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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, June 29, 1998

Brad shows up at the Snyder house and meets Julia, who tells him that Emma is not home. Brad wonders around the kitchen and remembers certain things he sees. He tells Julia that everything looks the same. Julia asks him if he knows Emma and Brad tells her that he is part of the family. His name is Brad Snyder and he is Jack's brother.

Tom tells Margo he is relieved that Eddie is no longer living with them, which makes Margo mad. Tom tells her that she missed seeing the boys off to summer camp. "I have to go find him" Margo says and leaves to find him.

Eddie starts to sleepwalk in the park when Emily shows up. She wants to know what will keep him quite, money or maybe a job. Eddie picks up a garbage can and throws it by Emily. Emily goes to the police station and cries that Eddie mugged her. Hal issues a warrant for Eddie's arrest. Margo finds Eddie in the park and tells him that Emma would like to meet him. He might be able to stay there. Tom calls Margo on her cell phone and tells her what Emily just said. She does not believe the story. They start looking around for Emily's purse when police sirens get closer. Eddie tells Margo that he is caught when Margo tells him to run. Which he does.

Susan goes to Camille and changes her bandage. She does not want to look. While Susan is changing the bandage, Ben walks in and Camille freaks out and tells Ben to leave. Ben talks with Jack about who is going to take care of Camille when she is released from the hospital. Jack thinks that Julia will be good for the job. Camille tells Susan that she looks like a monster. Ben goes back in to talk to Camille and she does not want to talk about the surgery or anything about the chemo.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Townsend

Tom brings Emily to his home as she is afraid to go home alone. They spend the evening alone together. Margo was out trying to find Eddie. Emily was very pleased at the turn of events. She and Tom have dinner together and then snuggle up on the couch together. They are only on the couch together because Emily pretends that she is dreaming that Eddie is chasing her and Tom comes downstairs to settle her down.

Margo finds Eddie and takes him to an abandoned boathouse. Eddie begs her to leave before she gets into trouble for hiding him. Margo insists that she stay and guard Eddie while he sleeps in case he has another night terror. Eddie is afraid that he will have an episode and hurt Margo. She convinces him that she will be able to handle him. He starts to fall asleep. Margo walks to the doorway looking out into the night. Eddie rolls over and sees her standing there and gives her a most adoring look.

Jack and Brad have it out. Jack tells Brad that he is going pack up and leave Oakdale. Brad asked Jack if that is anyway to treat his brother. Jack informs Brad that he has been keeping up on his current events. He knows about the latest scam he has pulled on a wealthy woman. Jack tells him once again to leave Oakdale. He does not want any scams pulled on his friends. Brad tells him again that he is not leaving. Jack grabs him and says "You got away with murder once, you get away with nothing here".

David is having another private party and has shut down the Valetta once again. Sam comes waltzing through the dining room and is very flustered and sick at her stomach. Kirk wants to get her something to eat and she says "No food". Kirk insist that she eat something and she says no and goes out to the deck. Kirk follows and she tells him that she is "late". Kirk is thrilled that they may be pregnant, but Sam is not. She is not sure that she wants to be a Mother. Meanwhile, back in the dining room David is telling Molly that he has a celebration planned and she tells him that her book is going on sale tomorrow. He says "Great, two things to celebrate". She tells him that she has to go and give an interview about the book. He gets upset and says that she can do the interview tomorrow. She says that she is going to call and postpone the interview, but she has the interviewer come to the Valetta. It turns out to be Andy. He takes a few photos of her and starts to interview her. David takes all he can and breaks up the interview and ask Andy to go. David takes her to the deck so they can talk. He tells her not to get to excited about her book because hundreds of romance novels are publish everyday. He tells her that he will take care of her and give her the things that she needs. He kisses her and a tear runs from her eye.

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Nikki spots a book of baby names and remembers talking to Andy about his father's interest in Carly and her pregnancy. Carly and Hal come downstairs and Nikki compliments Carly on her melon-colored outfit, then tells them a man called for her after they both went to bed-he didn't leave his name but she thought she recognized the voice as being John Dixon's. Hal wonders what John wants with Carly this time. Emily wakes up in Tom's arms and smiles blissfully. Meanwhile, Eddie thrashes in his sleep, dreaming of Tom and Emily laughing at him as he looks for Margo. In his dream, they tell him Margo has abandoned him. Margo is startled when she wakes Eddie up and he throws his arms around her. As she comforts him, someone watches them through the boathouse window.

Hal frets about John. Carly calms him down and convinces him not to go with her to her doctor's appointment. Nikki volunteers to drive her instead-"what's more important than your baby?" Emily whispers Tom's name and Tom, half asleep, starts to kiss her, then wakes up fully and jumps back. He apologizes profusely, explaining that he must've thought she was Margo. Tom reaches for the phone to call Margo, ignoring Emily. As Emily gives up and goes upstairs to take a shower, Tom calls the station. He hangs up when there's a knock at the door, but instead finds it's Hal, asking for clues as to Eddie's whereabouts. But Margo was on that search looking for him, why not ask her? Tom tells Hal. No, says Hal, she's the last person he would put on the search.

The peeping tom walks away from the boathouse. Eddie won't tell Margo what his nightmare was about. Margo tells him that even if he was the one who mugged Emily, he can't be held legally accountable. He's incredulous when she tells him she stayed up all night and that's how she knows he didn't have any night terrors. Eddie tells her she's taking too many chances for him. He's worth it, Margo tells him. Margo leaves to go home to Tom-she tells Eddie that she hopes Tom will be on his way out when she's on her way in, so that she won't have to tell him anything. She leaves Eddie her cell phone so that he can call her in emergencies, but tells him not to pick it up if it rings, because it'll be Tom. Eddie tells Margo she is his one lifeline. Andy watches as his sister walks out of the boathouse.

Kirk urges Sam to buy a home pregnancy test. Sam tells him that's not necessary-she's got an appointment that morning for a blood test. Lucinda overhears their discussion and goes into La Walsh mode, making plans for Sam's baby to play with Lily's, to have their own trust fund, etc. Sam tells her sister to shut up. At the hospital, Carly won't let Nikki go in with her to the doctor. She spies John and sends Nikki to the cafeteria for some juice. John denies to Carly that he called her-he tells her Nikki must've been wrong. But, as long as she's here, why not get a follow-up exam from Dr. Samuels? Carly tells him to back off or else Hal will figure out that something's up-he's a good cop. She worries about the release form that John had her sign but John refuses to give it to her.

Tom and Hal realize Margo went searching for Eddie on her own and each wants to find her and talk to her pronto. Hal leaves to go to the Argus to talk to Emily, since he couldn't reach her at home, and Tom tells him that's not necessary-Emily is upstairs after spending the night because she was so scared. Hal promises not to question her until later and leaves to follow a "hunch" he has about Eddie. Tom dials Margo's cell phone and Eddie holds the ringing phone in his hands. Andy waylays Margo after she leaves the boathouse. He's heard what happened to Emily. He tells his big sis that she's got a big heart, and a smart kind like Eddie could play her "like a violin." She reminds him of his own days in an alcoholic haze and tells him he's different from Eddie only because he had a family there to love and support him. Message received, Andy tells her. When she begs him not to turn her in, Andy lambastes her for putting him in a dangerous position. He can't believe her when she admits to not telling Tom about her hiding Eddie. Margo wants to know-is Andy with her, or against her?

Kirk leaves so Sam can explain it to Lucinda. Sam tells Lucinda that she doesn't want the baby. She was lying to herself when she expressed interest earlier in having her own children. She's no more ready than she was the first time. Lucinda tells her she never knew she'd been pregnant before. John tells Carly the insemination release form is his insurance-against her. Nikki walks up to them as Carly tells John that she'll take him down with her. After Carly leaves Nikki asks to talk to John alone. Tom's having John paged when Margo walks in. He explains about her not picking up her cell phone and asks to see the batteries in it. She pretends to search her bag for it, then tells him she must've dropped it. Tom lets Margo tell her lie about helping the police search for Eddie, then asks her what she was really doing last night, just as Emily comes downstairs in a bathrobe.

Lucinda assumes that Sam had a miscarriage, though Sam denies it. Lucinda also assumes Sam is concerned because Kirk would be the father. Lucinda promises that "nurture will triumph over nature" and she'll work to "cancel out those Anderson genes." Sam says she doesn't understand-having her as a mother would be the worst thing that could happen to a kid. Margo questions Emily about the details of the mugging and suggests that she merely assumed Eddie was the one who attacked her from behind. Tom tells Margo to knock it off, that he'll believe Emily before "that punk." Margo denies that Eddie is a punk and storms out of the room.

Eddie spots Hal approaching the boathouse. Andy tells Hal not to go in. Sam tells Lucinda she's not like other women-when she sees a child she thinks of the endless responsibility and the burden upon her. She tells her sis she is cold in her heart-it's what made her a good con artist. Lucinda asks her what she'll do if the blood test is indeed positive and Sam says she doesn't know. John promises not to tell Carly about either of their conversations about Carly and her pregnancy. Nikki questions him about the odds of Carly getting pregnant so quickly-just one month after they got married. John reminds her that pregnancy can happen before marriage, though he denies that Carly was pregnant before the marriage.

Emily returns home and remembers "waking up" from her bad "dream" and Tom holding her. Emily tells Susan that she told the police it was Eddie who mugged her. Susan figures out that Emily stayed with Tom. Margo tries to make a quick exit but Tom waylays her and tells her to answer his question-where was she? Andy tells Hal that he's using the boathouse for a photo shoot and the only thing that's in there is a pretty spider web. Hal tells him he'll have the spider make another web for him and enters.

Kirk arrives at the hospital and Sam tells him the test was negative. She stops his rationalizations-she doesn't ever want a child. Carly tells Nikki to get a name next time, because it definitely wasn't John who called her, so she worried her dad for nothing. Carly goes to take a nap and calls downstairs for Nikki to get her vitamins from her purse. Nikki finds Carly's datebook along with the vitamins, and opens it to March 3rd, seeing Carly's note in large red letters: "Last chance to get pregnant before deadline." Nikki smiles. Susan accuses Emily of being obsessed with Tom, and wants herself or another doctor to look Emily over, but Emily refuses.

Hal finds the boathouse empty. Tom wants to know why Margo lied to him. The phone rings and he goes over to pick it up. Eddie waits on the cell phone for Margo to pick up.

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Margo tries to avoid Tom's persistent demands that she tell him the truth about were she was last night. Eddie calls Margo to let her know he had to find another hiding place. He asks her to meet him at Dina's grave and Margo tells Tom something has come up and she has to go back to work. At Dina's grave, Eddie tells his mother that he was wrong about Margo, that she really cares about him. When Margo arrives, she and Eddie discuss the theory that Eddie would have awaken from his night terrors if Emily would have screamed. Sure that they are on to something, Margo tells Eddie to hideout at Fairwinds while she continues to investigate Emily's story.

Camille resists Ben's suggestion that they hire Julia to help her at home while she recuperates. However, when Brad stops by for a visit, he is able to convince Camille that hiring Julia is a good idea. Jack is not pleased to find Brad hanging around Camille's hospital room and warns him to stay away from Julia.

As David and Molly prepare for Molly's interview on "Patterns, Lucinda is unsuccessful in convincing Kim to cancel the interview. When Molly reads excerpts from her book on the air, she is shocked to find that her manuscript has been rewritten. Lucinda confirms Molly's accusations that she is responsible for the rewrite. David assures Molly they will have their revenge as he interrupts programming to broadcast a clip of Lucinda dancing with James at the charity ball.

Susan becomes suspicious of Emily when she resists being examined. She becomes even more suspicious when Emily's "injuries" prove to be inconsistent with those of a mugging victim. Emily is further agitated when Jack stops by to question her about the assault. Emily returns to the office and seeks comfort from Tom. Later, Margo stops by to question Emily about what really happened with Eddie.

Friday, July 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Carly arrives and wants to celebrate, but Molly's still crying over her book. David tells her that the station's phones are ringing off the hook-not about her interview, but about the footage of Lucinda and James dancing and kissing at the ball. David orders his staffers to bring back footage of La Walsh being dragged to the police station. Molly tells Carly her attitude is scaring her. Jack and Lucinda arrive at the station, and Holden arrives not long after. Holden gets a call on his cell phone-its Lily, who's also seen the broadcast and wants him to tell her it's not true. He hands the phone over to Lucinda to do some explaining. Emily blows off Susan's attempts to talk. Hal arrives to question Emily. She tells him she's already been through the third degree from Margo. Margo's not on the case, he is, Hal tells her. Eddie breaks into Fairwinds and thinks somebody else is there.

Margo arrives at the hospital to talk to Ben about Eddie. Ben's heard about the mugging. They step into his office. A few steps behind them is Tom, who looks on. A blond girl cowers under the furniture as Eddie calls for them to come out. At first Lucinda tells Lily that the tape was faked, but Lily knows it was real footage. Then Lucinda tells her she was surprised by James, that it's not important in any case. Lily accuses her mother of betraying her family and says the idea of her and James together makes her sick, then hangs up. Lucinda tells Jack she's not going to answer any questions until her lawyer arrives. Just then, Jessica shows up. Jack's questioning of Lucinda is delayed by the arrival of David's media hounds, whom Jack has to escort out.

Tom waits outside while Margo tells Ben about Eddie having memory flashes. Ben figures out that Margo knows where Eddie's hiding and has been talking to him, which is breaking the law. He is reluctant to step in and help Margo. Eddie spots the girl as she is trying to sneak out with a suitcase. Hal asks if Eddie did anything more than mug Emily, since she's acting so upset. Emily tells him she's just afraid he's going to come get her. Then why did she go to the office, since she knew that'd be the first place Eddie would look for her? She has no ready answer for him. Hal asks her if she actually saw Eddie take her wallet. Upstairs, Susan finds Emily's credit cards hidden in the pocket of her jacket.

The stowaway girl tells Eddie that it's her family's summerhouse, and that he should leave before her rich daddy arrives. Eddie in turn tells her he's a rock star, and refuses to leave. David overhears Molly telling Carly that he doesn't care what happened to her book. He arranges to buy all the copies of her book from one bookstore. Carly admits to being jealous when she saw Molly on TV. She wants to be "useful," too. She tells Molly she wants to get her job back at the station because she's lonely.

Holden listens as Lucinda tells Jack that James did not contact her before the night of the ball. Jack tells her that she looked anything but terrified in the tape. Brad enters the interrogatin room to offer his testimony as "star witness." Lucinda urges Jack not to believe what Brad says. Brad says that she did everything to get away from James, that the tape didn't show that James had a gun on her. Margo wants Ben to do hypnosis on Eddie to find out what really happened in the park. Ben hedges about getting involved, especially since his friend Jack is leading the investigation, but Margo reminds him of his own experience with being accused when he was really innocent.

As Emily is telling Hal that Eddie did indeed take everything from her wallet, Susan walks in with the credit cards in her hand, which Emily sees. Jack has to let Lucinda go, though he tells Brad he doesn't believe his story. Holden refuses to explain away Lucinda's actions to Lily. Holden greets Brad before calling Lily. He tells her about Lucinda being released because a witness came forward claiming she was being held at gunpoint. Lily tells him she feels helpless and wants to come back to kick David out of WOAK, but Holden makes her promise to stay put and take care of herself and the baby. Lucinda is grateful to Brad for helping her out and tells him not to hie himself off so quickly.

David tells Molly that her book has been selling out since the interview aired. She calls the bookstore and is overjoyed to hear that it's true. Over David's protests, she and Carly leave to go shopping, but not before David tells Carly that she should "be home gestating, not out bar hopping."

Ben agrees to help Eddie. He stops Margo when she begins to slip up and tell him where Eddie is hiding. After Hal leaves, Susan confronts her daughter about hiding her credit cards. The stowaway girl offers Eddie a handkerchief of wild raspberries, but he chooses his own candy bar instead. She makes a joke about his sideburns and introduces herself as Georgia. She won't tell him why she came to Oakdale, except that she's not running away.

Molly and Carly stop at the police station, at Carly's insistence, and Carly asks Hal to give her her old job back. She watches Jack as she hugs Hal and tells him she can be closer to him. Brad turns down Lucinda's offer of a drink. It's a small town-they'll run into each other again soon, he promises. Jack accuses Brad of being the mastermind behind the videotape, so he could rescue another lonely rich woman. Brad tells him it's in the past, that "he's dead" and he can't bring him back. That's the one thing the two brothers can agree on, Jack says.

Hal agrees to let Carly have her old job back. She overhears Jack being invited to Yo's to celebrate Guzman's birthday and declines Hal's dinner invitation. Molly is tough on Carly about lying to herself and gets her to admit she still wants Jack.

Eddie tells Georgia to leave before it gets dark. She cracks a joke about him turning into a vampire after dark, but he stays serious. Georgia flees when Margo arrives. Margo is startled to find Tom behind her, not Eddie.

Susan confronts Emily and Emily flashes back to the park: Eddie put the garbage can down and walked away and collapsed into sleep. When Emily was sure he wasn't going to wake up, she hurriedly stashed her credit cards, lost her purse, ripped her clothes and smashed a rock on her knee, later creating the bruise. Susan concludes that Eddie didn't mug her and wants to know what's really going on.



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