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Sophia found Matt beaten up. Grant told everyone Cindy was responsible for the hit-and-run despite knowing it was Donna. Grant drugged Cindy to give her amnesia. Marley grew increasingly reliant on Jake then saw him kissing Vicky.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on AW
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Monday, June 15, 1998

At The Barn
As Cameron and Amanda are about to make love, Amanda says so much for us staying strictly business and Cameron kisses her and says that was your idea. Just then, Josie walks up shining a flashlight on them. Cameron asks her what the hell was going on and Josie's says my sentiments exactly. Cameron asks Josie why she was there and Josie told him that she doesn't need a reason to throw him back in jail. She then accuses him of throwing the car in a ditch on purpose and a hints that he was probably setting someone up. Cameron told her he doesn't care what it looks like and Amanda chimes in and told Josie that it was true, a car just came at them from out of nowhere. Josie asks them what where they doing out here any way in the middle of a storm. Amanda covers for Cameron again and told Josie that she just needed to get out of town and told Cameron to just drive. Josie told Amanda that Cameron was just using her and Amanda told Josie that it was totally her own idea. Cameron asks Josie how she knew they were out here. Josie told them she stopped by Cory Publishing and some guy (Scott) told her they were here. Cameron then asks her why was she looking for him and Josie says she still has some more questions for him about Carl Hutchins' death. Cameron told her that he was framed and he was innocent and she knows it. Amanda told Josie that he did not shoot Carl. Josie tells her she can remember a time when Amanda thought Grant was a nice guy too. Amanda says what I think was none of your business and Josie told her what she thinks of Cameron was painfully obvious. Amanda says what about you Josie, what is your interest in Cameron. Josie told Amanda that she's trying to help her, but Amanda doesn't buy it and looks at Cameron for answers. Cameron told her that she just has to trust him. Josie asks Amanda how many times has she heard that and then went on about Cameron's theories of someone trying to frame him. Cameron told Amanda that Josie was just trying to put them against each other, so Amanda still covers for him. Josie then asks her how well does she know Cameron. Amanda told her as well as she needs to. Josie says yeah, he cares about you so much he's willing to have sex with you in a barn. He takes you for 200 grand for his bail money and then plans to duck out on you. Cameron tells her that's not true, but Josie told him to tell Amanda where she found him after he made bail. She then informs Amanda she found Cameron out on the highway trying to hitch a ride out of town and asks her what she thinks of her hero now. Amanda asks Cameron to tell Josie about their suspicions, but Cameron refuses to explain himself to any one including her. Amanda tells Cameron that she wants him out of her house, but Cameron refuses. Amanda storms off and Cameron warns her that she'll be putting herself and her family in danger. Josie offers Amanda a ride and Amanda told Cameron to call for a tow-truck and get his own ride home. Before leaving, Amanda told Cameron that he can stay at the house tonight, but tomorrow he's out.

In An Alley Not To Far From Carlino's
As Sofia went to throw some trash away, she was alarmed to find Matt beaten, bloody and lying unconscious in the pouring rain out back in the alley way. She picks him up off the ground and as he comes to he told Sofia he never got a clear look at his attacker. They hobble over to Carlino's where Sofia tries to tend to Matt's injuries. She asks Matt what was he doing back there and he tells her he wanted to go to the place where he first kissed her. Sofia tells Matt she thinks he should go to the emergency room, but Matt refuses. Nick walks in and upon seeing Matt there he asks Sofia what she was doing with this jerk. Sofia told Nick she shouldn't have told him anything and Nick asks her when was she going to see this guy for the jerk he really is. Joe walks in and upon seeing Matt told him he has some nerve showing his face there. Sofia explains how Matt was jumped. Joe pretty much doesn't care and just told Matt to file a police report. Matt told them no police report his family has been through enough, he just wants to go home. Sofia offers to take him, but Joe says he will and helps a badly beaten Matt up from the table and escorts him home. Nick says to Sofia that it looks like daddy of the year has got her just where he wants her again. Sofia told Nick that there was a lot he doesn't know about Matt. Nick told her he saw what Matt did to her when he found her crying in the alley. Sofia sticks up for Matt and told Nick that she was just in shock and never gave Matt a chance to explain. She then asks Nick if he hates Matt. Nick says no, he loves her and wanted to marry her. Sofia says and when you couldn't you took it out on him and beat him up. Nick told her if she believes that then she doesn't really know him at all and it's a good thing they didn't get married and leaves.

At Scott's Hotel Room,
Scott was looking at his bruised knuckles and thinking back to talking to Carl on the phone just minutes before his plane exploded. As he comes out of it, he tells himself that Matt Cory was going to pay for Carl's death and that's a promise. He then tends to his bruised knuckles and puts on his Armani suit and heads to the Cory's. As he arrives at the Cory's he encounters Amanda putting her key in the door and startles her. She asks him why he was there and he tells her he just came by to drop some papers off on the porch. She takes them and he notices she was distraught about something and asks her if she was okay. Cameron comes up behind him and says business hours are over. Amanda tells Cameron that will be all and Cameron heads up to his room. Scott picks up on the tension between them and told Amanda to call him if she needs him, any time.

At Lila's Place
While thunder roars outside, a frightened Lila has to deal with the prospect of weathering the storm alone. Her lights go out and she gets a knock at the door and thinks it was Cass. As she runs to the door hoping to see Cass, she finds Vicky standing there. Vicky told her that she damn well better be afraid because she knows what Lila has done to Jake and her and she just wants to hear Lila admit it. Lila tries to play it off and ask Vicky just what was it she was accusing her of. Vicky told her that she has turned Marley, Jake, and her mother against her and she just wants to know what proof she used to convinced them. Lila told her they just wised up to her lying ways that's all. Vicky doesn't buy it and told Lila that she was not leaving until Lila confesses to it. Lila tries to act like she isn't feeling well and Vicky tells her she was not getting out of it that easy. As they go round and round on the subject, they get interrupted by a phone call from Grant. Grant told Lila he is calling from the Swiss Alps and just called to check in. Lila told him she doesn't want an Internet provider and Grant says you're not alone. Lila says that's right. Grant told her that the minute she was alone he wants her to destroy the journal and get rid it tonight. Before she can answer him, Vicky snatches the phone out of her hands and asks who was this, but the line goes dead. Lila of course doesn't know the line was dead and Vicky uses that to get Lila to open up about her dirty deeds. A nervous Lila told Vicky if she wants to know everything then hang up. Vicky hangs up the phone, but before Lila can spill the beans, Grant calls back again and this time Lila beats Vicky to the phone. Grant asks Lila what happened and informs her that the phone went dead. Realizing that Vicky didn't know who called the first time, Lila says out loud so the phone went dead. Vicky told her she could have told her that, but decided not too. Grant realizes Vicky was over there and told Lila she had better not do anything to hurt Victoria. Lila told Grant to drop dead and tries to hang up, Vicky snatches the phone again, but this time Lila pulls the cord out of the wall. Vicky asks Lila what was she working so hard to hide. Lila told Vicky that she isn't scheming any more and just wants herself and Vicky to be happy. Vicky doesn't buy it, and told her that she uses that baby and her pregnancy like a weapon. Lila told Vicky she was wrong about her and Vicky says we'll see and then leaves. As soon as she was gone, Lila runs to the drawer and pulls out the journal.

Outside The Hospital
As they stand in the pouring rain, a distraught Marley told Jake she went to some of the old places she use to shop and hang out at and nobody knew her. Jake hugs her and says that he knows her and then told her that she needs to get back inside before she catches a cold. Marley told him she's not going back inside and she wishes he would have just left her to die the day of the fire. Marley runs off and Jake chases her. Marley told Jake that she wants her old face back and her old life back. Jake hugs Marley and she cries in his arms. Jake asks Marley if they can get out of the rain and Marley says as long as they go anywhere but the hospital. Jake asks her where they are going to go and Marley realizes that Jake also doesn't have a home. The rain ends and Marley suggest they hop on Jake's bike and ride off somewhere. Jake says no deal, but Marley won't let Jake say no to her. Marley talks about how he took her on bike rides years ago. Jake holds out his hands for Marley to come and she takes it and they hug outside the hospital. Just then Vicky comes outside the hospital and happens to glance over and sees them embracing.

Atop The Hill Overlooking Bay City
Is where Jake and Marley have ended up. Marley talks about leaving Bay City and being a free spirit and asks Jake to go with her. Jake told her he can't and Marley says that right, as long as Vicky was here. Jake tries to play it off like Vicky was not the reason, but Marley knows better to think that and reminds Jake of the promises he made to Vicky and the boys to be Jake and Vicky forever and then told Jake she was leaving. Jake stops her and told her that the only reason he's staying in Bay City was for her. Marley told him that she was on her feet now so he was off the hook. Jake told her that everything that has happened to her happened to him and he has lost everything that he thought was forever. He then adds that she gives him a reason to fight. Marley told him that had better be true and Jake asks Marley to let him prove it by finding her a home in Bay City. Marley refuses and told Jake any where but here. Jake says it can't be all that bad and asks Marley to tell him what was her favorite place that she lived in. Marley describes the place she and Jake lived in after they were married. Jake told Marley if she stays in Bay City and gets well, he'll find her that place to live in.

Back At Bay City Hospital
Donna went into Marley's room to find that she was gone. Vicky went into the hospital and finds Donna crying. Vicky told Donna that Jake and Marley took off together. Donna asks Vicky why didn't she stop them and Vicky says because Jake can give Marley what neither one of us can. Donna told her that Marley can't be out in this kind of weather tonight and Jake could be putting her life in danger. Vicky told her that was what the driver of the car did, but Jake will take care of her and she'll be all right. Vicky went on to tell her mom that she went to see Lila earlier, but she didn't tell her anything. Vicky realizes that her mom knows something about Lila and demands to know what it is. Donna says that she knows she has been harsh with her and it was probably because they are so much alike that they always do things and don't consider the consequences. Vicky says what are you talking about, what consequences are you living with. Before Donna can answer, Grant makes a call to her too and tells her he was in Switzerland arranging a little rest for Cynthia. Donna says you can't be serious, but Grant told her he was very serious and wants to know how she's progressing with her part of their arrangement. Donna told Grant this was really not a good time. Grant then told Donna she had better do as he says or else her girls will find out about momma's little episode of road rage. Donna hangs up and when Vicky asks if she was alright, a tense Donna tells her daughter to stop badgering her. Jake brought Marley back to the hospital and told Donna and Vicky that Marley needs her rest. In her room, Marley told Jake that she loved tonight. Jake told her that they'll have to do it again sometime. As Donna and Vicky watch Jake comfort Marley through Marley's hospital window, Donna was unnerved to see how close Jake and Marley are becoming........

Tuesday, June 16th">

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

Tyrone and Gary both arrive at the police station to learn from Toni that Grant has named Cindy as the driver in the hit and run. Gary learns that Cindy was in the psychiatric ward and went to find her. At the psych ward, he runs into Cindy, who's trying to escape from the doctor attempting to drug her. Cindy told him that Grant wants to send her to a sanitarium in Switzerland. Gary lets the doctor take her, and watches while the doctor drugs her. After returning to the station to discuss the situation with Tyrone, Gary returns to the ward to tell Cindy that he's going to help her. She told him that the journal was a fake and that Grant wants to get rid of her.

Vicky went to Marley's hospital room to try to convince her that she didn't sleep with Shane, and ask where she got that information. Marley accuses Vicky of lying to get back together with Jake, and Donna shows up, sending Vicky outside. After Marley breaks down, her doctor told Donna that Marley is easily depressed and needs therapy, but Donna won't hear of it.

Jake has a talk with Chris. Chris told him that he thinks he's becoming too close to Marley. Jake went into the hospital and sees Vicky, and becomes self-righteous, once again, telling her that she can't see Marley. She tells Jake that everything was a lie and she thinks Lila was responsible. Jake goes back into Marley and takes her out of the hospital. He surprises her by taking her to Vince and Mary's old house, which he's gotten from them for Marley to live in.

Donna and Vicky argue over Jake----Donna told Vicky that it's for the best. Vicky comes to the conclusion that her mother doesn't want her with Jake, but she told her that they will be back together, no matter what.

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Wednesday, June 17, 1998


Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Paulina came home after her visit with her shrink. She told Joe how helpful the visits are and how grateful she was to have a family that loves her. She and Joe bonded and then made love.

Cass was comforting Donna in the hospital chapel. Grant knew just where to find her. Just as she was about to spill her guts to Cass, Grant barged in. Grant said he needed to talk to Donna. Quick-thinking Donna made up an excuse that she needed to talk to Grant about Kirkland. Suspicious Cass left them alone. While alone, Donna insisted that she has already done everything Grant demanded from her. Grant informed her that this was just the beginning. His next demand was for Donna to tell Marly that it was a little more than Shane's own words (meaning Shane's journal) that convinced her he was Victoria's lover. Donna tried to convince Grant it wouldn't work, but he wouldn't listen.

At Marly's new rental house, Jake tried to convince Marly that she was still the same wonderful person she was before the accident. They walked down memory lane remembering the good times they shared as a married couple in the McKinnon house (Marly's new rental house). When Donna showed up, Jake quickly made an exit promising to be right back. Donna thought about what Grant requested from her, but she was too busy trying to keep Marly in good spirits while Jake was gone. Marly began to go ballistic when she thought Jake was gone for too long. Marly realized just how much she needed and relied on Jake.

Jake went to see Paulina and Joe who had just finished making love. When no one answered his knock at the door, he let himself in to find Joe and Paulina on the couch covered in nothing but a sheet. After they dressed, Joe went to work and Paulina talked to Jake. Paulina reminded Jake that he was still married to Vicky and that he was spending too much time with Marly. Jake disagreed with Paulina. He then asked her to sit and visit with Marly to keep her company so she would have another friend besides him. Paulina reluctantly agreed but informed Jake that Marly doesn't have anyone in which to spend her lonely nights.

Cass went by the police station to talk to Joe. Cass wondered why Donna was so calm and willing to talk to Grant. He also wondered why Donna (not to mention Marly) hasn't even thought about a lawsuit against Cindy since she was the one (supposedly) that ran over Grant and Marly. Since there was no evidence against Cindy, Cass and Joe began to question if she was even the guilty party at all.

Gary convinced a drugged Cindy that he was there to help her. He was determined to sneak her out of the hospital. As he left to bring the car around to the back, he saw Grant standing in the hallway talking to the doctor. He quickly went back and warned Cindy telling her to stall Grant while he brought the car around to the back. Cindy pretended to be asleep for as long as she could, but Grant realized she was faking. He assured her that she has a place in the Switzerland hospital forever. When the doctor arrived, he informed Grant about a new chemical treatment to use on Cindy that would give her amnesia making her forget all about the dirt she has on Grant. The doctor also told Grant that the hospital in Switzerland would be able to continue with new, chemical treatment as well. As the doctor was getting ready to give Cindy her first dose of the chemical treatment, Gary stood in the hallway watching from the window in the door.

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Thursday, June 18th">

Today's recap was provided by Amanda Schumm

Matt awakens to see Lila taking care of him. They have a discussion about the baby, and Lila told him that she didn't want to burden him with a baby. Matt tells her that they have to decide what's going to be done since he was the father of the baby.

Sofia shows up at the station to pump Joe for information regarding Matt. He doesn't have anything new to offer her, but he gives her the graduation gift that he and Paulina had bought for her---a ticket to Italy to visit Eddie. Sofia says that she's not going to run away from her problems and she'll go to Italy when everything has settled down. After she's gone, Paulina arrives. When Joe told her about how Matt has gotten Lila pregnant, Paulina gets upset, for Sofia, and Joe realizes she's thinking back to her own childhood of not knowing who her parents were.

Donna tries to convince Marley to move in with her, but Marley says that Jake will be moving in with her. Jake and Paulina, who've been outside discussing the fact that Jake has hired a nurse to stay with Marley at night, come inside as Donna leaves. Marley and Paulina talk and Paulina gets the impression that Marley thinks Jake will be moving in with her. Marley went upstairs and Jake and Paulina talk, Paulina telling Jake about Marley's misinterpretations. Jake says that he's not sure how things got so mixed up. When Marley comes back down, she overhears them. She told them she's going to pick flowers.

Donna arrives at Vicky's just as Vicky was about to leave to see Marley. When Donna told Vicky that Jake got Vince and Mary's old place for Marley, Vicky is shocked. She wants to know what it was that Donna, Marley, and Jake know that she doesn't Vicky told Donna that she can baby-sit her kids and storms out. She went to Michael's grave, where she finds Marley talking to Michael about Jake.

Cindy was drugged by Grant and the doctor. The drug she's given will wipe out her memory for a long time. When Gary went in to get her, she doesn't recognize him or recognize Grant's name. As he's trying to sneak her out of the hospital, he sees Grant talking to Toni and Josie.

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Friday, June 19, 1998


At The Cory Mansion
Scott was at the Cory Mansion going through some files he plans to leave for Rachel when Amanda seductively comes strolling out in her short blue satin robe and asks Scott if he could do something for her. Scott asks her what was it and Amanda drops her robe to reveal her two piece bikini to a wide-eyed Scott and asks him if he wouldn't mind rubbing some suntan lotion on her. Scott was more than happy to obliged and as he's applying suntan lotion to Amanda's back, Cameron walks in and was not happy with what he was seeing. Cameron says Ms. Amanda I need to talk to you for a minute. Scott says we're busy. Cameron said sorry to disturb you Ma'am, but it's important. Amanda told Scott she'd only be a minute, and Scott went outside on the terrace. Amanda turned to Cameron and told him she was just getting somewhere. Cameron told her so was Scott. Amanda told him she was just being nice to him like he asked her to do. Cameron asked her if she liked Scotts hands all over her and she told him it beats a roll in the hay. Cameron asks her if she believes Josie now and thinks that he's some kind of criminal out for what he can get. Amanda told him she doesn't know who he was or what he wants and Cameron told her they both know what he wants. Amanda told Cameron she was protecting her family and that was it. Cameron says by letting the guy put his hands all over you and then reminds his lover that the man she's cozying up to was dangerous. Amanda told him that she can handle Scott and from now on he can do his thing and she'll do hers. Scott returns from the terrace and she told him she'd take him up on his dinner offer. Scott asks her if she mind if they went out tonight and Amanda asked him if he mind if they stayed there. Scott looks at Cameron and says do we need the driver. Amanda said no we don't, run along Cameron and then turned her attentions back to Scott. Cameron said I need to talk to you about something. Amanda told him that she thought she told him to leave and was growing impatient with him, especially since she has been very understanding and kind to him; while Scott added that it was more than he deserved. Cameron fired back, can it Guthrie and Amanda said that's it you're fired. Cameron says excuse me and Amanda told him he heard her, she wants him to pack his bags and leave this house immediately. She then turns around and apologizes to Scott for Cameron's behavior and suggested they go out on the terrace. Later as she sees Cameron leaving, Amanda told Scott she'll be right back and caught Cameron outside the front door and told him she treated him like that so she could gain Scott's trust. Cameron was cold towards her and told her that Scott was dangerous and left. Inside, the nanny bought the twins in and left them with Scott while she went to warm their bottles. Scott played with the two little cuties and told them he would make sure they knew who they were and who was there father. Amanda walked back in and found Scott kissing the twins. Scott covers his interest in the twins by telling Amanda he grew up without a family so he sympathizes with the twins.

At Michael's Grave Site
Marley was at Michael's grave site telling him that Jake may never love her again and if she leaves she many never know. She then says if she were Vicky she would lie, cheat and do anything to get what she wanted and then asks Michael to help her and tell her what to do. Just then Vicky walks up and Marley turns around and asks her what was she doing there and how did she find her. Vicky told her they are still connected whether she likes it or not and she was there because they need to talk. Marley told her they have nothing to talk about and Vicky told her yes they do, she wants to know who told Jake the lies about her. Marley told her if she wants to know what's the matter with Jake, then asks Jake because their relationship was none of her business. Vicky says you know how much I love Jake. Marley told her she should have thought of that before she slept with Shane Roberts. Vicky told her for the last time she never slept with Shane. Marley says she doesn't blame her because she wouldn't admit it either if she had hurt Jake the way Vicky did. A stunned Vicky asks what has happened to her sister and Marley sarcastically says isn't that fairly obvious. Vicky says no, she was talking about her heart and her spirit and then asks where was her sister, the one who always sees the good in her the one who always believes in her. Marley says that was before she started lying and Vicky says do you think I would stand here at our fathers grave and lie to you. Marley says why not, you lied at the funeral and Vicky told her she told her the truth at the funeral. Marley told her she would do anything to get Jake back and asks her what makes her think Jake even wants her. Vicky told her Jake does want her and that's not the question. Marley says listen to you, Shane, Grant and now Jake, they're all just dying for the fabulous Vicky Hudson. Vicky realized that Marley wanted Jake for herself and tried to tell Marley not to confuse kindness with love. Marley denied it, but Vicky knew better and told Marley that Jake loves her only as a friend and warned her not to make it into something more than what it is. Marley grew furious and called Vicky a lying, arrogant little witch. Vicky told Marley that's not what she meant, but Marley says just because I don't look like you anymore you think Jake will never love me again. Vicky says I didn't say that and that's not what I meant, I'm just saying he loves me and he chose me. Marley says who did he marry first and Vicky told her that was a long time ago. Marley starts babbling on about the happy times she and Jake once shared and Vicky told her don't set herself up for a fall and don't confuse needing Jake with loving him. Marley cries out, Jake needs me too and Vicky says, but he loves me and he always will Marley. She then offers to get Marley back home, but Marley was cold towards her and told her to go home to her children. Vicky apologizes for hurting her feelings and told her she can't go back to the life she had with Jake in Mary's house, because Jake loves her and he needs to come home. As Vicky leaves, Marley says you're so sure of yourself Vicky. You're so sure of Jake and of me, but this time I might surprise you. She then kneels at Michael's grave site and told him that she needs for Jake to love her again and asks her father if that was wrong. Marley then decides to just leave Bay City and heads to the bus station.

At Vicky's Place (formerly Jake's)
Jake was there getting the rest of his stuff and putting it in a trash bag. Donna comes in surprised to find him there and then thanked him for all he was doing for Marley. Jake picks up a picture of him, Vicky and the boys and told Donna that Vicky looked happy and not at all like a woman who had been cheating on him since before they were married. Donna said maybe we're all being too harsh on Vicky. Jake said excuse me, we are talking about Vicky here, you know the daughter you hate. Donna told him that she loves Victoria and so does he. Jake grows suspicious and asks Donna what brought the one eighty on and what happened in the last 24 hours that has changed her mind. Donna said he should just let it go if he couldn't forgive Vicky. Jake told her he thinks she got her hands on too many self help books. Donna told Jake that she lost the love of her life too and at this time in her life she feels more lost and lonely than she ever has, but the one thing that gets her through the night was knowing that he was looking after her Marley. She told him she doesn't know why, but for some reason she depends on him and she thanks him for that. Jake asks her if she thinks he was doing this as some kind of favor to her and Donna told him that he has know idea. Jake then told Donna to look after Vicky because she was going to need somebody. Donna stands there and protest, but Jake told her to just watch out for Vicky because he can't, Marley can't, and Vicky has no one but her. Jake gets ready to leave, but Steven comes down and begs Jake to go upstairs with him and Kirkland, so Jake did. Alone, Donna cursed Grant to herself and told him because of him, Jake won't be able to raise the boys, because of him she nearly killed her own daughter, and now everybody was suffering because of him. She then says Jake and Victoria are going to be apart for the rest of their lives and not even know why. Later, Vicky comes home and finds Jake ready to go with his stuff she tries to persuade him to talk to her, but Jake didn't want to talk and left. The boys asked why he moved out and Vicky tearfully told them it was her fault, but vowed she'd get him back. The boys went out to play. Vicky told Donna about talking to Marley at the grave site, and noticed that Donna turned pale. Vicky demanded that her mother share what she knew. Donna urged her to let it go. Later, Grant came pounding at the door and told Donna that Cindy was missing. Donna said she didn't know anything.

At Bay City University Hospital
In the psyche ward, Gary puts Cindy into a wheelchair and heads for the elevator. While Grant explains to Toni and Josie that he doesn't think Cynthia will have anything to say to them, but he'll go in first and explain her rights to her. Upon entering, Grant was surprised to find that Cindy was not there. As Gary tried to hurry on to the elevator, Josie and Toni ran over to him, thinking he was a doctor. But Grant, just realizing that Cindy was gone, called after them, and they turned back to the room. Dr. Perkins told them that Cindy was highly sedated and couldn't be getting out on her own. Josie and Toni bolted back outside Cindy's room door and tried to catch who ever was on the elevator, but Gary slipped Cindy into an elevator and told Cindy that Josie was his wife, and she was very clever. Meanwhile back inside Cindy's room, Grant demanded to know how long Cindy's memory would be gone, and Perkins said that without a regular course of the drug, a day at worst. Still standing by the elevator, Toni and Josie confided about this mystery doctor wandering the halls while privately, Josie suspected Gary. Meanwhile, Gary stashed Cindy at some unknown hideaway and Cindy thought she was in Boston, but Gary told her she was in Bay City. He promised to be right back, and high-tailed it back to the hospital where he pretended he had just arrived and demanded to see Cindy. Grant told him that Cindy was missing. Gary said he couldn't get in to see her earlier. Grant was panicked and told Josie he wanted every officer in Bay City on this case to find his wife. Josie told Grant she let him asks Joe Carlino if he wants to help the man who set fire to his house and almost killed his family. Grant left that one alone while Gary started to leave, but Grant stopped him and asked him to make Cindy his only case. Gary left, and Josie caught up with him, saying she knew he'd moved Cindy out. Gary denied it and Josie asks him if he cared more about getting Grant than loving her. Gary told her no, but still refused to tell her anything. Toni came up to them and told Josie they needed to go. Josie kissed Gary goodbye and left with Toni.

At Bay City Police Station
An angered Cameron showed up to tell Josie that thanks to her he'd been fired. Josie realized he really cared for Amanda and offered him a place to stay, somewhere Gary used to put up his sources. Meanwhile back at Cindy's room, Gary brought her food and showed her that the lock on the door meant nobody could break in. As he ducked back inside Cindy's room, Josie brought Cameron and promised nobody would find him there.

At The Bus Station
Marley went to buy her a one way ticket out of town. However, the ticket agent convinced her to take a risk and buy a lottery ticket. Believing her $5 winning was a sign to take a chance with Jake, Marley heads back home. Meanwhile back at the old McKinnon house, Jake came home to find Marley gone, but Vicky there. She demanded to know if he really thought she'd slept with Shane. Jake told her if she was mad, to hit him with her best shot. So Vicky kissed him and Jake kissed her back as a stunned Marley looked in threw the window of the house..........

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