Another World Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on AW
Rachel and Carl were trapped in an elevator and later followed by an unknown person. Grant gave Cindy a dragonfly pin. Cindy was unaware her new pin contained a listening device. Chris was upset to see Toni and Tyrone looking intimate. Shane returned to town.
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Another World Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on AW
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Monday, December 8

Toni surprises Tyrone by meeting him in Chicago during his search for his father. Tyrone was very encouraged by the sign given him by Toni. Toni told him that she intends to talk to Chris before embarking a relationship with Tyrone.

During their search in Chicago, Toni locates a Ms. Gentry who knew Tyrone's mother. Turns out that, during their search, they confirm that Artie and his mother were very close. Artie was known as a ladies man, and only "Satin" was the only one that ever got under his skin. Toni finds out from Ms. Gentry, however, that they were not only close - they were also first cousins!

Joe confronts Paulina about her drinking when she declines to appear as Mrs. Clause with Joe at the hospital. Joe told Paulina that he found the empty bottle of wine in the trash the night before. Paulina accuses him of going through the trash because he thinks that she was an alcoholic and can't get past the days of her drug addiction. Joe accuses Cindy for their problems today when Paulina told him the bottle of wine was a gift from Cindy and that they shared in the drinking of it. Joe apologizes and convinces Paulina to join him at the hospital.

Gary and Rain enjoy a meal at Carlino's. However Rain misses Josie so much that she won't eat her dinner. Gary was concerned and told Rain that he misses Josie very much also. Rain was afraid that Josie won't come home. Joe, dressed as Santa, approaches Rain and makes her smile for probably the first time all day. Santa wants to know what Rain would like for Christmas. Rain is afraid if she tells, she will jinx her Christmas wish. After a little congealing from Santa and Gary, she told the two men that all wants for Christmas was a doll that looks just like her and a family of her own. Neither Santa or Gary know how to handle this wish and Gary rushes out with Rain to take her to the airport to look at the plane that will bring Josie home to them soon.

Rachel awakens from a nightmare as a concerned Carl watches her sleeping. Her nightmare was centered around her children and that she was going to one day loose them all, starting with Matt. Rachel told Carl that Matt was on his way to apologize to Carl. Carl was less than pleased about it. When Matt arrives, Carl told Matt precisely what he thinks of his step-sons' actions and expresses his concern over Matts' newly acquired status at Corey Publishing. Matt listens, and accepts all that Carl dishes out to him. Matt makes his attempt to apologize to Carl, who surprisingly listens to Matt. However, Carl is not convinced that Matt was sincere.

Meanwhile, Cass takes Felicia to Alexanders' apartment to collect her belongings. Felicia relives her fond memories of Alexander and discovers that it was going to more difficult than she had thought to get past this part of her life. Cass tries to comfort Felicia and understand her feelings for Alexander, but was unable to convince Felicia that she will find the perfect man for her. Felicia believes that she was destined to love only the wrong men that come in her life.

Lila has done it again. She has forged a letter to Shane from Vicky and sends it overnight to his hotel in California. However, Shane was unable to accept the letter and checks out of the hotel and heads to Chicago. The letter is returned to sender. When Lila discovers the status of her letter, she goes straight to Vicky's hoping to intercept the delivery man. However, Lila runs into Donna who accuses Lila of being nothing but trouble for Vicky and Jake and orders her to leave. Lila bides her time while continually baiting Donna for an argument. The delivery man shows up in the midst of this and Donna signs for the letter. Lila excuses herself and hides in the bushes while Donna reads what Lila has written. Donna was understandably upset when she reads "Vicky's" letter telling Shane that she made a mistake by marrying Jake and begs Shane to return to her in Bay City. Lila follows Donna and fails miserably in trying to retrieve her letter before Donna confronts Vicky.

Carl and Rachel go to Bay City Hospital for Rachels' CAT Scan. While leaving, they run into Joe and Paulina and enjoy a good chuckle over their costumes. When leaving the hospital, however, Carl and Rachel become trapped in the elevator. Rachel freaks out as they try to contact help.

Meanwhile, not far away, Alexander studies every tape that he has on Carl Hutchins and anxiously awaits his daughters arrival into Bay City.

Tuesday, December 9

While Nick and Sofia share an intimate evening at home thinking Tomas was working all night, Tomas shows up with oLuisa. Tomas says Louisa's grandmother was sick and so his daughter will be staying with them for a few days. Nick doesn't buy it, especially after his chat with Tomas at the hospital when Tomas reveals his love for Sofia to Nick. Nick was not pleased with Tomas' attitude and told Tomas to give it up. Sofia wants there to be peace amongst them. was it possible? Later, Sofia wants to resume her intimacy with Nick and told him she no longer wants to wait until she's married since in her heart they are married; but, Nick insists he wants it to be perfect between them before they make love. Nick says goodbye to Sofia. Sofia leaves the room. Before Nick leaves the apartment he calls his dad asking for his grandmother's ring. He feels he was ready to give it to Sofia.

Grant was in deep with Nikkos. Grant manages to get a hold of Alexander and lets him know he wants custody of Kirkland and he expects Alexander's help. Alexander says he'll get his people on it; but, he wants Grant to go to the penthouse and pick up some things from the safe. Grant went into the suite and finds himself at a loss when Felicia walks in on him asking what he thinks he's doing. Cindy barges in to save her husband telling Felicia they got the key from the realtor when they heard the penthouse was on the market. Felicia doesn't buy their story and kicks them out. Once Felicia leaves the couple reenter cleaning out the safe and all paper trail tying Alexander to Grant. Grant meets with Alexander to bring him the items he requested. Alexander went on to ask Grant for Carl's medical and dental records. Grant wonders what Alexander was up to. Later Grant, knowing Joe was investigating him, asks Cindy to get information from Paulina about it. Cindy doesn't like being asked to deceive her friend. As a second measure Grants calls to have a pin made for was wife in which he can hide a listening device

Paulina and Joe are still at odds about her drinking when a case of Chianti comes from Italy and Joe seems worried Paulina will indulge. He also asks Paulina to stay away from Cindy who, in his opinion, was a bad influence. Paulina agrees until Joe sees Paulina talking with Cindy and rudely says he wants to speak to his wife- now. Joe asks Paulina where two of the bottles of Chianti went? Paulina storms off and Joe receives a call from Sofia and Nick thanking him for the two bottles of wine. Feeling guilty Joe tries to apologize to his wife who was not very receptive.

Donna was on the phone trying to get in touch with Vicky in Italy (Donna wants to talk with Vicky about the letter she supposedly wrote Shane) when Cass comes to take her out for dinner or something else? It seems the couple was jinxed when all their efforts to connect are foiled. Donna was ready to give up on them until she realizes Felicia was against the reunion. Donna suddenly becomes very warm toward Cass.

The elevator begins moving in the nick of time. Rachel instantly calms down. At home Carl expresses his concern for his wife. The two are cuddled on their sofa while someone outside in the bushes was photographing them.

Meanwhile Lila tracks Shane down in Chicago. He protests when Lila insists she wants to be with him. Shane finally gives in to Lila and agrees to come back home to Bay City.

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

Grant tries to get Cindy to manipulate Paulina into keeping quiet about how she got the drugs but Cindy refuses to hurt her friend anymore. Grant butters her up by giving her a diamond pin in the shape of a dragon fly. Cindy doesn't realize that it's really a bugging device which he uses to spy on Paulina and Cindy. Cindy gives Grant info into how to sneak into Shane's computer. Cindy and Paulina go Christmas shopping and Paulina enjoys Cindy's support, especially with the way things between her and Joe have been. They indulge in lots of wine during lunch and get a little tipsy. Paulina lies to Joe and says she's shopping with Amanda. Jake and Vicky arrive home from their honeymoon in Rome and excitedly talk about plans for Christmas. Jake keeps trying to sneak a peek in his stocking, not realizing Grant has hidden a picture of Shane and Marly kissing which was intended to look like Shane and Vicky kissing. Donna comes by with Steven and told Vicky its time she started acting like a married woman and stop chasing after Shane. She shows Vicky the letter and they realize that Lila probably wrote it. Donna worries that Grant might use this against Vicky and they quickly hide the letter when Grant shows up to drop Kirkland off. Vicky tries to keep things civil but that doesn't stop Grant from grumbling that this will be the last time Kirkland spends Christmas with her. Grant sneaks into Shane's computer and steals Carl's medical records to give to Alex. Chris arrives back from visiting his mom and was disappointed when Etta Mae says Toni was not home. He asks for advice, saying he loves Toni but was worried he has lost her to Tyrone. Etta Mae told him to tell Toni how she feels. Meanwhile, Toni and Tyrone share an intimate lunch at Carlino's. Tyrone wants to move their relationship to a new level but Toni says she has to talk to Chris first. She told Tyrone how much she cares about Chris and how close they were before the rape spoiled everything. Tyrone points out that she didn't say she loved Chris and Toni says she's just not sure. Jake stops Chris before he went into Carlino's and wants his help. Chris says he needs to concentrate on his own love life right now but says he may be to late when they see Tyrone and Toni cuddling as they exit the restaurant. Toni was surprised to see very upset Chris but was unable to stop him as he leaves with Jake. Later, Toni tracks down Chris but they are unable to talk much because she keeps getting calls from the station. He sadly told her he loves her and to call him when she has some time. Meanwhile, Etta Mae listens to old records and takes out a baby blanket with several bows sewn on. She sadly runs her hand over the bows and whispers to herself, "another year gone by." Tyrone comes home soon after and asks more questions about Artie Wilson. Etta Mae angrily told him to leave it alone and that if his mother wanted him to know about his past, she would have told him. Lila brings Shane home and they stop at the bluff overlooking BC. Shane has memories of being there with Vicky and tries to get Lila to talk about him dying. She refuses saying that things can change in a day and she's holding on to that hope. Shane says it's very clever how she tracked him to Chicago and wonders what other schemes she did to get him back. He also says he doesn't want anyone's pity, especially Vicky's now that she's so happy. Lila reluctantly agrees to keep his secret. Jake surprises Vicky with a candlelight dinner in the middle of Center Street. As they dance happily, Shane and Lila see them. Shane gets dizzy and Lila helps him leave before Vicky and Jake see them. Vicky and Jake return home and Vicky went upstairs. Jake finally looks in his stocking and was stunned to see the picture of Shane kissing "Vicky".

Thursday, December 11

Shane has second thoughts about letting Lila bring him to her place. She assures Shane she was only looking out for his best interests and she was not trying to make moves on him. She manages to add Matt seems to be in her future. This appeases the doctor. While drinking some herbal tea Shane collapses in Lila's arms. Shane takes the last of his medication so Lila insists on going to the hospital to get the refill from Tomas.

Jake confronts Vicky with the picture he found in his stocking. She told him to take a good look at the picture and Jake soon realizes it was Marley not Vicky in the photo. Vicky proceeds to show Jake the forged letter her mother gave her. They come to the conclusion Grant and Lila are working together. Jake went to Lila's with the letter. Lila admits she wrote the letter and apologizes. She told Jake she was not working with Grant-she loathes him. Lila begs Jake not to tell Shane about the letter and asks Jake to leave before Shane gets out of the shower. Jake agrees to both requests but sees the empty bottle of medication before his exit. Lila told Jake it was her prescription. Meanwhile Vicky went to Grant's with the picture and told him to back off if he wants to continue visiting with his son. Grant apologizes and Vicky leaves. Grant opens a drawer to his desk and looks at another copy of the picture. He was in no way deterred- a judge will see this picture.

Carl was in the living room speaking with Joe about Rachel's nightmares when Rachel enters the room and asks what they are talking about. Carl admits he was only concerned about his wife's happiness. Rachel says having her whole family with her at Christmas would make her happy ( this includes Matt ). The door bell rings- it's Matt. Before Carl can kick him out Matt told Carl he has a way to get Alexander. Carl was listening. Matt greets his mother and Joe. Before Joe leaves he finds out Amanda was in New York. Rachel hears something outside and becomes panicked. Carl investigates and finds it was only a broken branch. Carl told Matt to take a good look at what his mother was coping with. Matt can see the damage and says he only wants to help. Matt went on to say he managed to get two of their authors back. Carl and Rachel are not impressed. Carl's only concern at this point was to catch Nikos. Matt told Carl they may never be friends but they are on the same side now and he too wants to get Alexander. Matt feels Alexander's hate for Carl brought him to Bay City and it was what will bring him back. Matt also suggests Zoe may be their link to getting Nikos and Matt can get to her.

Paulina told Joe she was shopping with Amanda and feels badly but realizes it was the only way she can spend time with her friend. Cindy doesn't realize she was wearing a bug and speaks freely with Paulina. As they chat Cindy criticizes her husband (Grant hears every word). The worst thing Paulina can say was Joe was perfect. As the two friends continue to chat Paulina drops a few tidbits about Joe's investigation of Grant. Paulina reveals Joe feels Grant and Nikos are connected somehow. Cindy tries to convince her friend Grant was a changed man. He would never do anything to harm his relationship with his son. Grant loves Kirkland. Paulina believes Grant loves Kirkland but it doesn't make him fit to care for his son.

When Cindy gets home she gets a cold reception from her husband. When Grant leaves for the office Cindy was left wondering about his attitude.

Paulina enters Carlino's with packages in her hands and Joe begins asking her many questions about her outing with Amanda. Paulina wonders about the questions and Joe admits he knows Amanda was in New York. Paulina confronts Joe with his suspicious behavior towards her. She went on to say Joe brought her to the point where she has to lie. When Joe tries to retaliate Paulina storms off.

Vicky brought Kirkland to the hospital with an ice pack on his head and was about to tell her son he won't see Shane when who should appear? Shane. Vicky seems startled to see him. She asks Shane about his leave of absence and he told her he was back where he belongs. Vicky explains her son hit his head while playing with his brother. Shane assures Vicky Kirkland was as normal as he was before his aneurysm .

Lila was at the hospital getting the prescription filled by Tomas who was not very hopeful for Shane's recovery. Lila insists he will get better. She hopes he will take the time he needs to regain his health (little does she know he was already at work). Lila told Tomas Shane insists no one know about his illness. Tomas assures Lila he didn't say a word. Around the corner we see Jake spying on Lila.

Friday, December 12

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