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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, July 6, 1998

Jack meet's Julia at Yo's and he is in a bad mood. It's open mike night at Yo's and Julia wants Jack to sing and win first prize which is a hayride. Julia tries several times to talk to Jack who keeps daydreaming. Finally she gets up and goes up to the mike and starts to sing. Julia gets done singing and then Jack sings. Jack gets a message saying his car lights are on then leaves to go turn them off.

Susan tells Emily that if her credit cards were stolen then why did she find them in one of her suit coats. Susan tells Emily she does not believe her story about getting mugged which makes her mad. Susan pleads with her daughter to do the right thing and have the charges dropped before she ruins her own reputation. Emily refuses to do so and insists on making Eddie pay for what he did to her. Emily gets mad and leaves. She gets into her car and finds Eddie in the back seat.

Margo goes to Fairwind to find Eddie. Tom shows up and tells Margo that he was following her. She gets really mad at him. Tom asks her why is she there. Margo tells him that she got a tip that James was in the area. Then why did you call out Eddie's name Tom asked. Tom starts to search the house when Margo tells him that she is hiding Eddie. Tom tells Margo that he has to let Eddie go. He then calls the police station and tells them he has some information on Eddie.

Carly is at Fashion's trying on dresses. She pays for them with Hal's credit card. That makes Barbara mad and she tries to talk to Lisa about it. John shows up and wants to take Barbara out to dinner. She is busy tonight with group therapy. Maybe tomorrow she says. John leaves and Lisa follows him outside. They end up at Yo's. Lisa gets him to sing a song with her. The judge announces that Lisa and John win first place in the duo contest and win a 1 night stay in a hotel. Jack wins the solo part of the contest and wins the hayride.

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Townsend

Carly gets Jack outside at Yo's under false pretense. She asks him if he is falling in love with Julia. Jack says that is personal and tries to leave. Carly grabs his hands, she wants to know. She asks if there is anything left for them. Jack reminds her that she is married and is carrying her husband's baby. Inside, Molly is trying to keep Julia from going outside to look for Jack. Molly finally comes outside to interrupt Jack and Carly. Carly tells her to go away. Molly said they better break it up or Julia will be out to do it. Jack rips his hands away for Carly and says it is too late. After he leaves, Carly asks Molly what is it that he sees in Julia. Molly tells her it is time to go and she refuses.

Jack goes back into the bar and finds Julia, talking to Brad. Brad is there with Lucinda. As Jack walks up to them, he hears Brad say something about things change and Jack wants to know what he is talking about. Brad gives him a look and goes back to Lucinda. Brad and Lucinda go outside for some fresh air. They are discussing the video that all of Oakdale has seen on TV with Lucinda dancing with James. Brad has the bright idea that Lucinda should involve herself with someone else so that it doesn't look like she is with James. Lucinda is not sure about this idea. Oh, she has an idea. She likes them young, maybe Brad. Brad gets a very sly look on his face. Earlier, Jack had warned her that Brad could be a con artist and she had better watch her wallet.

Julia gets cornered in the ladies room by the crazy cousins. Carly starts to taunt her again. She informs Julia that Jack was once hung up on Molly and that he is quite the ladies man. Julia just tells them to have a good evening and leaves. Carly is driving herself crazy. She just can't understand what Jack sees in Julia. Then Carly get a bright idea. To get Jack alone, she will go to his house. About the same time, Jack and Julia decide to go somewhere they can be alone. Jack suggests his house.

Emily goes out to get in her car. Eddie is in the back seat. They argue and Emily tells him that her mom is inside and she will call the cops. Eddie is telling Emily that he is going to tell Margo what she has been up to. Susan comes out of the house and Emily and Eddie jump out of the car. Eddie does not run away. Emily tells Susan that he is Eddie Silva and to call 911. Susan looks at Eddie and asks if he is Eddie Silva. Emily screams at her mom to call the cops. Susan tells her if she wants the cops there she will have to call them herself. Susan tells Eddie that he better leave. Eddie yells at Emily some more and then he leaves. Susan tells Emily that she will have to answer for her actions when all this comes out. Emily tells Susan that she will take anyone's side except hers.

Tom finds Margo at Fairwinds looking for Eddie. Tom tries to convince her how much trouble that she will be in if Hal finds out that she has been hiding Eddie. He tells her that he has to call the tip in to the police about Eddie. They go home and Hal arrives. He is telling Margo that they have not found Eddie yet. He also tells her that she is to close to the Eddie and is off the case. Tom lies to Hal when he questions Tom about the call to the police station. Margo convinces Hal to go home and be with his wife. After Hal leaves, Tom asks Margo if she is happy, he is now lying for Eddie Silva too. The phone rings and Margo says that she should answer it. Tom says that she should, it is probably Eddie. Sure enough, it is. Margo tells Eddie that he should go to Dr. Ben Harris' house and that he is going to hypnotize him and help him remember what happen in the park with Emily. Eddie says OK and where are they going to meet. Margo, in tears, tells Eddie she can't meet him, that he has to do this alone and says good-bye. When she hangs up, Tom gives her a look and tells her to go. She grabs her purse and leaves.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

When the leased car that Lucinda got for Molly gets a flat tire, Holden unknowingly stops to help. Eddie arrives at Ben's for the hypnosis and Margo hurries to catch up. Susan won't stop harassing Emily as Emily is cutting up her incriminating credit cards, even as Tom is at the door asking to come in. Jack and Julia go inside Jack's house and Julia wants to go upstairs, where Carly is hiding, but Jack urges her back downstairs, away from his messiness. Jack finds a lady's handkerchief on his couch. Margo denies to Eddie that she and Tom are going to break up over him. Susan lets Tom in so that Emily can tell him the truth, then leaves when she is beeped to go to the hospital.

Tom talks to Emily about Margo, how because of her he's forcing himself to take a second look at Eddie. Jack tells Julia it's from the other woman in his life-who Julia figures out to be Emma. Carly's grin is wiped away at this. She creeps downstairs and sees the two of them kissing. When Holden moves to leave, Molly guilt trips him into staying and helping her, since she has no cell phone with her and Holden left his at the stable. Holden warns the mother of his child to dump David before David takes a fall-and her with him.

At the Falcon Club, Kirk spars with David over his buying copies of Molly's book. Kim and Bob arrive for dinner and after exchanging pleasantries with David, she tells Bob sweetly that David is a two-faced snake and that she feels like some very red meat, because she's going in for the kill. Georgia arrives at the club and after flashing a wad of cash Kirk seats her and her "dressed-down" look. Sam all but runs away from Kirk, telling him she's meeting an old friend from Monaco. Kirk lets her go, though he knows she's lying.

Emily's mad when it seems like Tom doesn't believe her, and she slips and mentions about Margo hiding Eddie. Tom wants to know how she knows that, and she recovers and tells him that she was just following a journalist's hunch. Tom asks her to keep the information a secret, that he has to protect Margo, because he loves her. Eddie's worried that the hypnosis will reveal that he did in fact mug Emily, and that whatever comes out will make Margo regret helping him. Julia tells Jack a little about her past, after his stairs remind her of the stairs at Mary's house. Mary was a second mother to her-she spent more time at Mary's house than at her own because her parents would go away on trips and leave her alone with the hired help to look after her. Carly, meanwhile, is rolling her eyes at the entire trip down memory lane. After Julia tried to run away, and ended up at Mary's house, her mother blamed Mary and had her fired. Julia did succeed in running away-from Xavier and the feeling of being trapped.

Molly asks Holden, "Can't we all just get along?" Molly's cell phone rings when Holden is retrieving something from his own trunk. It's David, wanting to know why she's late for dinner-and why she's whispering to him. She tells him not to bother coming, though after hanging up he decides to get her anyway. Kim tells Bob of her teaming up with Holden to oust David from WOAK. Georgia informs Kirk of the cholesterol content of some of the items on his menu and acts repulsed by the mere mention of sugar. Georgia looks at her wad of bills-at the two real dollar bills and the pile of blank green papers sandwiched in between the two real bills.

After Kirk's tender prodding, Sam finally confesses the truth-she's got an appointment in Chicago that night for a tubal ligation, because she doesn't want to go through any more pregnancy scares. Kirk urges to her to talk about it before she goes through with it, because not talking about this was what broke up his marriage to Ellie. Georgia watches the couple embrace and leave and asks the waitress about Sam, then when she finds out her name, murmurs to herself, "that was her!". She leaves a dollar for the bill and rushes off. Jack surprises Julia by telling her that he already knew she was wealthy-he had someone do a background check on her after Xavier hired him. He didn't tell her he knew because she hadn't told him the information herself, and he liked the woman on the train anyway. Carly slips away from the staircase where she's been hiding. Emily vocalizes her desire for a drink, then her fears that she'll become her mother. Tom assures her she's not being self-pitying, and that he doesn't think she's making anything up.

Ben tells Eddie to remember a good time he had while sleeping and Eddie sees himself kissing Margo. An angry David arrives and Holden is glad to escape, cautioning David not to become roadkill. David and Molly exchange cars, and after she leaves, he takes the tire jack and attacks the headlights. He thinks that Molly must still love Holden. Tom wants Emily to recount-in detail-everything that happened in the park. She remembers Eddie falling asleep and her faking her injuries, but she doesn't tell Tom anything. Eddie comes out of the hypnosis and is chagrined when he sees Margo. Julia tells Jack that if she hadn't met him on the train, she would've succumbed to her mother and Xavier. Jack heads upstairs to get his Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" CD so they can celebrate her freedom and he sees Carly in his room.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

Eddie is upset when he remembers under hypnosis that he kissed Margo during one of his night terrors. Embarrassed by his actions, he refuses to tell Ben and Margo what he has remembered. Ready to bolt, Ben and Margo convince Eddie to spend the night at Ben's and then try hypnosis again in the morning. Later, Eddie confesses to Ben that he kissed Margo. Ben tells him he knows because Margo told him. He assures Eddie he did nothing wrong and to relax.

While Susan is changing Camille's bandages, Camille asks to see her scars again. Brad stops by the hospital with a present for Camille. He tells her about his and Lucinda's plan to convince Lily that Lucinda is not involved with James. Camille warns him that Lucinda has two sides to her and he better be prepared to swim with sharks. She also wonders why Brad is telling her this secret. Brad explains that he wants her to know the truth because he cares what she thinks about him.

Jack is shocked to finds Carly hiding in his bedroom. Jack insists that she leave, but Carly taunts Jack about poor pitiful Princess Julia. She informs Jack she is not leaving and that he'll sleep with Julia over her dead body. Resigned to the fact that Carly won't budge, Jack makes excuses with Julia and sends her on her way. He then returns to the bedroom to confront Carly.

Emily blurts out to Tom that she never meant for things to go this far and that she would never hurt him because she loves him. Seeing the shocked look on Tom's face, Emily quickly recovers by saying she loves Tom and Margo because they are her best friends. Tom continues to question Emily about the night in hopes of coming up with some clue that will clear Eddie and get Margo off the hook. However, Emily won't budge. She continues to insist that Eddie is guilty. Susan is upset to return home and find that Emily failed to tell Tom the truth. Tom returns home to find Margo. He tells her that he has talked to Emily and there's no doubt that Eddie is guilty. Upset, Margo tells an angered Tom that she's going right now to confront Emily herself. When she arrives at the Stewart house, Emily has already gone to bed, but Susan is eager to talk to Margo. She suggests to Margo that Emily needs help because of what happened with Diego. A furious Emily confronts her mother and Margo when she overhears the conversation.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

Emily walks in as Susan is talking to Margo and Emily blasts her mother for telling Margo, "of all people." Holden meets with a man who tells him Lily won't have to deal with David as a business partner for much longer. Molly tells Holden she won't let him hurt David. Julia cries tears of joy on Emma's shoulder. Carly tells Jack she's still in love with him-she never stopped. Jack tells her he doesn't believe a word of it. He wants to know why now, when she has been pushing him away, even at the wedding. Jack castigates himself for being a slow learner and tells her that getting dumped by her was the best thing that happened to him.

Ben watches Eddie as he thrashes and mutters in his sleep. He hears Eddie calling out Margo and Emily's names. Emily backtracks when she discovers Susan was only telling Margo how worried she was. Margo is interrupted by her beeper. A furious Emily corners Susan when Margo goes to answer it.

Holden warns Molly to stay out of it. Molly advises him to let what David did to Lily go, because it'll just get David mad. She tells Holden that she's just trying to protect him from David. Jack tells Carly to go home to her husband. Carly tells Jack she's tired-from fighting every day to keep him out of her head. Without him, she has no home. He tells her that if she truly cares, she'll walk out right now-and not look back.

Holden brings up Molly's drugging of him and putting him in prison. She is shocked by how bitter he is. She confesses to having been obsessed with him, but tells him David is dangerous because he bottles his rage inside him. Holden says he's not scared. David collars Holden before he can leave the Lakeview.

Julia recounts the singing contest at Yo's to Emma, as well as her impressions of Jack's decidedly bachelor pad of a house. Julia recounts how she felt when she saw him on the train, so off in another world. She knows now he was thinking about Carly. Carly who? Emma quips.

Emily accuses her mother of turning on her and declares she'll be the one to decide when and how much of the truth she'll tell. She warns Susan to stay out of it, but Susan can't. Ben tells Margo that Eddie is calling for her and she agrees to come over immediately, even when Ben tells her Eddie is also talking about Emily. When Ben turns around, Eddie is gone. Margo tells Emily as she is leaving that Eddie is slowly remembering what happened that night, through hypnosis. Emily panics and decides she has to find out where Margo is hiding Eddie. She hits redial on her phone and hears Ben's answering machine pick up. She phones Crimestoppers and reports Eddie's whereabouts.

David confronts Holden and accuses him of following Molly, his ex-girlfriend. Holden in turn accuses him of being jealous and tells David he shouldn't be-Molly is all his. Hal shows up at the farm to follow up on a possible Eddie sighting. Julia asks if this is the case that Jack was called to work on, and Hal has no idea what she's talking about, but tells her that Jack is probably working on something very dull-ever since he came back from Chicago he's been taking safe assignments.

Carly tells Jack that he's just scared. She reminds him that she even asked him to marry her. Yes, he spits, because she was desperate to get married and cash in on the $50 million. She tells him that she chose him. They kiss. Molly is curled up in bed watching the videotape of her and Holden. David walks in and she explains it as her interview on Patterns. Molly tells him she's had a long day and just wants to be alone and go to sleep. David is irked and chides her-soon she'll turn into Kim Hughes. Molly tells him that's a low blow and they get passionate.

Jack and Carly are also passionate, but Carly can't keep quiet and tells him it could never be so good with Julia, which makes him pull up short. Hal gets a call about the Crimestoppers tip and leaves to check it out. Julia wonders if Carly ever worries about him. Julia tells Emma that she has a bad habit of leaving, that nothing ever stays good. Jack tells Carly she only wanted him because he was with somebody else. Carly admits to being jealous of Julia, that it took Julia to make her see what she had lost. She wants to save herself and Jack.

Ben tells an arriving Margo that Eddie's gone, that he's searched the neighborhood and hasn't spotted him. Margo rushes out to find him before someone sees him and reports him to the police. Holden tells Emma to keep her fingers crossed, that he was out late last night because he was working on a plan to allow Lily to come back soon. He gets a phone call with good news-David's license from the FCC has been revoked. Without it, he can't be a partner in WOAK, no matter how much money he throws around. David watches the Holden/Molly videotape while Molly sleeps on unaware, then he rips the tape to shreds.

Emily is irked when she calls and finds out that Eddie hasn't been captured yet. Susan tells her that she's through standing by and watching her and protecting her. Emily brings up their history, how she's covered for her mother in the past when she was an alcoholic and how only because of Emily was Susan able to have Alison. Susan tells her the two situations aren't comparable, and that she wishes Emily hadn't protected her when she was a drunk. She threatens her daughter-if she doesn't tell Margo the truth, Susan will.

Ben and Margo return to his house in the morning with Eddie in tow. They walk in to find Hal waiting for them. Jack returns from his walk and tells Carly he almost believes her when she says she loves him. How can she convince him? Leave Hal, Jack answers.


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