Another World Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on AW
Vicky and Shane were appointed cochairs of a hospital committee. Jake and Vicky made plans to move to New York. Michael and Donna rekindled their romance. Matt discovered Lila's lies about Shane's illness.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on AW
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Monday, February 2, 1998

Jake found himself arranging to rent an apartment in New York overlooking Central Park so everything would be smooth sailing for his family's move. While Vicki found herself startled at the thought of her and Shane working together. As the two discuss whether or not this can work out, Shane told Vicki he intends to stay in Bay City and complete his research. After some back and forth debating, Vicki and Shane both offer to quit the hospital committee, but afterwards decide to "act like adults" and work together.

Over at the Cory Mansion, Rachel has just gotten off the phone and turns to vent her anger at Matthew for digging up another one of Carl's old enemies Dr. Chapin. Matt insists he's only protecting Rachel and his family. Rachel tells Matt he's got some nerve. After bringing Alexander Nikos in town and nearly destroying all of their lives including Carl's. Matt then told his mom how do you expect me to act when Carl has stolen everything that belonged to Mac Cory. Then he tries to persuade Amanda to come live with him were she'll be safe. Rachel assures him Amanda was perfectly safe. As Matt leaves he told Amanda to watch her back. After Matt leaves Amanda and Rachel continue to argue over Carl, where Amanda states that Rachel's only close to the people who agree with her.

Meanwhile, Lila prepares for her seduction of Matt to take place, so he can impregnate her and she can pass his child off as Shane's. Matt shows up at Lila's concerned because of the desperate message she left on his answering machine. Lila stands in the doorway dressed in a sexy black dress, as Matt responds to her very subtle, flirtatiousness. Soon the twosome are drinking champagne, kissing, and beginning to head into the direction of Lila's bedroom.

Back at the hospital, Jake shows up to cover the story on the committee and is surprised to find Vicki and Shane there having a serious conversation. Jake is upset to find out that Vicki was working with Shane. As Vicki starts to explain what has happened, Shane takes this as his cue to exit.

Cass an Felicia return to Cass' office after failing to find Wally. Later, a woman delivers some pizza and flirts with Cass, who doesn't respond. After she leaves Felicia asks him what has happened to him. Felicia asks him why he didn't flirt with the delivery girl, which prompts Cass to ask what delivery girl. Felicia rests her case and decides to go look for Wally some more. After Felicia was gone, Cass receives a mysterious letter. Back at her place, Felicia receives a similar letter. The letters tell them to come to a country inn tomorrow morning if they want to find what they are looking for.

At home Vicki senses Jake was still upset about Shane and offers to quit the committee if that was what he wants. Jake told her that's not what he wants, but ask her if the sudden move to New York has anything to do with Shane. Vicki assures him it does not and changes the subject to their life in New York City. Jake then told her she shouldn't be afraid of the little girl from her dreams. He then told her about the apartment he rented which pleases Vicki very much, as the two settle into a cozy night at home.

Meanwhile at the hospital Shane was concerned about certain figures not adding up in his research for the cure. He then phones Lila for answers, but Lila is to busy to answer while she's in bed making love to Matt.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Chris was at the police station waiting for Toni. Toni comes in but she was headed out for breakfast with Tyrone. Chris was disappointed but leaves Toni and Tyrone to go off for breakfast. Tyrone begins to tell Toni he was a changed man and that going on his search for his father was what changed him. Toni agrees that working together in finding Tyrone's father brought them closer together. Etta Mae comes into Carlino's and told Toni to get the love birds out of the house because they are flying all over the place and she can't control them. Tyrone asks about the birds and Toni realizes he did not give them to her. Tyrone says he has to go to work and he hopes she finds out who gave her the birds. Toni feels foolish that she did not thank Chris for the birds and Etta Mae told her she needs to go after Chris if she wants him because he won't wait around forever. Chris walks into Carlino's and comes to the table. Etta Mae excuses herself and Chris sits down. Toni apologizes to Chris. Chris accepts the apology( he does not realize she was apologizing for not having thanked him for the birds). Toni told Chris she loves the birds but can't keep them because Etta Mae can't handle it. Chris doesn't know what she was talking about and Toni was left very confused.

Matt and Lila are lying in bed and Matt hopes Lila was not having any regrets. Lila does not seem very happy but when she remembers what her OB-GYN told her about ovulation she turns to Matt and asks him to make love to her again. Matt begins kissing her and Lila thinks about being pregnant with Shane's child and Shane proposing to her. Before Matt and Lila are able to begin anything Lila hears Shane's voice at the door. She gets up to open the door. Matt listens in on the conversation. Shane told Lila he needs his journals and asks Lila if she has any more of his reports because one page was missing. Lila told Shane the journals might be at work and she can't believe one page could be so important. Shane assures her it was important and then remembers where the journals are. Shane heads toward Lila's bedroom. Lila tries to stop him. In the bedroom Matt was nowhere to be found and Shane gets the journals. Lila asks Shane if there was anything she can do to help him. Shane says no but thanks Lila for all the help she already gave him and he leaves. Lila wonders where Matt was and he comes out of a closet. Matt told Lila it was obvious she still has feelings for Shane. Matt told Lila to call him if she ever gets over Shane. Lila apologizes to Matt for not being honest to him or to herself and hopes they can still be friends. Matt assures her they can and he leaves. As Matt leaves he becomes concerned with Shane's preoccupation with the research. Lila was in her bedroom and apologizes to Matt but also says she was not sorry as she grasps her tummy. Lila sits down with a calendar and begins to calculate how pregnant she should be if she were pregnant with Shane's child and realizes she should be 5 weeks. She says it was time Shane finds out. Lila went to her bed and begins to strip the sheets. She seems upset she had to use Matt and says he deserves better. She also wonders why Shane couldn't just love her. Lila went to the hospital to see Shane. Shane apologizes for intruding on her this morning. Lila says it was no bother. Lila asks Shane to rest and to at least have something to eat. Shane told her he ate and shows her the sweet and sour soup. He asks Lila if she would like some and she feigns nausea. Lila rushes out the door and Shane follows her.

Both Felicia and Cass show up at the inn expecting some kind of rendezvous but not with each other. they accuse one another of setting up this meeting. As the two look around the room they each entertain the thought that the other remembers what they once shared, but each realizes they have to let the other one down. Cass begins the conversation by saying he was flattered by Felicia's gesture but before he can finish Felicia says she can't believe he was so arrogant. They realize it wasn't either of them and Cass told Felicia it must be Wally. Felicia can't believe Cass was being so hard on Wally. Felicia asks Cass to take her for lunch but he can't because he has a date. They leave to ask the desk clerk who rented the room. Felicia was lunching alone at Carlino's and Cass walks in with Charlie. Felicia told Cass the incident this morning would make a great novel. Two long lost lovers come together unknowingly and as Felicia unfolds the plot Charlie says it was exactly like Felicia's first novel Embers in the Snow. Both Felicia and Cass can't believe Charlie read the book and that she remembers every detail. Not even Felicia remembers the book( which Cass says he'll never let her live down). Felicia and Cass are interested in who set this whole thing up.

meets with Tyrone to tall about CoryMat and they agree not to sign any contracts just yet. Tyrone asks for the name and address of the doctor and was surprised to hear it was Shane. Tyrone asks Matt if anyone knows about his intentions and Matt says only Lila. Tyrone wonders if there was a conflict of interest and Matt says he didn't think so until this morning. Matt told Tyrone he did something without thinking and hopes it does not come back to haunt him.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Jake gets a little irritated when Vicky appears to be completely distracted with her work on the hospital committee. He wonders aloud if all the attention has something to do with Shane but Vicky assures him that she is focusing on ways to help children and hopes the hospital can benefit from Shane's new found fame. They make a date for the movies but Vicky has to break it when she receives a terse phone call from Shane who says he has to quit the committee. Vicky was furious because she thinks Shane was being selfish but Jake was angry because he thinks this was just another one of Shane's ploys to get Vicky's attention. Sophia brought another report on Paulina to Joe who is feeling guilty he was using his sister to spy on his wife. Paulina arrives and the Carlino sibs have to do some fast talking to distract her. Paulina was excited about having the house to themselves tonight and makes a romantic date with Joe. Sophia was still pretty cold to Paulina, who wonders if her sister-in-law will ever forgive her. Later, Sophia meets Nick at Carlino's and he questions whether she was becoming too involved in Joe and Paulina's marriage. She says she was just looking out for her brother and nephew's welfare. Joe gets nervous when he finds out Paulina was going to be alone with Dante and Sophia disappoints Nick when she breaks plans with him to go check on Paulina. At the Cory mansion, Paulina lends her car out to a friend and then was surprised by a visit from Jake who was depressed Vicky is with Shane again. He told her that he and Vicky are moving to NYC and Paulina tries to talk him out of it. Jake accidentally spills his brandy all over Paulina. Later, when Joe was forced to cancel, Paulina agrees to take Dante and go to the movies with Jake. Sophia gets upset when she comes by the Cory mansion and finds Paulina and Dante gone. Felicia, Cass and Charlie along with Etta Mae, Toni and Chris's help try and find a clue to all the romantic gifts popping up around BC. They figure out that the love birds and the romantic hotel are scenes from Felicia's romance novels. They go back to Felicia's house and find out that someone has stolen the first edition copy of the book in question. Felicia remembers how Wallingford was present when she had writer's block when writing that particular book. Cass suggests that maybe Wally was the trickster and they go to track him down. they end up in Wally's house which was filled with an assortment of outlandish knick knacks. Chris uncovers Felicia's missing novel. Vicky bursts into Shane's office and lays into him about letting his feelings affect the work he needs to do. A frustrated Shane explains that he thinks something went wrong with his research and must concentrate all his time on that. An apologetic Vicky gives him a hug, which was witnessed by Nick.

Thursday, February 5, 1998

As Joe and Sofia worry that Paulina has fallen off the wagon, Jake, Paulina and Dante have fun watching planes at the airport. When Paulina returns home after a fun, sober day, and sees how upset Joe was by her unexplained absence she realizes how deep Joe's mistrust of her runs. Matt realizes what Lila has done when he discovers Shane's research was inconclusive since he didn't recover sooner. Michael and Donna rekindle their old romance.

Friday, February 6, 1998

At Bay City General, Jake burst into Shane's office demanding that he stays away from Vicki. Shane told him he hasn't done anything to Vicki. Then Jake accuses Shane of only joining the committee to be close to her and adds that he was sick of Shane's mind games concerning Vicki. Shane told him Michael is responsible for him being a part of the committee, but he's decided to dropout. Then Jake accuses him of dropping out of the committee to make Vicki come running back to him. Shane then adds that Jake's anger was fueled by his fear of losing Vicki and being afraid his dream world was going to fall apart. Jake gives one last final warning telling Shane, "If you go near Vicki again, I'll kill you." Then angrily leaves.

At the Governor's Mansion, Grant and Cindy are getting ready for Kirkland to come for a visit. Vicki drops by with Kirkland and the enthused tyke tells his Dad that they are moving to New York. Shocked Cindy makes an excuse to get Kirkland out the room so Grant and Vicki can talk. Vicki told Grant before he blows a gasket let her explain what's going on. Grant told her he won't allow her to take his son and move to New York, but Vicki reminds him that he really has no say in the matter. She further reassures him that the terms of their custody agreement would be met. Grant plays it cool and admits to Vicki he trust her with his son, but soon after she leaves he told Cindy he's devised the perfect plan to get full custody of Kirkland and he won't need a crooked Judge either.

Over at Lila's place, Matt insist that Lila tell Shane the truth about her keeping the vital information from him which would prove that Shane's research is true. He further adds if she doesn't tell Shane, he'll tell Shane about her role in the ruined research and explains that they could both lose millions. Not wanting to admit she lied to Shane about his illness, Lila tells Matt she's come up with a plan to tell Shane without seeming deceitful. She then explains how she'll tell Shane about a phone call from Dr. Bailey she received months earlier, but forgot about. Matt told her it won't work and then pushes her out the door, while telling her she better come up with a better story on her way to the hospital.

At the Cory's, Paulina was furious to find out Joe had Sofia spying on her and he doesn't trust her after all. She's also upset at the thought of Joe having a APB out on her. Joe explains how he hated lying to her, but reminds her of all the events that have put her life and the life of their son in danger. Sofia tries to intervene, as Paulina told her what a good little loyal spy she is, but a lousy friend. Paulina told Joe and Sofia she's been clean for months and can't believe how they have deceived her. As Joe and Sofia defend their actions, Paulina told them she can prove she wasn't on anything the night of the fire and picks up the phone to call Cindy...... Back at Grant's, Cindy and Grant discuss Grant's plans for custody of Kirkland. Grant gets up to make a call to set the plan into motion, but then remembers that Paulina can still connect them to the fire. As Cindy tries to assure him Paulina won't talk, Grant told her she better guarantee Paulina won't talk and if she does; Cindy better make sure no one believes her. As Grant leaves to take Kirkland for Ice cream, Cindy gets a call from Paulina asking her to come over.

Back at the hospital, Shane calls Dr. Bailey about questions on his research but has trouble reaching him. Frustrated with his research and ready to throw in the towel, he leaves. Lila just misses him as she arrives at Shane's office. Upon leaving him a note, she discovers the software failure on his computer and sets out to find Shane...... Over at Carlino's Place, Grant and Kirkland are having Ice cream when Jake approaches. Kirkland told them he's lucky, most kids have only one father, but he has two. Not pleased to hear this, Grant ask Kirkland to go see if he can get them more raisins for their ice cream. In Kirks absence the two men crack potshots at each other. Grant hits a nerve, Jake congratulates him. Grant ask him for what? Jake says Kirks not the lucky one Grant was because if they weren't in a restaurant, He would stick Grant's fork in his eye! As Jake gets ready to leave Carlino's he bumps into Lila who wonders if he's seen Shane. Jake told her at the hospital, as Lila informs him he's no longer there and adds whenever Shane and Vicki are missing they are together. Grant was please to over hear this little tidbit as Jake exits hoping Vicki's not with Shane.

Back at the Cory's, Cindy arrives to find out why Paulina has asked her over. Paulina told her she wants her to tell Joe and Sofia that she wasn't on drugs the night of the fire. Sofia said that even if Cindy does back up Paulina's story she still tested positive for drugs that night. Remembering what Grant told her, Cindy then told a shocked Paulina she couldn't admit to Paulina not being on something that night.

Vicki returns home to find Shane waiting outside of her home. He told her he's come to say goodbye. His research has failed, and without her he has nothing holding him to Bay City. Vicki told him he must not give up his research, it's too important. He has to continue, if not for her then for them if nothing else. Shane was not so sure without the missing elements, so Vicki comes up with an idea. She gives Shane the keys to Donna's Cabin lodge and told him he can work on his research there undisturbed. Just then, Jake arrives home to see Shane holding Vicki's hand after he just got done telling him to stay away from her. As his anger rises he calls out Shane's name and then charges toward him........

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