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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, July 20, 1998

Carly tries to wake Julia after she has hit her with her car. Carly realizes that Jack is going to think that she did it on purpose. She tries to move Julia and can't. Then she thinks to herself that nobody has seen her. She gets in her car to leave, but she goes to find and emergency phone. Just as the 911 operator comes on, she sees a car drive up. She is watching from the bushes and sees that it is Jack. He is calling 911 on his cellular phone. She leaves the emergency phone hanging and leaves.

When they get Julia to the hospital, Ben is there and starts to work on her immediately. Jack says a little prayer for her. Ben comes out and tells Jack that Julia must have hit her head. She has a massive head injury and it could result in brain damage. Carly walks in at that very moment.

Tom is going to leave Yo's. He says goodbye to Emily and leans in to kiss her on the cheek and at that very moment she turns her head and they kiss on the lips. Tom says he is so sorry, but Emily doesn't mind and tells him to forget it.

Margo finds Eddie in the park and ask where he is going to sleep. Eddie starts to tell her and she says not to lie because Georgia had told her that he didn't have a place. Eddie starts telling Margo about a place that he is going to rent. A handy man's special. All he has to do is save up $400 for the deposit and first months rent. Margo says that she will loan Eddie the money so he will have a place to sleep sooner. He says no but she insist and says that she will help him fix it up. He likes that idea and accepts her offer.

Back at Yo's, Tom has not left yet and he and Emily are making plans about their trip to New York. Andy comes in and sit with them. He brings up the mugging and is making comments that lead Emily to believe that he knows something. One of the things he says is that hopefully the cops won't find the true mugger, right Emily? Tom leaves and Emily starts to leave but Andy asks her to stay. He apologizes about bringing up the mugging and she brushes it off and says she has to go. Susan comes in and Emily asks her if she has told anybody about her lie. Susan says no. Emily tells her about Andy. Susan remembers that she talked about it in her AA meeting. Emily jumps all over her for blabbing it to a "bunch of drunks". Susan apologizes and tries to tell Emily what a bad day she had and she almost drank some wine. Emily told her that next time that would be better, in fact, she would buy her the bottle and shoves her beer in front of Susan and leaves.

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Townsend

Jack and Holden are at the hospital talking about Julia's condition and getting in touch with her family. Jack just can't understand what kind of scum would hit a person and run. Carly is around the corner listening. Jack vows to find the driver and the car that hit Julia. Carly all the sudden remembers (the car). Hal walks up behind her and startles her. Carly makes up an excuse as to why she is at the hospital and that she is going home because she is very tired. Hal says he will walk her to her car. She makes up every excuse for him not to do that because she does not want him to see the dent in the car. Hal insists and they leave together. When they get to the garage, Carly goes ahead and stands in front of the dent. Carly is going to leave and as Hal turns to walk away so does she. Hal looks back and says "Why didn't you tell me about this?" But he is talking about a semi-flat tire. Carly says that she will take care of it later, but Hal wants to fix it now. Carly gets irate with him and says she is really tired and just wants to go home. Hal says good-bye and leaves. After Hal is gone, Carly goes to the trunk and gets touch-up paint out and starts to paint over the dent.

Brad sees Lucinda alone at her pool. The next thing you hear is a big splash. It is Brad skinny-dipping. Lucinda asks him what he thinks he is doing. Brad is standing in front of her stark naked. He reminds her about their agreement and she says that she didn't bargain for this and he says that he just threw it in for free. She informs him that a bathing suit will be worn at her pool. Brad tells Lucinda that she needs to lighten up and tries to get her to go skinny-dipping, too. She declines, throws a towel at him and makes a hasty retreat.

The next morning, Carly is up and dressed when Hal finally gets in. He informs her about Julia's condition. He tells her that they can take paint chips from Julia's clothes and match the paint up to the make and model of the car that hit her. Carly is looking worried. Hal gets a call from the hospital that Julia is regaining consciousness. He leaves to go to the hospital. He want to be there to question her when she wakes up.

Back at Lucinda's Mansion, Brad is listening to Lucinda trying to talk to Lily on the phone. But Lily won't talk to her. She is still mad because she thinks her Mother is having an affair with James Stenbeck. When Lucinda gives up and hangs up the phone, she calls Holden and tells him to come over right away. Holden rushes out of the hospital. Brad joins her at the breakfast table. Lucinda gives him a look and asks what he is wearing under that robe. Brad tells her not to worry, he is wearing nothing but he won't take off the robe, because of the servants, he whispers and winks. Lucinda reminds him that their arrangement is only for public display. Brad says "showtime" and gives her a big kiss. Holden is just walking onto the patio and gets his eyes full. When Holden tells them that Julia was hit by a car last night, Brad excuses himself and leaves. Lucinda, acting like Brad is her lover, yells after him that she will catch up to him later. Then Lucinda makes up a lie about getting Holden over there. Holden blows up and goes to check on Lily's horse. Molly enters and is ranting about David losing control of WOAK. Lucinda says she knows that and Molly says that she is in fear of Holden's life. As Molly is talking about the job that she is doing for Lucinda, Holden walks in and wants to know about what job Molly is doing for Lucinda?

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Holden is dogged-he knows he heard Lucinda say she was paying Molly. He's insistent on knowing what she's paying Ms. Conlan for. Ben reluctantly turns over his hospital ID but asks the nurse to keep her voice down-he doesn't want Camille to know he's been suspended until he can tell her himself. Susan pushes Camille to contact breast cancer survivors. Camille demurs, saying she knows all the possible side effects of chemotherapy, but Susan informs her there's one big one she should know about-sterility.

When Julia wakes up, Hal starts to question her. He vows, as Carly looks on, to get the "creep" who did this to Julia. At the station, Brad wants to have a lawyer present if Jack is going to question him. Jack recalls that back in Chicago there was a time when Brad drove drunk and someone died, and considers his brother to be a repeat offender. Julia recounts to Hal the events leading up to the time of the accident, and Hal wants to know if she can remember seeing the driver's face.

Lucinda says that she paid Molly a small amount so she'd approve of the changes in the novel she made, but Holden asserts that Lucinda has forgotten how to lie. If she and Molly won't tell him the truth, he'll just have to go to David and ask him. Molly 'fesses up that Lucinda's been paying her for months to spy on David. David tells his investigator to find out where Molly went-just trail Holden and it'll lead straight to her. He wants his investigator to bring back photos as evidence.

Ben comes upon a distraught Camille and she tells him that the chemo may make her sterile, so they wouldn't be able to have children together. He wants to take her home but she wonders about his leaving his patients. Ben slips up and ends up telling Camille about Julia being involved in a hit and run. He succeeds in taking her home over her protestations. Jack informs Brad that he has no alibi, since when he was driving back to Yo's was the time that she got hit, and the paint chips they've recovered from her clothes are blue, the same color as Brad's car. Brad wants to use his one phone call to call Lucinda, which is how he tells Jack that he's been living at Lucinda's mansion. Jack wonders if Lucinda knows that her "boy toy" murdered his own father.

Holden doesn't accept Lucinda's justification for joining forces with Molly. He's about to leave and call Lily but Lucinda gets the call from Brad. She doesn't want to leave Holden to go down and help him out, but does so after Brad threatens to change his story about her assignation with James. Jack reminds Brad that he killed their father in front of his own house and nobody ever knew about it. Brad tells his little brother that he doesn't know everything about what happened that night. Their mother was the one who didn't want any of them to tell the police, but Jack thinks that's because Brad always knows how to charm the women. Jack says he'll never stop hating him. Carly listens in the doorway as Jack promises that Brad is going to prison for what happened to Julia.

Ben tells Camille that only a small percentage of women get chemically-induced menopause, and that this just means she should sit back and get all the information before she starts her chemo. But Camille can only remember Ben the way he was with the Sunday school kids-he's the most natural of fathers, she tells him, and now, she may not be able to have his child.

Molly and Holden hash out why she would team up with Lucinda. Molly defends David-he has a kinder, gentler side that only she gets to see. David's contact calls and tells him he's found Molly-she's at Lucinda's estate, and the stable boy is with her. David hears that after Lucinda leaves, Molly and Holden were there alone talking, "and if there were any closer they'd be swapping spit."

Hal sneaks up on a startled Carly, who recovers enough to tell him that Jack's about to arrest Brad for running into Julia. Hal goes in to tell Jack the good news about Julia and Jack tells him that Brad's the one, that he's a repeat offender. Jack then leaves to go see Julia. Carly asks Hal about what kind of penalty Brad would get for hit and run. Hal corrects her assumption that it'd be a minor traffic incident-the punishment will be very harsh, he tells here. Brad tells Hal his story, including the fact that he's staying at Lucinda's. Lucinda arrives and Brad tells her that she's his alibi. Her eyes stay on Brad as she confirms that yes, Brad was with her all night, swimming laps at the pool. At the same time, she remembers seeing him in his Speedo. Lucinda tells Brad that they're even now. Brad says there's one small difference-she was guilty where James was concerned, whereas he is not. He then insinuates that there was another reason she came down so quickly.

Molly wants Holden to promise not to go near David. She tells him she's afraid for him if David gets angry, and that Holden should be afraid, too. A camera snaps away as the two go nose to nose. David can't wait to see his contact's photos when they are developed. David murmurs to himself that he has a surprise waiting for Molly.

Camille tells Ben that she's had a recurring dream about watching their daughter graduate, and now that might not ever happen. Ben promises her that they will make their dreams come true. Bob and Susan tell Julia that it was Ben who was responsible for the catheter. She wants to thank Ben but they tell her that he is on a temporary leave of absence. Jack arrives and Julia jokes that now it's his turn-he has to wait on her hand and foot.

Molly lies and tells David she was at a book signing. David tells her that she's going to find out who really loves her. He opens his briefcase and tells her he has a "surprise". A revolver is sitting in his briefcase. Ben is uncomfortable when Camille refers to his needing to go check on Julia. Jack croons "Hooked on a Feeling" at Julia's bedside. Julia tells him that he looks like hell. He tells her that his problems are over for good.

Brad wants to know-did Lucinda like what she saw of him last night? Lucinda denies that she's blushing-"I haven't blushed in years." Brad is allowed to leave with Lucinda in tow, though Hal warns him to stay in town. Carly thinks that the case is closed because Julia's okay but Hall tells her no, it equates with attempted murder. The perpetrator could serve 10 years or more, but probably could get their sentence reduced if they turned themselves in.

Molly tells David that he's making her uncomfortable. David closes his briefcase and tells her it'll all be over soon and he'll feel better. He gives her a box with a ring and tells her to put it on, they're going to be married.

Thursday, July 23, 1998

Kirk and Holden are discussing David's downfall. Kirk tells Holden to leave eradicating David from the Falcon Club to he and Sam, but Holden insists he will do everything in his power to run David out of town. At the Lakeview, David seethes when Molly hesitates to accept his marriage proposal. Molly tries to comfort him, but David tells Molly he has something to do. Going through David's briefcase, Molly is frantic when she finds a bullet. Meanwhile, David has arrived at the Falcon Club to confront Holden. He warns Holden to stay away from Molly. Holden laughs at him and accuses him of being completely nuts and paranoid. Molly interrupts just as David reaches for his gun. She demands that Holden leave them alone. Once alone, Molly tells David she will marry him

Sam discovers Georgia has been sleeping on the yacht. When she confronts her, Georgia insists that she has a place to stay and will be moving in today.

Arriving together at Eddie's new "dump," Eddie is pleased by Margo's insistence that she help him fix up the place. When Margo leaves, he fantasizes that they are having a romantic dinner together. Georgia stops by to ask Eddie if she can live with him, but Eddie refuses to let her. Later, when Georgia tells Sam her apartment lease fell through, Sam offers to let her stay on the yacht. Sam is not pleased when Kirk points out her nurturing qualities and insists she would make a good mother.

Emily continues to berate Susan and is especially angered by Susan's suggestion that Emily take a sabbatical. Susan is shocked when Tom arrives at the Argus packed and ready to accompany Emily to New York. Emily is rude to Andy when he stops by to discuss work. Later, she overhears Andy confess to Susan that he overheard her confession at the AA meeting. Susan reminds Andy that what he heard is strictly confidential. Emily takes advantage of the opportunity to get rid of Andy by sending him to Alaska on assignment. Margo stops by the Argus with champagne to wish her husband a fond farewell. Later, upon arriving in New York Emily feigns disbelief to learn they've only booked one room for she and Tom. Tom tells her no problem as Emily secretly celebrates.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Margo arrives at Eddie's with her painting supplies in tow and tells him, "I'm all yours". As Tom is singing in the bathroom, Emily leaves her dress slightly unzipped. The hotel manager comes to apologize and tells a protesting Emily that she now has two rooms, as Tom emerges in his tux. Carly is haunted remembering Hal's words about the hit and run driver. Julia tells Jack she's remembered something-there was somebody standing over her before Jack arrived. She heard their voice, trying to talk to her. She'd remember it if she heard it again. Carly bursts into Julia's hospital room to talk to Jack. Jack tells her not to distract Julia, she's remembering something. Carly watches on as Julia tells him the image is gone now. Jack is brusque with Carly and she leaves. Jack slips and tells Julia he's sure it's Brad who is responsible for what happened to her. Julia tells him it's not possible.

Brad asks the bartender if he knows the names of any good lawyers-to cover himself, he tells Hal. He tells Hal that his brother is a pit bull. Lisa tells the bartender to pay Hal's tab-his wife just left him. Hal is puzzled by Lisa's words of comfort and tells her that Carly is at home waiting for him, unless Lisa knows something he doesn't. Emily gets rid of Tom and pays off the manager to forget about the extra room and bring up a "complimentary" bottle of champagne. She and Tom divvy up the couch and the bed. She has him zip up her dress. Tom calls home, but Margo is not there.

Eddie and Margo joke about her culinary skills, but he is uncomfortable when she mentions Deena. Margo is flustered when Tom calls her cell phone. Jack tells Julia that she can't recuperate at the farm, because Emma is visiting Lily, so he has an alternate plan-stay at his place and let him take care of her. Lisa backpedals to Hal, at which point Carly arrives. Hal snaps at Carly for "wigging out"-if she has a problem with him, talk to him directly, instead of blabbing to her friends about him.

Tom mentions to Margo about having to share a room with Emily. Margo spills paint on her shirt and strips down to her bra. When Eddie returns with a clean shirt for her, he stares at her. Margo laughs when Eddie later refers to Emily as the "other woman." When Tom accepts his award, he brings Emily up to the podium to share in his accolades. Both get teary-eyed when he makes his speech about how important she has been to his life.

Carly tells Hal to stop being nice to her-she's the one who screwed up, she tells him, all the while thinking of having hit Julia with her car. Lisa commends Carly on her "performance" with Hal. Carly tells her that Hal's the only thing she's got left. She warns Lisa not to get in her way-she wants the $50 million. Julia has a craving for calimari and Jack rushes to get some from the Mona Lisa. Meanwhile Brad enters her room.

Margo and Eddie have fun painting his apartment and getting paint all over one another. A tipsy Tom and Emily return to their room and drink the champagne. Tom then pulls Emily on top of the bed where they dance. Brad tells Julia that no matter what Jack thinks of him, he did not do this to her. Julia tells him that she believes him. He still refuses to tell her the reason for the enmity between the brothers. Jack returns and gets into a shoving match when he spots Brad.

When Hal starts to make love to Carly, she remembers kissing Jack and pulls away. Eddie interrupts Margo's waxing poetic-he has to tell her something. Emily puts a fully-clothed, though unconscious, Tom into bed, then takes off her clothes and gets into bed with him.


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