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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, July 13, 1998

Susan tells Emily to tell the truth about the mugging or she will. Emily tells Susan she will do it today. Tom stops by looking for Margo. Emily tells him she does not know where she is. Hal is waiting at Ben's place when Ben, Margo and Eddie show up. Hal wants a explanation. Eddie tries to tell Hal that Margo found him and now he can get arrested. Tom and Emily show up. Finally Emily confesses that it was not Eddie who mugged her. She apologizes to Eddie. Hal has the charges dropped and Eddie is free to go. Tom asks Emily is she lied to protect Margo. Emily gets a big smile on her face and says yes she did. Margo gets upset when Eddie starts to leave and can not make him stay. Hal goes home to find his wife. Nikki tells Hal that Carly did not come home last night.

Lisa stops by John's apartment and is surprised to see that breakfast is waiting for her. She sits down to eat when the doorbells rings. John lets in Barbara. Lisa hurries and leaves. Barbara tries to pump John with questions about Carly. Over breakfast John tells Barbara that he wants to make love to her, but she says she can't. John asks her will she ever be ready. Barbara gets upset and leaves.

Jack tells Carly to leave Hal. She needs to decide who she wants. Hal or Jack. Carly tells him she chooses Jack. Jack wants her to prove her love for him by leaving Hal tonight and then meeting him at 7:30pm. She agrees to do it and leaves. Julia shows up with breakfast. Julia can sense something is wrong but Jack will not talk about it. Carly goes to see John and tell him she needs his help.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Townsend

David meets Molly at the Valletta for breakfast. They are making small talk about the night the night before. Molly tells David what a great lover he is and David gets a bad look on his face and asks if she was enjoying watching herself on videotape. She thinks he is talking about the interview on Patterns. He slams down the videotape of her and Holden in the hotel room and asked if she was thinking of him during their lovemaking? She tries to calm him down, telling him that she doesn't care about Holden. He tells her that he doesn't think that she has been truthful with him. In walks Lucinda and Brad, Molly looks at them as they enter and David turns to see who she is looking at. He tells her that she had better not lie to him again. The cellular phone rings and it is Hal wanting to talk to Molly. He wants to know if she has seen Carly. Molly lies and says that she was with her last night and then she went shopping.

Carly is with John. She is telling him that she is going to leave Hal. John says that won't work because she has to be married to the father to get the $50 million. Carly asked him if he will change the paternity test to show Jack Snyder as the father. John goes ballistic and says that he is never going to do that and that he will never, ever help her again.

Eddie tells Georgia that he is going to the Valletta to see about getting a job and asks if she would like to go with him. She says no, she can't go back so soon. Eddie asks if she had been out there and she says she had dinner there last night, but when the bill came she found out that she had left her credit card at home. Eddie asks if she stiffed them. She rolls her eyes at him.

Sam and Kirk are talking on the deck of the Valletta. She is telling him that she is still going to have the surgery (so she can't have children). Kirk is trying to talk her out of it. In walks Eddie and Georgia and interrupts them. Kirk asks what does he want? Eddie asks about the bus boy job and if it is still open. Kirk says it is. Sam recognizes Eddie as the kid that Margo and Tom took into their house. She says there is a warrant out for his arrest. Eddie tells them that the charges have been dropped. Emily Stewart made a mistake. Kirk then recognizes Georgia as the girl that stiffed them the night before. She starts to run but Eddie stops her. Eddie gives Kirk some money toward her meal. Sam and Kirk decide to give Eddie a try but on a trial basis. When they leave, Eddie makes a comment about Sam being a bitch. Georgia stands up for her and tells him not to call her that. Eddie is suspicious and asks if she is related. Georgia finally gives it up and says that Sam is her mother.

David finds out that Holden has managed to get him out of WOAK. He is so mad that he breaks a glass in his hand. He tells Molly that he is going to have to give Holden a message, one that he won't soon forget. Lucinda is watching and Molly sees that David's hand is bleeding.

Carly comes home to find Hal waiting on her. She says she knows that he is going to yell at her. He says that he is not going to yell. He knows that she was with Molly last night. She says that they have something that they need to talk about.

John walks into the cop shop and up to Jack. He tells Jack that he knows the deal that Jack and Carly have going on. Jack looks around to see if anybody heard John and then he tells John that it is none of his business. John says that it is his business since Carly has asked him to forge the paternity test.

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

In the day's mail Margo finds a letter from Adam, and within it a separate letter from Adam to Eddie, which makes both Tom and Margo look away. Eddie's probation officer Mr. Price arrives on the heels of this discovery and informs them that because Eddie violated is parole, he'll have to serve the rest of his sentence in prison. On the Valletta Georgia tells Eddie that Samantha is not her "long lost auntie," but her mother. Eddie, however, thinks it's just another one of her stories, and says the next thing she'll tell him is that her father is a millionaire. Samantha walks in just in time to hear Eddie snickering and wants to know what's so funny. Carly tells Hal that she has to tell him something but he gives her a present first, to make up for his working at the station too much-a mobile for the crib. Hal tells her that he can't find the words to tell her how much he loves her and her baby. So what did she want to tell him? He asks.

John assures Jack that Carly's heart is not in danger, but her morals, "which resemble that of a hungry snake," are. He tells Officer Snyder that Carly asked him to fake a paternity test naming Jack as the father of her baby. Georgia passes off Eddie's laughter as a reaction to something stupid he said. Eddie finally belies that Georgia's serious, and Sam really is her mother. Georgia tells him she didn't know it herself until a week ago.

Sara Ruth brings Camille home from the hospital and finds Ben and Julia there waiting. Camille thinks that her apartment looks different and accuses them of moving things around. Julia introduces herself as Camille's nursemaid and Sara Ruth tells her she's not needed and points to the door.

Jack won't believe John about Carly. John says he's telling the truth, that he knows it all hinges on the 50 mil. Hal dismisses Carly's assertion that their marriage has been rocky. He says those were just isolated incidents and wants to smooth things over by going out, but Carly tells him no. Tom explains to Mr. Price about the charges against Eddie being dropped and Margo is left to explain about Eddie not living with them anymore, though it technically is a violation of his probation agreement. She tells him that he's going to be staying out at Emma's farm instead. After he leaves apparently satisfied, Tom tells Margo that Emily lied to Hal about mistaking Eddie-it wasn't that she finally realized the truth, but that she was trying to protect them.

Sara Ruth reluctantly agrees to let Julia stay-for now. Julia and Ben shoot the breeze about Jack and she tells him about Jack being preoccupied by some problem. Ben urges her to be "pushy" and call to remind him about their hayride that night. Jack accuses John of having his own agenda for telling him about Carly. Hal tells Carly that as long as they love each other they can overcome anything and she gets short with him. Barbara arrives at their door.

Georgia tells Eddie about her grandmother dying in the hospital after a long illness-it was her dad's mother, not Samantha's. On her deathbed, her grandmother told her where to find her mother Samantha. Georgia is still waiting for the right moment, though. Barbara barges in with all of Carly's bags from her shopping spree. Hal tells his ex-wife that he knows what she's up to, and he doesn't give a damn about the bills, as long as it makes Carly happy.

John wonders why Jack wants to play "kill the messenger" just because he doesn't like the message. After John leaves, Jack checks his messages and finds one from Carly, reminding him of the time and place of their rendezvous on the docks. There's also one from Julia, reminding him about the hayride and hoping that he'll be there. Barbara and Hal spar over her motives and Carly rushes out mid-argument as the former Mr. and Mrs. Munson watch. Ben reluctantly leaves and Camille, checking her messages, finds one from the modeling agency talking about rescheduling a shoot. Sara Ruth has to explain that she just told them Camille was sick-the less they know, the better. Besides, it would be good for her to go back to work. Camille agrees sarcastically, referring to herself as lopsided and half-breasted. She tears away part of one of her photos, so that it only shows one breast.

Margo scoffs at the idea of thanking Emily for something that she should've done in the first place. Tom is steadfast-they have to break their connection cold to Eddie. He wants to destroy Adam's letter-no more compromising. Margo agrees-he's out of their life. She has Tom agree that she can address the letter to Emma. Tom promises her it'll be smooth sailing after this. Eddie then arrives at their door.

Camille goes on a tirade against her mother, referring derisively to herself as the model with the missing breast. Sara Ruth tearfully acquiesces to Camille's request to leave. Once alone, Camille goes off on Julia and tells her to leave, too. Samantha helps Georgia braid her hair and tells her she used to have hair just like hers. Georgia wonders aloud why Samantha is being so nice and Sammy confesses to having been "an A number one witch" and being under stress. Sam agrees to Georgia's request to let her stay on board for the summer and work part-time.

Eddie tells the Hugheses that he's just there to collect his stuff. He tells Margo about his new job at the Falcon Club and about Kirk letting him stay on the Valetta. Tom leaves to fix his story for the morning edition. Carly arrives at the docks and looks around anxiously. Margo gives Eddie a suitcase to put his things into. She hesitantly accepts his set of housekeys back. She gives him Adam's letter and he wonders if he could come and visit him once he comes back from camp, but Margo tells him no, that's not a good idea.

When Julia refuses to leave, Camille tells her she's fired. Hal tells Barbara he and Carly are solid, and makes her leave. Jack arrives at the docks and Carly throws herself into his embrace.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Margo tearfully explains to Eddie that it would be better if they kept their distance from each other because of Tom and the boys. Later, when Andy stops by the house, Margo asks him to keep an eye on Eddie for her, but Andy refuses. He doesn't want to hang out with Eddie or be his friend because he's a juvenile delinquent and, besides that, they have nothing in common.

Camille finally calms down after her tirade and apologizes to Julia for firing her and acting like a lunatic. After the two women talk for awhile, Camille assures Julia that she is okay and that Julia should go meet Jack for their hayride.

Jack coolly greets an anxious Carly by the docks. Jack insists that Carly tell him how Hal took the news and Carly, after a few moments of trying to dodge the question, informs Jack that she was unable to talk to Hal. Jack becomes irate when Carly asks for a few more days to tell her husband their marriage is over. He informs Carly that John told him about her latest scheme. He can't believe that she would think he'd allow his friends and family to think he was sleazy enough to sleep with the boss' wife. Carly is stunned when Jack tells her it's over for good..

Susan is surprised to find Eddie working at the Falcon Club. She apologizes to Eddie for what Emily did to him. Eddie tells Susan that Emily did it to keep his mouth shut because he knows she wants Tom. He warns Susan that if Emily continues to pursue Tom he will tell Margo everything. During their conversation, Eddie says something that makes Susan realize that her daughter didn't come completely clean about the events of the "mugging." When Susan confronts Emily, she doesn't deny it. Later, Tom arrives at the Falcon Club to inform Emily they won a journalism award for their tornado stories and is not pleased to find Emily and Eddie engaged in an intense conversation.

Friday, July 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredith Thompson

At Yo's, Kim and Holden drink a toast to having gotten ride of the station's not-so-silent partner. But Holden tells her it's not over yet-he wants David out of town, out of money, just plain OUT. Brad invites Julia to an adjacent barstool, but his smile turns upside down when she invokes Jack's name. In an effort to get him to accept the idea of faking a paternity test, Carly tells Jack he was the one she wanted to have a baby with all along. Under pressure, Jack admits he does love her. Emily confirms the hotel reservations for her and Tom in New York-one room will be plenty, she tells them. She hurries over when she sees Tom and Eddie fighting over her. Andy listens in with dawning awareness at the AA meeting as Susan tells about on of her relatives who told a lie and faked a crime, then told her to keep quiet about it. Margo barges into the meeting.

Jack tells Carly though he loves her, he loves her in spite of everything she's done and said, and he can't live with the lie she wants them to tell. She is breaking his heart, he tells her, and it's because he knows why she's doing all this. He recalls how growing up she never knew her own mother, and how if they do this, her baby will never know its true father. Carly argues that this child will have money, which she didn't have, and growing up she missed that more than she missed her mother. Jack concludes that the two of them being together isn't enough for her-she'll never be satisfied. She's hedged her bets as usual. When he goes to leave she pegs him as going to find Julia. Julia terms Jack "solid" to Brad. Brad will only allow that Jack is "lucky." Brad volunteers to give her a ride to where the hayride starts, since the barn is in the middle of nowhere. Kim observes them departing.

After Eddie and Tom argue over Emily's supposedly lying to exonerate Eddie, Eddie enlists the aid of Georgia, arranging to have her call for Tom. Tom gets a call alerting him to suspicious fire in Milltown. It's Georgia who's disguising her voice on the other end. Margo tiptoes out of the AA meeting and spying Sam outside, thanks her for being so nice to Eddie. Sam confirms that she did give him a job, but not a place to stay, as he told Margo. Andy sneaks out of the AA meeting and runs smack into sister Margo.

Tom tells Emily about the anonymous tip and they rush out to go get the scoop on the story. Eddie points out Emily to Georgia as being the one who claimed he mugged her. Margo senses that Andy is troubled but he tells her he's not allowed to talk about it. She leaves him the cell phone to call her. After the meeting breaks up, Susan spots Andy alone outside and assumes he missed it. Camille tells Susan that she's going to begin her chemotherapy tomorrow. Ben overhears and strides over, telling her it's too soon.

Carly hurls insults about Julia-sweet, perfect, and virtuous. She tells Jack he's got Julia dangling on a string-that's why it's so easy for him to walk away from Carly now. Jack admits that he didn't tell Julia about Carly, or his true reason for leaving her. When Carly accuses him of being a hypocrite, he walks away, and she crumples on the docks, where John finds her.

Susan supports Camille's decision but worries about her not having talked to a counselor about how this will impact her life. Camille forcefully reminds Ben that it's her body, and she wants to get the chemo over with, so she can start to rebuild her life. Kim tells Holden that David's dad was impossible to get out of Oakdale-she's seen several people around her try to do it and they ended up being better just getting out of his way. And David has proven to be his father's son. Holden tells her that somebody has got to take a stand-Lily is having their child in hiding because of David.

When Jack arrives, Holden tells him that Julia was there a while ago but left. Jack tells his cousin that Carly was right, he should've told Julia what was going on. Carly blasts John for telling Jack about the paternity test and threatens to take him to court for revealing what she said to him. She backs down when he threatens to reveal everything in court, but tells him he will pay. Jack refuses to be appeased by Holden. Kim tells him that she saw Julia leave with a man she now knows is Jack's brother.

Julia asks Brad to tell her why Jack hates his brother, but Brad leaves her alone at the hayride and drives off. John offers to drive Carly home but she declines and leaves with a screech of tires. His voice breaking, Ben tells Camille he wishes he could go through this for her. Camille's doctor tells Ben he's interfering and asks him to leave, which he does angrily.

Eddie notes that when her birth mom Sam is around, it's the only time Georgia clams up. Georgia offers to let Eddie share her cabin but he declines, telling her he doesn't sleep well. Tom and Emily share a drink at Yo's after chasing the false tip and both remember their previous trip there, how at the time Emily was upset about David being with Molly and got in trouble when she threw the drink into the man's face. They toast to knowing what you want-and going after it.

Kim and Holden are mystified by Jack's violent reaction to the idea of Brad taking Julia to the hayride. He wants to leave but Kim tells him in his present condition, he's an accident waiting to happen. Carly mutters to herself about the pleasure she's going to get watching Barbara walk out on John after she tells her ex-employer everything about John's role in Carly's pregnancy. She hears a thud and hits the brakes.

Margo catches up to Eddie by the docks and acknowledges the fact that she's breaking her promise. Eddie gets choked up over her still caring for him and he stares at her face, so close to his own. Tom leaves to celebrate his award with Margo, over Emily's protestations. Their lips meet in a brief goodbye buss and while Tom looks surprised, Emily wears a small smile on her face.

Kim and Holden persuade jack not to leave without calming down and calling around first to see if he can find Julia or Brad. Kim compliments Holden on his skill calming down Jack and he tells her that with all the hotheads in his family, he's had plenty of experience. She urges him to take his own advice concerning David. Jack calls Reverend Dansby to get Brad's address, then spots his brother and slams him up against the fence at Yo's, demanding he tell him where Julia is. Carly finds a body on the road and realizes it's Julia.


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