One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on OLTL

Max proposed to Blair. Todd appeared to be catatonic. Clint and Lindsay traveled to Las Vegas. Will met Roseanne. Cassie grew suspicious of Kevin. Clint and Lindsay announced their marriage before Viki had had a chance to tell Clint she still loved him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, July 20, 1998


Scene One: Club Indigo

Jessica, looking fresh, summery, relaxed, and gorgeous, enters the club comfortably holding hands with Cristian. Max, every inch the host, charmingly escorts them to a table, then returns to man the bar. Jessica and Cris are there to meet Lindsay and Will, in order to help Will feel comfortable as a newcomer in Llanview. Jess feels sorta like she's going behind her mom's back, meeting Lindsay, and Cris feels like a third wheel, since Lindsay obviously wants to hook up Jess and Will. Jess twinkles that that's silly, and she makes him feel better by moving close and kissing him. Comfortably :-)

Max and R.J. argue over the business vision for Club Indigo. Max wants to make it more relaxed, and so changes the music to something that sounds kinda big-bandish. This change infuriates R.J., who wants Club Indigo to remain a high-class club which showcases excellent jazz.

Scene Two: Airport

Lindsay nervously awaits the arrival of Will, whose plane is late, affording Clint several opportunities to be gallant with her. She's angry too, rails that if she were in Chicago, she'd have everyone in charge by the ear and would know what was going on. Or Sam would. Clint is there to support her, and she hugs him gratefully.

Scene Three: Courtroom

There is a repeat of the final friday scene, as Todd falls like a brick to the floor, eyes open and staring vacantly. Sam and Téa rush to his side. Téa loosens Todd's tie, and Sam, who thinks Todd is having a heart attack, calls for help. Drew crowds in. Bo subtly shows his disbelief; Kevin is blatant about it.


Scene One: Courtroom

Everyone has a reaction to Todd's sudden collapse. Blair and Téa stand to the side, frowning concern. Drew says his heartbeat is normal and doesn't think it's a heart attack, Sam asks what does he know. Kevin sneers that it's not. Drew cuffs Todd, over Sam's threats of abuse charges, and to Kevin and Bo's grinning pleasure. Cassie hurries through the crowded courtroom, to be manhandled by Kevin. Kevin tells her that Todd took a dive after the judge ruled against him. (? not exactly how I remember it) He crosses to Todd, and spitefully tries to taunt him, but the court guards and Cassie and Sam drive him away. Sam encourages Todd to hang tough. Bo asks Hank what he thinks, but Hank can't stop thinking about Rachel.

Scene Two: Gannon Cabin (a fairly rustic place, stuffed with a hodgepodge of mismatched, interesting objects, yet equipped with big, double front doors)

Rachel is delighted that Nora brought her to the cabin, and reminisces over various odds and ends in the place, pausing especially at a rough, heart-shaped carving she'd done to a dark wood support beam when she was seven or eight and had a crush on a senior. Rachel's surprised that Nora got permission to take her out of the state. Nora replies that when she's got the will, there's a way.

Scene Three: Club Indigo

(I missed Wendi the mixologist in this scene) Max severely gets on R.J.'s nerves by leaving the bar looking messy with used glassware and bar towels left all over it. R.J. cleans it up. They argue about the vision for Club Indigo. Max thinks his 50% ownership allows him to make the club into a watering hole. R.J. angrily demands that the club retain it's high-class, high-quality jazz atmosphere. Max doesn't get it.

Cris and Jess are still waiting for Will, and Cris is jealous, in a sweet way, of Will.

Bibi flaunts in, steps up to the bar and asks Max for a white wine. Joey enters, sees Bibi, and greets her. We discover that she's spotted him at two other clubs, and she calls "Mr. Joey Buchanan" on following her around town.


Scene One: Club Indigo

Bibi is acting kinda strange. She thought Joey was angry with her for sleeping with his brother, but Joey corrects that Kevin was the one who was out of line. He admits that he's following her because he wanted to make sure she was ok, but how could she go out on the town like that after all she's been through? Barb returns to her drink. It's time to get past the rape and also Kevin, she sips. Joey thinks she's a little tipsy. (ahhh.. that explains it) Barbara looks at him and says that it should have been him instead of... "My lousy brother?" yeah. They laugh, and Joey's penalty for following her around is to dance with her. Very closely too.

Jessica and Cristian are super cute as they playfully discuss some serious feelings of jealousy they are having, Jess about his secret pen pal Roseanne, and Cris about the soon- to- arrive Will.

Scene Two: Airport

Lindsay gets more worried as the plane is later and later. Clint listens as she tells stories about Will's bad-boy behavior in what was apparently a boarding high-school. Lindsay seems rather proud of the fact that Will is one heck of a charmer. Clint suspects he inherited it from her. She wonders why Sam isn't here yet, and Clint offers his handy phone- in- a- pocket to call him.

Scene Three: Hospital

Bo walks into the corridor with Hank, smilingly mentioning that so far no one can find anything wrong with Manning. Téa is sitting, looking superbly sad. Bo asks her how she's doing. Téa is worried about the damage she did to Todd with the shovel, the kind of damage you can't see. Blair leans against the nurses' desk while Sam tells Lindsay that it isn't a good time. Lindsay's angry that Sam's psychopathic surrogate son takes precedence over his real one. She hangs up before he can explain.

Sam is anxious, waiting for Todd's return from the cat scan. He feels bad. He thinks it's his fault for pushing Todd too hard. Blair comforts him. She tells him that Todd pushes himself and has been over the edge for years. Kevin saunters in with Cassie. He can't believe anyone would take Todd seriously, then ignores Cassie when she points out that they have to. He proclaims that if the doctors have a problem proving that he's faking, then he'll do it himself. Cassie makes a noise like she doesn't like the sound of that.

Todd is wheeled through to his room. His eyes are still open, and he's still vacant. Drew is, of course, guarding him. Sam stops the doctor. Everyone hears the doctor say that nothing was found on the cat scan. He's ordered more tests, though. A light bulb has apparently flashed over Kevin's head. He takes off a decorative pin from Cassie's suit, smirking that he's going to run his own test. Cassie actually smirks back approvingly. The doctor continues to explain that Todd is catatonic, but it could be voluntary or involuntary.

Drew stands guard at Todd's room, allows Kevin to enter, and chats pleasantly with Cassie. Kevin taunts Todd verbally at first. He tells Todd he "knows" him, and knows that there isn't a splinter of goodness in him. He knows Todd's faking. Todd just lays there. Kevin becomes more and more sick, hate-filled, and abusive in his taunts. He says that if Todd stays this way, at least he won't go off raping any more women. Kevin slaps Todd's stomach with a newspaper, claiming that he will probably one day own The Sun. While he's at it, he's going to help raise Starr too. Raise her like a little Buchanan. Todd blinks, but really there's no response. Kevin admits that Todd's really good. Kevin pretends to almost leave, then pretends to remember something very important. He holds the needle end of Cassie's pin in front of Todd's eyes. "The Pin Test", he menaces, softly. He rams the pin deeply into Todd's shoulder, violently and gleefully. Drew drags Kevin off. Kevin grins as if what he did felt *good*. As Drew and Sam drag Kevin out, Kevin yells at Todd to start screaming "baby, you know you wanna!". Todd never moves a muscle.


Scene One: Hospital

Sam and Blair express their extreme disgust with Kevin, while Kevin gloats over what he did. Bo tells Kevin to take off and cool down. Sam promises to bring Kevin up on assault and battery charges, and Blair promises to write all about it in The Sun. Kevin scoffs at them and is pulled away by Cassie.

A concerned looking Drew cuffs Todd's wrist to the bed, while Téa looks on from the doorway, troubled herself. Sam and Blair join her. Sam is positive Todd isn't faking, and is very worried about Todd's recovery.

Scene Two: Gannon Cabin

Rachel and Nora heartily finish up their lunch. When Nora takes the dishes to the kitchen, Rachel opens the doors to reveal a beautiful sunset. She calls to her mother to come join her. Nora thinks that's what Rachel should be doing, enjoying life and beautiful things, not going to jail. Rachel calmly tells her, over Nora's denials, that she's now fully prepared to accept and to pay for what she's done, and that she's ok with it. Nora still refuses to believe her, and won't let her go to prison.

Scene Three: Club Indigo

Jess and Cris continue their cute, bantering conversation. They tease each other, since Cris is carrying around a peacock feather Roseanne sent him, and Jess has a picture of Will in her purse.

Barb became more obviously drunk during her dance with Joey. She *loved* dancing with him. She wobbles over to the bar, ordering two shots, but Joey sanely asks for coffee instead. He also insists driving her home. Barb admires Cris and Jess, comparing them to Kevin and Cassie. She doesn't know why anyone would want to be with her (Barb). As she's telling Joey that Kevin is staying with Cassie for good, she suddenly feels sick and flees to the bathroom.


Scene One: Club Indigo

Max and R.J. argue some more about Club Indigo, and what it should be. This time, R.J. even opens up to Max, explaining that it was more than a bar to him, but Max still doesn't comprehend why R.J. wants so much to leave things the way they are. They snip about Rachel and Blair. They agree to call it a stalemate for now.

Joey takes Barb home, even though she doesn't want to go.

Scene Two: Kevin & Cassie's Home

Kevin thinks the doctors are being gullible. Cassie wonders why, if that's so, Todd didn't react when he stabbed him with the pin. Kevin doesn't believe Todd is human, and has it on good authority that he sleeps in a coffin. When Cassie laughs at the joke, they have a confused moment, and Cassie winds up apologizing for laughing. Kevin sifts through the mail, while Cassie looks out the window. Cassie thinks its awfully quiet. David's gone to Dorian's, Kevin reminds her. She asks where Barb is, and Kevin, remembering how Barb looked when she went out, suddenly tosses the mail aside, grabs Cassie and kisses her passionately. He loves *her* (Kevin's emphasis), and wants to prove it to her. Cassie's delighted, and tells him not to stop.

Scene Three: Hospital

Bo tells Téa, who's standing with Hank, that she doesn't have to hang around. Téa rues the fact that her plans for finally being free of Todd have gone so awry. Instead of being free, there he (Todd) is, and here she is. She wants to talk to him, since she's still his wife, they can't stop her, can they? Hank goes to find out for her, and Bo goes home to check on Nora and Rachel. Bo and Téa exchange several looks as he leaves.

The doctor comes out of Todd's room and asks for Mrs. Manning. Both Téa and Blair step forward, then awkwardly, but resentfully, Blair steps back.


Scene One: Airport

Will's plane arrives, but he doesn't get off of it. Lindsay's very worried, but Clint delights her by suggesting that he fly with her out to Vegas to find him.

Scene Two: Club Indigo

Jess agrees to put away the picture, and Cris puts away the feather. Cris is happy because he had a great time with her tonight. They kiss again. I can't stress enough how cute and happy and comfortable they are with one another.

Scene Three: Gannon Cabin

Nora and Rachel continue arguing over whether or not Nora's going to allow her to go to prison. Nora is afraid that if Rachel goes to prison, she'll lose herself. Rachel corrects her. For the first time in her life she knows exactly who she is. Nora insists that she will do everything she can to prevent Rachel from going to prison. They hear a bang outside.

Scene Four: Cassie & Kevin's Home

Cassie and Kevin are *just* finishing having very energetic sex on the floor by the couch, when Joey rings calls through the door. Kevin shouts to wait, while they hurriedly dress. Outside, Barb drunkenly hugs Joey while they wait, kissing him. Kevin lets them in, looking shocked. Barb wobbles in, going straight for Cassie and hugging her, telling her that she doesn't ever, ever, ever want to hurt her. Joey insists that he take her upstairs. Barb then turns to Kevin, clasping him to her, and scaring the crap out of Joey, who's afraid she's going to say something. Joey takes her upstairs, and Cassie laughs, while Kevin has no particular expression.

Scene Five: Hospital

Bo calls Hank, telling him that Nora and Rachel are gone. In Todd's room, Téa first softly calls to him, then suddenly, very angrily grabs his gown and screams for him to speak to her, dammit!

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Llanview hospital:

A tearful Téa begs Todd to respond to her. She says that if he really is catatonic then it is her fault and she couldn't live with that. She tells him that even if he is faking, then just let her know and she'll go along with it. When Todd is still unresponsive, Téa becomes angry and taunts him, saying that now she's in control of his business and can even send Starr to boarding school if she wants. Not only that, she makes all the medical decisions too. So she is in complete control.

While she is inside, Sykes is in the hallway demanding that the doctor give him some indication that Todd is faking it. Dr. Lange is unable to do that. Sam takes that moment to warn Sykes that if anything happens to Todd he will hold the police department responsible. Bo and Hank arrive at the hospital to discuss the situation with Drew. While they are talking, Sykes orders Drew to get back to his post and tells Bo that department no longer kowtows to the Buchanan's. Bo tells Drew to meet him at home after his shift. Drew makes excuses to be let off of his shift early and heads over to Hank's.

When none of her threats get a rise out of him Téa becomes hysterical, beating on her catatonic husband and screaming that he is a "miserable faker". Finally, Sam and Dr. Lange pull her screaming from his room. Sam pulls Téa to the side and tells her that if she "ever loved that man", she will never hurt him again because he has made it his mission to make sure that no one ever hurts Todd again. Téa says that Todd is faking and she can't be fooled again. She will never believe that he is damaged and vulnerable because he is cold and calculating. Blair says that Téa's real problem is that she can't live with herself if Todd is really sick. Sykes tells Téa to go home, but she says that she won't leave until Todd gives up this act.

Sam places a call to Viki's cruise ship and leaves a message for her to come home. Then goes to visit Todd's room before he and Blair leave.

The cabin in Chicago:

Rachel tries to make Nora see reason, but in the middle of their argument, Nora hears a sound at the door. Panicked, Nora tells her daughter to hide and then picks up a candlestick to defend them with. Her fear turns out to be unfounded because at the door is Mr. Heiss, the caretaker of the cottage. When he asks Nora why she there, Nora lies and says that she is there with the permission of the Colemans, who happen to be in Europe. Mr. Heiss departs telling them that if they need anything they should call. Rachel tells Nora that she could have killed Mr. Heiss. Nora replies that she would defend their lives if she had to. "You didn't get permission to take me out of the state did you?" asks Rachel. "We're bail jumpers. You're joining me in jail."

Nora tries to convince Rachel that her plan could work. They are going to fly to Toronto, then on to a country, like France or Switzerland, that doesn't have extradition. Rachel asks about Bo and realizes that Nora hasn't told him about her scheme. Rachel demands that Nora call him and tell him what is happening. Nora says that she's afraid to because he will be angry and try to talk her out of it.

Hank's apartment:

Hank, Bo and R.J. are blaming each other for the fact that Nora and Rachel are gone. Drew arrives and says that he will use all the department resources at his disposal to find Rachel and Nora. (Ed: He's a rookie who just got his job back 10 minutes ago! How many "resources" could Drew possibly have?!!) R.J. tells Hank and Bo to think like a mother and try to figure out a safe place that Nora would take her baby. Hank remembers that Nora and Rachel were talking about the Coleman's lodge. Bo books a flight on the next plane to Chicago and Drew heads back to the station to use his resources. Hank warns Bo not to let Nora talk him out of doing the right thing. Bo promises to bring them both home safely. R.J. tells Hank that this is all because of his "lunatic ex- wife" and if Nora's stunt adds one day to Rachel's sentence, he won't be responsible for his actions.

The police station:

Drew calls the airlines to check for a reservation in Nora or Rachel's name. He has to cut his call short when Sykes catches him on the phone. When Sykes asks what he is working on, Drew lies and claims that he is helping another officer. Sykes gives Drew a new assignment, then uses automatic callback to find out who Drew was taking to and discovers the nature of his call. Later, Sykes calls Hank and tells him that Rachel's plea bargain hearing has been moved up to the next day.

In Chicago, Bo shows up at the cabin and tells Nora that she can't get rid of him that easily.

In Todd's hospital room, Sam pledges to Todd that he will never reveal the nature of his abuse to another living soul. After Sam leaves, Téa looks through the window at her husband with tears in her eyes.

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Tale of Two Hotels- Vegas and Llanview- Blair, Sam, Will, LIndsay and Clint

Sam is busy on the phone looking for his son. Will apparently has not shown up in Llanview and Sam has not a clue where Lindsay is either. On top of all this, Sam is blaming himself for Todd's catatonia. Blair says that it is not his fault and suggests that Sam can do something about his son by calling the Vegas hotel where he was staying. Sam calls Las Vegas and Will answers. The scene is like the day after a Toga party in the movie Animal House. There are bodies racked out everywhere and clothes all over the place. Sam asks Will why the hell he is still there and if he has heard from his mother yet. There is a knock on the door and Will looks through the peep hole and sees his mom. He tells his father he is about to find out about his mom.

Will straightens up the room hurriedly before opening the door and Sam volunteers to stay on the line to help mediate between Lindsay and Will. Lindsay marches through the door with Clint at her heels and asks if Will is OK. Since he is, she tells him that is good because she is going to kill him. While mother and son spend "quality time", Clint awakens the wrecking crew and advises them to downstairs for a while. Will tries to say he was on the way to the airport when the casino staff asked him to help set up some cheats. Lindsay replies she is not senile yet. Will goes for the charm and tells Mom she looks more like his sister. Sam coaches him to say that was not the truth and that he didn't mean to scare her but he is 18, has raging hormones and is supposed to be out to lunch. Lindsay grabs the phone away and discovers that it is Sam that Will has been speaking to. She accuses him of knowing what was happening. He says that was not the reason he wasn't at the airport. Lindsay gives the phone back to Will and Sam tells him to do what Lindsay says, apologize, go home and all will be fine. While this is happening, Clint uncovers a 'painted woman' under a blanket on the floor and shoos her out without Lindsay noticing. Will asks if Lindsay's companion is the house detective. She says he is a friend. When Lindsay goes to freshen up, Will asks him if he is a friend or a boyfriend. Clint wants to know if Will has a problem with it. Will replies that the problem is Clint's because Lindsay still loves his Dad. So, Clint says, I love my ex wife, but that is different from being in love. You can't let that get in the way of possibilities that can be good for you. Will says his mother is great, not just good. Clint leaves Lindsay and Will alone for a moment.

Will asks his Mom whether she and Clint slept in separate beds the night before. He wants to know what sort of man she is cavorting with. Lindsay replies that he is a straight shooting man whose family is very important to him. Will gets all dressed up. Lindsay reminds him that he owes an apology to Jessica when he gets to Llanview for standing her and Joey up. She says that Will owes her after this. Will replies so that is the price tag. Lindsay also informs him of Sam having a new girlfriend. Will inquires whether she is the dark haired intellectual or blond bimbo type. Lindsay answers blond bimbo. Will thinks it is odd that Sam can find one half of Lindsay or the other in his women, but can't seem to replace the whole package. There is just one seat left on the next flight so Will is going back by himself, leaving Clint and Lindsay to their own devices. Clint comes back in and she asks him how he feels about Wayne Newton.

Later on the airplane....Will finds a beautiful but cold dark haired girl sitting in his seat. She says she likes the aisle seat and Will doesn't argue with her. He takes the window seat. The captain announces that there will be a delay because of a malfunction in the aircraft. Will figures this may be a good time to get acquainted. He introduces himself, "Hi, I am Will". "Congratulations", the dark haired girl says sarcastically. (Could this be Tia Téa's lovely niece Roseanne?)

Back at the Palace..

Sam tells Blair about Lindsay not being pleased, but he is happy and kisses her joking that he and Blair always wind up together the morning after. He kisses her lightly. They talk about being on the rebound from Nora and Max. They discuss Todd and Sam says with Viki away they are the only ones who care what happens to him. She and Sam are always finding comfort in each other and Blair wonders if they are using each other. Sam sees it more like they are volunteers and that does not have to be a bad thing. She is stressed over Todd and Star. Sam thinks she is a terrific mother. Blair discloses that she dreamed about Todd the night before. There was a fog and he disappeared into the mist. She caught him and felt relief but when fog dispersed she saw it was Starr, not Todd, who she found. Sam replies that it is through Todd that Starr came to be and that is why Blair cares about both of them. Blair is not sure Todd can be saved but she can save Starr. Kelly comes in with Starr, who did not like awakening without her mother. Kelly says quietly that Blair did not come home last night. Blair replies that she did. She read Starr the story about the green grasshopper, then went to see Sam because he was upset. Starr wonders if her mom is mad at her.

Blair tells Starr she could never be mad at her. Starr says she had a bad dream about Daddy. He was on a boat sailing away. Blair replies that does not mean he doesn't love them. The earth is round and he will come back around it to Starr. The sailors find their way following the stars and Todd will find his way back to his Starr. Sam tells Kelly that he thinks Blair is amazing with her daughter. Kelly replies that Blair never knew unconditional love until Starr. Starr gives her a safe place to put her love. Sam leaves to visit Todd and Blair and company go back home.

Dorian's-Andrew, Dorian and Cassie

Dorian has asked Andrew over to discuss Cassie. She is in trouble and she needs him to help before it is too late. She fears for her daughter's very soul Her relationship with Kevin could ruin her. The mother of his child could be destroyed. Andrew knows when Dorian is bringing out the heavy artillery. Andrew was not good enough for Dorian's daughter and now Kevin is not good enough. Dorian tries to say that this is different and that she is different. Kevin is morally bankrupt. Andrew replies that this is none of his business. Dorian stirs up old memories by saying that Andrew must resent Kevin and it was only pride which stopped him from winning his wife back. And pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. Andrew retorts that Dorian is the embodiment of all the other six. She swears that she is on his and Cassie's side and Andrew replies that he is not interested in getting back at Kevin. Dorian points out that Cassie and he may be divorced but they are not over each other. Cassie turned to Andrew when Kevin was shot and when Kevin and Barbara were being held in the wine cellar. Andrew says that he cares for Cassie only as River's mother. Dorian tells him not to con a con woman. River has not been the same since the divorce. Andrew says there is no end to her manipulation. Just then Cassie comes through the door and says she needs to speak to him about River and Dorian excuses herself.

Cassie tells him about the family olympics at River's camp and that David will be coming with them. She thanks him for bringing her father back into her life. Andrew probes just a little to ask if Cassie is having any problems. Cassie says her only problem is her mother's constant interference. But that is nothing new. Andrew suggests that there is not reason for them to use two cars. he will pick up Cassie and David the next morning at 9:30. They say a cheery goodbye.

Starr is back home with Blair and Kelly. The little girl is down for her nap and it is the perfect time for a Cramer Women's luncheon. She needs to talk to Blair and Kelly about Barbara quickly before Cassie comes back in the living room. Both the girls think Barbara is great. But Dorian wants to know can Barbara be trusted? Cassie comes in and asks what her mother is getting at. Dorian insists this is just a casual conversation. She has high expectations and her girls cannot reach out for the new gifts life has to offer them if their hands are filled with od baggage. Kelly wants to know if this means they have to give up men again. Cassie jokes that no, they just have to give up Max, Drew and Kevin.

Llanview Hospital-Barbara, Kevin, Dr. Lange, Viki and Sam

Barbara is in the hospital assisting David with further testing and brushes off Kevin when he tries to speak to her.

Kevin approaches the guard in front of Todd's room and asks him for information. Dr Lange says that only the immediate family can see Todd, meaning his daughter, wife, and his sister. Kevin protests that he is very close to Uncle Todd. There are a lot of strong feelings between them. Viki interrupts the conversation to introduce herself to Dr. Lange. Lange tells her he will be glad to fill her in on her brother's condition, but not in front of the man who assaulted him. Kevin says he just stuck Todd with a pin to prove he was faking his catatonia. The Doctor leads Viki away for a private discussion.

When Viki returns she informs Kevin that Lange says there is no reason to think Todd is faking it. Kevin believes the doctors are not qualified to deal with someone like Todd. Viki is angry at her son's behavior and tells him she does not want him to touch her brother again. Kevin is convinced he would be a hero if his experiment worked. Viki says that their differences are not just about Todd and the Banner, but about the difference in his attitude. Viki loves him but can't help him if he won't confide in her. Kevin says that everything is fine. Viki replies that nothing is fine with him, her or their family. She went away on the cruise to think. The only positive thing is that they found who really killed Georgie. Kevin says does that excuse Todd for all his other crimes. Viki just wants them to heal so they can survive as a family. Kevin tells his mom she is not going to fix Todd. Viki invites Cassie and Kevin to a family gathering. To talk about Todd?, Kevin Asks. Viki says it is to talk about all of them and that Clint will be there too.

Kevin meets up with Barbara and he tells her she can't run away forever. She replies that she was drunk last night and made a fool of herself. She knows it is all over. Kevin worries that she almost spilled the beans about them. Barbara swears it will not happen again. The wine and him are out of her system. Now they are just friends.

Sam shows up and Viki says she has not seen Todd yet. She is glad Sam called. Lange told her he feels that Todd might have been psychologically traumatized. Viki asks if Sam knows what caused it. He does, but he is hesitant to say because he promised Todd not to talk about it . But in this case he will make an exception because Viki loves Todd very much and she will understand this very well. Viki promises the discussion will go no further. Sam fills her in on the standoff at the cabana. Sam was talking to Todd about Peter and the way he abused his son. Sam found out Peter Manning tortured Todd with a lighter and that one night it got so bad that Todd tried to kill Peter. Because the physical abuse got different. Viki asks if Peter sexually abused her brother.

The Mill House - Barbara and Kevin

Kevin is on the phone when Barbara comes in and overhears that he needs information on catatonia. He is worried that his mother is being sucked in by that faker of a brother of hers. Barbara says maybe she can help.

Hospital - Sam and Viki

Sam admits he suspects that Todd's father raped him. He could be wrong, but it would explain a lot. Viki replies that she has seen the pain in Todd's eyes, but did not see the signs of this. Maybe neither she or Sam wanted to see the truth. Doctor Lange passes by and gives Viki permission to see Todd. Sam volunteers to go with her, but Viki says there are plenty of ghosts to keep her company, too many. Viki gets ready to enter her brother's room and her face shows the empathy only a fellow victim can feel.

Thursday, July 23, 1998

Hank's Office (Sam, Hank & Sykes)

Sam enters Hanks office and asks where Nora and Rachel are. Sykes enters shortly afterward and asks if they'll be there. An uninformed Sam innocently asks, why wouldn't they be.

Cabin (Nora, Bo & Rachel)

Rachel goes for a swim but not before telling Bo how happy she is that he's there. Nora tells Bo that she hasn't taken leave of her senses. A relaxed and smiling Bo sits as if they're on a family vacation. He tells Nora that Asa's jet is gassed up and ready to take them back to Llanview. Nora tells him that she doesn't want the day to end. Bo tells her that she can't keep Rachel up here forever. Nora then shows Bo two one way tickets to Toronto. Bo asks if she only has two.

Dorian's House (all the Cramer women)

Cassie asks Dorian if she is implying that Kevin, Max and Drew are dead twood. Kelly objects and says that Drew isn't dead wood. Blair agrees that Max is, but that he isn't her dead wood. She tells Dorian that she's between men. Dorian replies that she's between three men. Cassie excuses herself and Dorian runs after her and asks if she doesn't have the slightest suspicion that old Kev is fooling around with BB.

Kev & Cassie's House (Kev & BB)

Kevin asks BB how he can prove that Todd is faking it. She explains her plan and Kev gets all amped at the idea of nailing Todd and getting tomorrow's headline. Then, just as quickly he has a change of heart and tells BB that they can't do it.

Hospital Viki's Monologue (Viki & Todd)

Viki enters Todd's room with such pain and guilt on her face and in her voice. She tells him that Kevin thinks he's faking, but that it really doesn't matter because she knows that he just needed to get away from his life. (ed. I should try that zone out trick, it's much cheaper than going on vacation). At any rate, Viki is very empathetic because after all she's been where Todd is a hundred times. I smell an emmy. She tells Todd that if he can hear her and wants her to know, that she will keep it a secret. At this time Téa walks in unnoticed.

Cabin (Bo & Nora)

Nora tells Bo that she assumed.... Bo cuts her off and says "don't assume Red". Nora asks if he means that he'd come with she and Rachel. She explains that he'd be cut off from his family and never be able to practice law enforcement again. She tells him that she couldn't ask him to do that. Bo asks her isn't that what she's doing. Leaving her family and friends. Nora says that Rachel is her daughter and that what she is doing is no different than what Bo did by going to jail for Drew. Bo quickly explains that the difference is that he had faith that Drew didn't do it and that the real killer would be caught. He didn't run like Nora. Nora tells him that she can't put him in the position of running. Bo then tells here that wherever she goes, he goes, Toronto or Llanview. Rachel enters (with dry hair) talking about her swim in the lake and how free it made her feel. Nora tells her that Bo is with them. Now call me cruel but I was kinda hoping that Rachel would drown in the lake and end everyone's problems. Oh well....

Hank's Office ( Sykes, Sam & Hank)

Sykes asks Sam if he know where his client is. Sam replies "probably in traffic". Sykes tells them to let him know when Rachel and Nora arrive. Once he leaves Sam turns to Hank and says "spill it" where is Nora & Rachel? Hanks explains that Nora took Rachel out of town. Sam becomes upset and asks what the hell Nora was thinking. She could be disbarred and how could she condemn Rachel to a life on the run. Hank asks if he wants Nora to come back because it's the right thing to do or because he'll never see her again.

Kev & Cassie's House (Kev & BB)

BB tells Kevin that she wan't propositioning him rather just offering to help get the goods on Todd. Kevin tells her that what they had planned to do was a felony and that he doesn't want to get her into trouble with the law. BB seems a little miffed that Kev won't let her commit a crime so she walks out in a huff.

Dorian's House (Cramer Women &n Max)

Cassie tells Dorian that she thought she had accepted Kevin and to forget any further attacks on him because he loves her and she loves him. Dorian asks how does BB factor into all of that. Cassie answers that BB is David's nurse. Dorian says she has radar when it comes to men to which Cassie asks why can't she have a normal mother. (Be thankful Cass, you could have had one of the other Cramer nuts for a mom). Dorian switches her attack to Blair and tells her she needs to reel Sam in so that she can have social standing blah blah..... During this Max walks in, but quickly excuses himself when he realizes that the Cramer Club was in the middle of a discussion. He tells Blair to meet him in the kitchen later. In defense of their choice of men, Kelly reminds Dorian that at one time she thought Mel was the wrong. Dorian replies that she had to make a change of course where Mel was concerned, but that she has more experience than they do. She tells them that she will not be around forever and wants to ensure that they all have husbands to love them. Dorian then turns to Kelly and tells her that she is an heiress and has to be especially careful because Drew is probably after her money.

Hospital (Kev, Drew, Viki & Téa)

Drew asks Kevin if he's looking for someone. Kevin tells him he's looking for Barbara. Viki exits Todd's room and sees Kevin. Kevin sarcastically asks if she's been sitting by Todd's bedside this whole time. Viki tells him that he used to be so compassionate then she asks what happened. Kev asks her if she's buying into Todd's act or if she thinks he's just trying to stay out of jail? Kev stalks off. Téa walks up and asks Viki if she's gonna stand by Todd. Viki says yes and asks if she'll be doing the same. Before Téa can answer, the doctor walks up and says that the test results show no metabolic or neurological origins to Todd's condition. In english, that means that the breakdown wasn't brought on by medical reasons but rather by severe depression or mania. (Boy the nuts abound in Llanview) The doctor gave the options of drug or electro shock therapy. Viki explains to Téa that Todd's love may not be the easiest to take, but if she can handle it the both of them will be able to get through to him. Téa tells Viki that Todd does not love her. Viki assures her that he does indeed love Téa and that he's depending on both of them to get him through.

Dorian's (Cramer Women)

Kelly hotly denies that Drew is after her money then leaves. Blair follows behind. Dorian then turns to Cassie and asks her to enlighten her on what love means to Kevin. Cassie replies that love to Kevin means her. Kevin loves her. Dorian asks "then why is he fooling around with BB?" A pissed off Cassie turns to walk out. Dorian goes after her and tells her that she is not trying to hurt her and would love to preserve her dream, if the dream really existed. (ouch). Cassie reminds Dorian that Kevin fought for her and waited for her. Dorian tells her to take a good long, hard look at her dream. Cassie leaves.

Hospital (Kev, BB, Viki & Téa)

Apparently Kev had yet another change of heart because now he and BB are sitting at a computer accessing Todd's medical files.

Téa remembers the night Todd proposed. She tells Viki that she doesn't trust Todd. Viki tells her that she can't abandon Todd because her family didn't abandon her when she was ill. She then tells Téa that Todd needs her forgiveness.

Hank's Office (Sam, Hank, Sykes & Asst. DA)

Hank tells Sam that Nora will listen to Bo and he'll bring them back. Sykes and the DA walk in. Sykes tells them that he has already alerted the Chicago police to pick up Nora and Rachel as soon as they try to board their plane. Then at the 11th hour, a breathless and apologetic Nora rushes in with Rachel and Bo in tow. She explains that she had a flat and then they got stuck in traffic. Hank, Bo and Sykes step outside while Nora and Rachel meet with the DA. Sykes tells Bo to explain to him why he shouldn't bring Nora up on charges because he has a copy of a flight manifest which lists Nora and Rachel as passengers.

Dorian's (Max, Blair & Dorian)

Max walks in and Blair asks him how many times she has to throw him out. Max asks Blair out for a good bye dinner. Dorian calls Viki at the hospital and tells her that they need to talk.

Hospital (Cassie, Drew, Téa & Todd)

Cassie arrives at the hospital and asks Drew if he's seen Kevin. Drew replies that they just left. Cassie asks what 'they'. Drew says Kevin and Barbara. Cassie rolls her eyes and sighs. Téa, at Todd's bedside, tells him that in a year's time this is the first time she has felt his heartbeat.

Hank's Office (Hank, Sykes, Bo, Rachel, Nora)

Hank tells Sykes that he can't prove that Nora and Rachel intended to board that flight or that they ever even left town. Sykes threatens to have Rachel's bail revoked and Nora disbarred. Bo tells Sykes that one day when he has a child of his own and it's time to let that child go he wants him to look back on this moment. Sykes softens a bit. Nora and Rachel come out looking sad. They all embrace and Sykes tears up the flight manifest.

Cassie & Kevin's House (Kev, BB & Cassie)

BB reads aloud to Kev about catatonic states. As she is reading, she trips over his shoes and lands in his lap. As she lands, Cassie walks in.

Hospital (Kelly, Drew, Dorian, Viki, Todd & Téa)

Kelly goes to see Drew and asks him if he knows how rich she is. He doesn't, so she tells him that Ian left her a bunch of money and asks if that means anything to him. He tells her it doesn't. Dorian approaches Viki whether she knows what was going on between precious Kevin and nurse BB while her sociopathic brother was posing as a human bomb. (Dorian is a true wordsmith). Viki looks stricken because she has always suspected Kev & BB. Téa tells Todd he must be human after all. She strokes his hair and kisses him then leaves. We see a tear roll down Todd's cheek.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Dorian and Viki

At the hospital, Viki is furious that Dorian called her about an "emergency", only to find out it is some gossip about Kevin and Barbara. Kevin and Cassie are adults and Viki has no intention in interfering in their business. Do you just not care, or are you secretly pleased there is trouble between them, Dorian accuses. That's why you were so eager to welcome a young, blond thing into your house and into Kevin's life. Barbara was there to help Kevin through a difficult time, that's all, Viki insists. Then what about Kevin hiring Barbara to live in the house he bought for Cassie, says Dorian. Viki gets very frustrated, shouting that she doesn't know why she ever believed Dorian could change. Dorian backs off a bit and admits maybe she's taken it a bit too far, but she's only trying to protect her child, Viki of all people should understand that. Viki has learned that you can't protect your children from making their own mistakes. Then tell me that you know for sure that nothing is going on between Kevin and Barbara, Dorian insists. Viki says nothing. "Oh, I knew it, I knew everything I suspected was true! It must be stopped!", Dorian exclaims.

If it is true..., Viki begins. If?, says Dorian, am I supposed to ignore the looks Kevin gives "his darling BiBi?". And what about the morning after pills she found in Barbara's bedroom. Viki is appalled, but not by the pills as Dorian expects, she is appalled that Dorian would go snooping through Barbara's things. Dorian tells her that Kevin claims Barbara is seeing Joey, but Dorian thinks that's just a cover story he made up when she confronted him. Viki declares that Dorian is out of control and starts to leave. Dorian stops her to tell her there will be no wedding, no joining of their families and no grandchildren unless they do something and do it fast.

Viki feels that Dorian is blowing everything out of proportion and suggests that maybe she should go away for a while. It really helped Viki put everything in perspective. Dorian says she couldn't possibly leave now while all her girls are in grave danger. Viki shares with Dorian something she figured out while on the cruise, that there is very little any of us can control in this life. And once she realized that, she felt an incredible sense of peace. Dorian knows that feeling, she felt that peace after she woke up from her coma, it was as if she understood life and she promised herself she would never lose that feeling. Viki also realized that she always tried so hard to stay in control of everything and it's a waste of time "because it's much more important to love and to be capable of being loved". She didn't even allow herself to recognize this enormous love that was with her all the time, through everything she's been through. Dorian realizes that Viki is saying she's still in love with Clint.

Viki admits that it is true, she realized it on the cruise. It didn't hit her like a bolt of lightning, it was just that Clint was on her mind all the time, she never stopped thinking about him. That's when she realized she was still in love with him. Dorian asks if she's told Clint this yet. I haven't had a chance to, Viki replies, I came straight here to the hospital to see Todd and then Dorian waylaid her with this "emergency". I think you should tell him as soon as possible, Dorian advises and then goes on to tell Viki about Clint's picnic with Lindsay in his office at the Banner. Viki doesn't seem concerned, especially since Clint just proposed to her right before she left Llanview, but Dorian still thinks she should waste no time in letting Clint know how she feels. Viki says she'll call Dorian to arrange lunch next week where they can talk about Kevin and Cassie's wedding, and if everything goes well, her own wedding too. Viki leaves to go to Llanfair.

Barbara, Kevin and Cassie

Cassie enters the living room of the Mill House to find Barbara practically sitting on Kevin's lap. Instead of acting casually, Kevin and Barbara proceed to make themselves look as guilty as sin, topped off by Barbara's classic line, "We were just fooling around." Kevin then explains his excessive explanation of the situation by accusing Cassie of wanting think the worst. Barbara says that actually they were just congratulating each other. Why, questions Cassie. Barbara was helping me work on the story about Todd, says Kevin, which upsets Cassie even more because she thought *she* was Kevin's partner, not Barbara.

Cassie reads the article and compliments it, rather sarcastically suggesting that maybe Barbara should reconsider her choice of careers. No, she likes being a nurse, Barbara says, she just did what she could to help Kevin. Barbara makes a hasty retreat. After she leaves, Cassie demands Kevin tell her what's really going on between him and Barbara.

Cassie can't really believe she has anything to worry about Barbara, can she, asks Kevin. He then insists, looking her straight in the eye and lying very convincingly, that he and Barbara are just friends. He even goes so far as saying he'll write it in blood. Cassie agrees to take his word for it, but tells him that Dorian is convinced that something is going on. It's in the way that she looks at Kevin, Cassie explains, Barbara has a big crush on him. I have a crush on someone too, Kevin tells her, you. Then prove it, Cassie challenges, so Kevin does by kissing her.

Nora, Bo, Hank, Rachel and Sam

Nora is telling Bo it's all over, Carr has agreed to reduce the charge to manslaughter with a sentence of 3 years. With parole, Rachel will be out in 6 months. Everyone thanks Sam for his help, even Bo shakes his hand. They all decide to go over to Club Indigo and see R.J. Sam at first tries to get out of going, he has to go pick up Will at the airport, but he does finally agree to go for a little while.

Club Indigo

R.J. is upset to find out that Max put a closed sign on the door. Just for a few hours, Max tells him, he has a special date planned for Blair, complete with candles, a red rose and champagne. Blair is surprised to find no one else in the club, she thought she was there for a good-bye dinner with Max. "Maybe this is a good-bye to friends and a hello to something else", he suggests, presenting her with the rose.

Blair accuses him of overconfidence and insists that he's not going to get to her. Max dares her to dance with him and then pulls her close. Blair relents and they start dancing together. While they are dancing, Sam arrives together with the Gannons and Buchanans.

Max is annoyed that everyone has shown up and interrupted his dinner with Blair, but R.J. tells him it's his club too and they are staying. Blair obviously wants to go over and talk to Sam, but Max talks her out of it, telling her not to embarrass herself.

Blair goes over and tries to explain to Sam that when she agreed to dinner with Max, she didn't realize he was going to close the club down just for her. Sam says it's fine, they didn't make any arrangements that they would be seeing each other exclusively. Blair looks hurt, but covers it by saying she's probably not ready for an exclusive relationship anyway and she heads back to Max. R.J. is giving Rachel a suggestion on how she should deal with her time "away", she should look at it as a gift, a time with no obligations or responsibilities where she can let her imagination take her anywhere she wants to go. Nora just hopes that the time passes quickly and they all drink a champagne toast to "time". Across the room, Blair is trying to make Sam jealous by feeding Max an oyster. Sam excuses himself and leaves to go visit Todd and then pick up Will. "Let him go, he's not right for you", Max advises as Blair watches him go. "Oh, and you think you are?", she asks. "I know I am, and so do you", he replies.

Hank and Rachel are dancing together. Bo asks Nora if she'd like to dance, but she doesn't think she could pull it off, it's hard enough to sit there pretending to smile. Bo suggests she could take a deep breath and just keep staring into his eyes. "Sounds like a good recipe for the rest of my life", says Nora. Across the room, Max is insisting he's better than Sam for Blair because he knows her better, they're two sides of the same coin, a matched pair of diamonds. Max then pulls out a diamond ring and Blair reluctantly allow him to slide it on her finger. "Don't throw us away, Blair", he begs.

Max is now sitting alone at the table and R.J. comes over to see what's going on. Blair left because she needed some time to think it over, Max says. R.J. doesn't think that's a good sign, it usually means a woman has made up her mind, but doesn't want to say so.

Blair finds Sam at the hospital outside Todd's room. He notices the ring on her finger and asks if that's a new piece of jewelry. "Yes, it is", is all Blair says.


Kelly arrives to talk to Asa and get some advice about managing her fortune, but it's Joey who opens the door when she arrives. He has some thoughts about spending her millions, including the Kelly Cramer Museum where she can showcase the work of Joey Riley Buchanan, he jokes. Asa and Renee arrive and Asa invites Kelly to stay around for dinner. Asa gets upset when he learns that Viki rushed to Todd's bedside. Jessica defends her uncle, saying there's no way he could have faked it this long. No one has any idea what Viki's big announcement could be. In the meantime, Asa gives Jessica a present, a dress for the upcoming cotillion. It's a beautiful lacy white dress, but unfortunately it's more appropriate for a ten year old.

Asa realizes his mistake and tells her that she doesn't have to wear the dress and can go pick out one of her own. It's just that he doesn't want his only granddaughter to grow up and not need her grandpa anymore. That will never happen, Jessie assures him and tells him she will wear the dress to the cotillion, if she goes. Cristian said he would take her, but Jessie knows he really doesn't want to go. You will go to the cotillion, Asa demands, it's tradition and tradition is very important. Joey and Kelly go out into the hallway and plot that maybe something could "happen" to the dress so she couldn't wear it. Kevin and Cassie arrive. Cassie and Kelly go into the library and Joey asks Kevin about Barbara. Kevin tells him that Barbara is helping him get some information at the hospital, but their working together is strictly business, nothing else, Kevin swears.

Viki arrives home and gives Jessica and Joey a big hug. Asa and Viki trade compliments on how well the other is looking and then Viki goes into the library and greets Kelly. Kelly apologizes for intruding, she just came over to speak to Asa, but Viki assures her she's welcome to stay. Viki spots the dress and Asa says that he's already told Jessica to pick out another one she likes. "For all your growling, Asa, you are one fabulous grandfather", Viki compliments him. She then turns to say hello to Cassie and thanks Kevin for coming. "From what you said at the hospital, I didn't think it was optional", he says. She announces that she talked to Dr. Lange and he feels Todd's condition may mean he has to be institutionalized. Jessie is concerned, but Kevin feels it "couldn't happen to a more perfect candidate". Asa suggests they drop the subject of Manning and learn why Viki called them all here. She says she can't tell them yet, she needs to talk to Clint first, who is on his way. Viki heads upstairs to change.

Clint arrives while Viki is still upstairs and gives Jessica a hug. Clint is glad they are all there because he has something important to tell them. Joey says that Viki has called them all together to tell them something too. Clint is surprised that Viki is home so soon. "I'm so glad to see you", Viki tells Clint, entering the room and giving him a hug. She pulls him aside to talk to him, and starts to say she has been thinking about what they were talking about right before she left. As she's about to tell Clint she still loves him, Lindsay enters the library. Viki goes forward to greet her, "Lindsay Rappaport, right?" "Actually it's Lindsay Buchanan, now.", Lindsay informs her and Clint backs her up, explaining that they're married. As Clint and Lindsay kiss, Viki looks on in disbelief, struggling to keep a smile on her face.

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