Another World Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on AW
Paulina refused to tell Josie where Paulina had gotten drugs. Alexander tied Rachel up and left her to die in a church that was to be demolished the next day. Vicky and Jake had an engagement party. Gary convinced Felicia to return home.
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Another World Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on AW
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Monday, October 27, 1997

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Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Shane told Vicky he loves her again in the jewelry store. She told him that she's engaged to Jake now but its clear their encounter was having an effect on her. She mentions that he doesn't look like he's taking care of himself and he says he's trying. Vicky tries to lighten up the moment by saying how Kirkland listened to everyone's heart with his toy stethoscope but Shane states seriously that if he listened to Vicky's heart it would be calling Shane's name and vice versa. Vicky was taken aback when she realizes that Shane was buying jewelry for another woman and rushes out of the store. Matt moves into "Hadley's" old apartment and he and Amanda discuss their situation. Amanda wants to confess to Rachel but Matt says their mom would never forgive her. He then cautions her about Alex saying that Alex will destroy the Corys to get back at Carl and to stay away from him. They run into Lila who was bringing groceries over to Gary and Josie's. Amanda is bitchy as usual and Lila calls her on her poor attitude. Amanda leaves to get Matt's watch fixed and runs into Jake at the jewelry store. She is touched when he buys her a gold whistle. Matt went to Felicia's to confront Alex and tell him to stay away from the Cory's or Matt will tell Felicia all the bad things Alex has done. When Matt leaves, Alex calls someone to have him followed and told them to keep Matt away from Felicia. Meanwhile, Josie tries to get Paulina to admit who gave her the drugs by introducing her to Rain (major emotional blackmail IMHO) and telling Paulina she can prevent more children from becoming orphans. Rain listens to Paulina tell Josie that Gary and Josie should think about keeping Rain and later the little girl asks if its true. After Paulina leaves, Lila stops by and gives Josie some advice about dealing with a miscarriage. Vicky also comes by and lets her anger get the better of her and lashes out at Lila. Vicky is surprised to hear that Lila and Shane aren't back together and apologizes to Josie for overreacting and wonders to herself why Shane's love life still gets to her. Vicky says to herself that she just needs to hear Jake's voice. Shane brought Paulina a gold whistle and says that he's there for her if she ever needs him. She thanks him for being such a good friend and never judging her. They talk a little about Vicky and Shane says that they still have feelings for each other. Later, Vicky stops by to see Paulina and admits going off on Lila. Paulina asks her why she keeps asking about Shane but they are stopped by Jake's arrival. Furious after her confrontation with Vicky, Lila told Matt that she will go to Jake and Vicky's engagement party with him.

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Everyone gears up for Vicky and Jake's engagement party at the HC. Dana and Jake are not pleased when Grant and Cindy show up and try and turn the party into another photo opportunity. Donna was able to steal Booba from Cindy and plans to use its powers for herself. Meanwhile, Gary confers with Carl and Rachel about Felicia's whereabouts. Rachel told them Felicia contacted her and doesn't want anyone to know where she is. Amanda tries to talk to Rachel about Matt, but Rachel was too worried about Felicia and too angry at Matt to hear her. Shane arrives to pick Amanda up. Alex races in and begins to rage at everyone, especially Carl and Rachel. Carl orders him to get out but he runs upstairs instead. Worried for the twins safety, everyone runs after him and Gary and Shane are able to throw him out, but not before he utters a curse in Greek against Carl. Gary went to track down Felicia and Shane escorts Paulina and Amanda to the party. Shane admits to Paulina that he was not over Vicky. Lila shows up with Matt, much to Amanda's chagrin. Paulina told Cindy that she was going to tell the police where she got the pills but Grant drags her out before she can stop Paulina. Felicia meanwhile, makes travel plans to leave Bay City, but can't find a way out of town until the next morning. She watches Cass looking at a picture of her and follows him to the party where she watches him through a window. Meanwhile, Alex plants evidence to throw Gary and Carl off track and lures Rachel to the abandoned church. Rachel went there thinking Felicia needs her and was attacked from behind.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Tomas teases Nick about the love letters Nick has been writing to Sophia. Tomas was forced to watch Nick and Sophia be all lovey dovey at Vicky and Jake's Halloween party. But Sophia mistakenly thinks that Tomas wrote the letter to her. Vicky makes her entrance dressed as an old crone, offering Jake a rose. When he kisses her she whips off her costume and gives him a big kiss. Donna uses Booba's powers on Cass. Vicky gets upset when she thinks Amanda was the woman Shane was buying jewelry for. Later, she is unnerved by an encounter with Shane but relieved when she finds out Shane bought the necklace for Paulina. He asks her to dance but she nervously says it wouldn't be right. They do end up dancing and Shane once again tells her how much he loves her. They kiss and Vicky was definitely affected by the kiss. Donna, sensing something was going on with Shane, engineers it so that Shane and Lila are named "King and Queen" of the party. Vicky gets some advice from Etta Mae who told her the only way Vicky was going to get over Shane was to stay away from him. Vicky told Jake she wants to be alone with him pronto and they make a quick exit. Paulina gets tipsy at the party. Toni was disappointed when Chris was called away to work leaving him unable to attend the party but Tyrone was there to comfort her with a kiss. Gary finds Felicia and convinces her that her friends and family love her and need her. When she reveals her scarred face, he looks at her with love and says the only thing he sees was his best friend. He convinces her to go back to the hospital. Meanwhile, Alex has gone off the edge and he ties up Rachel and plans to put her in a stone crypt. She says he will be charged with murder but he replies that its payback for the murders Carl has committed. He told her that the old church will be demolished in the morning and she will be part of the foundation of the new shopping mall he is building. Later, Alex shows up at the hospital and confronts Felicia about why she left him.

Friday, October 31, 1997

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