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Starr and River graduated from kindergarten. Sam admitted that he still loved Nora. Asa had a heart attack. Rachel confessed to killing Georgie. Jessica sought out Cristian. Todd disappeared. Sam and Blair got together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, June 22, 1998

Written by: Molli Weedlun


David enters the living room of his new home with Kevin, Cassie, and Barbara just as Barbara comes in from another direction, presumably from the servant's quarters, looking harried. He asks her what's wrong, and she, unconvincingly, says nothing, then admits a former patient might be in trouble. He encourages her to go to him, and assures her that he will be fine, and can get to River's graduation by himself. She tries to argue, but he insists the he'll get there. "I'm not helpless, you know" What more can she say? After she leaves, he tries to call for a cab, but the dispatcher thinks that the computer voice is a joke and hangs up on David. Twice. Then David calls Mel (Yeay!! It's Mel!!!), who, David is pleased to note, recognizes David's voice right away. Mel is of course more than willing to give David a ride, and will meet David out front. As David heads to the door, we hear some gorgeous, gorgeous piano music in the background, which gave your updater goosebumps, for some reason.


Cassie brings River to the ceremony at. I should know this, I'm sorry, at I think the youth center. He happily greets his father, and asks where "Machine Man" is. Cassie tries to tell him not to call David that, but River points out that David likes it :-). He's anxious for David to arrive, because they have a surprise for everyone. Cassie herself wonders where David is, as well as Kevin.

Sam shows up at the graduation, with Téa right on his heels. Sam cutely asks Téa if she's there to finally get her diploma (lol). Téa's there to cheer Starr on. Sam doesn't completely buy it, and though Téa calls Sam annoying (which Sam claims is a gift :) she reveals that she learned from Sykes that there is an APB out on Todd, and she thinks he'll show up for Starr's graduation. Sam notes the presence of a cop or two, and realizes that they aren't the only ones who think Todd will arrive. Téa hopes they can find Todd before he makes things worse.

Blair arrives with Starr, who asks Cassie where her father is. Cassie comforts her and takes her to Téa, who starts lessening the blow by warning Starr that her father might not be able to make it because he may have to work out of town. Cassie takes Starr off to distract her. Meanwhile, Blair talks to Andrew. Andrew hopes Todd doesn't show, because he would hate for Starr to see her father being taken away by the cops. Blair then confronts Téa, asking if Todd is really away on business. Max arrives and Téa notices the warm hug they share. Andrew tells Cassie that Todd was a main donator of a big wad of cash to the center.

After being alerted by Nora (see below), Téa, Sam, Blair, and Max all vamoose to the lodge. Blair first tells Starr that she has to leave, promises to make it up to her, and hugs her.

At last, David arrives with Mel. River is overjoyed. Then River and David reveal their surprise, a duet on the synthesizer, which is beautiful and unusual, and makes everyone (including your updater) smile with genuine pleasure.


At the lodge, Todd opens his suit to reveal several sticks of dynamite strapped to his belly, yanks out the triggering device, and tells the Buchs that threatening their lives is the only way to make them listen. Asa, Bo, Hank, Rachel, Drew, Nora, and Viki (oh, and Kevin) wear various expressions of fear, anger, and hatred. Todd finagles the alarm code out of Asa, "poker", I think it is, then sets it so no one can leave without the alarms going off, and, therefore, the place blowing up. Todd yells that he wants a confession from the killer, and he wants it RIGHT NOW.

Hank notes that Todd seems pretty certain that the killer is in the room, while Asa blames Todd. Todd says he didn't kill her. He didn't even know the girl, but you all did, you all had a motive. He quickly summarizes that Georgie was boinking and blackmailing Bo, Nora's husband and Drew's father. She beat up Rachel, Hank's daughter, and Asa was trying to get her out of town. Viki says that doesn't necessarily mean any of them killed Georgie, but Todd points out that that's why the Buchs tried to set Todd up to look like he did it, and berates Viki for letting Kevin have his way with the paper. Todd gives everyone until sunrise to confess, and when Asa balks, he makes it midnight, or he'll blow everyone up. Bo confesses, then Nora confesses, Drew confesses, Asa confesses. Rachel, being held by Hank, makes like she's going to be sick all over him, which enrages Todd and scares Nora. After some arguments, he allows Nora to take Rachel to the bathroom, but if they aren't back in five minutes, 'everyone you love will be warm, wet splinters'.

In the bathroom, Nora holds back Rachel's hair as she rinses out her mouth in the sink. Rachel can't stand this place, that Georgie gets killed, and that Todd turns himself into a human bomb. Nora pulls her phone out of her purse, tries to call 911, can't get through, and then her phone rings. Without knowing who it is, she asks for help. It's Sam. She gets out where they are, and that Todd's gone cuckoo, when Todd busts in, grabs the phone, mutters 'never trust a Buchanan', which Sam hears. Todd then kills the phone by stomping on it.

While Todd is busy with Rachel and Nora, the Buchs plan on how to attack Todd, while Viki pleads with them to not antagonize him further. They refuse to listen to her sanity. At one point Hank says he'll confess, but Bo, who thinks that all Todd wants is to see the Buchs humiliated, wants to make him think *he* did it. Suddenly, Kevin verbally attacks Viki, demanding her phone, and though she refuses, he won't let up, but thankfully we're saved from having to listen to him much more because Todd roughly escorts Nora and Rachel into the room. He grabs a long basket and demands everyone's phone and/or weapons, or they won't have to wait for their 4th of July fireworks. They comply, basically, although I didn't see Asa's phone get thrown in. He spies Drew's handcuffs and tsks at him for being a 'naughty boy'. Todd holds on to them, and their keys. He turns off the alarm, goes outside with the load of goods, and spies Barbara pathetically trying to hide in the bushes. He brings her in and resets the alarm.

Barbara tends to Todd's knife wound, and tries to give him an injection of antibiotics. Todd is immediately suspicious, so insists that she give it to Kevin, the 'lab rat'. When she won't, he is enraged. He squirts the syringe out into the ashtray, accusing Kevin of playing Zorro on his arm and Barbara of playing nurse Kevorkian. 'Is this what happens to people born with money?!' Todd decides that Kevin and Barbara are having a very bad effect on his health, and agrees with me that just looking at Kevin makes him want to throw up. He snatches Rachel up by her hair, assuring that mom and pop Gannon don't do anything stupid, and dragging her thusly, forces Kevin and Barbara down to the cellar, where he locks those two in, keeping Rachel with him.

Nothing much happens to Kevin and Barbara in the cellar. She reveals that the syringe was loaded with a sedative (not the poison Kevin actually thought it was) and then pulls the gun out of her purse, which Kevin snatches, cocks slowly, caresses, and looks at lustfully.

While Todd is downstairs, once again the Buchs try to plot against him, but don't really come up with anything, except that Bo is going to give him the confession that he wants. Todd returns with Rachel, who he throws at Nora. Todd scolds the Buchs for being judgmental, for thinking they can scrape off any lowlife that is on their shoe and blame it on another lowlife, like him (go Todd!). Bo volunteers the confession. Todd keeps asking for more, and more, and more details. He discovers that Drew was the one kissing Georgie that night. Suddenly, the alarms go off. There is a moment of panic for everyone, but when Todd goes out to check, he finds the gang who left the graduation: Sam, Téa, Blair, and Max. 'Hello. Get in here. We're playing Truth or Dare' (Ergo the title of this section. I couldn't resist:)

Eventually, Bo gets to the part about the actual murder, but Todd isn't satisfied with mere description. He insists that Rachel lie down where Bo said Georgie wound up, and that Bo position her arms and hands the way Georgie's were. Rachel tries to fight, but complies. Once Bo positions Rachel's arms, Todd flashes back to the what he actually saw that night, and the way Georgie was lying, kind of on her side, with both arms on one side, which was completely different than the way Bo had Rachel, on her back, one arm to each side. Todd tells Rachel to 'get outta there' and calls Bo's bluff, that Bo never touched her and didn't kill her. He couldn't have. But, he glares at the rest, somebody else in here did.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Cassie's House

Starr and River are both at Cassie's house, Andrew is making a tent with two chairs and a blanket for them to sleep under. After hugs and kisses, Andrew and Cassie leave the children to sleep and go across the room to talk. Cassie was hoping that Kevin would have shown up by now, she's started to get worried. Starr gets up out of "bed" and ask Cassie where Todd is. Andrew explains that he had very important business he had to attend to. Did Tee and Blair have important business too, Starr asks. Cassie tells her they did, but they all love her very, very much. Starr's worried that if she falls asleep, no one will be there when she wakes up. River says he'll be there and Cassie assures her that her family will make sure there's always someone there for her. With Cassie holding her hand, Starr tries to go to sleep.

Cassie anxiously waits outside by the front door, looking for Kevin. Andrew joins her, massaging her temples to try to help her relax. Suddenly, Starr wakes up and calls for her Daddy and then calls for "Aunt Cassie". Cassie holds her and tries to calm her down.

The wine cellar:

Kevin and Barbara discuss how to get Todd down into the wine cellar. Barbara suggests that she start screaming so Todd will come downstairs. Kevin is afraid that would set Todd off and he'd blow everybody up. Kevin wants to wait. Todd will come downstairs on his own, he figures, and when he does. Kevin is prepared to kill him.


Todd realizes that Bo is lying about being the murderer and says that means that the murderer is still in the room. Maybe its Viki he says. Viki looks at him disgustedly and once again begs him to let everyone go. Todd says that although Viki didn't have a motive... "Maybe it was Tommy or Tori or..."

While Todd is ranting, Bo, Nora, Rachel and Sam realize that Todd knew Bo was lying because he must have been at the lodge that night. All but Sam thinks that this makes him look even guiltier. But Sam says that nobody would gather everyone together with such a reckless regard for his own safety unless he were innocent. Sam knows that Todd is acting like this because he's backed into a corner.

Todd has now turned his attention to Drew who is confessing left and right and begging Todd to let everyone go, while Bo asks him to say no more. "Sure," says Todd, "I'll just let everybody go..."

Téa and Sam are concerned for Todd's stability. "Look at him," she whispers, "He's losing blood. He hasn't slept for days. He's going over the edge!"

On the other side of the room, Max and Asa try to form a plan to disable Todd. "How much money would Max take to drop him?" Asa wonders. Max reminds Asa that going after someone with dynamite wrapped around his waist would be suicide. Asa tells Max to wait for his signal and then go for it.

Drew is still confessing, Bo is still refuting it and Todd is becoming increasingly agitated.

Blair sidles up to Téa and Sam and says that she knows that Todd doesn't want to hurt anyone. Téa is afraid that if everybody keeps pushing him he will hurt someone. Just then the lights flicker.

"Who did that!!" demands Todd. Sam assures Todd that it is just a brownout brought on by the heat. Viki steps up to Todd in the attempt to calm him down. She admits that she, too, thought that Bo was guilty and the worst part was that she couldn't say anything to anyone about it. She felt alone and lost just like Todd. But now that Drew has confessed, they have the truth. Todd should let everybody go now and let the system. The system, says Todd, put him in jail for raping Barbara Graham. The system, says Sam, let him go. The system made sure he got his inheritance. The system got him custody of Starr.

"Don't talk to Todd about justice!" says Blair. Todd knows that he can't believe in justice but, she says turning to Todd, he can trust Starr. Blair reminds him that Starr waited for him all day to show up to her kindergarten graduation. But since Todd "pulled this little event here" he wasn't there and neither was she and neither was Téa. Todd is obviously shaken that he missed her big day but promises to make it up to her. "She'll forgive you," says Blair, "because you are her Daddy and Daddy can do no wrong. But what about the next time when she realizes that Daddy can hurt her as sure as his Daddy hurt him?!" Todd balks at Blair's mention of Peter Manning. Blair reminds Todd of how much they loved each other once and how much he loves Téa. "Do you think your little girl is going to love you for killing all of us?" If he loves Starr how can he kill everyone in her life who is important to her? Will she forgive that? Will she get over Todd leaving her an orphan? Blair wants Todd to show how much he loves Starr and let them all go.

All of a sudden the alarm goes off again and in walks Kelly. "Run! Kelly!" yells Drew. And she bolts out the door, but not fast enough. Todd catches up to her and pulls her back inside.

Love, says Todd, is what caused all of this. Bo's love of Nora lead him to lie to her. Drew's love of Georgie made him kill her since she was "wearing the little black nightie" with both Drew and Bo. Georgie's love of made her go after Bo and Drew and...Asa? "How about it, Gramps," he says turning to Asa, "was she perking up all three generations?"

This statement angers Drew so much that he lunges for Todd. "Don't say that about her. Georgie grew up in hell! She had sick parents who used her like a servant!! The only thing she wanted out of life was something better! I would think you could relate to that!" He goes on to explain the events that happened that night. How Georgie changed on him and attacked him. How he drove off thinking that they would patch things up later. Drew feels guilty, if he had stayed that night, Georgie would still be alive. He killed her as surely as if he had taken the bat and beaten her head in himself, "it was all my fault", Drew declares. "So Drew didn't kill Georgie either, great, that's just great", Todd says, "Batter up".

Downstairs in the wine cellar:

Barbara gets very nervous when the alarm starts ringing(when Kelly comes in). She wants to live. Really live, like before she was raped. She apologizes for pushing Kevin so hard into regaining his life before the fire when she wasn't doing so well with her own recovery. When Barbara got the gun, her instructor told her she shouldn't get one unless she would use it. But Barbara's not so sure she could shoot anyone. She bought the gun for self-defense, but this isn't, it's an ambush. Kevin doesn't seem to have as much of a problem with it, he doesn't want to kill Todd, but he will if he has too.


Téa goes over to Todd, concerned that he looks tired, when did he last sleep? He's not thinking clearly, she tries to tell him. Do you believe in me, he asks. Not when you do things like this, she answers honestly, looking at the dynamite. She tries to convince him to let everyone go, but he refuses. Someone in the room killed Georgie and he's determined to find out who it was. Whatever happens, Starr will understand he was just going after the truth.

Asa and Bo go over to Drew to see how he's doing, but he's not interested in their sympathy and tells them to go away. Asa once again complains about the heat and doesn't look well. Viki tries to convince Kelly to go talk to Drew, but she refuses, she thinks Drew needs to be left alone right now. Nora apologizes to Bo for suspecting Drew and tries to hug Bo, but he pulls away. Nora asks him not to shut her out, but Bo tells her it wouldn't be too bad. She wouldn't be alone, he says, looking at Sam, who is standing right next to them. Sam suggests they not go there right now and Nora agrees.

All of a sudden, Asa calls out Bo's name and clutches his chest. Using this distraction, Max picks up a paddle that was leaning in the corner and tries to hit Todd. Sam warns Todd in time for him to duck. Todd punches Max hard, causing him to fly across the room, slam into the wall and slide to the floor. Blair yells at Todd and rushes over to Max. "Oh, can you feel the love in the room now!", Todd exclaims sarcastically. Asa, miraculously recovered from his 'attack', calls Max a screw up. Where was all that love that you were spouting about before, Todd asks, Blair didn't yell to warn him about Max, did she? Bo yells at Sam for warning Todd, but Sam couldn't see Todd hurt, he's like one of Sam's own children. "No more Mr. Nice Guy!", Todd declares. "Instead of plotting against me, you might want to help me figure out who the murderer is, cause that's the only way we're going to get out of here!" Todd next focuses on Asa, did Asa kill Georgie, or did he pay Max to do it? "Does anyone want to confess, please?", Todd asks again. No reply. Todd declares that the windows will be nailed shut, until he finds out who the murderer is, no one is getting out of there alive.

Drew and Kelly are alone, boarding up one of the windows. Drew doesn't want to talk about it, but Kelly tells him he's not to blame for Georgie's death. Drew wishes she'd told him about the baby, he would never have left her alone. Maybe she didn't know about the baby, Kelly suggests. Kelly's beginning to think Todd may not be so crazy. If Todd truly isn't the killer, then someone else there is. Once they find out who it is, they can begin to heal and find some peace. Kelly offers to leave him alone if that will be easiest for him, but Drew asks her to stay with him.

In one of the bedrooms, Hank and Bo are nailing up the windows. Nora and Rachel are also in the room and Hank tells them he will open up a window and they should run for it. They all tell Hank it's a crazy idea, and it's too risky. If anyone escapes, Todd will kill the rest of them. Rachel starts flipping out, she won't be responsible for the rest of their deaths. She starts hammering nail in and hits her hand with the hammer. She starts crying and Nora comforts her. Viki comes in to see if everything is OK and Nora lashes out at her. Nora can't believe Viki still protects Todd after everything he's done. He's my brother, Viki says. Nora claims he's a killer and has to be stopped. All Viki is trying to do is make sure no one else ends up dead, she explains to Nora.

In the main room, Sam and Téa are boarding up windows while Blair takes care of Max, who is still on the floor. Todd sits there while they work, wondering about the phrase "as dead as a doornail". What does that mean, he wonders. Does anyone want to find out, he asks, holding the remote control for the dynamite. Max finally comes to, but is unable to get up. Todd hands Blair the handcuffs and has her handcuff herself to Max. Blair tells Max that while she used to love Todd, there's only room in her heart now for Max. Everyone joins them again in the main room. It's sweltering in here, Viki tells Todd and asks if she can bring some water down to Kevin and Barbara. Todd lets her go and has the rest of them line up along one wall, no one is to move until he gets a confession. Sam accuses Todd of doing what his father used to do to him, which makes Todd very angry. Sam doesn't back down and reminds him that his father used to make him stand against the wall, sometimes for 12 or 15 hours, until he admitted his guilt, whether he did it or not. "You have become exactly like the one person in the world you hate the most. You have become your father.", says Sam.

"I'm not my father, he was a monster", Todd denies, desperately not wanting it to be true. Sam tells him to take a look in the mirror, he's torturing everyone, his wife, his sister, his nephew. Where were you the night of the murder, Todd attacks Sam to change the subject. He left Todd and went to a hotel room to comfort Nora when she thought Bo had thrown her over for a sexy young thing. Did Nora think she could eliminate two birds with one bat? Get rid of the slut and pin it on Bo so she could be with Sam? Nora gets upset and tells Todd that he's right, that she did kill Georgie. Are you happy now, Nora asks. She saw the picture of Georgie and Bo making love and then Rachel told her that Bo was meeting Georgie at the lodge that night. She drove up to the lodge, saw Bo kissing Georgie, got into her car and drove away. She knows now that it was Drew she saw, but she didn't know that then. The more she thought about them making a fool out of her, the madder she got, so she turned around and came back. She waited until the person she thought was Bo had left and then came in and had a chat with Georgie. We see Georgie on that night from Nora's point of view. Nora is yelling at Georgie, saying she trusted her. Georgie laughs and gets in Nora's face, telling Nora that Nora didn't care about anyone but herself. We see Nora's hand slap Georgie and then Georgie comes after Nora, telling her that her marriage is over, Bo is Georgie's now and for as long as she wants him. We see Nora look down and grab the bat. Georgie keeps taunting her and we see Nora swing at her. Back to the present, Nora is telling everyone, "and then she fell". I didn't plan it and I didn't mean for Bo to get blamed, Nora insists. "And you just figured you could blame the whole thing on me", says Todd. Todd tells Nora that they're going to take a little walk in the woods. Sam steps forward and tells him not to do it. Nora tells Todd again that she killed Georgie and she dragged her body out into the woods. In that instant, Todd smiles, realizing she's lying, since Georgie's body was still in the lodge when he saw her. Sam tries to comfort Nora and Bo warns him to stay away from his wife. Todd just sits back in his chair with a smile on his face, holding the detonator.

In the wine cellar:

Kevin is worried about missing River's graduation. He just hopes that Cassie doesn't come there looking for him. There's a noise at the door and Kevin stands up and points the gun at the door, ready to shoot. Bringing them water, it's Viki who's about to enter the wine cellar.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Love and Murder, Llanview Style
Todd is Group Therapist, Georgie Girl Haunts Hostages

Bo warns Sam to stay away from Nora. Sam, Bo and Nora all begin to bicker and Todd has had enough of all of them. He is moving them or they will be picking up the pieces of everyone out of the trees for months. He locks them in a bedroom and tells them he is sick of all their miserable problems and they need to get their stories straight. They are always telling him to express himself. Now they have the opportunity to express themselves. "Knock yourself out", Todd says as he locks them in.

Nora blames Bo for getting mixed up with Georgie and he blames her for letting it happen because deep down, he believes she wanted it as an excuse so she would be free to love Sam. He accuses her of always being in love with Sam. She called him from the biker bar. Sam says that is not true and he did call Bo to tell her where Nora was. Bo turns on him and accuses him of thinking of getting Nora in bed ever since he got to town. Sam will not dignify it with a response. Nora says she is not passive or powerless and then she decides to tell Bo a big lie since he won't believe the truth. She "confesses" to placing the call from the bar to lure Sam into bed. Sam protests that that is not true, but Bo is only interested in hearing what his wife has to say.

Meanwhile in the wine cellar, Viki comes through the door with bottled water for Kevin and Barbara and is surprised to see Kevin with a gun aimed straight at her. He suggests that now that she has the door open they head straight upstairs and get the drop on Todd. This does not go over well with his mother. She can't believe he would murder Todd. Beside, he could wind up killing them all if Todd touches the detonator or it goes off accidentally. She tells he doesn't have the experience with guns and Barbara comes forward and admits it is her gun and she can take Todd out in one shot (can she guess this song in one note?) She knows how to shoot. Viki asks her why, then she catches herself when she recalls Barbara was raped. She calls her a poor child, but Barbara replies by saying she wants to be strong. She agrees with Kevin in medical terms that Todd is a disease that must be erased. Kevin says Todd is rabid and must be shot like a dog. Viki replies that Todd is a human being, not an animal. She demands Kevin give her the gun and he asks her to tell him if it was a matter of life or death, who would she pick Todd or him?

In the living room Asa is getting antsy. He wants action. Hank tells him to use his head. Todd has the dynamite. He is in charge. Téa says that Todd won't hurt anyone. Rachel remarks that maybe Téa is right. After all, she is the only one who knows him so well. Téa pleads with Blair that she has to know Todd only wants to find the murderer. Asa doesn't believe that. He wants to go with their first plan which was spoiled by Sam's warning to Todd. Hank is angry at the suggestion. If Asa pulls another stunt like that it might kill them all. He won't let him endanger Rachel and everyone else for his stupid macho pride. Asa is not about to rely on the pathetic LPD and its swat team who is probably right now looking for them at the Palace. Oh, they are not there, time for lunch. Besides Asa has a son, 2 grandsons, all these women and that thing over there (points to Blair, who is handcuffed to Max) to worry about! "I love you too, Asa" Blair replies with a smirk. Téa continues to plea that they give Todd time. Asa calls Todd loco and tells her he won't play the game. He will not stand for it.

Todd walks back in and Asa accuses him of the murder. He mentions the evidence and Todd wants to know what evidence. Asa says "Tell him what you dug up" to Max. Max doesn't want to reply, so Asa tells Todd how Max and his gold digger ex-wife were on his trail all the time. He mentions the fireplace gloves and tells Max not to play dumb with him. Todd is only interested in Blair's part in it. He knew she hated him, but thought she hated Asa even more. Is that why you went to work for me, he asks her. Because you were spying on me for Asa. Blair denies it all and reminds Todd it was he who asked her to work at The Sun. Todd replies she is a terrible liar, always was and always will be. Max finally steps forward to tell the truth. Blair didn't know, he says, the deal was between Asa and him.

Blair says to Todd that she gave him every chance to tell him where he was the night of the murder, but all he said was driving around and then he locked her and Max in the wine cellar.

"I did that because you turned on me like you always do. From the beginning , you were after my money and then the moment you thought I was dead, you hopped into bed with Patrick.. All the things you did to me trying to take my daughter away and all the while saying how you used to love me. You hated me from the beginning. You said we were losers, except you knew before I did that I was a loser with money. So what was to prevent your from going after Asa's money?"

Blair admits it was money to begin with, but then she fell in love with him.

"I am so sick of everyone talking about love. I could just kill all of you now. I am tired of people telling me to listen. Truth, love, it is all a bunch of garbage. Look at us! Has anyone in this place made this world a better place. I am tired of all the lies. Doesn't anyone tell the truth?"

Max says he will tell the truth. Asa offered him a bundle to seduce Blair and get information on Todd. Blair looks at him in disbelief. He says he is sorry to her, but it is true. To Todd he says that Blair did not betray Todd, he (Max) betrayed him.

He tries to tell Blair that he took the money, but he didn't make love to her because of it. Blair breaks down in tears. She wants to fly away from him, but she can't because of the handcuffs. She beats him on the chest and he holds her while she tries to get away from his embrace.

Todd is amused that Asa paid Max to sleep with Blair. He really rubs it in when he asks her when she is going to stop falling for pathetic losers. Like you, Max comments. Todd replies at least he is not a pathetic loser who is broke and asks Hank if he is the only one here who thinks this is kind of funny. He gets no response and guesses rightly that he is. He calls Blair a lying sick bastard. Téa has seen enough of Blair's agony and asks Todd for the key. Todd says this is kind of fun but finally relents and after playing a child's game of pretending to hand it to her and then taking it back, he does hand it over to Téa and asks where his psycho sister is. Hank replies that he sent her downstairs with water for Barbara and Kevin. Téa sets Blair free and she runs out of the room with Max right on her heels. Todd goes down to the wine cellar, leaving Asa to face down an angry Téa. Téa is astounded that the old man would pay money to frame Todd when he has got to know someone else did it. Asa says she has to face it, Her husband is a killer.

Upstairs in the bedroom...Sam asks Nora to tell her husband the truth, but she says Bo won't. Bo wants her to say she doesn't love Sam. Nora says Bo should go to hell. Sam tells them both he is sick of being a catalyst in their marital troubles. Every time their marriage is in trouble, Nora comes running to him and Bo wants to blame Sam for the state their marriage is in. Bo did a real good job of messing his marriage up on his own. He explains that if they want to beat each other up, he won't be their weapon of choice. They are hiding behind him because they are scared of losing each other.

Georgie appears in the first of her many apparitions. She tells Bo that his marriage was falling apart before she showed up. Pretty soon he and Nora will divvy up the record collection, sell the house and they will be done. Not going to happen, Bo says. "Face it", Georgie replies," what you did to me changed everything forever. Look at Nora, twisting her wedding band, looking everywhere but here. Your marriage is on the ropes." Bo walks away from her.

Next, Georgie appears to Nora in the blue dress. She accuses Nora of being jealous because she looked better than her in the dress. Nora is getting old and Georgie is young. Nora replies that that's life. "Yeah, and that is the part that terrifies you, between that and roughing up your pathetic daughter, I can see how you want me to go bye bye. Your life is closer to the end than the beginning. Pretty soon even Sam won't look at you. Some perfect life, Nora. Nora gets up and says that she doesn't want to hear anymore. Sam thinks she is talking to him and says she has to. She and Bo are bona fide cowards. They can't face what they feel. Bo asks again if Sam is in love with his wife. Nora says not to answer. She tells Bo she has never seen him like this. He can say the same about her. Nora replies they are out of sorts and out of sync. They need to think about "US". Bo asks if there is still an "US".

In the wine cellar... Kevin demands an answer, Psycho brother or him, her son. Viki replies that she would choose life for everyone and that is how she raised him. Kevin accuses her of ducking the issue. She has favored Todd since the day she realized he was her brother. Viki calls the idea of this ludicrous. Kevin replies his mother putting Todd before everyone else in the family is ludicrous and to prove that this is not so, she should go up there and distract Todd so Barbara can get a clean shot. Barbara hears Todd's footsteps and quickly hides the gun away in her purse. He asks them if they are hatching plots against him. Viki denies this.

Georgie appears to Todd and says that Viki has been lying to him all the time. She doesn't love him, nobody does, but then he knows that. Besides he is the expert on plotting. Mister put the bat in Bo's car, Mr. Attack the Commissioner in the Sun, Mr. wear the dynamite on his belly. He tells her to shut up. She says she cannot figure out whether he does all this stuff because he is starved for love and addicted to revenge or if he just gets a kick out of being rotten. She thinks it is a love thing. The way he got rid of her to get back at Bo is brilliant. (Georgie's face is bloody like when she died). And all those holier than thou Buchanans who love to rub your nose into how much a loser you are. "I am not a loser", Todd replies. "Jerk, psycho and loser doesn't even cover it." Todd tells her to get out and Kevin replies he doesn't mind if he does. Viki says no.

In the living room.....Asa asks Téa what is it going to take to convince her that Todd is the murderer. She replies the truth and she doesn't think they have heard it yet. Georgie appears to Asa and tells him to knock Téa down a few pegs because that is what the Buchs do best to women. You I do not need, he mutters. "Oh, this was made clear from what you did for me or should I say to me. You think it is a crime against nature if someone doesn't want to roll over for the mighty Asa B" Asa admits he is a man who gets what he wants and that his family is all that matters. George asks "How come Todd has your family bottled up in your own lodge like a bunch of fireflies? You are a bunch of country bumpkins with ego problems and God help the person who gets in your way. Like me. I was just a fly on the nose of the mighty Asa's family and I got swatted". Asa moves away from her.

Next, she appears to Hank. He is comforting Rachel, who is a mess. When he walks away from his daughter, Georgie follows him. "Of all the people in this town, I thought you would have gone to bat for me, no pun intended. But I beat up Rachel and that turned you against me. Let's see R.J. was behind the kidnapping, Club Indigo closed, two hits against Rachel. Of course I had a couple of hits of my own. She couldn't pick herself up and you were worried and mad". Hank admits he still is mad. "I know, it suits you. She moves away. Rachel asks Hank for water and Georgie reappears to her and replies she has some blood for her. Rachel tells her to go away. "You wanted me to that night. I knocked you around and I could have done the same to Nora. At least, it got you out of that self pity thing. It got you moving. So what now, find a new roommate, boyfriend, job, personality? God knows you can use all those things!"

Next she appears to Drew and asks him what he would have named their baby. He call her cruel. She replies that he could have been top cop and given a great grandchild to Asa. Too bad it couldn't work out for you, she says. Drew obviously wanted it to. Georgie advises him to make sure Kelly doesn't have any secret agendas like her or it could happen all over again. Drew mutters he did not want this to happen the first time. Kelly comes over and says that neither did she, but they don't have to do this alone.

Asa is still ranting about giving Todd a taste of his own medicine.

In the cellar.... Todd suggests getting back to the party and Viki thanks him for letting her bring the water to Kevin and Barbara. Todd replies he is not such a bad guy. Kevin should thank him. It is way cooler in the cellar. Kevin suggests Todd let Barbara go upstairs. She had nothing to do with the murder. Todd is willing, but Viki, knowing what Kevin has in mind, says that it is more comfortable down here. "You are my oldest son and I will do everything to keep you safe. I want to make sure everyone leaves unharmed. They leave and Kevin throws the bottle against the wall. He tells Barbara he knows where Viki's loyalty lies and from now on she will get nothing from him.

In the living room...Téa tells Asa to calm down. Todd walks in with Viki and tells "Big Daddy" that maybe he is the right Buchanan. Asa knew Drew couldn't do what was needed to be done. Hank says Todd is off base. Todd tells Asa he is soft on the law, but what is a legal system to the Buchanans and what does a grifter like Georgie mean to Asa. He figures Asa surprised the sleazy tramp and bashed her head in. Todd says he knows Asa will not stop at anything to get what he wants. He will lie, cheat, steal. "You will squeeze a penny out of a poor neighborhood, so why stop at clubbing a poor girl to death?" Todd asks.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Written by: Mechelle Larkin-Davis

The Lodge (Who Done It?)

Todd wants Asa to say where he was the night Georgie (from henceforth called 'G') was killed. Asa turns to Drew and asks him he believes he killed his girlfriend. Drew says he doesn't. Todd begins an Asa killed 'G' scenario, Drew tells him he's lying and asks Asa to tell Todd that he didn't do it. Asa remains silent. Viki then asks Asa to tell him. Asa tells Viki not to get all worked up because Todd is just trying to make him squirm (and we all know old Asa doesn't squirm easily). Asa tells Todd that even if he did kill 'G', he wouldn't let his son take the rap for it. Todd and Asa go at it (verbally). Asa tells Todd that he could never understand a family who dies to protect it's own because both he and Viki come from stock that eats their young.

Bathroom (Blair & Max)

Blair washes the tears away. Max walks in to try to explain his Asa job. Blair tells him that he betrayed her and that Asa paid him to treat her like a whore. (sidebar: is it my imagination or does everyone have beads of sweat on them?). Max apologizes and tells Blair he loves her. Blair tells Max that she'll never believe him again. Max grabs her and asks her not to walk out on him.

Wine Cellar (Kev & BB)

Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no problem admitting when I'm wrong. If you all will recall some time ago, I said that I liked this Kevin. Well I'm sorry, I was way wrong. This guy is a loser. Okay, back to the recap. BB and Kev share a tender moment, then BB wonders whether she'll hear or feel the blast from the explosion when Todd blows them up. She tells Kevin she wonders if he knew how she felt then the music starts. (you know, the make out music) Some jazzy little tune kicks up in the background and they begin kissing.

Bedroom (Bo, Nora & Sam)

Bo asks Nora to finish the sentence "I love ....." . Nora tells Bo to stop. Yes, please do, Bo. Bo asks Sam whether he's in love with his wife or not.

Living Room (Everybody else)

Asa, or as Todd calls him "Big Daddy", has his back turned to the group while he tells Todd to let the women go. While he's saying this, his face contorts and he's rubbing his left arm. (the old ticker is cutting up again). Viki tries to talk some sense into Todd and tells him to look at Téa. Todd replies (you gotta love him), "why do you think Téa did it?" Todd is a really good mad man. He goes on a tirade about Asa, Bo, Clint and Drew all "doing" G. He says that Asa knew G was pregnant, but couldn't figure out who the father was, so he killed her. Asa tells Todd he's a dead man, but then he falls to the floor. Drew helps Asa over to the sofa. Rachel mumbles something about please don't let anyone else die. Viki tells Todd to put an end to this because Asa's having a heart attack. Todd says no, he's faking it. Viki tells him that he isn't and Todd says "so what, let him die, tough noogies, he's lived long enough". Both Viki and Téa's mouths fall open in reaction to Todd's callousness. Todd looks at them and says flatly, "still love me now?". This guy is a card. I love you Todd.

Blair & Max

Max is still begging. Blair tells him he doesn't mean anything and that she was just playing a game. She then throws him out of the bathroom and has a good cry.

Bo, Sam & Nora

Bo still grills Sam about his love for Nora. Sam tells Bo to back off, but Bo keeps picking. So Sam pushes him into the door and tells him he loves Nora. Bo slugs him.

Living Room

Drew gives Asa a Nitro tablet. Todd still thinks he's faking it. Téa and Viki continue to try to convince him to call for help.

Nora, Bo, & Sam

Nora tells Bo and Sam that she hates them both. Bo asks Sam if he's hurt. (I think Bo really likes Sam). Sam says yeah. Bo then tells him that he deserved it and although Bo then called him a blond haired, blue eyed bastard, it really had a lot of affection in it. He likes Sam just like we do.

Max is still begging, only this time he's on the wrong side of the door.

Living Room

Viki yells at Todd. Todd says he's enjoying Asa's performance. Drew tells him that Asa is having a heart attack. Todd says "yeah well cowboy grub will do that to ya, eggs, bacon, gravy..." Blair comes downstairs, sees Asa on the sofa and asks Kelly what's wrong with him. Kelly tells her he's having a heart attack. Blair walks over to Big Daddy and says "good, die right now so I can watch". Asa growls and reaches to grab her, but the ticker said no, lay back down. Max takes Blair out of the room.

Wine Cellar

Kevin & BB are still lip locked, but Kev pulls away. BB asks him to make love to her.

Living Room

Todd tells Asa he should be in an old geezer home and tells him to get up. Téa tells Todd to call 911. Viki tells him that if he lets Asa die he will feel torment like he's never know before. Todd (who writes for this man, he/she needs an emmy) turns and asks Viki "are you putting a curse on me?" It looks like Viki may be getting through to him when she tells him that she has loved him when no one else in town did.


BB & Kev got their hump on and Kev apologizes. BB says she knows he loves Cassie blah blah... Meantime, Todd comes running down the stairs saying the party is over. When he opens the cellar door and sees them scrambling for clothes, he says "well maybe not". Todd grabs BB and says that Asa needs her. Kev tells him to take it easy. Todd backhands him.

Living Room

Viki begs Asa not to die. Todd drags BB into the room. All the while she's calling for Kevin. Todd says forget about Kevin and fix pop up. BB begins to work on Asa and Todd tells the old buzzard he better not die. BB tells Todd that Asa needs to get to a hospital. Todd goes to get upstairs to get Bo and tell him about Asa. When Todd opens the door to the bedroom, he has the perfect Jack Nicholson insanity look on his face. Bo goes to Asa and begins to reminisce about old times to try to keep him alive. Todd stands off to the side and says Peter (his father) died of a heart attack, only he didn't have any family around to keep him alive. Téa grabs him by the collar and gives him a speech about family. Big Daddy's ticker stops and BB yells for an ambulance. She and Drew begin the worst rendition of CPR I've ever seen. Todd tells Téa that he though he could flush out the killer and admits the dynamite is fake. BB gives Asa a shot of epinephrine to get his ticker going again. As they all stand around watching, Kev creeps up from the cellar and points a gun at Todd. Todd smiles and says "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on". Téa begs Kevin not to shoot and tells him the dynamite is fake. Todd says "chicks". Asa's ticker gets going again. Téa asks Todd what happened the night he left the penthouse.

Todd says he got the envelope with the pictures from G. He went to check it out and expected to find Bo and G in a clench, only G had already packed it in. The scene flashes to Todd at the lodge . We see him pick up the bat (as he narrates). He sees G on the floor then hears something outside. He panicked because his prints were all over everything. He picked up the gloves to wipe his prints off, but saw Bo. He says he freaked because he thought Bo had killed her and was hanging around to set him up. So he grabbed G and got outta the lodge. Back to the present. Kevin takes Todd outside at gunpoint. Todd asks if he's gonna shoot him in the back.


Rachel washes her face and begins to hear G's voice telling her to come join her.


Kevin leads Todd to where G died. Todd grabs the gun. Inside the lodge they all hear a gunshot and panic. Big Daddy however, smiles and tells Bo it's okay because Kevin had the gun. Asa then tells Bo to go give Kevin a hand. Blair leaves and tells Max he's a lousy lover.


Kevin points the gun at Todd and says his mother would like to believe that Todd has changed. Todd replies "so that's what this is about? mommy loves me best" Viki, Téa and the rest of the gang arrive. Todd finishes his story about the night of G's murder. Kevin keeps pointing the gun so Todd grabs his arm and tells him to just kill him. Rachel runs up and asks Kevin not to shoot because Todd didn't kill G, she did.

Friday, June 26, 1998

Inside the lodge:

Clint and Jessica arrive as an exhausted Asa tries to go outside to see who got shot. Barbara assures the two of them that Asa's okay but needs to get to a hospital. Asa insists that he's fine and tries to go outside again, but Clint threatens to sit on him if he tries to move. Clint thanks Barbara for everything she has done to help his family. Asa asks Clint to get him some bourbon, but Barbara won't let him drink it.

Cassie arrives at the lodge at the same time as the police, just as the ambulance takes Asa away. Cassie wants to run out into the woods to find Kevin but Barbara offer to go instead. Before BB can get out the door she passes out. John Sykes tells Cassie to take her home and he will call when they have some word on Kevin.

Kevin and Cassie's home:

Blair storms in with an apologetic Max hot on her heels. When Cassie demands to know why they left Starr's graduation, Max explains that Todd took everyone hostage. Cassie asks about Kevin and Blair says that the last time Kevin was seen he had a gun to Todd's head, then there was a shot. Blair is worried about what to tell Starr if Todd ends up dead. Cassie is frantic with worry over Kevin and rushes to the lodge to find out about Kevin, leaving M&B to work out their own problems. Max admits that Asa was paying him to stay close to her but he fell in love with her on his own. He tells how he wanted out of the deal but Asa threatened to spill the beans to Blair. Despite her anger, it is obvious that Blair wants to believe what Max is telling her, but she asks him to leave anyway, telling him that what happened in the wine cellar meant nothing. Max kisses Blair but she bites him on the lip. While they are arguing, Starr walks in asking for her father. Blair apologizes for the fact that she missed Starr's graduation and says that she went "to look for Daddy." Starr asks if Daddy is lost in the woods like Hansel and Gretel. Blair says yes but hopefully he will find his way out of the woods. Blair tells Starr a story to get her to sleep and then takes her up top bed.

Cassie runs back in with Barbara and basically has no more information than when she left. Blair runs out. Max tries to catch up with her but fails. Cassie tries to take care of BB who says that she only needs a shower and some clean clothes. After the shower, BB begins to fantasize about Kevin. Her reverie is interrupted by Cassie who is so worried about Kevin that she can't stand to be alone.

The woods outside the lodge:

In front of the shocked witnesses, Rachel begs Kevin not to shoot Todd since she killed Georgie. Nora and Hank plead with Rachel not to say anymore and attribute her confession to heat and strain. Rachel becomes angry and demands to be treated like an adult and continues to insist that she killed Georgie. All the while, Kevin keeps the gun trained on Todd and refuses to let Téa go to her husband. Rachel is desperate to tell the truth because she says this has been eating at her conscience for a long time and if she doesn't tell someone she will go insane.

Todd is happy that someone finally confessed and tells Kevin to put the gun down now that the real killer has confessed, but Kevin makes it clear that he has no intention of lowering the gun. Kevin, Téa and Sam remind Todd that he is going to be charged with a number of possible crimes including kidnaping. Todd doesn't understand why he would be charged since the dynamite was fake. As Kevin, Todd, Téa and Viki continue bickering, Rachel screams that no one seems at all interested in the fact that she killed Georgie. Nora and Hank tell her to say no more but Rachel says he has to get it out or else she'll go crazy. Bo suggests that they let her speak, but Nora refuses to hear of it. Drew finally demands that she be let to speak. Rachel says that Drew deserves to know the truth.

She tells how she went to the lodge to find Nora because she was scared for her safety. But instead of finding Nora she found Georgie. Rachel demanded to know where her mother was and Georgie replies that she has taken "the saintly Nora out of the picture--utterly and completely." Rachel demands again to see her mother, but Georgie rants and raves about how she and Bo are finally going to be together. She says that Bo is the greatest lover she ever had and how he can't keep his hands off her. Georgie says that now she is going to have everything she has ever wanted and there's nothing Rachel can do about it. Rachel gets in Georgie's face and says that she's not going anywhere until she finds out what happened to her mother. Georgie grabs the fireplace poker and tells her to leave because all she has ever known how to do was roll over. This infuriates Rachel so much that she grabs the baseball bat and kills Georgie. Rachel tells her stunned friends and family that she drove off and when she came back Georgie's body was gone. Since it took so long before anyone found her and everyone was confessing anyway, Rachel convinced herself that she hadn't really killed Georgie, but just knocked her unconscious. Somebody else must have finished her off. Rachel asks Drew if he could ever forgive her for what she did, because she knows that the worst part is that she didn't just kill Georgie--she also killed Drew's baby. Drew grieves over the child they never had but still finds it in his heart to forgive her. Nora hugs her daughter and refuses to believe that it happened while Hank says that it was self-defense and no matter what they will stand by her.

Sykes and the rest of the police show up only to realize that Todd has ducked out while Rachel was confessing. The police take everyone back to the lodge to take statement, while Kevin runs off to look for Todd. Viki is terrified for Todd and makes sure to inform Sykes that Kevin has a gun.

At the hospital:

Asa is admitted for treatment for his heart attack, with Clint and Jessica close behind him. Asa asks Clint to "call her" and Clint assures him that he already did. Clint then asks Jessica to go home because her grandpa is tough as nails and he doesn't want Jessica to lose her beauty sleep. Jessica tries to make Clint realize that she is an adult who can handle any news good or bad, but Clint just dismisses her. A disgusted Jessica leaves the hospital. Shortly thereafter, a worried Renee shows up to be with Asa.

The Palace Hotel:

Sam gets back to his hotel room only to find Blair waiting outside. She says that she wants to take him up on his rain check for "dinner." Sam says that he thought Blair was taking all her meals with Max. Blair says she was a fool. "Join the club," says Sam who picks her up and carries her to bed.

Cristian's apartment:

Jessica knocks on the door when Cristian answers, she throws her arms around him and tells him that she needs a friend tonight.

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