders why they're being so weird about Grant's blood test. Later, Grant told Cindy never to bring that up again and Cindy angrily replies she will not be ignored. The fertility god works his magic as Grant becomes amorous after finding out he won the election. After their tryst in the back seat, Cindy offers to change Grant's hospital records permanently. They break into Shane's office and are just about done when Shane walks in on them. Josie and Toni try and figure out a way to get out of their holding cell. Sophia throws a party for Nick's release but the celebration was subdued because of Grant's victory over Donna. Cass advises Vicky and Jake to leave town tonight before Grant was able to take any legal recourse and they make plans to go to the keys. Sophia and Nick share a dance outside Carlino's. Rachel was angry at Alex's accusations about Carl and his late wife Diana. She storms out taking the letters Alex said Carl wrote to Diana. Felicia and Alex continue their romantic night when he is able to take her mind off Rachel. At home, Rachel was about to burn the letters but reads them instead and was upset about what she reads. Amanda plays on those insecurities and claims to find a hotel key among Carl's stuff. Rachel and Amanda go to the hotel and as Rachel approaches the door, Amanda uses a remote control to play the tape of Carl supposedly reciting love poems to Hadley.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

Rachel was horrified to hear "Carl's" voice coming from Hadley's room and wants to break down the door and confront them. Amanda runs away with the hotel key, leaving Rachel to find out from a neighbor that a young woman is frequently visited by her older rich lover. Distraught, Rachel went back to the mansion. Amanda feels horribly guilty but told herself she was doing her mother a favor. Meanwhile, Carl calls the police from the airport and tries to find out info on Hadley Prescott. Paulina wonders why she wasn't invited to Nick's party and was upset by Sophia's claim that they didn't want to put any more stress on her. She was further bothered by flashbacks of the crash. Cindy and Grant are able to fast talk their way about why they are in Shane's office. Cindy manages to change back the records so it looks as if Grant was Kirk's father. Shane was still suspicious especially when Tomas says that Cindy has been in his office before. At home, Cindy was still pleased at Grant's attentions. She was unnerved by a visit from a psychic who told her the fertility god has chosen Cindy to give power to. Cindy is skeptical until the statue warms up after she asks help if having Grant love her. Rayburn continues to taunt Josie and Toni who are stuck in the holding cell. He calls and threatens to get Etta Mae next. Tyrone went over to warn Etta Mae but she still went outside to throw the trash away by herself (a classic no-no when there's a stalker loose), unaware that Rayburn was waiting.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Carl calls to speak to Rachel but Amanda hangs up on him before her mother can confront him about her suspicions. Rachel sneaks over to the hotel room and finds all the evidence Amanda planted to make it look as if Carl is having an affair. She was distraught and makes plans to go away with the twins. Amanda continues to feel guilty (as she well should - although her histrionics seem a little hypocritical) especially when Matt warns her that if Rachel ever found out what Amanda did, their mother would hate her. Amanda remains determined to stick to her plan. Carl comes home and demands to know what was going on. He sees the letters from Alex's wife and thinks that's why Rachel was upset. He went to confront Alex and told Felicia Alex is just using her. Later, Carl confronts Amanda and Matt - saying he knows they are plotting against him but he will find Rachel and they won't succeed. Joe and Paulina talk about her addiction and what its doing to their marriage. Joe vows to stick by her. Rayburn attacks Etta Mae and ties her up. He then knocks out Tyrone and threatens to kill him if Etta Mae doesn't call Toni and lure her and Josie to the hospital. She was forced to do so and Josie and Toni rush over there, only to be confronted by Rayburn dressed as a doctor.

Thursday, October 2, 1997

Grant demands to know where Vicky has taken Kirkland but Jake laughs him off. Cindy was again jealous over Grant's preoccupation with Vicky and Kirkland and was able to distract him with the help of the fertility god. Amanda comes by Alex's to tell him of her plan's success. He warns her that the plan was pretty desperate and suggests the way to seal the deal would be to have Rachel "meet" Hadley. Amanda was worried because she doesn't know if she can pull it off. Matt and Lila connect over lunch - a rich young Cory seems more appealing after Shane's rejection. While Rayburn hold Josie and Toni captive, Etta Mae was able to alert Joe and the police go after Rayburn. Cornered, Rayburn tries to escape through a window but gets caught on ledge by his fear of heights.

Friday, October 3, 1997

Alex told Felicia they are going out for a celebration. While she's dressing, Alex gets disappointing news from Cass that he can't build a high rise next to Cory publishing because of zoning laws. Felicia balks at going to a celebration banquet for Grant and refuses to go. Alex screams at her to stop acting like a child and behave as his future wife should. She screams back that she refuses and he leaves without her. Felicia talks things over with Cass and admits she can't tell desire apart from love when it comes to Alex and she was worried about his controlling nature. Cass advises her to postpone the wedding. At Grant's celebration, Cindy continues to bask in the power the fertility god has given her over Grant. She talks to her psychic friend again who says she sees a baby in Cindy's future. Grant is unnerved when Alex starts calling in favors and wants Grant to change zoning laws. Cindy accidentally leaves the fertility god at the banquet. Amanda is scared when she realizes she left her blue contacts in but was glad when Jake doesn't notice exactly what's different about her. Amanda and Jake trade pot shots before a business dinner at the mansion. They are both surprised to see Lila arrive - way overdressed - for dinner with Matt. Matt is enchanted, despite Amanda's protests over Lila's unsuitability. Amanda is jealous watching Jake talk to Lila and Lila wonders why Amanda was so hateful. Jake comments on how his new neighbor "Hadley" was nothing like Amanda who was all business with no love life. Amanda lies to Carl and says she doesn't know where Rachel is. Toni and Josie continue to try and talk Rayburn down off the ledge. Toni eventually brought him in but as Josie is helping them inside - Rayburn shoves her out the window.

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